Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Who are These People?

It looks like the fun thing to do at the Keith's Patch was pretend to be Golden West Radio broadcasters...

The joke's on us for leaving our gear accessible to people full of booze.

I still have 20 days of holidays to use this year. If any of you would like to cover for me... :)



For 'On Air' Types...

In 2010, one of the biggest pet peeves for many broadcasters is the excessive amounts of times they are required to make plugs to sponsors. It's extra cash for the station or broadcast company, but the announcer seldom sees any extra gravy. You hear it on every sports broadcast and radio morning show.

I did enjoy listening to Vic Rauter forcibly pimp 'Cashmere Toilet Paper' during the World Women's Curling championship. I wonder what his reaction was when he saw that script for the first time?

If the national voice of curling has to tell the nation of the soft feel of cashmere, it makes me feel better about selling my soul a dozen times a day.



Monday, March 29, 2010

Coming to Swift Current this summer...

Montreal Canadiens forward, and Swift Current offseason resident, Travis Moen will be the most bad ass looking guy in a cowboy hat at the Frontier Days Saloon.

Moen took a stray skate to the face earlier this week. It does take the eye away from his sad attempt at a playoff beard.

Just sayin' Trapper.



It Sure is Monday

I know I'm getting old. Wrestlemania was yesterday, and not only was I not aware of that, but I spent the afternoon watching women's curling. Wow.

I spent Saturday in the park with my daughter. Kids were playing. There were two boys running around. One had a mullet, one was wearing a Habs jersey. Which kid has worse parents?

Here's some pics from the Bronco's "home games" in Regina:

In this surreal moment, Charlie Horse fires up the Brandt Center crowd.

The Broncos, in Regina, salute the fans that made the trip. A couple hundred fans gave the Broncos at standing ovation after a gutsy 3-2 OT loss to Brandon to end the season.

Manitoba, leading the country in humidity and perogie consumption...but trailing in literacy.

For my US readers. Yes, Saskatchewan has a town called Indian Head.

Indian Head in the rearview mirror

Pics from the i-Plex

At the Patch, Larry, Swift Current's most feared security guard, keeps me in check with the Flashlight of Doom!

I'm sure the disappearance fo the Danish flag Friday night has an interesting story behind it...

Myself, Leah and Rri from Living Sky Casino rock some sexy head gear.

A fuzzy Blackberry pic of Innovation Credit Union's Pat Rokochy, and 19 year old Scottish curling phenom Eve Muirhead at a post tournament get together. Eve's two tone hair makes her recognizable in this dark, blurry pic.



Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pictured above; myself and the rat with my name on it a fan threw on the ice during a late season Broncos/Pats game. Jon Keen also got the rat treatment.

Back in Swift Current

I did my best to chronicle the Broncos/Wheat Kings action on Twitter. If you follow me, check out my page. If not you can follow me here. I took LOTS of pics of the action on and off the ice. Enjoy the experience as you nurse your World Women's Curling Championship Patch hangover.

I opened up a can of 'haul ass' on the way home lastnight. Back in Swift just after midnight, on the air on Magic 97 right now. Coffee fueled small market radio. Enjoy.



Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hello from Regina

A quick update from the lobby of the Regina Inn. Tonight is game number four in the Broncos/Wheat Kings series. With the Wheat Kings up 3-0 in the series and the game being played more than two hours away from fans of either of the teams...if could be a quiet end to the Broncos season.

'Win or lose, hit the booze' I'll be hurrying home to Swift Current for tomorrow's Magic 97 morning show...and the Tom Foolery of the Keith's Patch at the Credit Union i-Plex.

I'll be updating the twitter feed often. Check if out on the right. If you have twitter on your blackberry or i-phone, follow me for game updates tonite of you're away from your radio. If you're lighting it up in the patch tonite, don't worry I'll keep you informed in short concise sentences.



Monday, March 22, 2010


The Girls who curl are in Swift Current! The 2010 Ford World Women's Curling Championships have turned the city upside down. Watch Team Canada on TSN...and hear Vic Rauter say "Swift Current" in a voice that suggests he has NO IDEA where on God's green Earth he is...

Thanks to Living Sky Casino GM, Lionel Tootoosis for these pics.



Thursday, March 18, 2010

2 Days Until Curling History is Made in Swift Current

Pictured above in crude 'self taken' blackberry photo; Ryan Switzer, his mustache and Team Canada Skip Jennifer Jones

See you in The Keith's Patch!



Roadie to Regina

It looks like a done deal. I'll be joining Jon Keen in the broadcast booth for the Swift Current Broncos "home games" in the 2010 WHL playoffs in Regina. The full time color gig still belongs to Tim Tisdale, but he's not available for round 1.

This is awesome. WHL playoff hockey is amazing to watch. To be able to help broadcast it will likely be the highlight of my broadcast year.

The Bronco "home games" in Regina are a part of Swift Current's history. Regardless of the outcome of the hockey games, this will be a unique bit of Bronco folklore and I'm honored to be a small part of it.

The last time I rode shotgun with Jon Keen in Regina, it was a memorable game 5 upset for the Broncos in the 2008 playoffs. That was the night Bronco fans hijacked the Brandt Center crowd to cheer the team on to victory. Swift Current fans will likely bring that enthusiasm back to the Queen City and hopefully make some friends with the hockey saavy Pat's fans.

In a press release yesterday, Swift Current Mayor Jerrod Schafer publicly thanked Regina mayor Pat Fiacco and the Regina Pats for a 'home away from home' close to Swift Current.

I echo that.

This is great for Swift Current fans. with all due respect to Lethbridge and PA, this is the best choice for Bronco fans. It's the closest, most of us know our way around Regina, and we can stock up on Rider gear between games. If anyone has a spare Teubert jersey, I'd gladly wear it Tuesday and Wednesday.

Back to the Morning Show...more later.



Friday, March 12, 2010

Finally Friday! Regina Bound!

Lets throw some thoughts at the keyboard and see what sticks...

The Swift Current Broncos home away from home for the 2010 WHL playoffs will be the Brandt Center in Regina. The Broncos are getting the boot from the Credit Union i-Plex for the 2010 Ford World Women's Curling Championships. While sexy sweepers take to the ice in Swift...I predict a VERY pro Bronco crowd in Regina.

Why? Am I nuts? What about the Regina/Swift Current rivalry?

Regina will embrace the Broncos because of the team Swift Current has...and the opposition. Regardless of the opponent being Brandon, Calgary or Saskatoon it is a neutral sight game. When people don't have an emotional or financial investment in a team...they will instinctively cheer for the underdog. It's hard wired. We can't help it. Swift will be the underdog. I team that barely made the playoffs that got the boot from it's own rink.

People also root against the villian. Saskatoon has a team full of "love to hate players". Calgary is the league powerhouse...The annoying neighbour with the nice house, the new boat and the perfect children. The Broncos are the small town team just trying to get some extra playoff revenue for some new toys for the dressing room. People relate to that. That match up would turn into a Sask vs. Alberta match up...and Regina people are passionate for all things Saskatchewan.

and if it's Brandon...

The second Kelly McCrimmon tries to bend the ear of the officials and sway things in favor of the Wheat Kings...the sports saavy Regina crowd will turn on him and the Wheat Kings in a heartbeat. Mark Lamb is the hard working coach that talks to his players, not the stripes.

...and Cody Eakin is the kind of hockey player fans love to cheer.

Some people in Regina may say they're pulling for "anyone but Swift Current". By the time the series hits the Brandt Center...I bet you some Brandt Ceter mini donuts they have a change of heart. The Broncos have grown on Swift Current over the last 24 years...they'll grow on Regina too.



Tuesday, March 02, 2010

18 Days Til The 2010 Ford World Women's Curling Championship in Swift Current

The Olympics were very successful for our Canadian curlers...and with only a few weeks until the 2010 World Womens in Swift Current...a curling vid. No explanation needed.


Campaigning Fail

Did you watch the Men's Ice Hockey Gold Medal game on Sunday?

Of course you did. 16 million Canadians watched it.

Did you see federeal NDP Leader Jack Layton mugging for the camera at Wayne Gretzky's in Toronto?

Everyone's favortie mustachioed, socialist leader in the house of commons saw a great opportunity to get some face time on our nation's biggest sports broadcast ever.

...and he wasn't thrilled when a legit hockey fan got between him and the camera during the celebrations. Check out the video below. Bottom of the screen at :14, see Jack move a young lady's arm out of the way so he can get some nation wide CTV love. The awkward glance she gave him as he posed was pretty funny.

Jack Layton Wants To Make Sure You See Him Celebrating That Goal! from Torontoist on Vimeo.



Monday, March 01, 2010

Separated at Birth?

I know there is another blog that is known for the "separated at birth thing. This one was haunting me all afternoon yesterday until I put it together.

San Jose Sharks Captain/Olympic Gold Medal Winner/Pride of Aneroid Patrick Marleau.


CTV Weather forecasting troubador/Pride of Wolseley JC Garden.

photo courtesy CTV