Wednesday, December 08, 2010

An Update

Three and a half months since there's been any activity on this blog. I can't promise to be hammering off daily updates, but there will be some action on here. Thanks to all the bloggers who have kept me on their blog roll.


-I'll probably do another 'year in review' type deal where I break down the top news stories of 2010 for Swift Current and area. Top news story of the year in Swift Current? Riders? Non resident user fees? Swift Current Indians WMBL Championship? Women's Curling? What do you think?

-It's nice to be doing color commentary on The Swift Current Broncos Broadcasts again. As of now, I'm probably on 2 out of every 3 home games and haven't done a road game yet. I'm hoping to do more in 2011.

-People often ask me 'what is the new Broncos play by play guy like'? Shawn Mullin is very intelligent, very level headed, likes Heineken, KFC and legitimately appears to be becoming a Rider fan. He's from Ottawa that may change soon.

-I'm also asked VERY frequently...'how is Jon Keen doing'? Very good. Life in BC hasn't made him soft yet. Jon is the type of media personality that makes everyone around him better. People who work with Jon and other Kamloops media have likely upped their game since he arrived.

Anyone have any idea who the driver of that van is? Golden West Radio receptionist Shandra Ward snapped that pic in downtown Swift Current. A beat up van with a statue of a nude woman on top. Friends of yours?

-Cardboard recycling, snowy streets and non resident user fees have made 2010 a somewhat stressful year for Swift Current Mayor Jerrod Schafer. If Jerrod runs for Mayor of Swift Current in 2011, he'll still get a lot. I don't think there is anyone in Swift Current that could run against Jerrod and even come close to winning an election against him.

or is there???

-It seems so long ago that the 2010 World Women's Curling Championship was in Swift Current. Did anyone in town benefit more than Mayor Jerrod Schafer? His worship met his girlfriend Kelly Wood there. She was the 3rd for team Scotland. I'd love to hear the story about how they got together.

Is the mayor of Swift Current's relationship status worthy of media attention? I think it is. People love to gossip about relationships, my duty is to reflect what people in Swift Current are talking about.

Or should I just shut up about that kind of stuff and plug the bake sale at the church this weekend...again?

-I'm happy that Tim Tisdale is involved with the Swift Current Legionnaires program again...but was Swift Current Minor Hockey's "hostile takeover" of the local midget AAA hockey team cool? Something seems wrong with Larry Johnson on the outside looking in with regards to "The Legion". Larry has been a huge, positive part of Swift Current for years. Feel free to leave a comment on the issue, but some other blogs in town have already hammered this topic. Shawn Mullin's new blog has the facts and arguments here. Scroll down to the Larry Johnson part of things.

-Sometimes I really miss the days of Jon Keen and myself loading up the station vehicle to drive to Wilcox, Saskatchewan in a blizzard to broadcast Legionnaire hockey over a telephone line. Those stories will make great fodder for sportsman dinners someday...if anyone will have us.

Thanks for spending some time here today. If you agree/disagree or have thoughts with anything you read, please leave a comment.


Friday, August 20, 2010

Left to right: Jon Keen, Myself and our good friend Trina...back when he was the voice of the Broncos.

Jonny off to Kamloops

The Voice of the Broncos Moves On

Swift Current, SK---The voice of the Broncos’ Jon Keen is moving on after 10 years broadcasting Swift Current Broncos’ games. Keen has accepted a position with NL Broadcasting in Kamloops as play by play of the Blazers and sports reporter.

Keen, from Lanigan Saskatchewan, was the Broncos play by play voice for the past 7 seasons and did colour commentary on the 3 seasons prior to handling the play by play duties for the Eagle 94.1. Keen is among good company in the Broncos’ play by play booth following in the footsteps of Joey Kenward, Regan Bartel, Elden Moberg and John Enns.

Keen admits it’s tough to leave a place he has been for the last decade. “I'd like to thank the Broncos organization and staff, both past and present, for being so accommodating and fantastic to work with these last ten years. It takes the passion of an entire community to make junior hockey flourish in the smallest market in the CHL, and it has been exciting to see that happen here. The city of Swift Current and the Broncos will always be very special to me, and have contributed greatly to the development of my professional broadcasting career."

Head Coach and General Manager Mark Lamb has high praise for Keen. “We’d like to thank Jon for his time and dedication to the Broncos. We are grateful to have an excellent relationship with our local radio stations and Jon was a big part of that. We wish Jon the best of luck in his new endeavors in Kamloops.”

The search for Jon’s replacement will begin immediately. All interested parties can send their information to: The Eagle 94.1.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Greetings From Swift Current

Worst blogger ever!

Thanks for coming back to my little corner of the web. I assume you're hear because you follow Rod Pedersen or Jon Keen and saw that I actually updated.

Blogging for Swift Current Online is now part of my job description. I've been putting my extra time into this. Total shameless cross promotion of my radio show. That's the way it's done in 2010.

I will have much to blog about soon. For now, I'm sure the internet can survive without my bleatings.


Monday, May 31, 2010

WMBL Baseball Online

Tonight the Swift Current Indians home opener wil be broadcast online through the Tribe's website at

First pitch at 7:05. This has just come together today so it won't have usual glitz and glamour of a regular webcast. It'll be fun though. Lotsa fun


Friday, May 28, 2010

April Wine...The Review!

April Wine played the Sky Center at Living Sky Casino last week. I was unable to attend, but luckily Trent Redekop was able to provide us with a synopsis of the show...

April Wine, Sky Center, May 21

Sold out!

First song at 8:03pm. Anything You Want, You Got it,

* No story telling between songs, just some ramblings.
* The Bar was tested at this event unlike any I've seen before. The line was long, and people were ready to DRINK!
The Show:
Just Between You and Me got a good crowd pop.
Say Hello was the 4th song - sang a little differently, probably because their voices aren't like they were 30 years ago. Still good though!
Enough is Enough
Could Have Been A Lady - finally used some crowd lights. Great song, at his point you could feel the energy and see mullets swaying in the audience.
Band intro - Bass player looked like the big labowski (I thought)
Song of the new album (very bluesish)
Lady Run Lady Hide was epic! A real crowd pleaser for sure.
I Like to Rock (AWESOME) into I Can't Get No Satisfaction (ALSO AWESOME)
( the crowd is going nuts at this point)
* She's A Roller - then the left the stage
(The Crowed at this point was not letting up on clapping until they came back out for more)
* Like A Lover Like a Song
* Right Down on top of me ??
* Sign of a Gypsy Queen (amazing)
* BIG DRUM SOLO - We could all see the school bell on the drum kit and knew it was coming .....
* BAM !!! OOOH WHAT A NIGHT at about 10:05 to wrap up the show. Good stuff.
Thanks Trent


Friday, May 21, 2010

April Wine In Swifty Tonight!

April Wine will play a sold out show at the Living Sky Casino's Sky Center tonight. Check this blog for a concert recap later this long weekend!



Thursday, May 13, 2010

Radio Blog Updates

I'll have some random brain dumpage on this blog soon...but for now I defer to my radio blog at Swift Current Online.

Today is the 21st anniversary of the Broncos Memorial Cup win. Relive the moment...and hear a chat with Habs alumni Trent McCleary by clicking here.

Back soon.


Thursday, May 06, 2010

pic from the "Swift Current is Riderville" Facebook Page. People from Herbert show off their melons...

Swift Current is RIDERVILLE!

Swift Current has a chance to prove to the rest of the province something we already know. We have the most Rider fans and the most passionate fans. Now, we can be proclaimed "Riderville" and get some cool stuff for our community.

Check the story here.

Find "Swift Current is Riderville" on facebook too.


Wednesday, May 05, 2010

History Will Be Made!

Because one blog isn't enough, I'm doing some blogging on Swift Current Online.

Check out my first real post here. My take on the NHL's "History Will be Made" ads.

I'll still be updating this blog too. The Swift Current Online blog is more of an outlet for my radio show. I need this blog for the occasional brain dump.


Saturday, May 01, 2010

Tanya Tucker in Concert. The Review!

The parking lot outside the Sky Center is loaded with trucks! It can only mean that there is a country music act in town! Wranglers on the men, rhinestone earrings on the women, lets git ready!

Tanya Tucker Living Sky Casino Sky Center May 1st 2010.

Crowd: 565. Tickets $55. Announced as a sell out!

First song is at 8:02. 1978's "Some Kind of Trouble".

7 piece band. 2 back up singers. 1 Tanya Tucker

We're in for a good show. The normally stone faced and stoic security guard in front of the stage is grooving to the music!

Tanya is dressed in black. She is now 52 years old with a very commanding stage presence. She was 13 when she had her first hit say this isn't her first rodeo is an understatement.

Four fans in the front of the stage gives Tanya's platinum blond hair a constant look of 'standing in the wind'.

Her voice is untouched by time. All the songs sound just as good as they did on the radio. Back up singers are there...butnot to compensate for a detiorating voice like many of the old school acts. Vocals are all Tanya.

Tanya Tucker had her first hit song in 1972 at age 13 with Delta Dawn. She was a prominent female country star in the 70's. The 80's weren't as good for Tanya, but she made a comeback in the 90's. Her show reflected that.

Her 1st number one hit, 1974's "What's Your Momma's Name" went over huge with the Swift Current crowd. I would say that I was WELL below the average age.

About 40 minutes into the show, Tanya took a breather and showcased her niece, Cali as well as her daughter Presley and son Grayson. They each did a song while Tanya had a wardrobe change. This was only the fourth time they had performed as part of a tour. People appreciated their talent...but were happy to see Tanya back.

Tanya busted out her version of "In the Ghetto". Her voice sold the song very well.

A few songs later, we get her version of Amazing Grace. She then closed with Delta Dawn.

Show is over at 9:13. Crowd asks for an encore, but the houselights come on and it's time to hit the blackjack table!

To sum up:

Tanya Tucker sounded great. Her polished stage presence was an excellent compliment to her music. The majority of the crowd wanted to hear her 70's hits like "What's Your Momma's Name", "Lizzie and the Rainman" and "Delta Dawn". They got that. A nice mix of her 1990's CMT era hits filled out the show nicely. While some eyebrows may have been raised at the show that clocked in at 1 hour 11 minutes with a twenty minute break for Tanya in the middle of it...she covered the bases and played all the songs one would want to hear at a Tanya Tucker show.

Her songs were all short. You can squeeze them in over an hour.

During the show, Tanya herself, gave props to the beautiful facility that is the Sky Center. She's right. There isn't a bad seat in the place and the sound and acoustics are amazing.

See you at April Wine!


Tanya Tucker Tonight at Living Sky Casino

This blog will be reviewing most shows at Living Sky Casino. If you're one of the lucky 565 people taking in the sold out Tanya Tucker show tonight, check here tomorrow to see if we agree on my assessment.


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Flame On!

If you live in Swift Current and saw smoke coming from the south side of town Thursday around is why:

It appeared to be a controlled burn to get rid of the remaining structures near an abandoned house that burned down a few months ago.

The smoke clouds were seen around the city...and with any fire in Swift Current, it drew a large crowd.

No one brought marshmallows.


Rain and the Beatuy that Follows

Thanks to Living Sky Casino GM Lionel Tootoosis for sending in the pic above. Taken from the Casino's boardroom yesterday around supper time. You can see a double rainbow if you take a good look. Nothing but rain in the forecast for the next few days.

Bring on the May flowers!


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's Official: The Hunter Brothers are Going to be BIG!

While surfing facebook, I found the debut music video from Shaunavon's Hunter Brothers. On this single "Breakin' My Heart' Dusty carries the mail with most of the vocals, while the camera and director really seem to have a fondness for former Bronco captain Luke.
The video is as good as anything you'll see on Much More Music.

Five muscially talented, good looking ex hockey players. A juno is imminent...


Monday, April 26, 2010

The PERKS of Swift Current Radio

Hi guys - can you please make sure you announce today & Monday that we're getting free Taco Time lunch on Monday? It's part of the agreement for getting it free :) Thanks!

Robyn Girard
Administration Assistant
Golden West Radio, Swift Current SK

Many people wonder why I've never moved on to do radio in a larger center. Aside from alack of talent, see above for the primary reason why. Anyone who knows me knows I could eat tacos all day.


Friday, April 23, 2010

Have You Seen This Man?

RCMP are looking for someone resembling the man pictured. The story is here. Word is he robbed a Swift Current car wash.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Still Alive!

The last few weeks have not provided much chance for blogging.


There has been lots of chances to blog...but also chances to enjoy beautiful weather.

I'll be in Regina this weekend to host the Provincial Bodybuilding and Figure Classic. I always enjoy a roadie to Regina.

I do keep my blackberry with me all the time and rock the twitter as much as I can. Here is what I've chronicled through "tweets".

The wind from April 6th destroys the cemetary gates at Elrose.

A trip to a pub in Saskatoon shows the pride of Morse Saskatchewan Dick Macinnis on the entertainment bill. Once upon a time, I judged a talent show that Dick won. I'll cling to that story when he's famous.

A souvenir from the PA city police in the form of a speeding ticket. It would seem that PA doesn't have much crime, and local police have lots of time to cherry pick speeders leaving town.

The Living Sky Casino has some good shows coming up over the summer months. The Sky Center is a top notch facility...I'm looking forward to taking them in. This blog will provided detailed concert recaps and dates of upcoming shows too.

Swift Current Indians baseball season is approaching too. Although The Eagle 94.1 is not broadcasting games, I'm working on a deal to webcast for the tribe. I'll keep you posted.

Stay tuned...


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Who are These People?

It looks like the fun thing to do at the Keith's Patch was pretend to be Golden West Radio broadcasters...

The joke's on us for leaving our gear accessible to people full of booze.

I still have 20 days of holidays to use this year. If any of you would like to cover for me... :)


For 'On Air' Types...

In 2010, one of the biggest pet peeves for many broadcasters is the excessive amounts of times they are required to make plugs to sponsors. It's extra cash for the station or broadcast company, but the announcer seldom sees any extra gravy. You hear it on every sports broadcast and radio morning show.

I did enjoy listening to Vic Rauter forcibly pimp 'Cashmere Toilet Paper' during the World Women's Curling championship. I wonder what his reaction was when he saw that script for the first time?

If the national voice of curling has to tell the nation of the soft feel of cashmere, it makes me feel better about selling my soul a dozen times a day.


Monday, March 29, 2010

Coming to Swift Current this summer...

Montreal Canadiens forward, and Swift Current offseason resident, Travis Moen will be the most bad ass looking guy in a cowboy hat at the Frontier Days Saloon.

Moen took a stray skate to the face earlier this week. It does take the eye away from his sad attempt at a playoff beard.

Just sayin' Trapper.


It Sure is Monday

I know I'm getting old. Wrestlemania was yesterday, and not only was I not aware of that, but I spent the afternoon watching women's curling. Wow.

I spent Saturday in the park with my daughter. Kids were playing. There were two boys running around. One had a mullet, one was wearing a Habs jersey. Which kid has worse parents?

Here's some pics from the Bronco's "home games" in Regina:

In this surreal moment, Charlie Horse fires up the Brandt Center crowd.

The Broncos, in Regina, salute the fans that made the trip. A couple hundred fans gave the Broncos at standing ovation after a gutsy 3-2 OT loss to Brandon to end the season.

Manitoba, leading the country in humidity and perogie consumption...but trailing in literacy.

For my US readers. Yes, Saskatchewan has a town called Indian Head.

Indian Head in the rearview mirror

Pics from the i-Plex

At the Patch, Larry, Swift Current's most feared security guard, keeps me in check with the Flashlight of Doom!

I'm sure the disappearance fo the Danish flag Friday night has an interesting story behind it...

Myself, Leah and Rri from Living Sky Casino rock some sexy head gear.

A fuzzy Blackberry pic of Innovation Credit Union's Pat Rokochy, and 19 year old Scottish curling phenom Eve Muirhead at a post tournament get together. Eve's two tone hair makes her recognizable in this dark, blurry pic.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pictured above; myself and the rat with my name on it a fan threw on the ice during a late season Broncos/Pats game. Jon Keen also got the rat treatment.

Back in Swift Current

I did my best to chronicle the Broncos/Wheat Kings action on Twitter. If you follow me, check out my page. If not you can follow me here. I took LOTS of pics of the action on and off the ice. Enjoy the experience as you nurse your World Women's Curling Championship Patch hangover.

I opened up a can of 'haul ass' on the way home lastnight. Back in Swift just after midnight, on the air on Magic 97 right now. Coffee fueled small market radio. Enjoy.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hello from Regina

A quick update from the lobby of the Regina Inn. Tonight is game number four in the Broncos/Wheat Kings series. With the Wheat Kings up 3-0 in the series and the game being played more than two hours away from fans of either of the teams...if could be a quiet end to the Broncos season.

'Win or lose, hit the booze' I'll be hurrying home to Swift Current for tomorrow's Magic 97 morning show...and the Tom Foolery of the Keith's Patch at the Credit Union i-Plex.

I'll be updating the twitter feed often. Check if out on the right. If you have twitter on your blackberry or i-phone, follow me for game updates tonite of you're away from your radio. If you're lighting it up in the patch tonite, don't worry I'll keep you informed in short concise sentences.


Monday, March 22, 2010


The Girls who curl are in Swift Current! The 2010 Ford World Women's Curling Championships have turned the city upside down. Watch Team Canada on TSN...and hear Vic Rauter say "Swift Current" in a voice that suggests he has NO IDEA where on God's green Earth he is...

Thanks to Living Sky Casino GM, Lionel Tootoosis for these pics.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

2 Days Until Curling History is Made in Swift Current

Pictured above in crude 'self taken' blackberry photo; Ryan Switzer, his mustache and Team Canada Skip Jennifer Jones

See you in The Keith's Patch!


Roadie to Regina

It looks like a done deal. I'll be joining Jon Keen in the broadcast booth for the Swift Current Broncos "home games" in the 2010 WHL playoffs in Regina. The full time color gig still belongs to Tim Tisdale, but he's not available for round 1.

This is awesome. WHL playoff hockey is amazing to watch. To be able to help broadcast it will likely be the highlight of my broadcast year.

The Bronco "home games" in Regina are a part of Swift Current's history. Regardless of the outcome of the hockey games, this will be a unique bit of Bronco folklore and I'm honored to be a small part of it.

The last time I rode shotgun with Jon Keen in Regina, it was a memorable game 5 upset for the Broncos in the 2008 playoffs. That was the night Bronco fans hijacked the Brandt Center crowd to cheer the team on to victory. Swift Current fans will likely bring that enthusiasm back to the Queen City and hopefully make some friends with the hockey saavy Pat's fans.

In a press release yesterday, Swift Current Mayor Jerrod Schafer publicly thanked Regina mayor Pat Fiacco and the Regina Pats for a 'home away from home' close to Swift Current.

I echo that.

This is great for Swift Current fans. with all due respect to Lethbridge and PA, this is the best choice for Bronco fans. It's the closest, most of us know our way around Regina, and we can stock up on Rider gear between games. If anyone has a spare Teubert jersey, I'd gladly wear it Tuesday and Wednesday.

Back to the Morning Show...more later.


Friday, March 12, 2010

Finally Friday! Regina Bound!

Lets throw some thoughts at the keyboard and see what sticks...

The Swift Current Broncos home away from home for the 2010 WHL playoffs will be the Brandt Center in Regina. The Broncos are getting the boot from the Credit Union i-Plex for the 2010 Ford World Women's Curling Championships. While sexy sweepers take to the ice in Swift...I predict a VERY pro Bronco crowd in Regina.

Why? Am I nuts? What about the Regina/Swift Current rivalry?

Regina will embrace the Broncos because of the team Swift Current has...and the opposition. Regardless of the opponent being Brandon, Calgary or Saskatoon it is a neutral sight game. When people don't have an emotional or financial investment in a team...they will instinctively cheer for the underdog. It's hard wired. We can't help it. Swift will be the underdog. I team that barely made the playoffs that got the boot from it's own rink.

People also root against the villian. Saskatoon has a team full of "love to hate players". Calgary is the league powerhouse...The annoying neighbour with the nice house, the new boat and the perfect children. The Broncos are the small town team just trying to get some extra playoff revenue for some new toys for the dressing room. People relate to that. That match up would turn into a Sask vs. Alberta match up...and Regina people are passionate for all things Saskatchewan.

and if it's Brandon...

The second Kelly McCrimmon tries to bend the ear of the officials and sway things in favor of the Wheat Kings...the sports saavy Regina crowd will turn on him and the Wheat Kings in a heartbeat. Mark Lamb is the hard working coach that talks to his players, not the stripes.

...and Cody Eakin is the kind of hockey player fans love to cheer.

Some people in Regina may say they're pulling for "anyone but Swift Current". By the time the series hits the Brandt Center...I bet you some Brandt Ceter mini donuts they have a change of heart. The Broncos have grown on Swift Current over the last 24 years...they'll grow on Regina too.


Tuesday, March 02, 2010

18 Days Til The 2010 Ford World Women's Curling Championship in Swift Current

The Olympics were very successful for our Canadian curlers...and with only a few weeks until the 2010 World Womens in Swift Current...a curling vid. No explanation needed.

Campaigning Fail

Did you watch the Men's Ice Hockey Gold Medal game on Sunday?

Of course you did. 16 million Canadians watched it.

Did you see federeal NDP Leader Jack Layton mugging for the camera at Wayne Gretzky's in Toronto?

Everyone's favortie mustachioed, socialist leader in the house of commons saw a great opportunity to get some face time on our nation's biggest sports broadcast ever.

...and he wasn't thrilled when a legit hockey fan got between him and the camera during the celebrations. Check out the video below. Bottom of the screen at :14, see Jack move a young lady's arm out of the way so he can get some nation wide CTV love. The awkward glance she gave him as he posed was pretty funny.

Jack Layton Wants To Make Sure You See Him Celebrating That Goal! from Torontoist on Vimeo.


Monday, March 01, 2010

Separated at Birth?

I know there is another blog that is known for the "separated at birth thing. This one was haunting me all afternoon yesterday until I put it together.

San Jose Sharks Captain/Olympic Gold Medal Winner/Pride of Aneroid Patrick Marleau.


CTV Weather forecasting troubador/Pride of Wolseley JC Garden.

photo courtesy CTV


Sunday, February 21, 2010


Thanks to Golden West radio news hound Colin Powers for pointing this video out.

This is perhaps the best description of the Canada/US relationship I've ever seen. This comes from American journalist Tom Brokaw. He hits it all. Accurate and unbiased.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

White Out In Swift

Fog, freezing drizzle and temperatures around zero degrees have given Swift Current a frozen over "Day After Tomorrow" type of look.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Field of Dreams This Saturday/Cannon Fodder For Speakers

This Saturday night in Swift Current, Rider running back Wes Cates and NHL legend Gerry Cheevers will hopefully find their way through the fog to the Legion. It's the annual Field of Dreams Fundraising Dinner for the Swift Current Indians WMBL team.

Yesterday, my good friend Cory, who has been to many of these dinners, remarked how I've been abused verbally by guest speakers over the years. After I introduce the speakers, a quick jab at me tends to follow. I'm going on memories for these so it may not be exact. Some of the highlights include...

Rider Receiver Matt Dominguez: (whispering in my ear just after the introduction) "Go back and do it again...this time introduce me as a 2007 Grey Cup Champion".

Former Leader Post Editor Bob Hughes: "Thank you very much Ryan...(pause)...for sitting down and shutting up.

Rider Fullback Chris Szarka, after I made a joke about his saw accident: "It's great coming to a community and meeting great people and having a great time...but someone always ruins that...and in Swift Current that always seems to be Ryan. (showing a fist with his grey cup ring) Yeah Ryan, I got all ten fingers and I'll use them to put 2007 Grey Cup Champions on your forehead."

NHL Legend Dennis Hull: "Thank you very much...whoever you are! I always love coming to a place like Swift Current and getting introduced by a total nobody."

NHL Penalty Minute King Dave "Tiger" Williams: "I can't believe I come home to Swift Current and I get introduced by some guy with an earring. Every town has a queer".

I have since not worn any piercings.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday Brain Dump

Finally an update! Life has been busy...and without my valuable crackberry, keeping up to date in the over communicated world has been tough.

But you come to this blog to be entertained...and not for excuses!

Family Day Disaster!

An elderly woman drove into Pharmasave on Monday. I'm guessing she wasn't texting and driving...but you never know. Thanks to Swift Current Online for the photo. Personally, I would have tried to get closer than 100 yards away to take the picture...but that's just me.

Family the Casino???

Friday night I was honored to MC a show for the Swift Current Allied Arts Council's Koncerts for Kids program. It was Magical Moments in Time, with illusionist Ted Outerbridge and his wife/assistant Marion.

Marion's costume choices pushed the "family show" boundaries. They're from Quebec...that's how they roll.

I was talking to Ted and Marion backstage and they were confused by the idea of a family show at a casino. The Living Sky Casino staff did an awesome job of separating the kids from the black jack tables.

Speaking of the casino...

The Sky Center continues to be my home away from home. This Sunday, Lasting Impressions Photography is hosting a wedding show. Doors open at 1. You getting married in 2010? You can get advance tickets at The Glass Slipper Spa, Body Fit and the Lasting Impressions studio.

...and yes, I do see a hint of irony in a guy who is going through a separation hosting a wedding show.

In a 24 hour span this weekend, I will have MC'd a sportsman's dinner and a wedding show. This Saturday is the night Rider running back Wes Cates and Boston Bruins legend Gerry Cheevers are in town for the annual Swift Current Indians fundraising dinner. This is ALWAYS a fun event. Get tickets from your favorite Swift Current Indians board member.

Photo from South West TV News

I did not MC any pow-wow related events this past weekend though. Maybe next year. How did Swift Current's first Pow Wow go? I heard 1000 people at the Stockade.

I hit the casino to gamble on Saturday night. It was my first time at the black jack table...ever. I owe a huge thanks to the dealer and others at the table for being patient with me. First time at the table...several drinks into the evening and I stayed on 8 and asked for hit on 19. The pony-tailed pit boss was itching to throw me out in the cold.

I prefer the tom boyish, Monday to Friday on TSN, non made up Jennifer Hedger to the big haired, too much foundation, dress wearing version covering the Olympic Games. I bet she doesn't know how to walk in heels.

I think the Olympic coverage has been spectacular. TSN and sportsnet working together??? Incredible. This is Canadian television at it's finest.


Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Tuesday Brain Dump

-My facebook status today:

Groundhog day in Swift Current; If a rat sees his shadow, you have to wait six more weeks to get your street plowed. HIYO! It's 6:20!

...and that triggered a variety of comments.

The guys on the snow removal crews have worked hard the last few weeks. They deserve big props. One can argue their priorities and what streets they have plowed vs. what they haven't...but the fact is they have put in some long days and deserve some props.

Yes, we're all going to need a spring wheel alignment...but that is hardly unique to 2010 and our current decision makers.

Try spending a winter in Manitoba. The snow we had last week...they get once every two weeks and the province grinds to a halt when it happens.

We have it good.

I'm just a radio morning guy with a lot of bills, a little disposable income and the need to find humour people can relate to. Don't take what I say too seriously.

-This Friday at the legendary Lyric Theatre an event honoring Swift Current's Five Most Fascinating People is going down. I'll post more details on the event tomorrow. I'm happily hosting the event. For a preview of the fascinating five, click here.

-I have been without a Blackberry for three weeks. I've been told 6-8 weeks for repairs. I've heard horror stories about people waiting for Mr. Balsillie's people to fix theirs for up to five months. That's not it?

-Look at this. You could land a 747 in that parking spot:

The City of Swift Current now has TWO bylaw enforecment officers. Two men in uniform handing out parking tickets. Parking spots in downtown Swift used to be hard to come by, but that pic shows some vacant spots during a busy time of day.

I haven't had a parking ticket in 2010. Knock on wood.


Monday, February 01, 2010

Lady Gaga...and a surprise guest

Kind of like a passing of the colorful, flamboyant torch.


Sunday, January 31, 2010

Idol Crowned

That was fun! Four of Swift Current's most talented musicians took to the stage Friday night to battle it out for $5000 and the title of Living Sky Idol.

Myshel Pajuaar's old school country performances, and a wardrobe change between songs, helped her become the 1st ever Living Sky Idol

I'll be honest. The finals belonged to Myshel Pajuaar. From the judges table, it was clear that she was #1 on this night. Lana Empey, John Berggren and Clete Rekve all entertained the crowd of more than 600 people...but Myshel was hot at the right time. She saved her best for last.

With the Sky Center at full capacity, and people trying to catch a glimpse from the hallway, Myshel was awarded the prize of $5000 cash and the chance to sing O Canada at last night's Bronco game. I heard she did a solid job on the anthem...even adding her unique sound to it.

Thanks to Shandra Ward from the Golden West Radio Newsroom for hooking me up with the media scrum audio with Myshel.



Let me Do The Talking

Friday, January 29, 2010

Finally Friday!

Tonight it's the finals of Living Sky Idol in the magnificent Sky Center. The winner gets $5000 cash. If you're planning on going, show up around 6:30 for the 7:30 show. The place will be stuffed. Last week, extra chairs were brought into the 565 seat facility. Tonight, there is concern they may have to turn people away.

I'll be at the judges table. The time for comedy is over. $5000 is a lot of money. The final four are:

Raspy voiced rockstar John Berggren

Vocally talented Myshel Pajvaar

"The Musician" Clete Rekve

The likeable Lana Empey

7:30 tonight at the Sky Center. Be there early!

-Lee and Anne Marie from the eHarmony ads. I bet they're done within in the next year.

Dude is clearly uncomfortable smooching his wife.

Photo from

Don't be surprised if this starts a trend in the WHL. Mark Lamb calling in buddy Craig Mactavish to help out with Swift Current Broncos practice. Every WHL GM saw this on Jon Keen's blog...and in a league that strives to keep up with the Joneses...lots of coaches and GM's will be phoning in favors.

Will Dave Hunchak be calling in Dean Chynoweth to help out with the Warriors special teams?

Time to concentrate on a morning show.