Sunday, February 21, 2010


Thanks to Golden West radio news hound Colin Powers for pointing this video out.

This is perhaps the best description of the Canada/US relationship I've ever seen. This comes from American journalist Tom Brokaw. He hits it all. Accurate and unbiased.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

White Out In Swift

Fog, freezing drizzle and temperatures around zero degrees have given Swift Current a frozen over "Day After Tomorrow" type of look.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Field of Dreams This Saturday/Cannon Fodder For Speakers

This Saturday night in Swift Current, Rider running back Wes Cates and NHL legend Gerry Cheevers will hopefully find their way through the fog to the Legion. It's the annual Field of Dreams Fundraising Dinner for the Swift Current Indians WMBL team.

Yesterday, my good friend Cory, who has been to many of these dinners, remarked how I've been abused verbally by guest speakers over the years. After I introduce the speakers, a quick jab at me tends to follow. I'm going on memories for these so it may not be exact. Some of the highlights include...

Rider Receiver Matt Dominguez: (whispering in my ear just after the introduction) "Go back and do it again...this time introduce me as a 2007 Grey Cup Champion".

Former Leader Post Editor Bob Hughes: "Thank you very much Ryan...(pause)...for sitting down and shutting up.

Rider Fullback Chris Szarka, after I made a joke about his saw accident: "It's great coming to a community and meeting great people and having a great time...but someone always ruins that...and in Swift Current that always seems to be Ryan. (showing a fist with his grey cup ring) Yeah Ryan, I got all ten fingers and I'll use them to put 2007 Grey Cup Champions on your forehead."

NHL Legend Dennis Hull: "Thank you very much...whoever you are! I always love coming to a place like Swift Current and getting introduced by a total nobody."

NHL Penalty Minute King Dave "Tiger" Williams: "I can't believe I come home to Swift Current and I get introduced by some guy with an earring. Every town has a queer".

I have since not worn any piercings.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday Brain Dump

Finally an update! Life has been busy...and without my valuable crackberry, keeping up to date in the over communicated world has been tough.

But you come to this blog to be entertained...and not for excuses!

Family Day Disaster!

An elderly woman drove into Pharmasave on Monday. I'm guessing she wasn't texting and driving...but you never know. Thanks to Swift Current Online for the photo. Personally, I would have tried to get closer than 100 yards away to take the picture...but that's just me.

Family the Casino???

Friday night I was honored to MC a show for the Swift Current Allied Arts Council's Koncerts for Kids program. It was Magical Moments in Time, with illusionist Ted Outerbridge and his wife/assistant Marion.

Marion's costume choices pushed the "family show" boundaries. They're from Quebec...that's how they roll.

I was talking to Ted and Marion backstage and they were confused by the idea of a family show at a casino. The Living Sky Casino staff did an awesome job of separating the kids from the black jack tables.

Speaking of the casino...

The Sky Center continues to be my home away from home. This Sunday, Lasting Impressions Photography is hosting a wedding show. Doors open at 1. You getting married in 2010? You can get advance tickets at The Glass Slipper Spa, Body Fit and the Lasting Impressions studio.

...and yes, I do see a hint of irony in a guy who is going through a separation hosting a wedding show.

In a 24 hour span this weekend, I will have MC'd a sportsman's dinner and a wedding show. This Saturday is the night Rider running back Wes Cates and Boston Bruins legend Gerry Cheevers are in town for the annual Swift Current Indians fundraising dinner. This is ALWAYS a fun event. Get tickets from your favorite Swift Current Indians board member.

Photo from South West TV News

I did not MC any pow-wow related events this past weekend though. Maybe next year. How did Swift Current's first Pow Wow go? I heard 1000 people at the Stockade.

I hit the casino to gamble on Saturday night. It was my first time at the black jack table...ever. I owe a huge thanks to the dealer and others at the table for being patient with me. First time at the table...several drinks into the evening and I stayed on 8 and asked for hit on 19. The pony-tailed pit boss was itching to throw me out in the cold.

I prefer the tom boyish, Monday to Friday on TSN, non made up Jennifer Hedger to the big haired, too much foundation, dress wearing version covering the Olympic Games. I bet she doesn't know how to walk in heels.

I think the Olympic coverage has been spectacular. TSN and sportsnet working together??? Incredible. This is Canadian television at it's finest.


Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Tuesday Brain Dump

-My facebook status today:

Groundhog day in Swift Current; If a rat sees his shadow, you have to wait six more weeks to get your street plowed. HIYO! It's 6:20!

...and that triggered a variety of comments.

The guys on the snow removal crews have worked hard the last few weeks. They deserve big props. One can argue their priorities and what streets they have plowed vs. what they haven't...but the fact is they have put in some long days and deserve some props.

Yes, we're all going to need a spring wheel alignment...but that is hardly unique to 2010 and our current decision makers.

Try spending a winter in Manitoba. The snow we had last week...they get once every two weeks and the province grinds to a halt when it happens.

We have it good.

I'm just a radio morning guy with a lot of bills, a little disposable income and the need to find humour people can relate to. Don't take what I say too seriously.

-This Friday at the legendary Lyric Theatre an event honoring Swift Current's Five Most Fascinating People is going down. I'll post more details on the event tomorrow. I'm happily hosting the event. For a preview of the fascinating five, click here.

-I have been without a Blackberry for three weeks. I've been told 6-8 weeks for repairs. I've heard horror stories about people waiting for Mr. Balsillie's people to fix theirs for up to five months. That's not it?

-Look at this. You could land a 747 in that parking spot:

The City of Swift Current now has TWO bylaw enforecment officers. Two men in uniform handing out parking tickets. Parking spots in downtown Swift used to be hard to come by, but that pic shows some vacant spots during a busy time of day.

I haven't had a parking ticket in 2010. Knock on wood.


Monday, February 01, 2010

Lady Gaga...and a surprise guest

Kind of like a passing of the colorful, flamboyant torch.