Wednesday, December 08, 2010

An Update

Three and a half months since there's been any activity on this blog. I can't promise to be hammering off daily updates, but there will be some action on here. Thanks to all the bloggers who have kept me on their blog roll.


-I'll probably do another 'year in review' type deal where I break down the top news stories of 2010 for Swift Current and area. Top news story of the year in Swift Current? Riders? Non resident user fees? Swift Current Indians WMBL Championship? Women's Curling? What do you think?

-It's nice to be doing color commentary on The Swift Current Broncos Broadcasts again. As of now, I'm probably on 2 out of every 3 home games and haven't done a road game yet. I'm hoping to do more in 2011.

-People often ask me 'what is the new Broncos play by play guy like'? Shawn Mullin is very intelligent, very level headed, likes Heineken, KFC and legitimately appears to be becoming a Rider fan. He's from Ottawa that may change soon.

-I'm also asked VERY frequently...'how is Jon Keen doing'? Very good. Life in BC hasn't made him soft yet. Jon is the type of media personality that makes everyone around him better. People who work with Jon and other Kamloops media have likely upped their game since he arrived.

Anyone have any idea who the driver of that van is? Golden West Radio receptionist Shandra Ward snapped that pic in downtown Swift Current. A beat up van with a statue of a nude woman on top. Friends of yours?

-Cardboard recycling, snowy streets and non resident user fees have made 2010 a somewhat stressful year for Swift Current Mayor Jerrod Schafer. If Jerrod runs for Mayor of Swift Current in 2011, he'll still get a lot. I don't think there is anyone in Swift Current that could run against Jerrod and even come close to winning an election against him.

or is there???

-It seems so long ago that the 2010 World Women's Curling Championship was in Swift Current. Did anyone in town benefit more than Mayor Jerrod Schafer? His worship met his girlfriend Kelly Wood there. She was the 3rd for team Scotland. I'd love to hear the story about how they got together.

Is the mayor of Swift Current's relationship status worthy of media attention? I think it is. People love to gossip about relationships, my duty is to reflect what people in Swift Current are talking about.

Or should I just shut up about that kind of stuff and plug the bake sale at the church this weekend...again?

-I'm happy that Tim Tisdale is involved with the Swift Current Legionnaires program again...but was Swift Current Minor Hockey's "hostile takeover" of the local midget AAA hockey team cool? Something seems wrong with Larry Johnson on the outside looking in with regards to "The Legion". Larry has been a huge, positive part of Swift Current for years. Feel free to leave a comment on the issue, but some other blogs in town have already hammered this topic. Shawn Mullin's new blog has the facts and arguments here. Scroll down to the Larry Johnson part of things.

-Sometimes I really miss the days of Jon Keen and myself loading up the station vehicle to drive to Wilcox, Saskatchewan in a blizzard to broadcast Legionnaire hockey over a telephone line. Those stories will make great fodder for sportsman dinners someday...if anyone will have us.

Thanks for spending some time here today. If you agree/disagree or have thoughts with anything you read, please leave a comment.