Monday, December 24, 2007

Bronco All Time Team

Good thought idea on Bronco all time team...The best of the best at each position. Because NO ONE asked, here are my pics...

Disclaimer; whenever I do one of these lists, I only include players from 1986 to present. If you want to include Trottier, Ruskowski, Tiger and company on yours, be my guest.


Joe Sakic. Easy choice because of the obvious 78 goals and 82 assists in 87 and 88, but even though Joe was not on the Mem Cup team of 89, players on that team will say having him around the year before made them better.

Andy Schneider. One of the smartest players in the history of the dub. So much skill. The straw that stirred the drink on the 93 WHL championship team. Jason Krywulak and his 162 points were good, but his 162 points came with the help of Schneider.

Todd Holt. 5'5 135 pounds. Five years as a Bronco...423 points. Tyler Wright almost got this spot on the team...but Holt was nicer to me when I was the stick boy.


Dan Lambert. I still consider him the best Bronco ever. "Pep" could do it all on the ice and was a leader in the room.

Brent Bilodeau. Big and scary with offensive upside. How he stayed out of the NHL is one of hockey's greatest mysteries.


Trevor Kruger. How could I possibly have a guy with a GAA abouve 4 as the all time best goalie? Kruger would always make the big save in a close game that gave Swift a chance to win it. He did it in the mem cup final. Some people would say Milan Hnilicka should have the spot. Milan didn't make those big saves like Kruger did. Milan's Bronco victories where often 8-3 routes where he didn't have to come up big. If Milan had his A-game in the 93 mem cup, we'd have another banner.

I love discussions like this. I hope more people reply over at whlfans.


Sunday, December 23, 2007

Guitar GOD!!!

With company in town, I got to open a present early. Merry Christmas to me!!! Guitar Hero, keg cans and 7-11 nachos at 3am. Good times! I hope you're having as much fun with the holiday season as I am.


Saturday, December 22, 2007


I feel the subject of miracles is best summed up by Morgan Freeman's character (God) in the movie Bruce Almighty: A single mom who's working two jobs, and still finds time to take her son to soccer practice, that's a miracle. A teenager who says "no" to drugs and "yes" to an education, that's a miracle. People want me to do everything for them. What they don't realize is *they* have the power. You want to see a miracle, son? Be the miracle.

I have seen Christmas miracles this year. Here's a few:

-Golden West Radio engineer Dave Funk received his 25 year service award at our Christmas banquet. Anyone who work sin radio knows that engineers are often men who are confined to the dark corners of the radio station. They are on call 24/7 and have personal beepers that go off whenever there is more than 5 seconds of dead air. Nobody talk to an engineer except for one something is broken and needs fixing. As engineers fix things they also have to hear complaints and much whining and sniveling. Dave Funk has gone through 25 years of this. At our banquet when someone recieves a 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 year award, their name is announced, they get some polite applause, the CEO of the compnay reads their bio and they get their plaque. When Dave's name was announced he received, to my knowledge, the 1st ever standing ovation at our Christmas banquet. The whole room, 12 radio stations represented, everyone on their feet. People now to the company asked "why are we standing?" "who is this guy?".

Someone who deserves it. Miracle #1.

-I don't know the ins and outs of the Brian Mulroney/Karlheinz Schriber scandal. I know that 'Karlheinz' is a fun name to say. I know Karlheinz is not a very good person and had some sort of alledged scandalous relationship with the former Canadian Prime Minister. I do know that as a result of this scandal we've had to deal with Brian Mulroney's talentless son Ben much less on CTV. Christmas Miracle #2 Broadcaster Disclamier I don't usually judge broadcasters as we all have our own style, some like it, some don't. In the case of Benny Boy, he is where he is (or was) based on NOTHING BUT HIS LAST NAME. Therefore he is fair game.

This is a busy family time of year. I have company coming to my house over the next few days from Saskatoon, Calgary, Edmonton, and hopefully North Dakota! It will be so good to see everyone. Miracle #3.


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Blog Rerun

In the next few days I will be making a post on the subject of Christmas miracles. They're there if you look for them. Sometimes you have to look hard and sometimes they smack you right front and center. There is more to this world than meets the eye and the Christmas season proves it. Am I a Christmas nut? Do I Clark Griswold my house every year with lights? No way! I am a Grinch...or I was. More on that later this week. Retro Re-post

I have had many people send me e-mail or comment on the street or at the gym about the Joe Carnahan post I made a few weeks ago. I have also had people say they couldn't find it on my blog and want to read it. Rather than have you dig through my archives, I'll just re-post the darn thing. At risk of turning my blog into a Carnahan tribute, I give you the following...

The Ballad of Smokin' Joe...

I hope this doesn't read like a post about how great I am...Cause I have a lot to learn in my work and in life in general. I've achieved some goals in my career and have acquired a level of happiness. The desire to better myself is still there, and I still have goals to achieve.

I wouldn't be who I am (and again, I'm not saying I'm great) had it not been for the summer of 2004. I was asked by the radio station general manager if I was interested in doing play by play for the Swift Current Indians baseball team. I took the gig...For no other reason than the extra cash it would bring me over the summer...Them schooners get expensive!

What I learned that summer would change my life.

I met Joe Carnahan. An import baseball player from Ashland, Wisconsin. He was an established player in the WMBL who was the league MVP two years earlier. I had never heard of him before I shook his hand on a June morning before a road trip through Alberta. I was making my baseball play by play debut that trip. Joe was the first player to introduce himself.

Joe and I couldn't have been more opposite. He had his t-shirt, shorts and ball cap with a look like he hadn't shaved or showered in days. I was style over substance with gel in my hair, dress shirt, khaki pants and dress shoes.

I spent the summer calling baseball games and watching Joe hit .447 that season.

I also watched him destroy his arm one afternoon on the mound.

Doctors told Joe he would be unable to pitch the rest of the year. His arm was all kinds of messed up. Swift got through the year without him on the mound... his bat helped them through the tough times.

The playoffs rolled around...imports left, injuries caught up with the tribe. They needed a win against Melville or the season was done. No pitchers available. Joe took to the mound that night. I'll never forget what he told me on the drive to Melville. I asked him if the arm was okay...With no tape rolling he gave me an honest answer not intended for showmanship or a headlines.

"It'll have to be"

With no heat on his fastball and nothing but experience, guts and saavy he gave the tribe 7 full innings. They won. No contract bonuses or endorsement deals pending. He had a job to do and he did it.

Joe won the league MVP award for a second time that year too. By the end of summer we had become good friends. He left his MVP plaque in my car for a week. I had to remind him to take it back to the states with him. He didn't care. He was all about the team.

Ever since that day in Melville, when I've been asked to do something out of the ordinary, I've never said "I can't do that" or "that's impossible". I've never asked "what's in it for me?" I like to think I'm a better person for it.

Joe Carnahan is the new coach of the Swift Current Indians. He will lead by example. He will make his players better athletes and better human beings...and chances are he won't even realize some of the ways he's doing it.


Sunday, December 16, 2007


It's Sunday night as I type this. I'm off to bed in a few minutes as I'm up way before the crack of dawn to do the Magic 97 morning show for Chris Martens (who is holidaying).


-From I heard that Willis on Welfare hasen't been posting because he had his computer repo'd. So for Christmas i will present him with a new lap top courtesy of old Scout here. He still goes to the games as a business owner bought him his seasons.


-In talking with Willis, the respect you give him is gift enough for the holiday season. He is thinking about a big return to whlfans in 08. Willis is still a bum.

-I saw former Indians coach Harv Martinez at the Training Zone yesterday. It was a battle, Harv vs. The Treadmill. I'm not sure Harv's exact age, but he looks like he could still round third and slam into a catcher with the best of em. I got tired just watching him.

-Current Indians coach Joe Carnahan is going to be visiting Swift next week. It will be good to catch up with Smokin Joe, who is a Man's man in every sense of the word. We'll likely be at BP's lounge for a good chunk of time. We both love the rye...JUST LOVE IT!!! I enjoy hanging out with Joe because we are opposite in every way. We're like Bruce Willis and Billy Bob Thornton in the movie 'Bandits' (Joe, of course representing the tougher Bruce Willis type to my nerdy BBT). Joe admitted to me his days of being one of the boys this summer are over. Have I mentioned he'll make a great coach?

-Wal Mart being open 24 hours is hilarious. I went late last night. It's full of teenagers who just raided Dad's liquor cabinet who are looking to play guitar hero in the electronics section. I still support the little businesses whenever I can. Don't haterize on me for feeding the corportate beast.

-I just can't bring myself to make a Bronco post. I have nothing to say on the subject.

-People in Swifty were treated to a beautiful sunday! Myself, my son Ethan and his friend Dalton and his parents took in some sledding action at Riverdene. Outdoor rink hockey being played in the background, kids laughing as they careened down the hill. Sunday, lots of snow, about -2 with lots of other parents I know enjoy free family entertainment. I would not trade living where I do for anything in the world. What a great day!

-On just one of the many tobaggan runs in the city, I am now begging the City of Swift Current to install chair lifts or a handle tow. I felt like I was 85 walking up the hill after about run 27.

-My son likes snow boarding!!! Sadly, he still likes Nintendo more. He is his father's boy.

More later this week.


Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thursday Thoughts...

But first a shout out to 1330 Rosetown Morning Jedi Ryan Tunall who reads the blog. Sorry for the infrequent updates...Keep making the Rosetown morning airwaves safe to listen to Man!

I Double GARE You...

My good friend and sports writer/scumbag Gare Joyce has reared his coon skin cap covered head yet again. You may remember Gare as the guy who wrote "Denial of Death" on about the Bronco bus crash of 86. I'm not going to link you to his have google, you can find it. Gare and I got into a BIG debate on this blog in the aftermath of his article. I felt it was National Enquirer level journalism, he felt otherwise.

He has a new book about the dark and evil world of NHL scouting. My buddy Scout at made this post on the subject. A friend of Gare's wrote a review (I will add my thoughts and translate the BS in italics):

Gare Joyce Strikes Again

He must love the Broncos as we are in his new book:

Gary Joyce's latest work is a must-read for casual and hardcore fans.

by Ken Campbell
Gare Joyce has an obsession with junior hockey that some might refer to as maniacal. Or perhaps mind-boggling. Maybe even unhealthy. No argument there

But there is no doubt that Joyce is the foremost authority on the workings and people involved in major junior hockey in North America and that expertise, intertwined with unparalleled passion, comes through incredibly clearly on Joyce's latest bit of work, Future Greats and Heartbreaks: A Year Undercover in the Secret World of NHL Scouts. Gare joyce works in junior hockey circles cause most NHL people are smart enough to see through his bulls*** and don't want a creep with a fishy handshake and a coon skin hat travelling with the team

If all of that sounds a little too inside for Gino from Woodbridge who thinks the Leafs should trade Mats Sundin and bring Wendel Clark out of retirement, that's probably because it likely is. What?!?!?!?! Is the only person Gare could find to pump his book totally insane?

But I suspect Joyce doesn't really care whether his book resonates with the casual hockey fan. He's clearly a man who writes for himself and for those who look at his work with a critical eye and worries more about what they think than how many times its bar code will be passed through the cash register at Indigo. This is an excuse for the book being a total snoozefest. Gare has zero people skills and his inability to relate to human beings is evident in his writing. He is not very good at what he does and should stick to a blog.

(In the interest of full disclosure, Gare is a friend from the hockey beat and I am mentioned in the acknowledgements for this book. Something I wrote about junior hockey for THN more than a year ago is also discussed in the book. But I also believe this is a very good piece of work and if I didn't, I would simply ignore it and write nothing about it.) Gare Joyce has dirt on me, so I'm pimping his book

In Future Greats and Heartbreaks, Joyce gives us a unique insight into the game from the perspective of an NHL scout, perhaps the most underappreciated, underpaid and most vital position in any NHL organization. And in doing so, Joyce leaves no stone unturned. He travels from the Yardman Arena in Belleville to Zimny Stadion in Piestany as a de facto scout himself, trying to separate the future stars from the future stiffs of the 2006 and 2007 entry drafts. Coaches and General Managers are aware Gare is a tabloid journalist, but scouts who enjoyed Piestany Punchout still talk to him

To his credit, Joyce received unparalleled access to the inner workings of the scouting world when the Columbus Blue Jackets gave him an all-access pass to their war room in the months leading up to the draft. Joyce was encouraged to give his input and ask questions during the interview process. He conducted interviews with players on his own, asking questions from a reporter's point of view and, in the process, gathered information scouts might never consider. He was privy to discussions and meetings that he parlayed into some very keen insights. 30 teams in the NHL and ONLY the Columbus Blue Jackets gave him the time of day. Do the Blue Jackets have a large fan base I'm unaware of? How many people do you know with a Blue Jackets jersey? Why not do the Leafs? Habs? Rangers? Red Wings? Does the casual NHL fan even know there is a team in Columbus? Right, Gare doesn't care about casual fans.

At one point he talks about 2007 draft prospect Bill Sweatt showing up for the scouting combine with his arm in a sling and tells the medical staff that he was pushed by a coed through a window at a frat house. "Couldn't he have just said that he did it working out?" one scout says. "Not too bright for a college guy." That's right ladies and gentlemen, buy Gare's book and hear all about the antics of NHL SUPERSTAR BILL SWEATT!!! Cancel the order on my Bill Sweatt jersey, he's a 17 year old who WENT TO A PARTY!!! Thanks Gare. The world is a better place.

Through it all, Joyce weaves his way through the Canadian Hockey League, making stops everywhere from Swift Current to Rimouski to get insight into the young men who, in the next few years, will see their life's work result in either an NHL career or, more likely, a life in the minors. Gare Joyce boldly goes where HUNDREDS OF NEWS PAPER WRITERS, RADIO SPORTS GUYS AND TV REPORTERS GO EVERY GAME!!!

And in doing so, Joyce pulls no punches when it comes to many of the players in his book. He is particularly hard on Phil Kessel, who would later be drafted fifth overall by the Boston Bruins and go on to a reasonably productive first two seasons in the NHL. On the other hand, he seems to take a liking to Akim Aliu, a player whose performance has never reached his potential and is playing for his third OHL team. DO YOU HEAR THAT NHL GMs!?!?! F**K PHIL KESSEL. His comeback from testicular cancer to put up very respectable numbers in the NHL as a 19 year old is NOTHING COMPARED TO WHAT YOU COULD BE GETTING WITH AKIM ALIU!!! WAKE UP NHL!!!

In an interview with Brady Leavold of the Swift Current Broncos, Leavold has the following to say about Ian White, formerly a star player with the Broncos and now a regular on the Toronto Maple Leafs defense corps. Gare doesn't have much new material so he has to go back to his Bronco stuff from last year.

"In training camp we were supposed to show up for fitness testing in the weight room at the rink, and we were all there in our gym stuff. (White) shows up in jeans and a cowboy hat. He didn't even take it off when he had to do the bench (press). He did one rep and put the bar back on the rack and said, 'That's all I feel like today.' ...On the bus, I was afraid to even look around my first season. I sat near the front - all the veterans were in the back - and one time when I turned around, White saw me and said, 'What the f--- are you lookin' at? After that I didn't look back the rest of the season." This just in...Ian White may not have been the greatest quality kid to wear a Bronco jersey.

Joyce also reports that prior to going to Leaf training camp, White asked Broncos GM Dean Chynoweth if he could skate with the Broncos, "then proceeded to carouse around town." Chynoweth's farewell to White was marked by the GM throwing White's equipment out the back door of the arena when White didn't show up for a practice. That's why we love Deano

The book, which follows Joyce's critically acclaimed When the Lights Went Out: How One Brawl Ended Hockey's Cold War and Changed the Game, about the 1987 brawl between Canada and the Soviets at the World Junior Championship, Future Greats and Heartbreaks is typical Joyce work, painstakingly researched and well crafted. It brings readers inside the world of scouting and player evaluation like never before and explains the intricacies of the most inexact science in sports. I'm sure it does bring people into the world of scouting like never before...The "Hockey Scouting" Section of Coles is rather bare. Could it be NO ONE CARES about this subject?

There are a few nagging errors, such as Columbus scout Milan Tichy once being referred to as Milan Tuchy and Brian Lawton being from Minnesota when he actually hailed from Rhode Island, but they're very, very minor and aren't close to enough to undermine what is a very strong piece of work. You mean the great Gare Joyce didn't do all his painstaking research you referenced in the last paragraph?!?!?!? We in Swift Current can't believe that!!!

But will that be enough for the casual fan to relate to it? It might not be, but it should. Any hockey fan worth his autographed jersey should know what goes into player procurement and why his or her team is either good at it, not bad, or abysmal. It should also be a must-read for anyone whose son is showing promise in this game because in many ways, it presents the sobering reality that so many are called, so few are actually chosen. Wow, you mean something may be wrong with the NHL!?!?! Thanks so much Gare for pointing that out. Anyone else you want to kick when they're down?


What did Jesus ever do for Santa on his birthday? The Great Steven Wright

The People's Premier

As I shoe-horned myself and wife, Heather into some of the last seats in the back row at the Oman School Christmas concert, I noticed that in the standing room only crowd was Premier Brad Wall. A busy day for Brad who was in Regina for a photo op with Regan Bartel ( that day and then capped it off by getting back to Swifty to sit ON THE FLOOR for his kid's Christmas concert at a packed cafetorium. He was even wearing the same suit at the concert as he was in the pic with Regan.

That's our boy!


Saturday, December 08, 2007

My Favorite Bronco

For the first time since I was 11, I can say that I have a favorite player for the Swift Current Broncos. In 1988, I was at a game early when #23 Peter Kasowski emerged from the dressing room to give me a stick. Not sure why. Sticks weren't $250 back then. Maybe he curved it wrong, maybe it was bad luck...whatever, PK gave me his twig and he was my hero til he graduated the dub, and even after we dealt him to Seattle for Andy Schneider in 1990.

Must be something about the #23.

I've always enjoyed the Broncos as a team. For example, I really liked the 2003-2004 team (before the dreaded Rome trade). Jeremy Williams could shoot and score from anywhere on the ice. Davin Heintz was the leagues best penalty killer, Ian White was amazing when he wanted to be, and Aaron Rome was the all around best d-man in the league. There was lots to love on that team...but no one player was my favorite.

While this year's team has depth, and lots of guys worth the price of admission, I can say for the first time in two decades that I have a favorite player.

Dale Weise.

What's not to love? 99 mph slap shot. Throws HUGE hits. Wins battles in the corners. He is one of the league's best trash talkers on the ice yet backs it up with the gloves off when he has to. Pre or post game win or lose he is a GREAT interview for us media nerds too. Weise also has that intangible quality that you just can't teach that you either have or you don't. I stole this from Keen's blog (the Broncos shut out the Kootenay Ice on their Teddy Toss Night):

A teddy bear came on to the ice with about a minute to play. Dale Wiese skated over to it and threw it back in the stands as to almost say "sorry, not tonight".

Weise doing that made a couple statements:

1. My team is going to win.

2. I have faith in these guys to hold off your teams attack.

3. To the opposition it says: our goalie is going to shut you out and there is nothing you can do about it.

If there is any chance this year to bid on Dale Weise game worn jersys, I will be all over it.


Wednesday, December 05, 2007

A Comment That Ticked me Off

With sattelite, mp3s and streaming radio not alot of people listen to local radio anymore, and I couldn't tell you how many read the local papers.

Taken from by a poster calling himself 2,5andagame.

I think I know who this is...he should know better. I could go on and on about recent AM and FM radio success stories both locally and in Western Canada. How did hundreds of people know about donating sports equipment to kidsport early in November? That was only one local radio station talking about it, and we got three truckloads of gear for chairty!!! They didn't read about it in the paper.

I gave away 97 touques in 12 minutes on Magic 97. 97 cars showed up for that, and dozens more where turned away. Not because of anything they heard about on Sirius.

Mp3's, portable music players and such have been around forever be in the form of walkmans and discmans. No impact at all on the radio business. Record sales maybe, but not our business.

Streaming radio? Computers are amazing things. People are finding better things to do with them than listen to out of market radio with announcers talking about traffic conditions in Calgary.

And the satellites? People always think there is a technology that will kill radio. The 8 track, tape decks in cars, CD changers and now satellite radio. Our business has survived all of it and we still get raises once a year.

Don't go giving anyone Satellite radio as a Christmas gift by the way. Don't take my word for it though:

This post was written by Douglas McIntyre of the blog 24/7 Wall Street:

Goldman Sachs hit Sirius and XM Satellite with serious downgrades today. It knocked down shares of both companies by 5%.

What analysts don't want to say is that the future of satellite radio in the U.S. could already be coming to an end. A merger between the two companies may be the only alternative they have to stay in business. Each company has well over a billion dollars in debt. Sirius had negative operating income last quarter of $106 million on $242 million in revenue. XM was in the red to the tune of $108 million on sales of $278 million. And XM shows only $275 million in cash on its balance sheet.

Sirius had 7.7 million subscribers at the end of last quarter and XM had 8.6 million, but those numbers no longer double year-over-year. That may be because other forms of entertainment have taken over in the car. When satellite radio was launched a decade ago the rear-seat entertainment device was not all the rage. The Apple iPod did not exist.

The market seems to forget that the shares of these two companies trade as if they were going out of business. In early 2000, Sirius traded close to $70. It is now lucky to see $3.50 on a good day.

Sirius and XM are lobbying the FCC to approve their merger on the basis that there is plenty of new digital competition and that a combined company would not be a monopoly. In the strictest sense, it is one, of course. The government licenses the rights to be in the business and, in a merger, there would be only one company with those rights.

But, the FCC may have a more practical reason to give a merger the green light. With limited cash on their balance sheet, tight credit markets, slowing subcriber growth, and huge quarterly losses, both companies could disappear.

We're doing just fine. Thanks for listening.


Sunday, December 02, 2007


Today's blog will have two subjects, but one theme. Being resourceful. Not crying about what you don't have (and what you'll never get) but using your assets to their full potential.

Jon Keen is taking heat at because of soem comments he made on his blog. These comments:

Where's the atmosphere in our building? Sure the fans have to create something but shouldn't the Broncos as an organization do something to promote fan excitement or involvement? I've been to all 22 WHL rinks so I feel like I can speak with some authority on this matter. Have we given up? Other teams have big promotions or have certain "nights" that bring in large crowds. What about the Grey Cup making an appearance? I see Moose Jaw, Saskatoon and Regina all have a Grey Cup appearance in the works.

There is no excitement build-up prior to puck drop unless the public address announcer is throwing a shout out to the Hazlet fans who have come out to cheer Andrew Bailey of the Kootenay Ice. Are we too accommodating? The I-plex has been a pretty inviting place for other teams to come in this year. Where's our edge? For pete sakes, Bailey's mom even sang the national anthem! Great job Terry-Lou. It was probably that or the junior B orchestra that has been busted out a couple of times this season. (taped instremental version of Oh Canada) No offense Cypress Cyclones, just a figure of speech.

Making the I-plex an imposing place to play starts with creating a tough atmosphere for the visitors to cope with and ends with a dominant in your face hockey team.

The Riders have the "13th man" and it makes a difference.

People at are calling Keen a "clown" among other things for his comments. It's not the job of the marketing department to make people cheer is the argument. I do think Jon has a valid point in that more can be done to fire up the crowd. A lot of the comments on whlfans are of the theme that "Swift can't compete with the big centres and we have no budget".

I tire of that small market syndrome excuse. Yes, our budget is nil and the evil board of directors won't let anyone do anything creative. We've heard it all before.

The Bronco marketing gig is a tough one. We in Swift are handicapped as we don't have a jumbotron to show highlight reel clips to fire up fans just before opening faceoff. We don't have pyro...we don't have a budget.

So this is where we need to be resourceful. We have a sound system, a cordless mic and a crazy in-stand dude. Blast Welcome to the Jungle, get Zoolander on the ice and have him start a 'go Broncos go' chant. When I was the in stand guy, I did it. It got the crowd going (sadly it backfired when Med Hat fans ran our show, but we learned).

Instead of the tired and emotionless fields and pasture lands bit while playing Kid Rock's Cowboy for Charlie Horse, do something high energy. Play 'Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy' again. Invent a new Bronco chant. Hell, have the Hudec Brothers or a local band write and record a 'Go Broncos' fight song ala "Green is the color" to play before games.

Shooting t-shirts into the crowd gets fans wound up. Do that before the opening faceoff.

Honestly, would the board say 'no' to any of that?

By the way, I'd like to thank the one poster for saying I was "great" in the thread. I've been a part of radio stations that had ZERO heat and listeners over the years. I appreciate every compliment I get. Thank you. Moving on...

Don't Taze Me!!!

I enjoy the comments from the liberal media that RCMP officers should be stripped of tazers. Obviously there is no need to arm Police officers.

Strip all cops of tazers and arm them with silly string seems to be the solution. The RCMP is the finest law enforcement institution in the world. Yes, there was a situation in a Vancouver airport where cooler heads should have prevailed and a man was killed by accident.

The solution is not to take law enforcement tools away from cops, but perhaps do a refresher course on using words and feeling EMPATHY for the people they deal with. Some cops need to learn better communication skills. They need to put themselves in the place of the foreign guy who doesn't speak english who has been in the airport for nine hours without anyone seeing to his needs. Talk, communicate, empathize, use the RCMP resources to contact his family. Offer him a handshake and a coffee. Make a universal gesture to let him know you're there to help. Cops need weapons, but only as a last resort.

When all attempts at communication and reasoning end...then you electrocute someone.

It's a shame this happened. Our cops for the RCMP are good cops. Bad judgement by a few in Vancouver has given the whole nation of officers a bad rep. As police go, we have it good here.


Saturday, December 01, 2007


This blogging thing may turn into a Weekend Warrior type of deal for me.

Thank goodness my wife looks after the Christmas shopping in our family so I have time to entertain the blogaholics.


-MY 96 Morning radio Jedi Kim Johnston in The Hat brought a smile to my face in his online bio.

Person he would most like to meet: Willis on the Welfare his favorite blogger.

Inside joke and a beauty.

-Quote from Deb at Subway: "I like it when you blog about things other than hockey."


Here comes Santa Claus...

The downtown Christmas Tree lighting was a fun time despite the arctic temperatures. We wnt to the new Urban Ground Coffee house after and I was hoping they would forsake sushi on the menu in favor of whale blubber. I have not been that cold since I lived in Manitoba.

Mike Wilson and RJ Larochelle were there from the Broncos. Veteran Alderman Tim Keene was there from the city. SANTA and MRS. Claus put in an appearance. A choir sang Christmas carols, Sundog volleyball players stoked a fire, radio station folk fed everyone hot chocolate and a horse drawn carriage pulled families down the street. A very good night despite the cold.

Here is Southwest TV news' coverage of the event:

I like the crew at TV news. They work hard, they put together a professional product and they've won a coveted RTNDA award (which is big in broadcasting). It is too bad in this instance that the volunteers and people who showed up to make this a great event despite the cold didn't get the props they deserve. Yes, the weather caused the event to end earlier than usual. The Downtown Business Association and all involved should still get their love. (plus, the radio station promoted the event and I'm not cool with other media insinuating no one showed up at our event).

Don't just take my word though:

From the mind of the smartest man in showbiz:

Ben Stein had his game show a few years ago, Win Ben Stein's Money. People competed against the actor/genius in a trivia contest. If they beat him, he would not get paid for his work on the show that day, the contestant would get his fee. if he won, he got paid.

The issue of holidays/Christmas and having to say "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas" isn't in Saskatchewan what it is in the States. No one here will jump down your throat for having a "Christmas Tree" instead of a "holiday tree". I hope it stays that way.

Ben Stein wrote a gem of a piece on the subject which I will copy and paste for you now:

Herewith at this happy time of year, a few confessions from my beating heart:

I have no freaking clue who Nick and Jessica are. I see them on the cover of People and Us constantly when I am buying my dog biscuits and kitty litter. I often ask the checkers at the grocery stores. They never know who Nick and Jessica are either. Who are they? Will it change my life if I know who they are and why they have broken up? Why are they so important? I don't know who Lindsay Lohan is, either, and I do not care at all about Tom Cruise's wife.

Am I going to be called before a Senate committee and asked if I am a subversive? Maybe, but I just have no clue who Nick and Jessica are. Is this what it means to be no longer young. It's not so bad.

Next confession: I am a Jew, and every single one of my ancestors was Jewish. And it does not bother me even a little bit when people call those beautiful lit up, bejeweled trees Christmas trees. I don't feel threatened. I don't feel discriminated against. That's what they are: Christmas trees. It doesn't bother me a bit when people say, "Merry Christmas" to me. I don't think they are slighting me or getting ready to put me in a ghetto. In fact, I kind of like it. It shows that we are all brothers and sisters celebrating this happy time of year. It doesn't bother me at all that there is a manger scene on display at a key intersection near my beach house in Malibu. If people want a creche, it's just as fine with me as is the Menorah a few hundred yards away.

I don't like getting pushed around for being a Jew and I don't think Christians like getting pushed around for being Christians. I think people who believe in God are sick and tired of getting pushed around, period. I have no idea where the concept came from that America is an explicitly atheist country. I can't find it in the Constitution and I don't like it being shoved down my throat.

Or maybe I can put it another way: where did the idea come from that we should worship Nick and Jessica and we aren't allowed to worship God as we understand Him?

I guess that's a sign that I'm getting old, too. But there are a lot of us who are wondering where Nick and Jessica came from and where the America we knew went to.

Thanks Ben,

Next post, I talk about HOCKEY! Much to the chagrin of Deb Rumpel.


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Okay! Okay!

I'm taking flack for not updating...And I'm going to take more...

I'm doing the morning show on Magic 97 this week. The change of schedule and transition in lifestyle to accomodate those hours have not gone smoothly (my half hour long afternoon naps end up being three hours, thus making me stay awake til 1am for a 4am alarm clock).

Not looking for anyone to feel sorry for me...Morning radio ain't the rigs after all.

I'll give you something new on this blog this weekend...It will inspire...It will move you...IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!

For now...Bedtime.


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Catch Up Blog

After checking back day in and day out and seeing no blog update here, FINALLY THE INTERNET HAS MEANING AGAIN!!!

As I type this, the Broncos are 23 hours away from another meeting with the Brandon Wheat Kings, this time at the Credit Union i-Plex.

I'm sure Kelly McCrimmon's 6 hour bus ride from Brandon will be spent thinking up more zingers for Jon Keen in the Eagle Pre-game show. the Bradnon coach and GM and Jonny have a fun history.

Hey Kelly Mac, ask Keen why he hasn't updated his blog lately? I haven't seen Jonny much...

A Family Affair

A few posts ago on this blog there was an entry about the four Hunter brothers suiting up for the Shaunavon Badgers. Rumour has it the Hunter clan is taking it one step further by having the PATRIARCH OF THE FAMILY, Lorne practice with the team too. 5 Hunters on the ice at the same time??? Can the Whitemud handle it? The speed...the skill...the grit in the faceoff circle...THE HOCKEY HAIR!!!

Take that for what it's worth.

Too Much

1989. Best year ever. Bronco mem cup, Rider Grey Cup, Flames Stanley Cup.

2007. Riders winning, Broncos winning, Brad Wall winning the election. There is so much to be pumped for, it's hard to fathom everything. I'm not really pumped about anything, yet happy for everyone. My brain can't process this all.

Why I Love my Job

the first night the Credit Union i-Plex opened up the new seats we had fun on the broadcast. I took our cordless mic and did half a period of color from the new seats. WHAT A BLAST! I'm never sure how stuff like that will go over. Hanging with the fans, interacting with the ushers, BSing with the beer vendors and just randomly putting the drunkest guy I could find on the radio to start a 'Go Riders Go' chant. WHL broadcasts have ZERO fan interaction. Sure Regina has their guy at ice level between the boards doing some great work, but that's all. Don't tell me reading a name for your powerplay contest is fan interaction either.

I'm not just tooting my own horn, but also the horn of my Bronco hockey broadcast predecessors: Going back to Regan Bartel and including Joey Kenward and now Jonny Keener, some of the most innovative things in WHL broadcasts have happened on The Eagle. Smallest market radio station in the dub, and we hang with the big boys just fine. Not mentioning any names (cause I don't want to black ball Keener) but some broadcasts haven't changed a thing in more than ten years!!!


Thursday, November 08, 2007

Being Premier...Just Another Brick in the Wall

To the surprise of few...Brad Wall is the new Premier of the 306. People around Swift Current have seen this coming for a long time now.

I remember working with radio legend Art Wallman who prophesized back in 1997 that 'some day Brad Wall will be Premier'. Brad was getting his act together to run for the Sask Party at the time.

You can go back even further than that. Teachers will recall a grade five student running for class council who delivered his election speech while tossing candy to the students as they listened.

Brad has ALWAYS known how to reach his audience.

Brad Wall wanted to run for provincial Conservatives back in th early 90's. I was in grade eight at Irwin School when my Mom took me to the Conservative nomination meeting. Much like John Wall got Brad into politics at a young age, my mother did her best to introduce me to the ways of politics.

I was really into it too until the PC's folded. They were down and out federally and provincially and pulled the plug both times. You don't just give up a party, an ideal or a REBUILD IT! My opinion...whatever. Not the jist of the story.

Anyway, back to the story...early 90's, PC nomination meeting...Brad Wall, Stan Horner and Lawrence Bergreen were all trying to run for the Tories in Swift Current.

Brad, at age 24 owned the room.

His speech was bang on...Even as a grade 8 kid I was awestruck! People knew Brad was destined for great things...but Lawrence Bergreen brought all his friends from the church and got the conservative nod that night.

Bergreen got PASTED in the election by the NDP candidate, John Penner. PC members kicked themselves for not betting behind Brad. Brad went on to contribute to the community in other ways. He had time on his side...He was only 24.

You take a look at Brad, you study his history and you realize he was bred for politics. Many politicians start out in different fields with different careers. They get attached to a cause and run for office. Not Brad. Politics was his thing from childhood.

John Wall, the local alderman, is the smartest politician on council. He may not have the flare and look of a Jerrod Schaefer, but if you recall the way he conducted himself at all candidate forums, you realize he's got politics down to a tee. Alderman John Wall has been preparing Brad for this his whole life.

Now the grade 5 student who tossed out candy to his class mates to get elected has grown up.

At 41 Brad is still a kid by political standards. Being a Premier at 41 is like scoring 50 goals as a 16 year old in major junior hockey. At 41 Brad Wall has not peaked by any means. Sure he's one day into being the Premier and priority one is the Province of Saskatchewan. Brad Wall still has a loooooong career in politics ahead of him.

Don't think for a second that last night will be the last Brad Wall party in Swift Current.


Monday, November 05, 2007

The Hunter Brothers: Dusty, Luke, Brock (no actual pics available) and J.J.

Four of a Kind Could Lead to a Full House in Shaunavon

Not sure if this is 100% true, but I heard a juicy rumour today in regards to the Shaunavon Badgers Senior Hockey team. Word on Center Street in Shaunavon says ALL FOUR Hunter brothers will suit up for the Badgers this year. That includes former Bronco captain and heart and soul Luke, former Kelowna Rocket, PA Raider and journeyman AHL vet JJ, former Melville Millionaire (and Canadian Idol contestant) Dusty, and the rough and tumble baby of the family Brock who suited up for the Home Hardware Legionnaires and had stints in the SJHL and AJHL. Luke, Dusty and JJ are all forwards while Brock plays the back end with a bit of an edge.

A Saturday night trip to Shaunavon to see all four Hunters! Follow that up with fun and fellowship at the King's hotel.

Happy New Year for MMA Fans

There is a couple of young promoters hoping to bring an MMA (mixed martial arts) event to Swift Current this January. It's legit, if you want more info you can go to

Basically a UFC type event complete with caged octagon and the best fighters Western Canada has to offer.

They hope to have an octagon in the stockade surrounded by 1000 fans this January. First event of it's kind in Swift Current. With the popularity of the UFC and mixed martial arts becoming a more mainstream sports event, stuff like this could be semi regular.

I talked to the promoters. They have their act together and this will be well organized. They will be looking for local women to be "ring girls".



Sunday, November 04, 2007

Broncos Bucked in Shootout

Shootouts are great when the team you cheer for wins. After last night's game it seems like it's time to dust off my favorite Bob Ridley quote:

"You don't decide a football game with a field goal kicking contest, or a baseball game with a homerun contest, why would you decide a hockey game with a shootout!"

Maybe someone else invented that quote, but the first time I heard it was Rids...and boy did he deliver it as only a grizzled 35 year bus driving/play by play vet could!

It was a good game at the Credit Union i-Plex. I do get a sour taste when people throw junk on the ice after a loss. I understand the "bottle kids" that are throwing junk on the ice after Bronco losses are a group of 10 year olds.

Probably kids who come from "time out" families. Let me guess; Mom and Dad told them in a calm voice "no video games tonite if you keep throwing stuff at the rink".

They probably caved later. I'm not saying that I'm Howard Cunningham when it comes to parenting, but STEP UP MON AND DAD! Your brats are embarrassing the community.

Alex Archibald stole another game for Edmonton. He was solid in goal. Watching Alex Archibard and d-man Cameron Cepak was like watching Kyle Moir and Myles Rumsey...except Cepak scored a goal.

Dale Weise summed it up best post game: "You don't learn anything from a 10-1 win, these are good games to be in".

Exactly. Our team played well, their team capitalized. The only kids that need any discipline are the bottle kids.

More on Smokin' Joe...

I hope this doesn't read like a post about how great I am...Cause I have a lot to learn in my work and in life in general. I've achieved some goals in my career and have acquired a level of happiness. The desire to better myself is still there, and I still have goals to achieve.

I wouldn't be who I am (and again, I'm not saying I'm great) had it not been for the summer of 2004. I was asked by the radio station general manager if I was interested in doing play by play for the Swift Current Indians baseball team. I took the gig...For no other reason than the extra cash it would bring me over the summer...Them schooners get expensive!

What I learned that summer would change my life.

I met Joe Carnahan. An import baseball player from Ashland, Wisconsin. He was an established player in the WMBL who was the league MVP towo years earlier. I had never heard of him before I shook his hand on a June morning before a road trip through Alberta. I was making my baseball play by debut that trip. Joe was the first player to introduce himself.

Joe and I couldn't have been more opposite. He had his t-shirt. shorts and ball cap with a look like he hadn't shaved or showered in days. I was style over substance with gel in my hair, dress shirt, khaki pants and dress shoes.

I spent the summer calling baseball games and watching Joe hit .447 that year.

I also watched him destroy his arm one afternoon on the mound.

Doctors told Joe he would be unable to pitch the rest of the year. His arm was all kinds of messed up. Swift got through the year without him on the mound, and his bat helped them through the tough times.

The playoffs rolled around...imports left, injuries caught up with the tribe. They needed a win against Melville or the season was done. No pitchers available. Joe took to the mound that night. I'll never forget what he told me on the drive to Melville. I asked him if the arm was okay...With no tape rolling he gave me an honest answer not intended for showmanship or a headlines.

"It'll have to be"

With no heat on his fastball and nothing but experience, guts and saavy he gave the tribe 7 full innings. They won. No contract bonuses or endorsement deals pending. He had a job to do and he did it.

Joe won the league MVP award for a second time that year too. By the end of summer we had become good friends. He left his MVP plaque in my car for a week. I had to remind him to take it back to the states with him. He didn't care. He was all about the team.

Ever since that day in Melville, when I've been asked to do something out of the ordinary, I've never said "I can't do that" or "that's impossible". I've never asked "what's in it for me?" I like to think I'm a better person for it.

Joe Carnahan is the new coach of the Swift Current Indians. He will lead by example. He will make his players better athletes and better human beings...and chances are he won't even realize some of the ways he's doing it.


Saturday, November 03, 2007

We Want a Ref....AGAIN!!!!

Once again the subject of WHL officiating is making the rounds. This time on Kelowna Rockets play by play guy Regan Bartel's blog (

Referee Ryan Agar did everything in his power, but failed to succeed he handing the Chilliwack Bruins a victory Friday night in Kelowna. In what was one of the worst officiated games I have ever witnessed, Agar called a lopsided game which saw the home team forced to kill off three five-on-three's, including a major and game misconduct issued to Rockets forward Evan Bloodoff for boarding. In total, the Rockets served 31 minutes in penalties compared to the Bruins 8. That's nine penalties for the home team compared to just 4 minors for the Bruins.

I wasn't at the game, I haven't watched it on the WHL feed. Maybe he did appear to be hard on the Rockets and look away when it came to nefarious play from Chilliwack.

Is there are rule that one team has to have the same number of penalties at the end of the game as the other? No there isn't. In fact, last year when I asked WHL head of officiating Kevin Muench that question, his words where :"I don't believe that there has to be an even number of marbles in one pocket as there are in the other in regards to number of penalties called for each team".

Agar is doing what he's told.

These officials are young guys. Have you ever seen one without his bucket on? They look like players. They will make mistakes, but as a broadcaster I still find it irresponsible to call them out on things like "our team had four powerplays and the other team had nine".

If it's Chris Savage losing control of another game...that's a different story. If the call factors into the outcome...then it's relevant. Kirk Fraser and I have been over this.

The Rockets won anyway. Sing the praises of the penalty kill instead of taking a run at Ryan Agar.

Saturday Night

Best night of the week. The Bay City Rollers, Elton John and Whigfield have all done songs on the subject!

The Broncos lost last night in Brandon 5-3. I get the sense that Swift knows they can beat Brandon, some players just didn't want to get their hands dirty.

Edmonton is back tonite. 10-1 for Swift last time they were here.

Random Quote

Compliments silence you every time. It's almost magical Watch.. Hey Ryan you rule at all things! .... wait... wait...and....nuffin.

Not from a movie, but the most memorable quote I heard all week. Kelly McCrimmon's pre-game interview with Keen a close second.

Yes, I can't take a compliment...I appreciate them, but just don't know how to respond. I suppose 'thank you' would work.

51 reasons to be pumped about baseball

Local sports fans will be HAPPY to know that Joe Carnahan is the new coach of the tribe. The best guy for the job got the job end of story. In talking to 51 he said he'll still play now and then but is concentrating his efforts on the team.

The Big Bugger is already recruiting for next year too. This is better than Kent Austin taking over the Riders (just on a much smaller scale).

And for ball fans, I don't know if Kelly Horaska will be back. The last time I heard from him, he was at a Tragically Hip concert in Bakersfield. It's easier to get Hip tickets in California than it is in Canada. Keep in touch Horse, I know you read this.

Almost All Candidate Forum

I love the political process. Someday I will run for something. For Halloween I was Alderman Jerrod Schaefer, and instead of trick or treating I went campaigning and even telemarketed.

My apologies to Jerrod. If anyone received calls from someone claiming to be Jerrod Schaefer looking for support in the next Civic was me. What can I say? I'm awestruck.

My point though and I do have one...

I took in the "All Candidate Forum" this past Wednesday. Of couse Brad Wall was unable to be there.


It's important for you to know that when it comes to politics my family has a LOOOOOONG history with the Progressive Conservative Party (not necessarily the Sask Party per se). While I haven't followed in my mother's political foot steps of door knocking for the PC's, my opinion does tend to fall on the right side of things.

I hope we can still be friends.

Brad Wall wasn't there. The candidate for the Green Party read the party's platform... and slammed her fist on the desk to punctuate at point. Bob Hale is a well spoken lawyer who clearly realizes he won't win but did a good job presenting the NDP platform. Bob is not the most charasmatic speaker. At times I was wishing Jeff Potts was still in the picture to add to the entertainment portion of the evening. Justin Orthner from the Liberals is only in his late 20's and has been a member of the Liberals since he was in his teens. It is nice to see young people involved. Justin was nervous, you could tell. Nice guy though. Needs to trim that beard.

Do hutterites vote? Ern?

The only fireworks came from the crowd. John Wall (not Brad's dad, but the former NDP MLA..confusing? Yes) used the time to make a passionate speech about how our roads are just fine and our healthcare facilities are still excellent. The jist of his rant is roads don't matter, and healthcare is fine becasue of the great nurses and doctors. The decrepit nature of the hospitals, highways and care homes in this province shouldn't matter. Firey speech. Well presented...

If John Wall had that kind of passion when he was our MLA, maybe he'd still be in Regina.

That's how I took his speech. If I'm wrong, e-mail me.

There was also a guy who smelled like he hadn't bathed in awhile wondering why it rains so much up north and doesn't in our area...


All in all the evening came across as a chance to attack Brad Wall without Brad Wall there to defend himself...

There's politics for ya. I love it.


Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Halloween is tomorrow, I will be taking my children TRICK OR TREATING!!!.

To answer a question about my Randmon Quotes, some are from songs, some are form movies some are from my life. Try and figure out where they come from. There have been a few to ponder over the last few weeks.

Blogger Fun Facts

Full name: Richard Ryan Switzer

Birthdate: Valentine's Day

Age: 30

Height: 5'10

Weight: 172lbs

Car: 97 Mustang Cobra

Most played song on my iPod: What I've Done by Linkin Park

Last movie watched: Mr. Brooks (Kevin Costner at his finest, William Hurt equally awesome!)

Last Movie watched at a Theatre or Drive in: Pirates 3

Date of last intercourse: Oct. 19, 2007 (could've been Oct. 26 if I was more of a cheating dirtbag)

Wrestling with Life

I used to be a BIG TIME WWE/WWF fan. I would drop money for pay per views, go to events in Regina and Calgary, own several wrestling t-shirts, buy all the video games...I was a wrestling trivia machine! There are plenty of fans out there, and good fo ryou if you are one. There are a couple reasons I don't watch anymore.

1. Being a wrestling fan NEVER got me laid.

2. I contributed to the death of Chris Benoit and his family.

I saw Benoit wrestle one of his first matches at the Palliser Pavillion in Swift Current. He was 19 years old and was taking on The Evil Cuban Assassin. Benoit was the good guy...his tights where brighter...we smiled at the crowd and wasn't foreign...that's how you told the good guy from the bad guy back then. In that of his first...Chris Benoit climbed to the top rope and performed a diving head-butt on the Assassin. The crowd of 300 at the Palliser went NUTS!!! It was a rush for Benoit...The diving head butt would become one of his trademark moves. Over the next 20 years he would perform that head butt on average of 5x a week, year round.

Chris Benoit's autopsy found he had the mind of an 80 year old alzheimer patient.

As a wrestler, when you make the crowd get the high profile make the money in the wrestling world. Whether it was Swift Current, Regina, Saskatoon or Calgary I cheered for Chris Benoit's head-butt every chance I got.

Plus, wrestling just isn't as cool. I caught a glumpse of The Undertaker losing to a wrestler named "The Animal". The only wrestler that should be called 'The Animal' is the guy from the 80's with a hairy back who ate turnbuckles and had a crush on Miss Elizabeth.

Vince McMahon got rich off me...time to move on.

What Happened to Willis?

A reader asked about the possibility of 'Willis on the Welfare' returning for a Bronco game recap. Maybe after tonite's game...Maybe not. We'll see.


Sunday, October 28, 2007

His name is Dean Chynoweth and BY GOD HE IS THE MAN!!!

I enjoy looking at the paper, the internet and hearing on the radio about how well the Broncos are doing. Having names amongst the league's elite scorers, visiting and seeing TWO Bronco goals in the Top 5 league plays of the week. It's a treat. I'm happy for the club, happy for the fans, but most of all I'm happy for Dean Chynoweth.

Since his arrival in Swift Current, Dean has had to weather the storm of the smallest market with the most critical fans. Visit Look at the stats on the right side of the page. More than 6,900 posts have been made in regards to the Broncos. Only Vancouver, the WHL's largest market has had more talk from it's fans. 6,900 posts in a market of 16,000. That represents around 6,900 opinions. That's more opinions per capita than anywhere.

Dean hasn't just sat in his office either. Show me one other Major Junior GM who has opened himself up to public forums the way Dean has. When other coaches and GMs were pouring over video in their post game, Deano sat in front of the Canadian room and often opened himself up to a firing squad of opinions ranging from special teams to 'how much ice time your favorite player was getting'. No moderators or planned questions either (I know, I hosted the things) Dean sat there and in no holds barred fashion took all your complaints. No other GM in the league would dare do that.

Swift Current is a small town. Even though Dean is the kind of guy who doesn't need it, when you see him around town, tell him the team looks good. Give him some props...He's earned it.

Random Quote

I followed all of the rules, man's and God's. And you, you followed none of them. And they all loved you more.

Inferiority Complexes

Surfed across this @

People naturally seem to get inferiority complexes when it comes to having a bigger more successful neighbour. They resent that neighbour. Moose Jaw has it with Regina, Morse has it with Herbert, the Simpson's have it with the Flanders' and for the longest time Canada has had it with the US.

Some Canadians are up in arms because the US used a brief shot of CANADA'S side of Niagara Falls in promoting US tourism.

Big deal! Laugh about it. It's time for the inferiority complex to be put to least for now. Why? Because Canada is not inferior to the US.

Right now, we're better. I'm not saying that out of blind patriotism or to get a rise out of American readers (and I know you're there). It's fact. Right now Canada is better than the US. It may not be for long though.

-Our dollar is worth more.

-Border to border, we have a strong economy across the nation. No capable people are out of work.

-Our crime rate is WAAAAAAAY lower.

-Health care is better. John Q is a true story movie that won't get made in Canada anytime soon.

-Environment is in better shape.

-People are nicer.

-Women are prettier.

-Beer is better.

-Thanks to Global Warming, the weather is just as nice here. Winter in Saskatchewan this year won't be much worse than what they get in northern California.

So the US used a shot of Niagara Falls in their little tourism video? Let them use it. Don't kick 'em while their down.

I'm sure some economist will send me stats on gross domestic product importing and such...whatever.

The US is having a rough time now. They'll be back. There will come a day when they have everyone at work, people won't be shooting each other as much, young men won't be fighting a war for oil and the loonie is back around 65 cents US. For now, let's enjoy the ride of being the best country in North America and not nit pick over a five second clip in a tourism video.

Sunday, Blogging Sunday

Sunday turns into play date day at my house more often than not. Like I've said before, it's like a party with drunk midgets.

I'll fire up an update later on. BE AFRAID!!!

Peace, love, harmony


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Day Off Jibber-Jabber

I get 15 days off a year. What a joke. Everyday is a day off in radio! My kids are at school. A good husband and father would do chores...I am UPDATING THE BLOG!!!

Random thoughts today...Switzer-vations if you will.

-Unless it's on your arms, DON'T SHOW PEOPLE YOUR TATTOOES! If a person can see your tattoo in anything other than a t-shirt, you just look like a show off trying to get people to pay attention to you. DON'T PUT THEM ON YOUR FACEBOOK EITHER!

A tattoo should be a perk that people get for seeing you without clothes on. Don't brag about them. 2/3 of the world seems to have them.

-This blog will not have much Bronco analysis anymore. If you really want to hear my thoughts on Bronco hockey, there are around 40 occasions a year for three hours at a time to get it on the Mighty Eagle 94.1.

My only Bronco thoughts are: I like our top line, I like our d-men joining the rush, I want Weise and Nelson back and Travis Yonkman is a good goalie.

Veterans stepping up, young guys playing better than old guys, how much the coach talks to his players...that's all stuff I just don't care about anymore. At the end of the day, I enjoy watching this team...that's all.

-Country fans: Billy Currington is gay. Just so you know. Have you seen the "Party For Two" video with Billy and Shania? It looks like a housewife that gets out of the house once a year partying with a gay guy who she doesn't know is gay. Don't believe me? Check out the lack of chemistry at 2:00 in til the end.

I love how Billy "checks out" the girls that walk past him (:36). He's admiring her jean skirt and that's all!

-If he ain't gay, he should tell the directors of his music videos that they make him carry himself in a very gay way. Maybe their trying to appeal to the massive "gay country music fan" demograph.

More later...maybe.


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Short Post After Some Long Days

You come here on a daily basis looking for my take on Bronco hockey and life. Sorry I haven't graced you with my online presence. Work has been busy and I have a new cat.

Lots to do at work. I'm not the glamourous "Rod Pedersen" type of busy. I wish I could say I've been busy emceeing elaborate banquets and calling play by play for the two top teams in their league. That would require living in Regina...Not in this life for any amount of money. Nice city to visit though. I KICKED THE $#!T OUT OF KARAOKE NIGHT AT THE PLAINS! Best performance they've ever seen.

No, I've been busy at work with mundane stuff you would not find the least bit interesting. That, and speaking appearances at two of Swift Current's middle schools (St. Joe's and Irwin).

If you are reading this in Calgary, you will soon be able to hear my voice on a daily basis. Can't say why yet, but it's one reason I've been busy.

No, I'm not moving to Alberta. That is SOOOOOOOO passe. Swift Current is stuck with me.

I'd put a Brad Wall sign on my lawn, but I'm worried drug addicts would mistake my house for the "crack house" former NDP candidate Jeff Potts referred to. I don't need no crack-heads comin to my crib lookin' fo a fix!

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, check this out:


I'm light on Bronco thoughts. No deep thoughts or opinions really. I go to the games, I'm entertained, I enjoy the commentary, I like working with Keener, BSing with other media before the game, hearing Earl Monkman's laugh and BSing with players after the game. Other than that I don't have much to say on the subject of Bronco hockey. There are so many opinions and recaps out there, you don't need to clutter your brain by reading another one.

I have some days off. I'll post again when the inspiration hits me. Sorry for mailing this one in.


Sunday, October 21, 2007

Meet Link

Meet the newest member of the Switzer household. "Link" is short for his full name: Lincoln Douglas De visser.

While I was reluctant at first, he has fit right in to the family and is already litter trained.

Broncos Get a Point

Swift blew a 4-1 lead last night and lost 5-4 in a shoot out to Prince George. What happened has been covered on Keen's Blog.

This loss in this fashion is a good thing. A 72 game schedule prepares a team for the playoffs. A team needs to experience all the highs and lows in that season to get ready for the post season. This is a lesson learned early in the year. Do you think the Broncos will take their foot off the gas against a cellar dwelling team again this year? If they're in round 1 of the playoffs against a team that finished below them in the standings, will they take their foot off the throat of a team they have down? Not likely after last night. This is two games they have let teams outwork them in the 3rd period to force extra time. They got lucky against Red Deer, luck was on PG's side last night.

The more close games you're in...the better prepared for playoffs you are.

Plus, special teams win games. It's not always the powerplay. PG owes that win to their penalty killers. The Gardner kid showed why he's wearing the C. PG's goalie, Real Cyr will steal some games too.

PG scrapped through 60 minutes, and where rewarded with some...less than highlight reel goals.

I hate picking three stars. Just so you know.

The hockey portion of this blog ends now.

Britney Spears

Copy and paste this stuff in your address bar:

It's a video of Britney Spears eating take out in a messy apartment. Sad really. Not that she's obviously wasted or high...She's 25 and people do that (much less than her, yes) but that she's regretting what's been happening in her life. It's not as easy as 'walking away from it all and just being a mom'. Contracts have been signed, commitments have been made, and frankly when Britney was too young to know better, some slimy executive types with $$$ signs in their eyes did NOT take care of her they way they should have.

Anyway, the point of this post is that Britney can still get it done as a performer. Yes, her 'performance' at the VMA's was a joke. She was out of shape for opening gameday. She broke a heel on her boot, she wasn't ready for a full blown performance, the choreography was too tough...whatever.

Check out the video for her current hit, Gimme More:

The song is standard pop drivel, as a vocalist Britney will NEVER be on a level with Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Cher, Sarah McLachlan and the great female vocalists (they are great vocalists!) but she can ENTERTAIN. After watching that, after seeing the way she can look at the camera and move around that stripper pole, tell me she isn't the most well rounded entertainer out there. Seriously, if Rihanna tried to make that video and do what Britney did, her 19 year old head would explode. Guys watch that video and drool, girls watch it and say "that's hot". Rihanna has ONE facial expression (watch any video of hers, ONE expression...and she can't dance). Britney knows when to look sexy, knows when to smile, knows when and how to make her smile sexy. Christina Aguilera is quagmired in the unmoving sea of married life, Avril Lavigne is good for jumping up and down and flipping everyone off, and the never ending list of "singer, songwriters' will give you a show of great music that makes you think, but nothing on that level.

She has spent her life going into talent shows and making pop music since she was 5. She can still entertain, even if the rest of her life is a train wreck. She is not happy right now, and may never be again. Parents, don't rush your kids into fame.

She is still the queen of pop.


Saturday, October 20, 2007

A Special Q and A with Drunk Gerald

A fan known as "SectionNDeserter" on asked about the presence of "Drunk Gerald"

Drunk Gerald is a friend of mine, who was BANNED from He deserved it. No ill will towards the mods of whlfans. Gerald has A LOT on his mind.

There is a 55 post thread on Bronco players who are rumoured to be asking for trades.

Drunk Gerald's thoughts:

Someone in the dressing room needs to stand up and say, HEY SHENOWTH! TRADE ME FOR SOMEONE WHO CAN FISTFIGHT! We need someone on our team who can score goals and win battles who can srop the gloves. Someone who will score 30 goals and get 250 pims! Actually when I was at Boston Pizza I saw chynwht on his hand held blueberry working out a trade. Here's the deal. Levi Nelson and a secodn round bantamn pick to Moose Jaw for Riley Granthman.

We shouldn't have traded that Gervias kid either! He was our next Chris Szszqkghszky

On the Credit Union i-Pex:

I dont know why the city of swift current spent asomcuh time and money on the curling rink and still don't have the hockey rink done. The only fun thing about curling is the drinking and i can do that at the york or the big eye. Broncos can't play hockey at the york or the big eye. Can they!

On trade rumours:

We have so mnay defencemand bron in 1988! we meed more players bron in 1989. 1989 was a good year. Riders, flames and broncos wehere all champs. Broncos had a tough guy. Chris LArkin! That's why they won the mem cup. What was the question?

On The Broncos three game home winning streak:

I like it. Erik Felde is like skating like a NHLer. I'm enjoying the team. BUT TRent Zoolander sitll hasn't given me a free ****ing pizza has he? He always gives the prizes to the same section. that game when Angel Suzuki from the TV was in. She was good with the prizes.

The above thoughts and opinions are that of Drunk Gerald and do not reflect those of anyone else.

A Problem With The Stripes

From Regan Bartel's blog (

How bad was the officiating last night? I haven't seen that many missed calls in one game in a long time. Kevin Muench, the Director of Officiating for the WHL was in attendance last night, and couldn't have liked what he saw.

He's talking about the Kelwona/Everett game from a few nights ago. I've noticed a pattern in WHL officiating. Kevin Muench in the house = Gong show. I don't know if these young officials are nervous with their boss watching and evaluating and it gets in their head, but Whenever Mr. Muench is watching a gamem offciating seems to factor in the outcome. He was there for the Broncos/Red Deer game with two questionable goals, a first period with no penalties and the rest of the game making up for lost time in the first. Now this.

I know as a radio guy, one can get thrown off thier game when corporate program directors or consultants are listening. Must be the same thing for officials.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not ripping on Kevin Muench. Always pleasant to talk to and a genuine fellow, I thin do believe the quality of officiating is improving.

Still, whenever someone mentions Kevin Muench, I'm taken back to a cold winter night in 1992. A game officiated by Muench, and Graham James upset by the game Muench had called, took off his shirt to protest things.

If you still have a copy of that video, I'm the kid in the grey and red jacket right behind the bench. Really funny at the time...the actions of a disturbed individual in retrospect.


Thursday, October 18, 2007

If They made a Movie...

The more I see Brad Wall the more I think he looks like Kiefer Sutherland. After watching X-Men last night, I noticed a similarity in looks between Sir Ian McKellen and Uncle Lorne Calvert too. Am I crazy?

Comments, Oh I get em:

Hey Ryan,

I really enjoy reading your blog(s), as I find yours to be one of the most entertaining out there. It also gives me an opportunity to keep tabs on the old hood.

Keep it up my friend.

A former GWB Newshound

From "Steve S"

I'm going to guess that "Steve S" is the legendary Steve Shaheen. Coolest guy ever in radio! Funny, handsome, could've been in TV, but certainly had the respect of people in every medium. What I wouldn't give to go back in time and work in Moose Jaw during the good ole days of CHAB. I bet Steve Shaheen and Rob Carnie where like Champ Kind and Ron Burgundy.

Steve had a SWEET mustache. Every radio guy's girlfriend secretly wanted Stevie Shaheen.

My man Joel:

Dont let ANONYMOUS posts get you down buddy. If someone cant put their real name to their post they have no credibility what so ever.

I don't let them get me down! I LOVE THEM. One time Keen and I got into this debate about getting slammed on fan forums. He hates it! To show him he shouldn't care, I started a thread about "how awful Ryan Switzer is at color for the Broncos". People defended me...more people slammed me. Whatever.

In any sport or entertainment, if you don't have critics, you're not doing a good job...or you just flat out suck. This blog doesn't pay my bills, I don't care if I do.

That brings me to Roddy Pedersen. If you read his blog or know him, send him an e-card. He feels overworked:

You won't be hearing from me for another 24 hours. At least. I'm completely worn out and need to spend a day recharging for a BIG weekend which will include MC'ing the Plaza Dinner tomorrow night, broadcasting the Pats and Raiders in P.A. Saturday, and calling the Riders/Ticats on Sunday.

Talk to you tomorrow.


Then, the Passion of the Rod continued in his comments section:

Get some rest Rod, you spoil us with all of this information. If anyone pays attention to all the work you do between the Riders and Pats I'm sure you are working 100 hours per week. I'd be very courious to find out if there is another Broadcaster in a similar sized market that has to provide the coverage you do for two high profile sports teams along with the other stuff at the radio station.

From Anonymous...

Radio people do work hard...but at the end of the day, it ain't the rigs, it ain't construction and we aren't curing cancer. Don't feel too sorry for us. Morning radio people have the longest days. You can feel sorry for them in the dead of winter when it's -40 at 4:30am when they go to work.

Hey Rod, if your schedule is too much, LET ME DO THE RIDER GAMES! I won't be as good as you (not right away anyway) but can call the play, leave the insight for Carm and shoot cool vignettes at Kerry Joseph's place. Take a load off Roddy...Call me. I'll drive to Regina on gamedays. While I'm there, I'll stop by CTV and give the best weather forecast this province has seen since Johnny ****ing Sandison!

Big League en' Regan

Brady Leavold is now a member of the Kelowna Rockets. I'm happy the kid went to Kelowna because he is a good interview. Most broadcasters in the league wouldn't know what to do with someone as open as "Leo". Thankfully he got dealt to the Rockets where Regan Bartel and David Michaud know how to handle him. Suck down the audio here:

Do the copy and paste thing. They acutally asked questions UNRELATED TO HOCKEY!!! Giving the interveiw LEGIT ENTERTAINMENT VALUE!!!

Regan is a gem. Jury is still out on Michaud.


My wife makes GREAT lasagna. She also has an "onion booty". What's an "onion booty"? AN ASS SO FINE IT BRINGS A TEAR TO YOUR EYE!!!


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Back to the Blog

Your grammar sucks! you'll never be taken seriously in the WHL blog world...Anonymous

Yes...I know...I I don't spell insinuate a pause I use three periods which isn't proper typing etiquette...and I also use too many "unnecessary" quotation marks.

I don't care if I'm taken seriously. I write about skinny dipping. Most bloggers travel with the team and act like they're friends with the coaches and GMs. Teh one's that aren't play by play guys who are on the bus have more time to do this. Gregg Drinnan WRITES FOR A LIVING.

And Alan Caldwell, Sh*t,I don't know if he even has a job. I honestly think he lives with his parents and blogs from his mom's basement. I picture that he looks like a cross between Comic Book guy and Greg Harder.

Harder, by the way, is way better now. Ever since he cut his hair. Total Regina homer, but good enough to keep a Swift Current homer hooked for all his paragraphs.

Speaking of Regina, Roddy P is took a few minutes to mention the Pats between Rider posts. Colten Teubert took a two game suspension for a hit on Riley Hozapfel of the Moose jaw Warriors. Roddy then typed a gem : Perhaps I missed it, but I haven't heard yet what Warrior goalie Joey Perricone got for spearing the Pats' Kirt Hill in the nuts.

He changed "nuts" to "groin" a few hours later. I caught it. I would've left audience is much my..."groin"

By the way, I know Rod reads this blog...You should know I was talking to "Hillbilly Jim". He hasn't forgotten the vaseline thing from the playoffs. Circle October 30th on your calender.

No that's not a threat. That night will be a big deal. Two first place contenders duking it out. For the Broncos, I don't think it will be the piece of cake their pre-season meeting in Kindersley was in regards to the Pats.

And that game will be played at the Credit Union i-Plex. Not just the i-Plex. SAY IT RIGHT!!!

How about those INDIANS!?!?!

People bitch about baseball salaries being too high, and the teams that win just buy their way to pennants and world series titles. Not the case. The Yankees haven't come within a sniff of the World Series in years, and the Boston Red Sox are about to be bounced by a team in the bottom 1/3 for MLB salaries.

In fact, look at the payrolls for the final four teams in the majors this year:

(No. 2) Red Sox: $143 million.

(No. 23) Indians: $62 million.

(No. 25) Colorado Rockies: $54 million.

(No. 26) Arizona Diamondbacks: $52 million.

Out of 30 teams, 3 of the four in the final four are in the bottom 1/3 for payroll. "I'm not looking for the best players, I'm looking for the right players". Words of a hockey coach that apply to all sports. An American hockey coach at that!!! Kurt Russell as Herb Brooks! You need a stone faced bad ass to star in a movie, YOU GET KURT RUSSELL. YOU TELL EM' I'M COMING, I'M BRINGIN' HELL WITH ME!!!

Words of Wisdom from Sly Stallone

One of the best Hollywood urban legends happened on the set of 'Cliffhanger', A mountian climbling movie starring Sly Stallone, John Lithgow and the guy from Days of Thunder. On the set of the movie, Stallone, who had to wear a wireless headse,t took a young studio employee back to his trailer. Keeping his headset on and not realizing the microphone was live, the sound people in the audio truck could hear Stallone giving specific instrcutions to the young lady to "cup the bal...groin" (gotta say groin in a WHL related blog).

Sly Stallone should be remembered for two speeches. That one on the set of Cliffhanger and his father/son moment from Rocky Balboa.

Let me tell you something you already know. The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows. It is a very mean and nasty place and it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain't how hard you hit; it's about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward. How much you can take, and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done. Now, if you know what you're worth, then go out and get what you're worth. But you gotta be willing to take the hit, and not pointing fingers saying you ain't where you are because of him, or her, or anybody. Cowards do that and that ain't you. You're better than that!”

If you want to see it on the youtube, copy and paste this :

The Swifty's

As voted on by YOU...

Best Pizza in town. Houston...Runner up Akropol

Best Place to Take Someone for Intimate Relations (a place to "park the car" if you will...could also be a cheap motel...your call). No votes on this subject....Is that why everyone is so angry these days? My vote...RAINBOW MOTEL!!!

Best Lounge. BP's...Runner up Akropol

Best Small Town Bar within 45 minutes of Swift Current. Cabri...Runner up Rangeline in Cadillac

Best Annual attraction within an hour of Swift Current (annual rodeos, Frontier Days Saloon, Annual Slo-pitch tourneys...) Kinsmen Street Dance...Runner up Frontier Days Saloon.

Best Sports Coach (any level...any team) Harv Martinez (come back Harv! the readers of this blog DEMAND IT!.) Runner up Deano...also mentioned frequently Tim Tisdale and Marc Habscheid

Best Hamburger (non fast food) Houston Pizza Bronco Burger...Runner up Husky Chili Burger

Best fast food joint Burger King Runner up: EXTREME PITA! (atta boy Joel!)

Best Looking Male and female a few people I've never heard of and don't want to post their names for fear of a joke of sorts. More votes for these please.

and finally...

One thing about Swift Current you would change... More affordable housing!!!. Runner up... Intersection of hi-way 1 and 4.

Not my opinions...unscientific...for all I know this was one person using different aliases who created ALOT of hotmail, gmail and Sasktel accounts. Don't take it seriously and have fun with it.


Monday, October 15, 2007

Insomnia/Inner Geek/Swifty Awards

You keep pushing away people who want to love you. You say you're alone and no one cares, and yes, you did lose so much, but you are surrounded by people who want to help you. You do have family, they want to be close to you, people who love you despite the fact you avoid them...Why can't you let us in?

Tomorrow night "Heroes" is on. The NBC hit that I'm sure you've heard about even if you've never watched it. Heather loves it, co-workers love it...I can't get into it. It will have big ratings for awhile, then the numbers will drop...writers will introduce new characters and kill of old ones to being back some hype...When that doesn't work they'll bring back characters they killed off because the little Japanese guy can time travel or something...then they'll pull the plug on the thing with an ending everyone will hate. It's a show I'm surprised I'm not into. It has good actors/actresses, neat characters with cool powers, it seems to be written well and has Ali Larter (celebrity freebee #3).

I feel guilty when a co-worker of mine (Darwin Gooding) goes through the trouble of putting the series on DVD for me, asks me often if I watch it and I always say "No". I think that now in my 30th year, the impossible has happened.

I've lost my inner geek. Strange things have happened over the last eight months or so (ever since I turned 30):

-I don't watch Heroes

-I don't care about Halo 3

-I don't own NHL 08 yet

-When a Star Wars or Matrix film is on the movie channel, I keep channel surfing

-I can't name even 1 WWE title holder

-Haven't watched a City TV Saturday night spanker in months

-Only current UFC fighter I can name is Tito Ortiz...only because he feuded with Ken Shamrock.

Does there come a point when one's inner geek just dies?

After this I may not make a blog entry for a while. Busy week ahead at work. To tide you over, I want you to read this section and e-mail me (or leave a note in the comments section) your thoughts. I want your votes on the subjects below. We'll call it the "Swifty" awards. I don't care if you vote anonymously, multiple times or get your friends to vote. I'll do this every now and then and with different categories. Vote on the Swifties for:

Best Pizza in town.

Best Place to Take Someone for Intimate Relations (a place to "park the car" if you will...could also be a cheap motel...your call).

Best Lounge.

Best Small Town Bar within 45 minutes of Swift Current.

Best Annual attraction within an hour of Swift Current (annual rodeos, Frontier Days Saloon, Annual Slo-pitch tourneys...)

Best Sports Coach (any level...any team)

Best Hamburger (non fast food)

Best fast food joint

Best Looking Male

Best Looking Female

and finally...

One thing about Swift Current you would change...

I'll make you a deal...Once I have 100 different voters leave a comment or e-mail me, I'll drop what I'm doing to post the results.


Sunday, October 14, 2007

Hot Team...and Hot Tubbin'

The Broncos beat Red Deer 4-3 in over time. Geordie Wudrick scored the winning goal. If he hasn't already, Jon Keen will have an update on his blog I'm sure, and the diehards at will have an accurate recap of the game too.

I have more important blog issues to write about...

Other bloggers ask why I don't do site meter? I think if I knew who was reading this and how often they were, I'd change how I write and this wouldn't be as honest. I'm happy people like this space on the web..but I don't do it to please anyone, or because I think it's a service. It's my therapy.

As I mentioned...more important stuff to write about:


For some reason, whenever I find myself hot-tubbing the conversation of skinny-dipping always comes up. It amazes me that the majority of people (by my guess three out of four) have NEVER skinny dipped with others despite every one's desire to do so. If you are one of the three out of four that hasn't...and you want to change on:

1. The hardest part about getting the group to shed their gear is the numbers. If you have five dudes and one dame in the ain't happening (if, by chance, the one girl is don't want to with that one!). The ratio CANNOT BE MORE MEN THAN WOMEN. At least 50/50 with three dames for every two dudes is ideal.

Women will be scared to strip down...because no matter how much they like and trust the guys, they won't feel comfortable (or safe) at a sausage party.

2. Set it up. After a drink or two...test the waters by joking about going skinny dipping. If no one seems disgusted, after some drinking, wait until a natural point in the conversation, and then bring it up again.

If people get on board, you may have to take the lead. You may have to be the first to strip down. Worse case scenario: No one joins you and you look like the only cool, confident one...which is not a bad thing (inside joke, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2005!).

3. Lighting...or lack thereof. An underwater pool light is OK. Other than that...leave it up to the moon. If the area you're in is well lit, kill some lights. People will be cool with their friends seeing them nude...They won't want your neighbours (or the RCMP) to get a view of their bits and junk.

4. Act like you've done this before. Keep eye will catch glances but DON'T STARE AT THEIR BUSINESS.

-Hands to yourself. Just because people get nude doesn't mean it's time for an orgy.

The winter hot tub season is upon us...happy hunting. Lemme know if this works, or if I missed anything key.

Take us Home Deano

Cool things about Deano:

Certain spell check programs flag "Chynoweth" and suggest "unworthy" which is what we are!

Bonus cool thing:

His team has only played two home games and has a record of 7-2-0-1

and how about this one:

After the October 13th overtime win vs. Red Deer, Deano is unbeaten when coaching against former NHL coach of the year winners! (Brian Sutter won the Jack Adams in 1991).

Cool things about Deano, starring the straightest shooting, most honest to God WHL executive in the league Dean Chynoweth...written and produced by Ryan Switzer.