Friday, June 24, 2016

You Only Get One Chance to Say Goodbye

Mark Lamb is leaving the Swift Current Broncos for a gig in Arizona. That news was broken by a blogger in Arizona, jumped on by media everywhere and a news conference was called to address the local media in Swift Current. The Board of Directors would make a speech and Mark Lamb would have the chance to comment and say goodbye.

Mark Lamb worked for the Broncos for 7 years. That's around 2500 days. I worked with Mark through the media and then as his communications guy. In those 2500 days, Mark never took a day off. NEVER. He did something for the Bronco franchise every day for 2500 days. One can debate Mark's win/loss record as Bronco Coach and GM, but to say he did the best he could with what he was given is a HUGE understatement. That's another blog entry for another time.

Mark's comments were emotional. He fought back tears, particularly on the subject of the Broncos trainer Jamie 'Butter' LeBlanc. 'Everything's Better with Butter', this news conference no different.

What struck a chord was how Mark chose to end his conference. His final message to fans in Swift. Here is the final segment of Mark's speech.

You only get one chance to say goodbye. After seven years, that is what Mark Lamb chose to say as a parting message. Mark saw the effects of the criticisms of the Internet GMs and coaches of the world. It's too bad the keyboard know-alls of the world never really see the damage they do.

Full Disclosure: I am no longer the communications guy for the Broncos, but still working with the team on a seasonal basis with video production, website and app content creation...which I am very happy with.

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