Sunday, April 19, 2015

Interview with Dressler

Weston Dressler was in Swift Current to speak at a Kidspot Charity Breakfast. We caught up with the most dynamic player in the CFL and threw some questions at him.

Friday, April 03, 2015

An Apology

I recently tweeted a very insensitive tweet and feel I must apologize.
It has been brought to my attention that several people where offended by the content of the above tweet. While my original intent was humour, I must apologize for several insensitivites housed within that tweet. 

I do not condone urinating outdoors when a restroom is readily available and do not encourage anyone to break any decency laws i.e: public urination, indecent exposure. 

The phrase 'I just stood' was not meant to offend anyone with any handicaps, mobility issues, alcoholism, narcolepsy or any other impediment, malady or injuries temporary or permanent which may affect one's ability to stand. 

The reference to 'taking a leak while standing' is also in poor taste as this clearly is chauvinistic and discriminates against women. 

Tweeting about being able to take a leak and referencing a strong urinary stream is also offensive. In my original tweet I did think of the tens of thousands of Canadians with bladder infections, urinary tract issues and those who require the use of catheters.

I hope that readers of my tweet do not feel I have negative feelings toward wind in Saskatchewan. Our strong prairie gusts generate jobs in the creation and maintenance of wind turbines which generate electricity. Wind can also greatly improve gas mileage in cars which makes the planet greener. 

My use of the community of Herbert was merely a comedic place-holder because of it's proximity to Swift Current (my home) and the direction of the wind that day. I respect the citizens of Herbert and it's strong history. I do not desire to urinate anywhere in the community outside of a restroom.

I also apologize to other communities that were left out of this tweet. As per the above paragraph, my choice of Herbert was merely a comedic place-holder. I do not favour Herbert as a community over any other in South-West Saskatchewan and respect the citizens and history of all of Saskatchewan towns, cities, villages and rural municipalities. 

I apologize to anyone who did not find the tweet funny. In every tweet I send, I strive for whole-hearted laughter from all who read them. In this instance I have failed.