Sunday, January 31, 2010

Idol Crowned

That was fun! Four of Swift Current's most talented musicians took to the stage Friday night to battle it out for $5000 and the title of Living Sky Idol.

Myshel Pajuaar's old school country performances, and a wardrobe change between songs, helped her become the 1st ever Living Sky Idol

I'll be honest. The finals belonged to Myshel Pajuaar. From the judges table, it was clear that she was #1 on this night. Lana Empey, John Berggren and Clete Rekve all entertained the crowd of more than 600 people...but Myshel was hot at the right time. She saved her best for last.

With the Sky Center at full capacity, and people trying to catch a glimpse from the hallway, Myshel was awarded the prize of $5000 cash and the chance to sing O Canada at last night's Bronco game. I heard she did a solid job on the anthem...even adding her unique sound to it.

Thanks to Shandra Ward from the Golden West Radio Newsroom for hooking me up with the media scrum audio with Myshel.



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Friday, January 29, 2010

Finally Friday!

Tonight it's the finals of Living Sky Idol in the magnificent Sky Center. The winner gets $5000 cash. If you're planning on going, show up around 6:30 for the 7:30 show. The place will be stuffed. Last week, extra chairs were brought into the 565 seat facility. Tonight, there is concern they may have to turn people away.

I'll be at the judges table. The time for comedy is over. $5000 is a lot of money. The final four are:

Raspy voiced rockstar John Berggren

Vocally talented Myshel Pajvaar

"The Musician" Clete Rekve

The likeable Lana Empey

7:30 tonight at the Sky Center. Be there early!

-Lee and Anne Marie from the eHarmony ads. I bet they're done within in the next year.

Dude is clearly uncomfortable smooching his wife.

Photo from

Don't be surprised if this starts a trend in the WHL. Mark Lamb calling in buddy Craig Mactavish to help out with Swift Current Broncos practice. Every WHL GM saw this on Jon Keen's blog...and in a league that strives to keep up with the Joneses...lots of coaches and GM's will be phoning in favors.

Will Dave Hunchak be calling in Dean Chynoweth to help out with the Warriors special teams?

Time to concentrate on a morning show.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Breakfast with Mac-T

There were lots of cameras snapping pics from the Bronco/Special Olympics Breakfast at the Sky Center today. Send me pics if you took some good ones. Here is what I took:

Mark Lamb, Coach and GM of the Broncos and the pride of Cadillac, Ponteix and Governor, Saskatchewan says good morning. Keegan Goodrich looks on...with CRAZY EYES!

Craig MacTavish tells tales of his days wearing the "C" in Edmonton.

The Head Table.

Keegan Goodrich, in what has become an annual tradition, snaps a fuzzy picture of myself, Mark Lamb and Craig MacTavish. Last year, Keegs snapped this beauty of myself and Rider Slotback Jason Clermont.

So, Keegan tries to atone for his fuzzy pic taking by snapping another one. This time he doesn't realize it was on VIDEO and not PICTURE. Enjoy the awkwardness as me and Mac-T wait for a flash.



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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Tribe Needs You...

Copy and pasted press release from Swift Current Indians President Brad Woods...

Swift Current Indians Baseball Club
Media Advisory
Jan 26, 2010
For Immediate Release

Brad Woods, president of the Swift Current Indians appeals to the Community to follow through on its pledge to support.

With the start of a new calendar year, the Swift Current Indians Board of Directors reconvened in preparation for the 2010 season. Riding high on the recent announcement by the City of Swift Current regarding the successful repayment of the stadium lights, President Brad Woods was optimistic about the future of the community’s Western Major Baseball League franchise.

“The initial support by the community following our October Public Meeting, gave us enough confidence to commit to the 2010 season at the WMBL’s Annual general Meeting in early December. Following that commitment, a positive announcement by the City just prior to Christmas seemed to be a good sign on our decision to move forward,” stated Indians President Brad Woods. “I believe we all (Board) entered into the holiday season with a renewed optimism for the coming year.”

Last night’s board meeting showed that the confidence and optimism felt may have been premature. The sponsorship committee reported to the Board that the commitment made before the holiday is yet to be seen in actual advertising and sponsorship dollars raised.

“Our initial success prior to the holidays may have in fact had an adverse effect on the sponsorship committee and their ability to sell advertising and sponsorships for 2010,” said Woods following last nights meeting. “I think we may have had too much good news too early. The announcement by the City in no way solves our immediate need to sell advertising and sponsorships. We still have a $50,000” Advertising and Sponsorships” budget line to cover. ”

For the next couple of months, representatives from the ball club will continue to meet with businesses and residents in the community securing marketing packages and season tickets for the upcoming year. If you are interested in advertising, sponsoring and/or making a donation to the ball club and you have not been contacted you can leave your contact information on the team’s website found at and someone will be in touch with you. If you would like to contact a representative directly, you can call Carlin at 741-9629 or Laurie at 741-6773.

The SC Indians are an important part of summers in Swift Current offering another opportunity for summer recreation and entertainment for residents. The WMBL is the premier baseball league in Western Canada offering a high quality product for fans in Swift Current and Southwest Saskatchewan. On the field, The SC Indians Baseball Club has been a perennial powerhouse well respected across the league. Since the team's re-inception into the league in 1985, the team has made the playoffs an unprecedented 23 times in 24 years, playing in the championship final on 14 occasions, with nine league championships titles earned.

If would like additional information or comments please do not hesitate to contact Club President Brad Woods at or by calling 306 772-0472


Mac-T Tomorrow and Reader Contributions

It's a cold one this morning. Wind chill factos making things feel like -33 today.

Tomorrow morning, have some breakfast with Craig Mactavish. The annual Swift Current Broncos/Special Olympics fundraiser moves to the Sky Center. The four time Stanley Cup winner, TSN analyst and former Oiler coach will be the guest speaker. Call the Bronco office for ticket info at 773-1509.

I'll be hosting. Be there at 7am...we'll have you out and off to work by 8:30.

With the career "Mac-T" had and the stories he could tell, it's a shame he'll be limited to around 20 minutes. Mactavish will be back in the show before you know it.

Thanks to reader and part time photographer Lionel Tootoosis for e-mailing in the following pics. If you snap a pic you think would look sweet on this blog, do send it.

This Sun Dog photographed by Oman School signals cold temperatures on the way.

The 1st place winner of the Great Plains College Chili Cookoff last week. He used sour cream on the chili. Try it!

An SC TMZ Shot of me at the judges table between acts of Living Sky Idol. Swift Current music sceners Jackie Hudec-Clifton and Blair Gehl enjoy some appies.

More blogging later...the streets in downtown Swift are getting plowed as I blog this.


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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

an image from a snowy Tuesday in Swift Current

Tuesday Brain/Garbage Dump

-Thanks to everyone who left a comment yesterday on this blog regarding snow removal. I know a few people on City Council read this blog. Good, bad or otherwise, your comments will be seen by the right eyes. If you still have a snow removal opinion you want to away.

-Last night city crews did my street. At about 10:30pm I heard the plow working outside my window.


Kudos to the grader operators for putting in a long day yesterday. So many major streets are clean. Good thing they were so well rested from a relaxing weekend. (KIDDING!)

Our streets will be tip top by the end of today. A convoy of machinery thundered down 1st NW into downtown Swift Current at 5:30 this morning. No punchline.

I've enjoyed having a blog during our city's newsmaking events. Looking back on this blog years from now, you'll see our city's big events chronicled here. If only this blog was around for events like the casino plebiscite and the Paul Elder extortion trial. Imagine the anonymous comments those stories would have generated.

Actually, it's probably for the best that this blog wasn't around for that. I wish I still had some of the audio from angry calls to the radio station. 2002 was a passionate year in Swift Current.

-Remember this girl from every sports highlight reel last week?

She was caught on camera in Calgary at a Flames/ Pittsburgh Penguins game. She is 23 year old Kristyne De Mott, who is from Drumheller, Alberta. Kristyne, for the time being, is my most famous friend on facebook.

Sarah, Mr. Lahey and Cyrus from Trailer Park Boys are close seconds.

Lucy unfriended me.

-It's nice to still be relevant in the Broncos/Pats feud. Rod Pedersen and Jon Keen have both recently blogged of two fake rats being thrown on the ice during a Broncos/Pats game in Regina. The rats had KEEN and SWITZER etched in them.

The 2007/08 season and post season was a memorable one. The Broncos/Pats feud hit a fever pitch thanks in large part to all the blogs involved. Thankfully, things have cooled down.

-I've heard that Regina will likely be in the new Canadian Monopoly game. If you are the car game piece and you land on Dewdney, your car gets stripped down and your money gets robbed. However, if you land on the Regina square and have to go to'll accidentally be released early.

-No school buses running again today in Swift Current due to the snow. I'm all for kids safety, but it doesn't seem that bad. That call was made yesterday afternoon. The issue is that the streets are driveable, but as the buses pull up to the curbs, which have collected all the snow, the unweighted buses get stuck. That's the world from Susan Parsons-White, facebook friend and school bus driver.

Our parents told us they "walked uphill to school in blizzards". We will tell our kids, "we took the bus no matter how cold it was or how deep the snow was".

More later...time to crank out a morning show.


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Monday, January 25, 2010

A Tow Truck Hauls the Carcass of a Befallen Minivan Up Chaplin Street in Swift Current

Winter &%$#@*^% Wonderland!

Keep the comments coming to the post below. Snow removal is a hot topic. Keep in mind that an argument holds a lot more weight if you LEAVE A NAME.

Or you can hide behind the Internet cloak of anonymity if you prefer...

Some pics from Swift Current's Snow Day...

Alderman Tim Bugera gives downtown workers and visitors some relief from wet socks.

SGI's Parking Lot is you won't have a fender bender...while claiming your fender bender.

A Trail is Blazed outside the Big I Monday afternoon. Don't ask what I was doing at the Big I Monday afternoon.

My parking lot is cleared at 2pm. It's not "what" you know...

How to make beer money in Swift Current...

A Delta Truck Hauls wherever snow is hauled to. Cypress Motors is seen in the background. They are Your Family Ford Dealer, ya know.


Let Me Do The Talking

Street Cleaning in Progress...

City snow removal crews hit the streets around 7am Monday morning, after the biggest and quickest dump of snow in the last few years...

Was the city too late in deploying the plows? Is it prudent use of our tax dollars to wait for the bulk of the snow to pass before starting? Hit the comments.

City Hall reads this blog. Go to town...


Bus Cancellations

Magic 97 has just got the official word that urban school buses in Swift Current aren't running today. That is for both Chinook and Catholic schools. Rural parents are asked to contact their regular bus drivers to see if they are running today. Schools are open today, but it is up to the parents discretion when it comes to transportation.


No school buses running in Shaunavon today. Schools are open though...same thing with the parents discretion.

As I type this, NO snow plows have been seen in any part of Swift Current since the snow began on Friday.

My SUV is doing pretty well in these conditions. If you need a lift, shoot me a text.

Swift Current Snow Removal a picture that was not taken in the last 48 hours...

More on the radio at 97.1 FM this morning...


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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Swift Current's Kiwanis Skate Park...under snow.

Winter Reboot


I just got off the phone with Tracy from the Chinook School Division. Even though the temperature won't call for is likely that School Buses won't be running tomorrow (Monday) morning. More details tomorrow morning on Magic 97 and at this blog.

After several days of temperatures above freezing, winter returned with A VENGEANCE the weekend of January 23rd and 24th!

Saturday the 24th, the snowstorm knocked out power from about 9pm to 10pm, halting the Swift Current Broncos/Regina Pats WHL hockey game, stopping the flow of scotch at Robbie Burns Night and interrupting Canadian music legend Tom Cochrane performing "Big League" at Swift Current's Living Sky Casino.

Upon Cochrane's return to the stage his comment about playing in "No Current" got a few chuckles.

All throughout Sunday lights continued to flicker, and the power did go off again from about 6:45 to 7pm.

Here are some shots I took during the Sunday snow day after about 20 cms had fallen.

People woke up to see their vehicles trapped in their parking spaces.

Mountains of snow blower discharge build up in parking lots around Swift Current. Pictured in front of the snow pile a 5'5 inch person.

A pic from the South Service Road looking East. The Wholesale Club and BP's would be visible on a clear day.

Abandoned vehicles litter the streets. Some People couldn't rally enough pushers.

Swift Current's Kiwanis Skate Park. Conditions are far from "Gnarly". Below a pic of the park on sunnier days

I also made a trip to Mitchell Field. So my California visitors can get an idea of the drastic differences of Canadian Prairie seasons...

This pic was taken beside the BP's beer shack. Had I had a few beers, traversing this snow bank would not have been possible.

Here is a panoramic video of the ball park taken from the pitcher's mound.



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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Some Late Pics From the Torch Relay In Swift Current

I'm a dollar short and a day late on posting these pics. I haven't had much time for blogging, twittering and facebooking the last few weeks.

My blackberry died. I was unable to charge it. I had to send back to Mr. Balsillie. I should be back to geeking out with my crackberry in 5-7 weeks. My contributions to social networking and the blogosphere will take a it's all about what I do on the radio these days.

The radio show has been fun lately. I haven't had this much fun on the radio and in the community since the 2002 Eagle 94.1 days. Kim and Jon in the morning and Switzer in the afternoon.

The glory days of Swift Current radio.

anyway...the pics.

The stage is erected three hours before the arrival of the flame. The Frontier Days Saloon is seen to the right

A sunset shot of the stage

One of the performers rocks the mic. Thanks to Lionel Tootoosis for sending me the pic

Katie Durant arrives to light the cauldron. Premier Brad Wall looks on. Photo from Lionel


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