Saturday, October 31, 2009

Weekend Mayhem Where Life Makes Sense...

Rejuvenate Day Spa is nestled in the middle of the 100 block of Central Avenue North...but somehow Friday Night/Saturday Morning someone managed to DRIVE INTO IT! Coffee row says this all went down at around 4am this morning. No word of any arrests or injuries. If you hear of anything, hit my comments section with the news.

Alcohol may be a factor...

Rejuvenate Day Spa sponsors the Tuesday Magic 97 Morning Show, and offers many awesome services, but a drive thru mani/pedi isn't one of them.


Friday, October 30, 2009

Swanberg Air First Flight

Air service is coming to Swift Current next week! The first flight will be Monday. It will arrive at the SC Airport at around 3:30pm from Regina.

Among the passengers for this history making event:

Swift Current Mayor Sandy one of her last duties as the Mayor

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall

Disc Jockey/Blogger Ryan Switzer

I'm not sure how I managed to weasel my way into history with those dignitaries...but I'm excited. I will be broadcasting the event live on Magic 97 this Monday.

Finally Friday

If you've always dreamed of driving a "Sin Wagon" act now!

The phone number of the driver obscures the view into the backseat.

I'll maybe get an quick update or two this weekend. Between some radio duties, costume judging at the Living Sky Casino and Trick or Treating the blog updates may have to wait til Monday.

Please scroll down and read my post called "Good Things Come". I like to keep the blog light hearted, but I'm serious in what I believe in with that post.

As promised...

a Fling, Marry, Kill for the lads. Pick one to have a hot one time romantic encounter with, one to spend your life with and one to eliminate from existence. Ladies, you can play too. Three dudes for you to choose from are a few posts down.

Your contestants:

Kate Gosselin

Jennifer Aniston

Lady Gaga

I choose this one because I would like to see what wins out...LUST or leaving 8 kids motherless...

Have a good weekend! Go RIDERS!

Good Things Come...

The elections have come and gone. Swift Current and Moose Jaw have new mayors, fresh councils are set to be sworn in all over the province and while Rider fullback Chris Szarka has been ignored by offensive coordinators and quarterbacks over the years...voters in Regina's Ward 10 gave him the ball to run with.

In Swift Current, Jerrod Schafer is getting plenty of fanfare, and the city has taken a shine to young lawyer Ryan Plewis.

I'm really happy with the guy who got in "just under the wire".

George Bowditch finished sixth among the alderman candidates. The last seat on council is his.

Over the last year, I've been led to believe in life that "the squeaky wheel gets the grease". The guy who shows up everyday and works hard always seems to get the shaft in favor of the vain people who complain the most. The team players who put in extra get lost in the shuffle, while the guys who 'play for the name on the back' enjoy all the perks.

George Bowditch finding this way onto council is proof that sometimes God, fate, kharma, whatever you believe in...sometimes looks out for the nice guy. This nice guy didn't finish last, he finished 6th...and that was good enough.

George didn't have any big signs with his picture on them to campaign with. A humble reporter who has worked at both Southwest Saskatchewan papers, he uses his publication space to highlight people in our community. A guy who seldom looks in the mirror because he is too busy seeing what good people do in Swift Current. The media room coordinator at Swift Current Bronco games, he'll always want to talk about YOU and what you're doing. Not an ounce of vanity.

George really stepped up to help me last April. We were on a committee together. My life was being turned upside down at the time. George willingly took on my share of the duties. Not sure I ever really thanked him.

Thanks George. For what you've done, and what you're going to do for our city.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

a chuckle...but a serious matter nonetheless...

Flu vs. Cold

Thanks to blog reader Latrina for forwarding this along. (not to Latrina...I KNOW YOU AIN'T THAT BUSY TO CALL ME!)

I'm not sure of the source of this...but it seems pretty accurate from what I have read about H1N1 and common colds.

Fever is rare with a cold.
Fever is usually present with the flu in up to 80% of all flu cases. A temperature of 100°F or higher for 3 to 4 days is associated with the flu.

A hacking, productive(mucus- producing) cough is often present with a cold.
A non-productive (non-mucus producing) cough is usually present with the flu (sometimes referred to as dry cough).

Slight body aches and pains can be part of a cold.
Severe aches and pains are common with the flu.

Stuffy Nose
Stuffy nose is commonly present with a cold and typically resolves spontaneously within a week.
Stuffy nose is not commonly present with the SWINE FLU.

Chills are uncommon with a cold.
60% of people who have the flu experience chills.

Tiredness is fairly mild with a cold.
Tiredness is moderate to severe with the flu.

Sneezing is commonly present with a cold.
Sneezing is not common with the flu.

Sudden Symptoms
Cold symptoms tend to develop over a few days.
The flu has a rapid onset within 3-6 hours.The flu hits hard and includes sudden symptoms like high fever, aches and pains.

A headache is fairly uncommon with a cold.
A headache is very common with the flu, present in 80% of flu cases.

Sore Throat
Sore throat is commonly present with a cold.
Sore throat is not commonly present with the flu.

Chest Discomfort
Chest discomfort is mild to moderate with a cold.
Chest discomfort is often severe with the flu.

I hope I didn't just provide fodder for hypochondriacs. :)


A Recipe...for the Weekend

I haven't got a recipe on this page in a few weeks. This one is for the fellas. Try this out this weekend if you get some alone time with your favorite lady. This tea will get you were you need to go in about 20 minutes...

Of course, if you wanted to make your man something a little sumthin' sumthin' to rev the engine...

Swift Current 'Welcome Hill' Tea.

You need

1 Ginsing tea bag
1 Green Tea tea bag
2 Ginsing capsules
4 cups hot water
1 teaspoon of Vanilla Extract

Use two tea bags of the ginseng and green tea if you want it stronger.

Allow to steep for 5 miniutes.

Take the two ginseng capsules...break them open and add the powder to the mix.

add a teaspoon of the vanilla and some honey to sweeten the deal.

You're Welcome

Almost Friday

Jerrod Schafer will take over the Swift Current Mayor Chair in early November. With 52% of the popular vote, to the best of my knowledge, Jerrod becomes Swift Current's youngest mayor at age 32. Any Swift Current historians who can correct me, please do so.

In victory, Schafer praised his opponents calling Don Robinson an "engaged citizen" and gave Stacey Ellertson props for his contributions to city council the last three years.

There wasn't much in the way of congrats sent the way of the new mayor. Ellertson said he had "no regrets" about running for mayor and Don Robinson pledged he will continue to hold the city accountable.

City Council will be long time Swift Current resident Gord Budd, handsome young lawyer Ryan Plewis, accountable accountant Denis Perreault, funeral director Dan Martens, sign making security guard Tim Bugera and media scribe/all around nice guy George Bowditch.

Here's a trivia question...when was the last time council chambers didn't have a female perspective? Sandy Larson and Laura Vance are names that come to mind recently. I know my old next door neighbour Ruth Fiala had a seat throughout the 80's and 90's. Someone tell me the last time city council was all dudes. I'm guessing the late 90's Paul Elder years with Don Robinson and Henry Banman on council???

New 'Fling, Marry, Kill' below. I didn't know the concept of that originated from Howard Stern. I never listened to much Stern after he went big time. I always enjoyed the hungry Howard Stern with a wife and kids and something to prove more than the gazillionairre who hooks up with super models. An astute reader pointed out the the FMK concept is from the Stern show. Thanks for pointing that out...for me it's always been a fun way to pass time at the Brew Pub. :)

Anyway...time to put the keyboard aside and crank out a morning show. Darlene at Tim Horton's needs a visit too.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fling, Marry, Kill

I was asked by a lady at the Ducks Unlimited banquet 'when would Fling, Marry, Kill return to the blog?'

Right now.

The rules are simple. Pick one of the following to have a steamy encounter to marry and sadly, one to rid the world of.

Ladies...your picks.

Mantastic Scottish Actor Gerard Butler

Ageless Front man and Saskatchewan bound Jon Bon Jovi

Soccer Stud David Beckham

Butler, Beckham and Bon Jovi...Hit the comments section.

I'll have an FMK for the lads later this week.

The Vote has Been Rocked

This sign outside Fairview School directs people to the South Side Polling Station. Garbage is seen to the right of the sign.

In a sign of the times, Ray and other volunteers sanitize the hands of voters going in and out of the polling station.

Listen to CKSW 570 tonight for full election coverage. Things get rolling at 8pm. I'll keep the Twitter feed on the right hopping as well.

Stuck in the Middle Wednesday

Welcome to Election Day!

Taken from Swift Current Online:

Saskatchewan's Mayors, Councillors, and School Board Trustees will all be chosen by voters in tomorrow's civic elections.

In Swift Current, you can cast your ballot at either Trailview Alliance Church, Fairview School, the Rec Centre, or the Credit Union iplex from 9:00am through 8:00pm.

Returning Officer Dianne Hahn says voters must be Canadian citizens, 18 years of age or older, have resided or owned property in the city for three months, and lived in Saskatchewan for six months before election day.

Hahn adds that voters must also register at their polling place before voting. Voters can find out where their polling place is located by looking at the city's polling map online at

After a surprisingly quiet month of campaigning, we go to the polls today. I did hear rumours of two candidates almost chucking old school knuckles at the Swift Current Mall...but I won't speculate or comment on Swift Current rumour mill fodder. Lots of new faces running in 2009. City Council will have a different look in the next three years. There are lots of fresh young faces and a few 'blasts from the past' on the ballot. Tonight, CKSW 570 has a full election show starting at 8pm. Join Ken Audette and myself from Golden West headquarters in downtown Swift Current. I think Jon Keen will even shed the Bronco tracksuit in favor of the old school 'media' fedora too.

I MC'd the Ducks Unlimited Banquet lastnight. Beer and morning shows don't mix. The recovery time for this 32 year old isn't what it used to be. Thanks to everyone who bought me a round though. I wouldn't change a thing.

Someone asked me the "why are you still in Swift Current?" question. After all my years in broadcasting, why have I not moved on to a bigger center? There are lots of reasons...but the one I'll give today is; No where else on Earth has catering by The Buffalo Brew Pub. Big Dave and Boney Hennig know how to make a steak. If you are at an event with Brew Pub catering, DON'T YOU DARE put BBQ sauce on that piece of cow. Dump some sauteed mushrooms on it and let the flavour stand on it's own.

I love Swifty. From BSing about the Broncos at the South side Coop to Rider road trips, to lunch at the Akropol to late nights and $6 cab rides home, there is nowhere else for me.

...and the economics make sense. All things considered I'm further ahead in Swift Current than I would be anywhere else.

If you're wondering what to do for Halloween, hit the Living Sky Casino. That masquerade sounds like fun. I'm costume judging. I'll post some details on here later.



Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Broncos Doing the Right Thing...

Broncos To Help Raise Funds for Cancer Research
Swift Current Broncos players will be raising money for the month of November in support of prostate and all other male cancers.

The Broncos will begin the initiative on November 1st when they take on the Saskatoon Blades on “Movember Kick-off Night”.

The players will be growing moustaches for “Movember” to help support the cause. The players’ moustaches will be updated with pictures on the Broncos website for fans to follow along with their progress. Fans can pledge the Bronco players during the month of November either at The Stable Souvenir Store or online at

All proceeds from the event will go directly to the Canadian Cancer Society who will have a booth set up at the Broncos home game November 1st. A special cheque presentation will be made by the Broncos to the Canadian Cancer Society at the November 28th game against Brandon. The Broncos will also be hosting their annual “Beat Breast Cancer Night” later in the season on February 19th.

The Broncos would like to encourage Swift Current and the Southwest community to support the Canadian Cancer Society through this initiative and would like to give thanks to everyone for their tremendous support of the team’s initiatives in the past.

A group of kids fundraising by growing mustaches? I can't imagine anyone looking like Lanny McDonald after a month. Good for the Broncos. Most men don't attempt a mustache til their 30's. They get to learn the benefits of the Magnum PI look at a young age.

The Swift Current media should get behind this. With no disrespect to anyone at the station, I may be the only Swift Current morning radio personality capable of growing a mustache...albeit a greasy one.

If you're a male over 50, or a dude over 40 with a family history of Cancer...this should be a reminder to go get a prostate exam. Certainly not the most fun one could have at the doctors office...but I like having you as a blog reader and want you to live a long healthy life. :)


Green is the Color...Indeed

By now I'm sure you've heard about Hockey Canada's "tribute" jerseys to the 306 for the upcoming IIHF World Junior Hockey Tournament in Saskatchewan.

For two games during the tournament, Team Canada will wear green jerseys with a Rider logo on the shoulder to honor the province and the football team that binds us.

By then the CFL season will be over...lets hope for a better Rider finish than last year...otherwise the jerseys may not go over well :)

It's a nice gesture. There is nothing that unites everyone in Saskatchewan quite like the Riders. Ag, Oil and Gas, Sask Party, NDP, Shaunavon, Gull Lake, Herbert or Morse...Rider pride is alive and stronger than ever. If you want to pay tribute to the 306, there is NO other way to go than Rider Pride.

...and lets not kid ourselves as to the main reason why they're going green.

"$$$ green is the color $$$".

Look at the post below about Rider merchandise. It's a licence to print money. The sales of green rider hockey jerseys are the main motivation. It's business and merchandise sales are a big deal.

Who cares if the Riders ever throw the ball to Jason Clermont? The number of '82' jerseys running around the province have probably already paid his salary.

Everything is for sale in 2009. Who cares if green isn't a national color? In our lifetime, would you be surprised to see sponsorship signage on the Canada or US flag?


Monday, October 26, 2009

...Just Home from The Hat the name of the great Art Wallman...has happened to Montana's?

It used to have HUGE portions, cool pot roasts and the filling "giddy-up campfire platter". Now...the mood has changed with a menu that features words like "Mediterranean" and options that include "goat cheese".

You can still color on the table...and get suckers after your meal though.

Rider Nation

How does it feel to be a player or staffer for the Edmonton Eskimos or Calgary Stampeders and see things like you'll see below?

Medicine Hat should be Stamps country. Alberta's CFL loyalty should be divided between Edmonton and Calgary. Check out these pics from Medicine Hat's jersey city...

One lonely Stampeders jersey...safely stashed in the corner.

Pictured, Medicine Hat's Jersey City...not the Rider locker room

In Calgary and Edmonton...the Jersey City locations in the Chinook Center and West Ed Mall don't look much different. Only a few more Flames and Oilers jerseys. Rider Nation indeed.


It Sure is Monday

Don't forget about that Swift Current Indians meeting tonight at the Howard Johnson. 7pm. Here is the jist of why it's happening...

“The 2009 WMBL season made one thing clear, that serious financial challenges are the reality for the small market teams like Swift Current. We have no choice but to expand our support structure in order to increase operating capital and ease the workload on our current group of dedicated volunteers,” said Brad Woods, President of the Board of Directors. “If we are going to field a team for the 2010 season we will need a commitment in strength from the community.”

I have a couple days off work. I'll update things here from time to time and you can also keep tabs on whats going on through the twitter feed on the right.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mailing It In

I'm hitting the Cinema Twin for Zombieland tonight. I have the day off from Magic Mornings tomorrow. I'll update the blog when I can.

If you have clicked here looking for an update, check the twitter feed on the right side of this page. It's been said that Jennifer Aniston dumped John Mayer because he twittered too much. My relationship may suffer the same fate.


Friday, October 23, 2009

Finally Friday

A busy weekend is upon us. The Broncos have two games in two nights at the i-Plex. I may or may not be in attendance tonight, but will be there tomorrow night as the PA announcer.

-For the first time since Dale Weise played for Swift, I have a favorite Bronco.

Rookie forward Dane Muench is a total 80's throwback. Had he been born in 1970 he would be holding Bronco scoring records and be a shoe in for the Hall of Fame. 5'6, plays hard, skates fast, good quick shot and a full head of name bar obscuring hair. He would have fit right in with the high octane offensive teams of yester-year.

Watch for #26...and remember the good ole days.

-The BC Lions announced that 2004 CFL MVP Casey Printers is starting in Mosaic Stadium against the Riders on Saturday. He'll take to the field just two days after a Bon Jovi concert is announced. It's 'past their prime' week at Taylor Field.

Just kidding...Bon Jovi can still rock!

-Fun fact: The average woman can keep a secret for 47 hours before they have to spill the beans to someone. That fact is the Brew Pub Brain Buster on the Magic Morning Show today.

I don't dispute that fact. :)

-Next week I have Monday and Tuesday off. Wednesday night I'll be anchoring Civic Election coverage on CKSW. I'm not sure of the details, but CKSW 570 is doing a full 90 minute show on the election. Yesterday I was asked to be a part of it. Tune in to get up to the minute results and hear me be Swift Current's Craig Oliver.

Me...on Election Night

I should be recovered from Tuesday night's Ducks Unlimited Banquet by then. :) I'm MCing the local fundraiser on Tuesday. I'm 1 for 2 at DU banquets. The first year I did it...the comedic timing was bang on and the crowd was hot.

The second time...not so much. Third time around, I'll know what works.

-Does anyone know how I can get in touch with local hockey product Bobbi Jo Slusar? Earlier this week we were both guest speakers at Ashley Park School. I accidentally got her gift bag from the Ashley Park staff and she likely got mine.

I knew there was a mix up when my card said "your achievements are an inspiration to us all".

...and Bobbi Jo deserves a better card than one that likely says "thanks for filling time in our morning session".

-Someone at the station suggested I do a special "Fling, Marry, Kill" featuring Swift Current's mayor candidates. In a world without consequence, it would be a riot to see some of the results. Given the personalities involved, it would be on the blog for 10 minutes...then I would find myself in a closed door meeting with my superiors. Not going to happen...and I won't publish any comments on the subject. :)

I will say this to the Swift Current Civic Election candidates...most of whom are reading this daily; If you want to stand out in your campaign...BUY SOME RADIO ADS! This week I've see almost every candidate advertise in print, but have yet to hear ONE campaign ad on any station in Swift Current. Radio ads burn into people's subconscious. On Wednesday, voters get six votes for council candidates. Honestly, people only have about three or four candidates they are passionate about. I would think that any candidate wanting to get their name on the mind of voters should get themselves on local radio.

In 2009 people seem to think that a 125 person facebook group is more effective than broadcasting over a 100,000 watt FM signal. Yes, it's advantageous to market yourself through social networking, thats why I spend time on a blog everyday...but lets remember the advertising our strong Saskatchewan economy was built on.

No...I don't get commission from the station. My salary is the same regardless of how many businesses advertise.

Time to turn my attention to the Magic 97 morning show. I'll try to jam an update in before your work day is done today.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

On a Steel Horse They Ride...into the 306!

Bon Jovi, July 28 2010, Mosaic Stadium. Done deal!

I know where all the women in my life will be July 28th of next year. Lets plan a boys night!

Almost Friday

The three Swift Current Mayor Candidates, or a new version of the Three Tenors? An odd usage of photo shop from

Last night was a lot of fun at the Credit Union i-Plex. The Broncos won, some good offence was on display, some good saves where made, hard hits were thrown and smelly gloves were applied to faces after most whistles.

Next home game is Friday night when Saskatoon is in town. Then Saturday night Jordan Eberle and the dreaded Regina Pats are in town. I'll be the in rink voice for the Saturday game announcing goals, penalties and such. Is it EE-bur-lee or EBB-uhr-lee? :)

Catching up on the advice column.

I don't know why people send this blog life questions. As I stated in my comments section yesterday, perhaps people see me as someone with life experience who can help them. I'm not Dr. Phil...I don't mind giving you an opinion, but I wouldn't base my blog fodder on any real life changing decisions here.

2 questions to tackle from past comments to this blog;

1. How long should I wait for HIM to call?
I polled my facebook friends for help on this one. Answers went in two directions. The first was, 'don't wait around for HIM to call, YOU should call HIM.' The second was 'if he hasn't called, he's just not that into you (which is also the name of a good movie on the subject).'

Or maybe he hasn't called because he's shy. If that's the case, you probably don't want to spend a lot of time with someone who doesn't have the jelly to make a phone call. In any event if he hasn't called, move on...or call him.

2. how do you break up with a chick you have been seeing but your bored of and met someone else you would like to date without coming across as a d***

Well, I would take some time to think about what is important to you. Has your relationship with girl A really run it's course? Is girl B really worth it? As far as your public image concerns, this is Swift Current and gossip is crazy. If you're going to break up with someone and start up a new relationship right away, there is no way around a few people raising their eyebrows. At the end of the day, do what makes you happy, and don't worry about what people think.

My advice would be to be sure of what you HONEST and break it off with girl A if you go that route...and in the future, don't be reckless with people's hearts. Relationship Kharma always catches up to people.

If I missed any valid points, make sure and hit the comments section.

Time for a run to Tim Horton's.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Just a Reminder...

This blog loves animals. The local SPCA has a new website here. I'll add the link on the right for future visits.


Stuck in the Middle Wednesday

Tonight I will be sitting in section E, drinking a cold drink, eating fries with vinegar and LOLing at the Build-a-Burger. While I love any chance I get to be a color guy or public address announcer at Swift Current Bronco games, nothing beats being a fan and listening to the experts in the stands.

Broncos and Blazers at the Credit Union i-Plex tonight at 7:30. I have a link to Golden West Radio Streaming to the right if you want to listen online.

I may fire off some updates to the Twitter feed too. Even if you aren't on twitter (and really, no one in Swift Current seems to be) you can track my movements through this blog with the feed on the right.

The twittering won't be plentiful though. This is the first Bronco game I've taken in as a fan this year, and the first one I'll be taking my date too. Christina deserves better than an escort with face buried in his crackberry.

Advanced Polling!

I copy and pasted this from Swift Current Online...

Today is the first day of Advanced Polls for this year's Civic Elections in Swift Current.

Returning Officer Dianne Hahn says Advance Polls are for voters who are unable to vote on October 28, anyone who may need help voting, and for election workers. Advanced Polls go from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. today at the Rec Centre and will be held again on Saturday from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

If you can't mark your X on October 28th, hit the Rec Center today or Saturday! If you're new to Swift Current, it's the building adjacent to this tank.

This blog has posted video of all three candidates in the past few weeks. I encourage you to seek them out and get informed. Thanks to Jerrod Schafer's peeps for sending me the vid I used in the post below this one.

..That's it for now...I have a morning show to do! Listen online to Magic 97 mornings through the streaming link on the right.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What are You Doing for Halloween?

It's just been confirmed that I'll MC Thunderstruck at the Living Sky Casino October 31st. Costume judging and Halloween Tom Foolery after the show.

Living Sky Casino always goes big...this will be "the place to be" October 31st. I'll keep you posted on the party details when I get them.

Also...advanced polling is this week. I had this video sent to me a few days ago.

To be fair, this blog has posted video footage of all three mayor candidates in the last few weeks. I encourage you to seek them out and get informed.


Nice to see the Riders implementing Chris Szarka and Jason Clermont into the offence last week.

I'm a little partial to the Canadian duo as they have both made appearances in Swift Current in the last year. The fuzzy pic of myself and Clermont is all over this blog...and like a true fan boy, I snapped this pic of me wearing Chris Szarka's Grey Cup ring when he spoke at the Field of Dreams Dinner last January.

My hand is clearly smaller than that of a CFL Fullback

Please see the post below about the public meeting for the Swift Current Indians. I wrote about the potential economic difficulties the WMBL may encounter last August...but I didn't think the problem had reached this level.

How do this happen to a team that has won nine championships in the last seventeen years?

I'm no expert in economics and I haven't seen the books, but from what I've learned about the way the Tribe does business...

To keep ticket prices low, they NEED playoff revenue to survive. If the tribe ever didn't qualify for the post season, it could be the end. To get playoff revenue they need to import gunslingers. The teams they need to stay competitive with can afford to bring in more talented imports. The Tribe needs to keep up with the Joneses. Gunslinger imports need places to stay and food. Transportation ain't cheap either.

Come on Switzer!!! How does Melville make a go of it? Spot on recruiting, a good squad of vets on their team and a very well organized fund raising lottery certainly helped out.

We Don't Need No Water, Let the Landfill Burn

There was another controlled burn at the Swift Current Landfill yesterday. Is that rat related? Anyone seen one lately? I haven't seen one or heard a new rat story in weeks.

The List

I had someone ask me in my comments section about my "list". Every guy, whether he would admit it or not has a "list". Famous people they could hook up with without repercussion or reprimand. The "celebrity freebee" if you will. I'm pretty dumb over my girl Christina, and don't devote a tonne of mental energy to celebrity freebees, but because someone anonymous asked and I hate copouts...

Ali Larter.

Drew Barrymore.

Former CTV Regina News Anchor, Tara Robinson.

OK, Tara Robinson is on there as a total inside joke for one reader to this know who you are.


Monday, October 19, 2009

The End?

Alarm Bells are Ringing

Uh-oh...Just got this press release from Brad Woods, President of the Swift Current Indians...

Public Meeting
The Swift Current Indians Baseball Club
Board of Directors will hold a public meeting to discuss the team’s viability for 2010 WMBL Season.

Monday, October 26th - 7:00 pm
Howard Johnson – Main Entrance
Meeting Room

“The 2009 WMBL season made one thing clear, that serious financial challenges are the reality for the small market teams like Swift Current. We have no choice but to expand our support structure in order to increase operating capital and ease the workload on our current group of dedicated volunteers,” said Brad Woods, President of the Board of Directors. “If we are going to field a team for the 2010 season we will need a commitment in strength from the community.”

For further information on the meeting please phone
Brad @ 772-0471

or email:

Manic Monday

Geese take a break from the wind in Swift Current Creek near the Chinook Golf Course on Sunday Morning

Later this morning it's 'back to school' for me. I'll be a guest speaker at Ashley Park School. I'll have a session with Grade 1's, 2's and 3's. In a sign of the times, it'll be three different sessions and not just one assembly due to H1N1 concerns. The subject will be "achieving your inner best". That is guideline anyway...when I speak to classrooms, questions always move to Swift Current Bronco hockey and my times doing color commentary for it. I enjoy stuff like this.

Swift Current Rider Pride

Sask Tel Max subscribers...make sure and check out 'Riders to the Max' on demand channel 48. You can watch it whenever you like, just find your way to channel 48 and go to the Riders to the Max episode 10. Parts of it were filmed in Swift Current at Ride This Too. Many familiar Swift Current faces are seen, including this blogger enjoying the fellowship and Pilsner. popular demand, Fling, Marry Kill for DUDES!

This weekend I attended a wedding at the Stockade and was approached a couple times be blog readers (Kent Woods, and an intoxicated fellow whose name I didn't get) who requested a Fling, Marry, Kill featuring famous women.

Same rules apply...pick one for a one time sexy hook up, one to spend your life with and one to rid the world of...

The contestants:

Singer Rihanna

Actress Reese Witherspoon

Nascar Driver Danica Patrick

FYI, I came up with those three by google searches for "female singer", "actress" and "female athlete". None of those three are on my "list".


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday Night's Alright for Blogging

I'm off to a wedding reception at the Stockade.

I know...a reception at the Stockade...there are either going to be hundreds there...or there will be lots of real estate on the dance floor.

If you've got your Prairie Post, please admire my 'creep pic' on page 17. I often joke with Prairie Post staff about photoshopping radio people out of pics. Thanks for letting this beauty slide guys. ;)

Not much time and mental energy to give to the blog today. Check the links on the right and the twitter feed to stay entertained!

Keep it real banana peel!


Friday, October 16, 2009

Finally Friday

An unsupecting Mai-Lynn has her picture snapped at the Tim Horton's Drive thru at 5:30am Friday morning with my large black coffee. Her evil twin Joyce toils in the background.

Welcome to the weekend! I'll have something of substance later today. Anything you'd like me to blog about?

UPDATE: I just saw that Rod Pedersen has a similar pic on his blog from a Regina Robin's Donuts. I didn't see his blog before this post and am not "ripping him off"...but you know what they say about great minds...


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fling, Marry, Kill

I know this bit was called "Sex, Marry, Kill"...but this blog is going more mainstream with the radio show, so some of the rough edges are getting filed down.

The rules if you're new to this. Out of three featured celebs you pick one to have a fling with, one to marry...and one to rid the world of.

Todays contestants...

Michael Buble, Canadian Crooner and part owner of the Vancouver Giants WHL team

George Clooney...with a MUSTACHE!, famed Hollywood leading man

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Almost Friday/Just Friends

I missed the all candidates forum at the college last night. Something came up. It doesn't sound like I missed much. Only pre-selected questions from the audience were allowed...because we wouldn't want politics to get too exciting.

The Chamber of Commerce wanted to prevent any "Handyman Hank" incidents.

"Life's a game but it's not fair...I break the rules so I don't care". Love that new jam! Is it cool for a 32 year old white father of two to crank the new Jay Z, Rihanna and Kanye track on the car stereo?

from my comments section:

Here's one for you. I want a relationship with this girl, but she says she just wants to be friends. I do what I can to make her think of me as more than a friend, but nothing works. Is there anything else I can do?

So you want more than unsexy coffee dates.

I'm no expert...I'm just going to base my answer on what I've seen in my 32 years on the planet.

If she wants to be just friends, it is because she doesn't find you interesting, exciting, alluring, manly or anything she looks for in a boyfriend. Once you are filed away in the 'friend' part of her brain, its tough to get out.

My advice is to move on. Stop trying to be more than a pal to this girl. If you still want to go for coffee and hang out with her, go ahead, but stop the loving gazes and buying flowers. If you want a girlfriend that bad, be social, be confident, join a sports team or club, buy some nice clothes, hit the gym, get a tan and get out there.

Do that...and maybe the current object of your affection will realize what she is missing and see you in a different light...or maybe she won't, but at least you'll be on the path to finding what you want.

The World Through the Eyes of my Crackberry

Decided to walk home from work today. Some randon pics I snapped.

The All Candidates Forum is tonight at Great Plains College. As of now, Swift Current is a community divided. Hope things aren't awkward at the next block party.

The number one movie in North America is coming to Swift Current for the weekend. I look forward to Zombieland. However, if you catch me using Woody Harrelson's "nut up or shut up" catchphrase in my facebook status...please smother me with a pillow.

A snowy look at downtown Swift Current from the 2nd Avenue Overpass. The train tracks divide Swift Current's North Side from the wrong side of the tracks...where I live.

Renovations happen to the south end of Great Plains College/Cypress Regional College/Beatty School. Mark Frison, CEO of the college is one of the good guys in Swift Current. A great guy to have a drink with...but he's usually busy lobbying for money for the College.

That's the blog for today...Unless I get free time later. Time for a nap.


Five Paycheques to Go...

With pay day being today, that makes this paycheque and four more til Christmas.

Just sayin'...

Stuck in the Middle Wednesday

October is turning into a busy month. The day to day stuff at the radio station is piling up. Our sales staff at the station seems to be keeping busy...which means more "live action broadcasts" (being in location at places) and more time spent voicing commercials in the production studio.

This Monday I will be speaking at Ashley Park School. It is education week. I will be speaking to students on the subject of "achieving your inner best". When Kris from the school asked me to speak she said "we would like to get you and/or the premier".

Swift Current needs more celebrities.

Broncos assistant coach Tim Kehler (pictured above with messy hair) is achieving Swift Current rockstar status. The brilliant conversationalist will be the guest speaker for the United Way Kick off Luncheon October 26th at the Living Sky Casino. Tickets are 10 bucks and available at Pharmasave.

With Marc Habscheid unavailable for guest speaking gigs in Southwest Saskatchewan...this could be a chance for Tim Kehler to get some mic time.

As of last night, I'm booked to host the Ducks Unlimited Banquet on October 27th in town. It's always a fun time sharing the mic with Rider Legend #57 Bob Poley. Bob hosts a great show and does the Saskatchewan tour with Ducks Unlimited. Remind me to book October 28th off work today. :)

"Pole-Cat" is a true 'Man's Man'. Old Spice should base a scent on him.

Don't forget about the All Candidates forum tonight at Great Plains College in Swift Current. 13 people running for six seats on Swift Current city council and the main event...Jerrod Schafer, Stacey Ellertson and Don Robinson running for mayor.

Much of what you need to know about Swift Current's election...including some online polling can be found here.

Given some of the personalities in the race, I'm predicting a gong show tonight at Great Plains College.

I have to get off the blog and get the morning show ready. I still have a post to answer about the "friend zone" and I may ramble about local TV vs. The Cable companies. I say I MAY ramble...but truth to be told, I don't think anyone really cares if we lose the small market six o'clock news cast. In the 1980's everyone in the 306 knew who Johnny Sandison and James Allyn where. In 2009, could you pick JC Garden out of a police line up? Personally, I love local TV. I appreciate the renewed efforts to provide local services like broadcasting from small towns in Saskatchewan and such. Honestly, does the general public care anymore? Is the local supper time news still a staple? My life would not be as good without Lee Jones, Dan McIntosh and Chris Hodges' efforts. I will stop what I'm doing to catch a Saskatchewan sports cast. Swift Current seems to be doing just fine without CJFB though...

Or are we? Re-live the brilliance!


1 station + zero budget + 1 voiceover guy = Legendary Stuff

This is for my kids. It's their new favorite TV commercial. I like these ads too. Cute...with a hint of 'disturbing'.

I've heard that if you have spoiled should have it with Cinnamon Toast Crunch and it will take the sour edge off the rank milk.

See you soon!