Saturday, September 17, 2011

Broncos in Shaunavon Tonight

The Swift Current Broncos play the PA Raiders tonight in Shaunavon in a WHL pre-season game. This is the second WHL pre-season game in Shaunavon's brand new rink, The Crescent Point Wickenheiser Centre.

Bronco news this week has been dominated by Norwegian goalie Steffan Soberg and his no-show at Bronco camp. The events are chronicled VERY well here.

Yesterday morning, we had some fun on the Magic 97 Morning Show...

Caution...this video also SMAMELESSLY self promotes me. VERY 10x worse than some other blogs.


Friday, September 09, 2011

Let's Get Back to The Rink

Tonight the Swift Current Broncos play an exhibition game against the Saskatoon Blades. It is the first signifigant exhibition game of the season. Players that excel tonight could move on to successful WHL careers. Players that don't leave it all on the ice could be getting their last taste of major junior hockey.

We know this has been a bad summer for hockey. Boogaard, Belak, Rypien, Demitra, McCrimmon, Lokomotiv. Household names for reasons that are tough to reconcile. Sid Crosby, hockey's poster boy himself put on a brave and smiley face to deliver news no one was happy to hear. Hockey's best draw remains on the sidelines.

Locally, the summer hasn't been spectacular either. The Broncos are coming off their most disappointing season in franchise history. Yes it was. Poor season ticket sales for the upcoming campaign have created worries at the i-Plex. 1200 season tickets. That's it. 1200 is a decent crowd for the Redneck Betties Roller Derby team, but for a WHL team to only get that kind of support for it's 36 home games...unacceptable.

Let's get back to the rink. It's what we do. The rink is where we watch hockey. It's where we eat rink burgers and fries with vinegar. It's where we catch up with friends and make new ones. It's where first dates happen and where many senior citizens have their last social outing. The rink is our past. It's our field of dreams. Does the kid who is attending his first game...watching Charlie Horse and eating a hot dog care about the Board of Directors? Does that kid care that our 1992 born forwards are underachieving?

The rink is more than what's happening on the ice. The sport of hockey is hurting. So what. If the hockey is good, that's just a bonus. It's the experience of the rink that matters. This is a small city. Buying a beer and telling stories at the intermission is just as fun as watching big plays and huge saves.

The days are getting shorter. There is a chill in the air. Snow will soon fall. Here's to another winter of warming ourselves by gathering around a sheet of ice.


Friday, September 02, 2011

A Good Chuckle

Over the last two years, this video of a goat yelling like a man has gathered over 2 million views on youtube.

and recently...this:


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Swift Current Randoms

Greetings from the Snowstreaker/Alphavoice studios. Sit back and enjoy the randomness!

Saskatchewan's Most jacked man, Trevor Koot

As I type this, local He-man Trevor Koot is doing a final few bicep curls before flying to Cleveland for the IFBB North American Championships.

(shameless plug ahead) The Alphavoice studios are happy to have provided Trev with the production elements for his posing routine. Trev recently captured 1st place up at the Saskatchewan novice show and then at provincials a couple weeks later.

I'll keep you posted on how Saskatchewan's most musclebound real estate expert does on the North American stage. Koot heads to Cleveland Labour Day weekend.

Swift Current Mayor Jerrod Schafer and happier times?

Whenever I introduce Swift Current mayor Jerrod Schafer at functions and fundraisers, there is always a comedic shot at him as part of the introduction. There's plenty of people without a sense of humour who think I use my MC gigs as a platform to attack the mayor.

I voted for him in the last election, and will probably vote for him again. I would miss the comedic fodder if he wasn't in the mayor chair.

Speaking of civic politics...I'm no expert on urban planning...but why on Earth would you want to build a giant recreational facility with two schools on the extreme outskirts of town? Isn't it important to build these things near your downtown?

I don't blog as much as I used to because the world has twitter. Visit the link on the left to follow me.

I'm sure everyone in attendance got their picture taken with Joe Sakic during his Bronco Hall of Fame induction. I somehow came into possession of his game worn Bronco jersey years ago (long story). It was nice to get it signed and get that pic taken.

Joe is a very nice and classy fellow. He signed everything that everyone put in front of him that night. Even numerous 8 x 10's and jerseys that were fresh out of the plastic package were autographed by Sakic. Some memorabilia sellers made a small fortune off Joe that night. Lots of young hockey fans also got memories and pics with Joe that will bring smiles for a lifetime.

My two favorite NHL players have always been Joe Sakic and Theo Fleury. It was a pleasure to work with both of them this summer. Breakfast with Theo, two months later supper with Joe. Whenever I feel bad about my radio pay cheque, I think of all the perks over the years.

What's that saying? "What would the boy you were think of the man you are?" I got to rub elbows with Sakic and Fleury as an adult... that would be really cool to a kid growing up in Swift Current in 1988.

Sorry for that PAINFULLY self serving last couple paragraphs.

If you missed out on the chance to visit the Clearwater Drive In this summer, make an effort to go there next year. Good recent movies and, quite possibly, the world's best theatre popcorn. Harry Potter 7 part 2 with the kids tonight.

Good luck with back to school shopping!


Sunday, August 07, 2011

Swift Current Indians Wrap Up

Every August I find myself at my laptop preparing a new blog entry about the WMBL and Swift Current Indians Baseball.

Last year after a tribe win, I made light of the WMBL trophy being nowhere to be found. Lost in a broom closet in Okotoks somewhere after a Dawg 3-peat in years prior.

Two years ago was my "Co-Champs = no champs" post, where I touched on the greed of certain parties in the league stretching league resources thin to make a profit.

This year, I have been encouraged to share thoughts on the league's new player eligibility rules and the bizarre playoff seeding that saw Swift Current lose in round 1. They were seeded against one of the top teams in the league in a series that saw The Tribe without home field advantage.


I like the new eligibility rules.

"Members of the Canada-based Western Major Baseball League have voted to raise their game in the competitive world of summer collegiate baseball by adopting roster rules more in line with the premier leagues in the states. While not quite as strict, beginning in 2012, WMBL team rosters will be limited to players who have remaining college eligibility, college seniors who just completed their fourth and final college season, and a maximum of three Canadian players who are one year removed from college."

Long story short, players will not be able to play in the league into their 30's anymore. Yes, this removes Conrad Funk and past legends like Kelly Horaska from the equation...but honestly, Conrad has a baby on the way and probably wasn't going to play next year anyway. Conrad and Horse aren't the norm. We don't see those types every year.

Joe Carnahan will adjust his recruiting accordingly, and the Swift Current Indians will be fine. These new recruiting rules will give the league better credibility and attract better players to the prairies every summer.

The cost of importing players will go up. Hopefully the upgrades in skill will help fill seats around the league.

...and the playoff format? The Swift Current Indians have won three championships with that format. I agree they got screwed this year, but I'm not gonna call the league "bush league" and demand change. I'm sure things will be reviewed.

What people need to realize is the quality of baseball is going up every year. Since I've started calling games, there has been a steady rise in the talent level of the players. This year I enjoyed a few games with 2006 Indians alumni John deVisser. He marveled at how much the league has improved in just five years.

The WMBL is growing, and there will be growing pains...but if you love baseball and spend a good chunk of your summer nights at the nearest WMBL won't be disappointed.


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday Brain Dump

A couple random meandering thoughts...

I always thought teachers didn't care about money.

As I blog this The Saskatchewan Teachers Federation and the Provincial Government are embroiled in a conflict over $$$.

My mom was an STF councillor back in the day. I grew up around teachers. If there is any job in the world that deserves better pay, it's being a teacher.

...but the STF is not winning the PR war. Opinions on teachers are dropping faster than my average in grade 11. I don't like it, but I have yet to talk to anyone, who isn't a teacher, who thinks they're doing the right thing with their job action.

I do hope this ends with teachers getting some sort of a raise. Mom was the first teacher at Irwin School every morning and the last one to leave...usually around 5pm. I've never seen Disneyworld.

(pictured; my fro and Theo Fleury)

Swift Current has been good to me. I've been able to MC events featuring some amazing speakers. Dennis Hull, Walter Gretzky, Sam Richardson, Jason Clermont, Chris Szarka, Danny Barret, Gord Miller and Pierre McGuire and Scott Schultz come to mind.

If you ask me which one I felt was the best...Theo Fleury now goes to the top of the list. Dennis Hull is the best speaker of the bunch, but Theo Fleury has the best speech.

...and I liked Pierre McGuire and Gord Miller's presentation. They were in town a few years ago for a Midget AAA Legionnaires fundraiser. There is no sports announcer in Canada that gets haterized on the internet more than Pierre McGuire. He's a good guy...and I'm sure he loves the attention. Good, bad or otherwise.

By the time you read this, it is likely that an announcement has been made that The Atlanta Thrashers are moving to Winnipeg. I'm sure a team based out of Winnipeg will have HUGE fan support in Manitoba...but calling the team anything other than 'The Winnipeg Jets' seems like an early fail. Some think the team should have "Manitoba" in the name to capture province wide marketing magic similar to The Saskatchewan Roughriders. That doesn't have to happen in Manitoba. I lived in Brandon for two years. Winnipeg is far and away the biggest center in Manitoba. People resepct Winnipeg. Manitoba doesn't have the Dog River/Wollerton type rivalries that the 306 has. Winnipeg Jets...make it happen.

Congrats to local tattooed jacked man Trevor Koot for capturing the Provincial Bodybuilding title in Lloydminster last weekend. A lot of hard work, chicken breast and tuna went into that physique.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

RIP Macho Man

I used to love wrestling. Randy "Macho Man" Savage was a big reason for that. Randy Savage was the perfect wrestler. He could do it all. He was a GREAT athlete. His matches were memorable and exciting. His top rope elbow was just one of the daredevil moves he used on a regular basis that were ahead of their time. When wrestlers were jacked up bodybuilders pretending to punch and kick each other, Randy Savage took it to the next level.

Outside the ring his interviews were legendary. Back before "If you smell what the Rock is cooking" and "That's the bottom line 'cause Stone Cold said so", Savage had kids everywhere saying "OOOOOH Yeah" and "Dig it!" in raspy voices.

...and who else had the range to be both a conniving villian and white hat wearing hero the way Savage did? If he wasn't using sneak attacks to injure "the good guys" or hiding behind Miss Elizabeth, he was Hulk Hogan's courageous wingman.

We could always overlook the bad things Randy Savage did, because we wanted to love him.

So often in life, we look for reasons to dislike people. We point out faults and quietly celebrate other's shortcomings and mistakes. We always rooted for the Macho Man...even if we weren't supposed to.

This is my favorite Macho Moment. This was a Career vs. Career match from Wrestlemania 7. The Ultimate Warrior vs. Savage. The loser was forced to "retire". Randy Savage began the match as the "bad guy". Up until this point in the match, the story was that the Warrior had thrown everything he had at Savage, but couldn't successfully put him away...

WWE Wrestlemania 7 - Randy Savage vs... by Joe81425


Friday, May 20, 2011

End of the World?

There is a man in California claming that world will end tonight (Friday) at midnight. I'm not sure if that is Mountain or Pacific time.

Most people are writing this man's prophecy off. Saying he is a "religious quack".

I'm one of those people. But let's pretend for a second he's right. What if this is our last day?

This is my blog. In case the apocalypse is here...

-To my friends that have moved away. I wish I would've come to visit you more often than I did. You're truly not that far away. If we survive tomorrow, expect company.

-To the people I see everyday at work...Thanks for the ways you have cheered me up. I hope I've done the same for you. Teasing me, showing me the latest viral video, going for subs at Subway, laughing at my unfunny jokes, telling me your personal stories and letting me share mine with you made each day great. Thank you.

-To people I'm not on speaking terms with. I spent part of each day wishing our situation was different. I could've been more understanding. I know you don't understand some of the choices I've made. Some I honestly regret. Our falling out has made me cherish the relationships I still it has made me a better person. I hope, if we make it through tomorrow, things can be like they were.

-To my friends. Everytime my blackberry lit up with a message from you, part of me smiled. We had some great talks, got each other through some tough times, made some memories that are best kept secret (good thing the world is ending before some of those stories came to light). I loved it when we were together, spoke fondly of you to everyone and only gave you shit because I cared about you.

-To my critics and anonymous bashers. Thank you. You may not have ever given your name, but you were honest and provided me with counter points when I needed them. You helped me see the big picture. I learned from you, and you thickened my skin when I needed it.

-to the people who listen to me on the radio. Thanks. Walking into a grocery store and hearing someone quote back to me something I said on the radio never got old. There were times when I could've used the airwaves to do more for the community or to better entertain you. Sometimes I "mailed it in" and didn't do as good as I could've. You deserved better. If we survive, I'll try to better entertain you...and probably do something dumb to cause me to get fired.

-To my family, my Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins. I should've been in more family pictures. When Mom passed away in 98, I promised myself I'd visit more often. That didn't happen...and the reasons I didn't visit, in retrospect, weren't worth it. If the world doesn't end...see you at Whitney's grad next month!

-To the people of Swift Current. Most of you are indifferent to me, some of you like me, some of you hate me and a very small % of you love me. I love this city. If the world ends, I'm glad this spot on the map will be my eternal resting place and I'm glad I'll be among you. This is a great city which I was always proud to represent.

-to my ex wife. We made some great kids. Between all of our faults and good parts, we're lucky they got the combination they did. If this is the end, they made their mark and it was a good one.

-To Christina, if this is Amrageddon, you made my last days awesome. It's cliche, but we were taking on the world and I think we were winning at the end. If there is an afterlife, I really hope you're part of it.

-To Ethan and Eliza, It's my night with you tonight. If the world ends, it will end happily for me.


Friday, April 29, 2011

Finally Friday!

Nice to see the mighty blog gaining back some readers. I abandoned ship from the blogosphere a few months ago, but I'm happy to get back at it on a semi regular basis.

...and I'm sure your life was empty without my musings.

It's an exciting weekend around my house. The history making Cody Snyder Professional Bull Riding Invitational PBR event is stomping into Swift Current at the end of May. It was just confirmed today that I'll be hosting the pre-show at the sold out Credit Union i-Plex.

I'm in talks to host the local Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence ceremony at the end of May as well. I'll need wranglers and a new suit.

...and once again I'll be hosting the Swift Current Bronco Hall of Fame Ceremony. Discuss amongst yourselves the potential inductees. An announcement should be made next week on who will be going into the hall. Today, Bronco play by play guy Shawn Mullin and I got the 411 as to who is going in.

I think the event will be well attended.

It hailed today in Swift Current. About 2 minutes of pea-sized action.

Great job by the local EMS crew to save a local man. If the creek water doesn't recede, a jet propelled boat may be needed to save locals.

There was some great discussion on the above video on my facebook page. Click the link on the right to friend me and check it out.

I have to run. My kids are spending their first full weekend at my house since I separated from my wife two and a half years ago. We're trying to get trampolining in between hail storms.

Have a good weekend!


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Some Randomness

A blog update? Why not?

We are only a few weeks away from the start of Swift Current Indians baseball at Mitchell Field. The WMBL season throws it's first pitch the last week in May. I know the Tribe is looking for billet families for the upcoming season. If you can house an Indian, call Laurie at 741-6773.

Have you heard the WMBL is altering it's player eligibility rules after this season? I'm not fully informed as to what exactly the rules are, but on the surface it appears the WMBL will switch to strictly a summer collegiate league and only allow players actively playing college or university ball.

This is from ballparkbiz It describes the rules.

"Members of the Canada-based Western Major Baseball League have voted to raise their game in the competitive world of summer collegiate baseball by adopting roster rules more in line with the premier leagues in the states. While not quite as strict, beginning in 2012, WMBL team rosters will be limited to players who have remaining college eligibility, college seniors who just completed their fourth and final college season, and a maximum of three Canadian players who are one year removed from college."

I like the idea of having strict rules for eligibility and making a more uniform league, but this marks the end of an era for the Swift Current Indians. Gone will be the days of mainstays like Conrad Funk and Kelly Horaska having 15 year careers. This rules affects the Swift Current Indians more than any other team...but I have little doubt Swift Current Indians bench boss, and WMBL coach of the year, Joe Carnahan will adapt.

I do find it an odd coincidence that these rules came into play right after the Swift Current Indians won another league title. I'm sure those happenings aren't related.

I'm sure I'll get a text or e-mail about those last two sentences. I'll post it here when it happens.

In 2013 the league will also expand to Cranbrook, BC. The drive to Cranbrook will be very taxing on small market teams, but the trip will be worth it. They'll have a first class ball park. Cranbrook is one of my favorite western Canadian cities. I hope I get to broadcast games from there.

The Eagle 94.1 is working on bringing Swift Current Indians baseball back to the FM airwaves. New Bronco voice Shawn Mullin and I both interested in calling the action. If everything falls into place, we'll take turns calling Tribe games this season. As of right now, I call dibs on all broadcasts against arch rivals Regina and Okotoks. Mullin can have the 9am Sunday bus rides to Melville.

I will close this portion of the blog by saying that new recruitment rules, and expanded schedule and travel costs are making it VERY tough for a team to make a "go" of it. Let's hope the ball park is packed this season.

Former NHLer Trent McCleary and current NHLer Travis Moen have lent their charity golf tournament to the Swift Current Indians. I'll blog more about this as I get information on it.

The Chilliwack Bruins are on the move to Victoria. The options for names of the new franchise include the Dragons, the Royals and the Capitals.

I tried to e-mail Swift Current homeboy and coach and GM of the Bruins, Marc Habscheid. Check out what happens when you visit

It's like they never happened...

While I haven't updated this blog much, I have been spending lots of time on facebook. As any blogger will tell you, anonymous comments can be demoralizing. On facebook and twitter, no one can take nameless potshots. Personally, I love getting comments negative and positive. I'll tell you why.

I read a great quote. "people say it's not what you know, it's who you know but that isn't the case's who knows you".

For any bloggers getting slammed with negative comments...don't worry. It's better to be read and hated than not read at all.

My twitter and facebook links are on the right side of the page. Friend and follow if you dare...

This weekend, I'm off to Billings. I won't spend too much $$$ because I believe in shopping local.

Last night I made a trip to Abbey School. I spoke on the subject of reading and writing. The local retired english teacher said she liked my speech. That's as good a compliment a speaker can get. I love visiting small town schools. I know change is inevitable, but hopefully not too many more are forced to close.

Do radio people sign autographs? I don't get asked often, but I signed a few last night.

If anyone got any pics of the event, can you e-mail them to

Have a good long weekend! Off to Billings I go!


Thursday, April 07, 2011

Monday, January 31, 2011

Swift Current Pet Adoption

In the month of February, people who adopt pets throught the Swift Current SPCA will get a free microchip for their pet. 

The tiny chip is injected into the pet and enters it into a national database with the owners contact info.

The City of Calgary implemented this project and the number of animals that needed to be euthanized due to over-crowding at their shelters dropped drastically.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

An explanation for why my blog hasn't been updated in the last month.

I've been launching another home based business. has been fun and given me a taste of entrepreneurship. Now I'm adding a new desk to my home office.

It's a business that helps people market their products and services through social media, google, blogs and youtube. I'll end the shameless self promotion here and encourage you to check out the video below.