Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's Official: The Hunter Brothers are Going to be BIG!

While surfing facebook, I found the debut music video from Shaunavon's Hunter Brothers. On this single "Breakin' My Heart' Dusty carries the mail with most of the vocals, while the camera and director really seem to have a fondness for former Bronco captain Luke.
The video is as good as anything you'll see on Much More Music.

Five muscially talented, good looking ex hockey players. A juno is imminent...



Anonymous said...

Not a bad song, I kinda liked it. Who are these guys??? Local?

Switzer said...

I assumed everyone knew who these guys were. My bad.

They are the Hunter Brothers from a small town south of Gull Lake called Shaunavon.

Among them, Luke is a former Swift Current Bronco captain and JJ is a former pro hockey player who played a few games with the Oilers and was in their system.

O said...

Hunter Brothers ssscccoooooorrrrrreeee! as Jon would call it.