Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Rider Pride on the Radio!

Thursday morning (tomorrow) Saskatchewan's Golden West Radio Stations are doing an auction for three tickets to the Grey Cup Game. All Golden West Stations in the 306 will coordinate their efforts with proceeds going to the Make a Wish Foundation. The trifecta of tickets is at Section F, Row 52..which I'm told is around the 55 yard line.

Bids start at 6am and stop at 8:45am sharp.

Highest bid at 8:45 gets the 3 tickets. In the event of identical bids they'll be given away using a random draw of the highest bidders.

Winning bid at broadcast at 9am.

This will be broadcast on Magic 97 in Swift Current, as well as
800 CHAB, Country 100 and Mix 103 in Moose Jaw, CJ1280 and Sun 102.3 FM in Estevan, AM1190 and Magic 103.5 in Weyburn, CJYM 1330, CFYM 1210, and Mix 104.9 FM in Rosetown/Kindersley as well as The Mighty Eagle 94.1 in Swift Current. CKSW/CJSN will also be in on things too in Southwest Saskatchewan.

Call (306) 773-0971 tomorrow morning starting at six to get your bids in on Magic 97.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tuesday Garbage Day

Back in the blogosphere. Some random thoughts.

-Be cautious when updating your Facebook Status or Twitter with 'workout updates'. If you're constantly telling your friends and followers how much time you spend in the gym or on the treadmill..anything short of looking like 1980's Arnold Schwarzenegger or 1990's Linda Hamilton will be a disappointment to people when they see you in person. If you're busting your backside in the gym, let your new look speak for itself. Save your status updates for 'Go Riders' and 'Twilight was awesome!'

-While driving to work this morning at around 5am it was -1 degree, frost on windshields, yet someone was driving around the Southside by himself with his stereo churning out thumping bass with the window down.

Wasn't even smoking a cigarette. No reason to have the window down other than to show off the woofers. The new Akon/David Guetta song.

-The other night, Indecent Proposal was on a Movie Channel. I think every couple should watch that movie together...and have the inevitable discussion that comes with it. I wonder how many relationships have ended because of that movie?

Yes...I still have a girlfriend...we didn't argue...enough said.

-This is some audio from the Tuesday contest on Magic 97. On Tuesday's we play 5 in 10. Have a listen to Sue the librarian from Ashley Park School...



Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday, November Pictures

Some randoms I snapped while enjoying a day off...

The Downtown Christmas Tree stands on the corner of Chaplin Street and Central Avenue North...waiting to be lit. The annual Christmas Tree Lighting is this Thursday. People in attendance often include the Mayor, various choirs, radio station staff serving hot chocolate (I'll be there) and of course...SANTA!!!

There is snow on Elmwood Golf Course, Swift Current's primary tobaggan run, but sadly not enough for any crazy carpeting or GT snow racing.

Swift Current's Newest Business is open on the corner of Robert Street East and 6th NE. A & R stands next door to The Movie Gallery. Now you can rent the latest Johnny Depp movie and get all the fixings for a delicious Adobong Baboy in one stop!!!

City Crews work on the Memorial Park Christmas light display. In the next month, if you find yourself turning into a Grinch, a walk though this display will swell your heart three sizes at least.

It Sure is Monday...

Sore throat...headache, sore arms and shoulders from cowbell ringing, stiff knees from making the trip in a Sunfire, possible frost bite on the ears. (why wear a toque when I could show off the playoff Mohawk?)

One of the best Sundays in my life.

A few years ago on this blog, I wrote that I was all in favor of wiping Taylor Field/Mosaic stadium off the face of the Earth to build the Saskadome. My reasoning was that that Taylor field went decades without a playoff game, was the host of the first Grey Cup won by a US based team, and was associated with losing in general.

Would days like yesterday be as fun in a comfy dome?

While I still would love to see a Rider game in Regina in a climate controlled dome without wool socks...I can say that I'd honestly miss Taylor Field if it got the bull dozer. What a day. What a team.

Ken Miller makes old people and old school values seem hip. I hope his Grandkids think he's cool.

I'm off today. Recovering from yesterday. Sitting at my apartment, just home from a visit to Fabutan, with an Urban Ground coffee infused with Carolan's and listening to the best of Meat Loaf. I'm back on the air tomorrow.

Anyone who wants it can now get the H1N1 shot. All the details are here. Saturday at the Wheatland Mall, it was a slow day with vaccinations. Myself and Mayor Jerrod Schafer were at the Mall for the grand opening of the Salvation Army Miracle Room. We were offered the chance to get our shot, but both declined the chance to "jump the cue". The Cypress Health District has LOTS of the vaccine.'s a beautiful day out there. Time for a Chinook Pathway stroll.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Off to Regina...

With a pre-game stop at the Belle Plain bar for a pregame pop. That's what I'm being told anyway.

Updates coming on the Twitter Feed on the right.

Go Riders!


Friday, November 20, 2009

Rider Trash Talk on Magic Morning Show

My facebook wall was soiled by a Calgary area Radio personality...a call was in order.



Finally Friday!

Rider Playoff Mohawk...$20

Razor for "Movember Mustache"...$10

The look on my children's teacher's faces at Parent Teacher Interviews last night...Priceless.

Only parent with a mohawk. Nice impression. Probably bought my kids some sympathy points.

My kids both had great report cards. Tonight we'll celebrate with Chinese food. Their call. The novelty of the happy meal is wearing off I guess.

I'm not sure if I've even had Wong's Kitchen in 2009. Unacceptable for a Swift Current resident.

I will be in Regina for the game on Sunday. Text me, facebook me, tweet me if you'll be there. Hoping to get there in time for some pre-game practise field action.

The last time the Riders hosted the Western Final, I was four months away from being born. Once in a lifetime stuff!

Forecast for the game is Sunny and +5.

Off to the airwaves. More bloggery coming soon.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Downtown Survival Video

New to Swift Current? Visiting the place "Where Life Makes Sense" soon? Check out the video below for a key downtown Swift Current survival tip!



Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Olympic Torch Arrives January 10

Copy and Pasted from

Just two months from now, Swift Current will welcome the Olympic Torch on its journey to Vancouver.
A celebration is planned for Kinetic Exhibition Park the night of January 10th, which is the 73rd day of the 106-day relay.

Nicole Peno with City Recreation and Parks says it will be a great event, which will start at 4:00pm inside the Stockade Building with games and entertainment. The event will then move outdoors for more entertainment, and the lighting of the cauldron when the torch arrives.

Peno encourages everyone in southwest Saskatchewan to come out and celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the Olympic torch.

Blogger's Note: This is an awesome thing for Swift Current, and will be a part of our city's history! Having said it just me or does the Olympic Torch for this event look like something that should be passed around a Volkswagon van?

I know, I know, this is awesome for Swift Current to get the torch and our country to host this world wide event. Every time I see that torch, I have to wonder if it is someone's "Vangroovy" inside joke though?

Fire Burnin'

The smoldering remains of an abandoned house at the foot of Swift Current's Cutbanks. The blaze started last night at around 7pm. Mantastic firemen battled it til around 2am.

I'm sure the official cause will be 'kids with nothing better to do' but looking at this picture, it sure would make a nice place for a new house or condo...

Just saying. Creek side property is hot in Swift pun intended.


Monday, November 16, 2009

It Sure is Monday...

-I heard Swift Current's Greek Night was awesome. Thanks to everyone who offered me tickets at the last minute, but parenthood called. We had our own Greek Night in my apartment. We had paper plates, so the traditional plate smashing was really only anti climactic fluttering to the ground. Next year the real thing!

-I talked to Craig Cuthbert and Adam Ward over the weekend. They are two Swift Current hockey products who are lacing them up for the U of R Cougars. They would like everyone to know they are going well. You got my number, call me for a pop or two over Christmas boys!

-In the new year, talking and texting on hand held phones while driving will be illegal and will result in a $280 fine. I like to think of myself as a recovering crackberry addict. NOTHING bad has ever come from putting the thing on 'silent' for an hour or two. I didn't lose out on any money or anger anyone. I think the movie was 'Get Shorty' when John Travolta said "if you're important enough, people will wait for you".

Trust me, if you DON'T return every text instantly or fire back a facebook poke within 30 seconds, it makes you look 'mysterious'. If you return every message right away, it makes you look like you have nothing better to do.

If you know someone who actually gets fined $280 for using a mobile device while driving, it is your duty to remove them from your address book, de-friend them on facebook, remove their pin from your blackberry, never text them again and cease following them in twitter. Don't contribute to the problem.

-I haven't played music for a wedding dance in 11 years, but every few weeks I still have people asking if I provide that service. No. I wouldn't even know who to recommend anymore.

-2012 is playing at the Cinema Twin. Amazing special effects, lots of loud noises and crashes too. Paranormal Activity was playing next door, and I guarantee people watching the low budget, and at times very quiet, horror movie could hear the world ending next door.

If you liked the movie Independance Day, you'll love 2012. If you didn't like Independance Day, pass on 2012. Director Roland Emmerich, who did both, loves to destroy the White House in movies. Just LOVES it!

Time to prepare a morning show. Guests on the show today include organizers of the Ford 2010 World Womens Curling Championship. The event is in Swif Current this March. I'll have audio on this blog later today.


Friday, November 13, 2009

Finally Friday!

Friday the 13th!!! Tonight I will celebrate by watching a movie about the end of the world. 2012 is playing at the Cinema Twin. Movie date night! Dinner at the Akropol, a few drinks and a trip to the movie.

The kids get a Saturday night with Dad, and Sunday night it's the Broncos and Oil Kings.

I didn't update sooner today for, what I think, is a good reason. In the radio industry, and in many industries, we are encouraged to utilize social networks. Blogging, twittering, facebooking uploading videos on youtube are all things that people in 2009 will be judged on based on how well the utilize it to make money for their companies.

Today, I ended up having a very human conversation. It was with a friend, it was face to face, it was a chance to put away the laptop and the crackberry and connect with a buddy in the old school way. Just shooting the breeze. On my radio show, I didn't plug the blog, but I tried to do what all the radio greats I referenced earlier this week did. Connect with the audience on an emotional level.

Fear not...I will update this blog with all sorts of multimedia goodies in the near future. Witty facebook status updates and tweets will come your way shortly...but for now, I'm going to unplug.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Almost Friday

I was so proud of my son yesterday. My boy Ethan, in his Wolf Cub uniform, was a part of Remembrance Day activities at the Comp School. A quick call to Great Grandma in Lemberg followed.

It was a day of Remembrance. In Swift Current, the service was very well done. It's amazing how all the old schoolers that put the event together could do so without e-mail, blackberries or facebook groups. I suppose they've had a few years of practise.

Thousands of people died in World Wars, so that some could have the freedom to answer their LOUD cell phones in Remembrance Day services. What call is THAT important?

Yesterday was a nice break to the week. I did what everyone else in Swift Current does on a stat holiday. Went to Wal Mart.

Greek Night is this Saturday in Swift Current. That is an event I've never been to. I'd love to MC the night, but until I change my name to 'Switzapopolous' I don't think I'll get the call.

(one of Swift Current's many George Tsougrianises plays the bazouki at last year's event. Photo courtesy of George Tsougrianis at Southwest TV News)

A plate smashing, uzo shooting good time is promised at the Legion this Saturday. Each year this event raises thousands of dollars for local charities. Much of the new equipment in our regional hospital is there because of the dollars that come from Greek night. Say 'hi' to George Tsougrianis for me.

I really enjoyed yesterday's Bronco game. a 2-1 win over PA. This one went right down to the wire. Local product Andy Blanke got the winning goal. A clip of his post game interview can be found below. Thanks to Jon Keen...Eagle Sports for that one. I love being the public address announcer or riding shotgun with Keen on the Eagle broadcast...but sitting in section B and eating fries with vinegar is just fine too.



Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday Garbage Day

It was good to get back to the Training Zone yesterday. A busy month of October kept me out of the gym. It was nice...and quite painful getting back into the routine.

Hello to members of the staff of Stark and Marsh...who apparently enjoy reading the blog each day.

If you like this blog, tell a friend. If you hate it, tell someone you don't like.

44 shopping days until Christmas. 51 days to plan your new years partying.

This dog is still missing in Swift Current's Trail/Highland subdivision.

741-9710 if you see "Kolby".

Living in an apartment building has it's fun moments. Between Cheech and Chong living below me...and a girl who really likes her new boyfriend living upstairs, I'm getting to experience the kind of lifestyle I missed out on when I could've been going to college. 10:30pm and 3:30am. You can set a watch to it each night.

How are house prices in Swift Current these days? I'm no expert. Still a seller's market?

Yes...all I have is my grade 12. I was bit by the radio bug at age 17. My first on-air shift was December of 1994 at the old FM 94 building...which I believe is now a craft store???

I've learned a lot about broadcasting in that time. No one teaches people the art of broadcasting anymore. The only advice jocks get these days is "keep it tight". Thanks to Al Stevens, Grant Schutte, Jim Jackson, Maz, Tyler Glen and Barrie Vice who at some point in the last 15 years helped me to get better. Do any of those names ring a bell? I hope they do.

...and Merv Caven and Kelly Evjen on the Magic 94 morning show back in day... that's what got me interested in radio.

Where did 15 years go?



Monday, November 09, 2009

It Sure is Monday

***UPDATE...Check out Swift Current's Tyler Bragg getting cannonballed by Rider's player Kitwana Jones in the sideline hot tub after this past Saturday's Rider win.

Every other blog is all over the I'll leave it at Go Riders! This is the first time in many people's lives that the Riders have won the West. The last time the Riders accomplished this:

-Trudeau was Prime Minister. Blakeney was Premier, Wall was in grade 5.

-Grades 7, 8 and 9 in Swift Current went to O.M. Irwin and Beatty School.

-The Blue Jays were preparing for thier 1st season.

-The Wheatland Mall was under construction.

-The Broncos had moved to Lethbridge 2 years earlier. GO SWIFT CURRENT INDIANS OF THE SJ!!!

More pieces of 1976 history in the audio clip below...

I went to see Paranormal Activity last night at the Cinema Twin in Swift Current. If you go to this movie expecting a cheesy flick with a villian in a hockey mask or a sweater wearing psycho with a bladed glove, stay home. Its a 'mockumentary' filmed with one camera and a budget of $15,000. It's not for everyone...but I LOVED it. I have never been as frightened in a movie theatre, and I've never had the feel of a movie follow me home and stay with me. I'm actually getting shivers down my spine as I type this. This movie does to 'things that go bump in the night' what Jaws did to swimming in open water. It's amazing what the sound of footsteps, a door and some imagination can accomplish.

Hollywood is remaking, rebooting, churning out mindless sequels and using computer generated effects in place of creativity at every turn. This is a unique movie experience. Yes, the "camcorder" gimmick has been done in Blair Witch and Cloverfield, but not like this and not this well. Don't see it alone! If you don't have any friends, call me and I'll see it again. You're buying.


Rider Photo from


Sunday, November 08, 2009

Lost Dog

Some friends of mine have had a family member go awol. A Yorkshire Terrier named Kolby has gone missing in Swift Current's Trail subdivision. That's the area behind the Wheatland Mall.

This is what a Yorkshire Terrier looks like...

741-9710 if you see him. A little boy is pretty sad.


Friday, November 06, 2009

...And the Award for Best Personalized Licence Plate Goes to...

Now before any of you anonymous chuckleheads that surf from blog to blog besmirching comments sections says anything..."No, that is not my car."

But I may make that pic my new Facebook profile picture...

Finally Friday

I'll update later today. I'm planning on launching my own business in early 2010 and there is some groundwork that needs to be looked after sooner than later.

...yes, I say I've been launching my own business for awhile now. It's like Brian Griffin's novel.

...and I NEED to get back in the gym and visit fabutan. I'm not totally vain and don't put too much stock into my appearance, but I still prefer to NOT look like a glass of milk with hair.

H1N1 Info and GUNS!



Thursday, November 05, 2009

Need 2 Knows November 5th

Best Facebook status update this morning is from the Leader Post's Rob Vanstone.

Rob Vanstone is thrilled that the perennial underdogs, the New York Yankees, won the World Series. Justice prevails!

The Battle of the Southwest Volleyball action was fun last night. It was fun calling the action for Sask Tel Max. Local volleyball coach and legendary Swift Current Indians slugger Conrad Funk helped me out on color. Aside from calling the "libero" the "lebaron" once late in the game by accident it went very well. Surely I'm not the first v-ball commentator to confuse a defensive specialist with a Chrysler...

Solid action in both the men's and women's games. The Sun Dog women's team won in three straight sets, while the men's game went the full five games with Millar edging out the Dogs. Watch for the broadcast on Sask Tel Max's Local on Demand. Coaches were mic'd up and everything.

If you ever need a taxicab at 4:30am on a weekday morning in Swift Current...United Taxi is the way to go. There aren't a lot of friendly people in the world at 4:30...but the driver that chauffeured me to the station should be the one hosting a morning show.

No...I did not lose my driver's licence.

Here's your need 2 knows for today

Trent Regier photo from


Wednesday, November 04, 2009


The afternoon nap is not happening today. I have my volleyball commentary gig to prepare for, and I'll do that right after this.

From my comments:

Switz, some ideas for your next Fling, Marry Kill...

1. Various good looking Crime Scene Investigators on the three shows

Because I LIVE TO APPEASE anonymous commenters, your next FMK.

If you're new to this, the rules are simple. Pick one to have a sexy encounter with, one to marry and one to eliminate from the world forever...

Let's roll!

Marg Helgenberger, aka Catherine Willows, CSI

Melina Kanakaredes, aka Stella Bonasera, CSI New York (sure to be a hit with the SC Greek Community!)

Emily Procter, aka Calleigh Dusquene, CSI Miami.

...and what the heck, one for the ladies!

George Eads, aka Nick Stokes, CSI

Adam Rodriguez, aka Eric Delko, CSI Miami

Ed Cahill, aka Don Flack CSI New York

Have at 'er

One More Piece of Audio...

Re-live history with the Maiden Voyage of scheduled commercial air service to Swift Current. Below is my interview with Saskatchewn Premier Brad Wall as the Swanberg Air flight touched down.


Need 2 Know for November 4, 2009

Here is today's Need 2 Know segment from the Magic 97 Morning Show. I'll have these up at 6:30am daily. Today is late cause I'm getting the process together.


More later...


Flu Free Flames

By now I'm sure you've heard about many hurtin' Albertans who are upset that the Calgary Flames got to "skip the line" and get their H1N1 shots, while pregnant women and high risk groups had to stand in line.

The story is here.

Locally, I didn't hear of the Swift Current Broncos jumping into the line at the Wheatland Mall ahead of any expecting moms and toddlers...although a flu shot a few weeks ago would have been nice for the team and local fans.


Stuck in the Middle Wednesday

It is not 'Hump Day' it is simply Wednesday...

The Magic Morning Show is ready to go. Hear the most music in the morning while getting a healthy dose of local content and a few chuckles.

Tonight at Irwin School I will take my first crack at Volleyball play by play. The annual 'Battle of the Southwest' between the Swift Current Great Plains College men's and women's volleyball teams against Millar College of the Bible. Irwin School is the venue. Sask Tel Max is doing the game. It will run on their local on demand for awhile. I'm much more comfortable riding shotgun on sports broadcasts and chiming in with one liners...tonight I get to try to actually carry a broadcast.

Jon Keen would have the play by play gig for v-ball tonight, but is on the road with the Broncos in Saskatoon. A link to the streaming can be found on the right side of this page.

Yesterday, I got motivated and learned how to post audio to this blog from my morning show. "5 and out" with Jerrod Schafer is posted below. The early shift at Tim Horton's loved the interview. In the next few days expect to hear audio on this blog of my interview with Premier Wall during a plane landing and other things.

Off to learn how to do play by play for a volleyball game!


Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Let's try this multimedia thing...

Mayor Jerrod Schafer joined the Magic Morning Show on Thursday. I hit the mayor with some hard questions on serious issues.


Music is LMFAO's "I'm in Miami".

A Laugh...

I've recently started "following" Ashton Kutcher on Twitter. Being married to Demi Moore and not making sequels to Dude Where's my Car? and Butterfly Effect give him lots of time to tweet. Kudos to him for dispatching this video to his 3 million plus followers earlier this week.

One more pic...

Thanks to blog reader Joanne for sending this pic in. Premier Wall leaving the plane after it's Swift Current landing. More on the day below.

Pics from Yesterday's Flight

Flight service returned to Swift Current yesterday. A low key flight to Regina around noon got people to the Queen City for the ceremonial arrival of flight 707 and it's historical landing in Swift Current.

It was a pleasure chatting with Premier Wall...who through all of his successes has remained humble. I went on the air with him as the plane touched down. John Gormley I am not...thanks for bearing with me Brad.

Here's pictures.

The 16 passenger plane arrives in Swift Current prior to the 12 noon, 35 minute flight to Regina.

Having a pre-flight convo with our pilot Allison...who was surprisingly not a mustachioed aviator sunglasses wearing dude.

Premier Wall writes his speech as we fly over Morse. An onlooker proof reads...

Premier Wall continus to write his speech...and ignore my annoying use of a digital camera as we fly over Herbert. Have You Seen Herbert?

A group of well wishers and media gather outside the plane for the red carpet landing.


Just getting the Magic Morning show ready to go. It'll be a fun one today. Jerrod Schafer was sworn in last night as Swift Current's Mayor. I'll ask him about his plans for his first day on the job. I'll throw a few tough ones his way, but things will be light hearted for the most part.


Erin Lightfoot will be on the show. She is the owner of the Rejuvenate Day Spa. We'll find out what's going on there after someone drove into it this past weekend and knocked it out of business for a short time.

Oddly enough...both guests today were in the same class as me in school. Don't I feel like the class of 95 underachiever. Mayor, Spa owner and disc jockey.

Off to radioland...

Thanks to the downtown Tim Horton's staff for being fun. Today my coffee cup has hearts and smiley faces drawn on the lid.


Monday, November 02, 2009

That Was a Day...

What an awesome reception at the Swift Current Airport. The Maiden Voyage of scheduled flights in Swift Current on Swanberg Air went well. It was a little behind schedule. The fuel truck at the YEG in Regina did not work with nascar pit crew efficiency...

I have pics...but they were from someone else's camera. I'll post 'em tomorrow.

I'll also visit the H1N1 clinic at the Wheatland Mall tomorrow. I won't be getting the shot as I'm not a toddler or an expecting mother...but I'll let you know what's going on.

I've heard the Cypress Health Region has their act together and the clinic went smoothly today.

More tomorrow. Want to watch the World Series...but staying awake will be a challenge.


Get Vaccinated at the Wheatland Mall...No Coop number needed

H1N1 Vaccinations...

The Magic 97 Morning Show just had Bryce Martin and Trent Regier from the Cypress Health Region as guests. H1N1 vaccinations are this week.

H1N1 clinics at Wheatland Mall this week. 9am to 4pm today, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Only for children aged 6 months to 5 years, pregnant women and women 4 weeks post partum. The rest of us have to wait.

More info to be found at Cypress Health Region's Website.

Manic Monday

It's chilly Monday morning where Life Makes Sense.

***UPDATE from my Facebook***

November 1 at 11:54pm
would you mention this lost chocolate lab on the air in the morning because we picked her out of the traffic on 13th avenue after the hockey game. she is about 8 months old, wearing an orange collar and is very loving and friendly....the owner can call 773-2416.....thank you

Always willing to help out a fellow animal lover. :)

If we aren't f-book friends yet, click the badge on the right. Then you can message me, write on my wall and get stuff on the radio and on this blog. Friend requests from creepy looking types and Regina Pat fans will be denied though...

The weekend featured an out of control car crashing into a downtown Swift Current business and forgettable Rider and Bronco games.

The Living Sky Casino was awesome on Saturday night. 'Thunderstruck', the AC/DC tribute band put on a great show. The guitar player playing the role of Angus Young was everything he should be. Swift Current's creativity was on display with costume judging through the gaming floor after that. I was happy to costume judge along with staff from the casino. My favorite costume was a very politically incorrect suicide bomber. He didn't win any prizes, but did make things at the blackjack table interesting.

No time to dwell on weekend activities. Swanberg Air is launching air service in Saskatchewan today, including stops in Swift Current. An article on the new air service can be found here.

Premier Brad Wall, Swift Current Mayor Jerrod Schafer and Saskatchewan Minister of transport Jim Reiter are all expected to be flying the Living Skies into Swift Current.

Sadly...we won't be stopping at the Moose Jaw A & W for drive thru. :(

I'll be calling in reports on Swift Current's Magic 97 (streaming can be found on the right). It's a whilwind day as I'll board in Swift Current, fly to Estevan, head to Regina and then back to Swift. I'll be going around the province in under 5 hours as I'll be leaving at 11am and home in time to nap at 3:30 and then make my lady supper for 5 o'clock.

Of course I'll also chronicle the day on Twitter. Check the feed on the right.