Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Happy New Year!

Some random thoughts as we begin 2013...because readers enjoy randoms.

-As 2012 passes, I am grateful for friends, family and an erroneous Mayan Calendar.

-The Swift Current Broncos are hosting a Fan Bus.  It'll hit Edmonton on February 1st and Saskatoon February 2nd.  While I can't make the trip this time, I can say these trips are amazing!  Win or lose, hit the booze!

Call 773-1509 to sign up.  Register by January 12th.

-The Broncos are an entertaining team to watch.  Sometimes they win, sometimes they lose, but you always leave the rink talking about something cool that happened.  As of this moment, there is NO player in the CHL more fun to watch than Adam Lowry.  No there isn't!

-Southwest Saskatchewan's Pig Spleen Weather forecaster has been making the media rounds.  It looks like a wet 2013 is in store for us according to Jeff Woodward from Tompkins.

-A bizzarre news story from this past weekend.  A car is stolen in Calgary.  RCMP find the vehicle and attempt to pull over the perp along Highway 32 just northwest of Swift Current.  A high speed chase ensues.  The perp flees the vehicle on foot in Abbey (an hour NW of Swift Current).  RCMP use search dogs, search Abbey and find nothing.  Then, the RCMP decline to comment or release any further info.

Is there a car stealing fugitive on the loose?  I respect the work of the officers of the RCMP.  They put their lives on the line every day.  I sometimes wish I could wind back the clock and become an officer.  Their communications people may want to attend a seminar on 21st century communications...or look at bringing in a consultant.  :)

-Back to WHL hockey.  There is no rink in the league more inhospitable to visiting fans than The Medicine Hat Arena.  Not even Regina when the Broncos/Pats rivalry was heated.  I still enjoyed the atmosphere and a spirited tilt between the Broncos and Tigers this past weekend.  Some fans respect a good rivalry.  Med Hat just seems to have a lot people of judge you and dislike you based on what hockey team you support.  I have yet to attend a game at the Arena and NOT have some sort of run in with a "fan".

-What was the top news story in Swift Current for 2012?  Integrated facility?  Mayor Schafer winning the Mayor race by acclamation?  The Broncos miss the playoffs, but make a profit? From what I can see, pedestrian fatalities along Highway #1 generated the most discussion on Social Media.

-Wal Mart and Elmwood Grocery.  One is a giant Mega-store Mega-chain.  The other is a Ma and Pop corner store under 2,000 square feet on Chaplin Street in Swift Current.  One of them has two cashiers on staff during busy hours...the other seemingly never has more than one.

That's all for now.  If you're on Twitter, shoot me a Follow and I'll follow you back.