Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Political Babble

rain covers downtown Swift Current, and Schimmel's Dutch Bakery, known locally as "The Dutch Oven"

A rainy afternoon, coupled with the fact I just POUNDED a Boston Brute down my gullet has kept me indoors, out of the gym and in front of a computer.

Kelowna Rockets play by play guy Regan Bartel has challenged me to use the word "abreast" in an upcoming morning show. I'll do it. The Magic Morning show is fully if there are any words, that won't get me in hot water with the CRTC, you would like to hear put it in the comments section. Leave your name so I can give you on air props. I'll happily be your dancing radio monkey.

The following is my opinion and I could be wrong...and probably am:

I think Don Robinson running for Mayor of Swift Current has just put the coffin nail in Stacey Ellertson's chances. Stacey was doing a lot of things right and was poised to give Jerrod Schafer, who has the support of outgoing Mayor Sandy Larson, a run for his money. Ellertson can hold his own in a forum, has a sensible platform, and judging by his youtube videos is working hard to capture voters who were not impressed with our elected officials from last term. Stacey Ellertson, at this moment anyway, is working harder to capture undecided voters than Jerrod Schafer is.

Don Robinson and Stacey Ellertson are too similar in their views and platforms. Most who were planning on voting for Jerrod Schafer aren't going to be swayed by Don Robinson.

Schafer and Ellertson have their followings. Don Robinson will have his too, but I don't think it's going to come at the expense of Schafer's loyal supporters.

Don Robinson made a lot of friends from the rat issue...but I don't think people will be voting with rats on the brain October 28th...not the majority of people anyway.

That's just the way I see it, and we're still a month of campaigning and forums away from voting. I could be totally off base. The bottom line is if you are eligible to vote on the 28th, DO SO!

The comments section is here for you to disagree. Use my e-mail too if you like.

Swift Current TMZ?

Thanks to Corla for e-mailing this TMZ style pic of me and my shorty. This was snapped on the Chinook Pathway.

I am not 'speed walking'...although this pic would suggest otherwise.

First Shot Fired

Stacey Ellertson has lobbed the first election grenade via youtube.

check it out...

We now know which candidate will allocate funds and resources to 'chesterfield removal'.

Stacey also made this vid a few weeks ago. Points to Ellertson for taking advantage of online media and fighting an internet guerilla campaign war.

Either the camera was set up in an awkward place...or Stacey drinks from the world's largest coffee cup.


More later...

End of September

Just loading up the Magic 97 morning show right now. Lots of talk around Swift Current in regards to the civic election October 28th. I'll blog some thoughts later. Check out the Magic Morning Show at 97.1 in Swift Current and around the world here.

..and VINCE, where the H*LL is my Slap Chop you creepy carnie? Ordered at the beginning of AUGUST! I HAVE TROUBLES THAT NEED SLAPPING AWAY!


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Best Rider Fans are from Swift Current...exhibit Z

I had this one e-mailed to me. It's a Swift Current product who may hold the single season Swift Current Indians record for times being hit by pitches...


photo courtesy of

Three Horse Race...

Late yesterday, Don Robinson announced he is seeking the office of Mayor in Swift Current. He is the owner of the local Rexall Drugs and has ran twice for Mayor in the past. I do believe Robinson was also a Swift Current alderman in the 90's.

Robinson was also front and center on the Swift Current rat issue. He hosted the town hall meeting and brought many media outlets to Swifty for rat stories (including the one below). Many suspected political motivation behind his outspoken views against the city's handling of the rat infestation.

This election just got A LOT more interesting. The rat issue does seem to be under control now...but will it be re-visited?

According to the Southwest Booster's website, Robinson says he has been pushed by the public...who wish to see "an alternative" on the October 28th ballot. After reading his press release he looks to be running a similar "common sense" and "give power to the people" campaign as current first time alderman and mayor hopeful Stacey Ellertson.

The other candidate is business friendly alderman Jerrod Schafer, who gathered the most votes of any council candidate in the previous civic election and has received public endorsement from outgoing mayor Sandy Larson.


Monday, September 28, 2009

Below is something copy and pasted from facebook. Ride This Too! is coming up on Friday. This was a gong show (in a fun way) last year, and should be dynamite this year too.

IMPORTANT UPDATE!! The location for Ride This Too has been changed to Kinetic Park, behind the stockade, yeehaw!

Buy your tickets online at

It's time to get your green on and gear up for Ride This Too!! Join Great Plains College and Tri-Koot Real Estate Services October 2nd at the Kinetic Park Exhibition Grounds (behind the stockade) as we bring you an action packed Rider party that you do not want to miss!

On Friday October 2nd we will be showing the Riders in BC on a giant 33' inflatable screen. The tail gate party will kick off at 6:30 with games, face painting, prizes and a BBQ by the Buffalo Brew Pub Crew.

This is an all ages licensed event. The Beer gardens will open at 6:30.

What you need to know:
-Tickets: $5 or: $2 GPC students, $2 for children under 12
-Tickets are available in advance at the Great Plains College reception desk and Pharmasave, or at the gate. Don't be left out, a limited number will be printed so try and pick one up ahead of time to be sure you can get in!
-Bring a lawn chair, blanket, or something else to sit on!
-Show your Rider Pride! There will be prizes for best costumes

This event is a fundraiser for the SunDogs Athletics Program at Great Plains College!

Below is a pic of the new venue. You'll see bleachers set up behind the Stockade for the Tomfoolery this Friday. They will have a family section and a noisy Pilsner drinking rowdy section.


Mini Mosaic/Tiny Taylor Field?

I drive past this house dozens of times a week, and it finally dawned on me to snap a pic of it and blog it. If you look closely, even the lawn is manicured to look like a football field.

I've heard it said that Southwest Saskatchewan has the highest number of passionate Rider Fans per capita. I think that's true beyond a shadow of a doubt.

That's all for now...

Do you Recognize This Place?

If the place pictured above is familiar to you, it may be because YOU GOT BUSY IN THE BACK OF A CAR THERE!

A gravel road just south of the back nine at Chinook Golf Course seem to be a popular place for "late night drives" in town. Just outside the high paced city limits of Swift Current, it is a quick getaway that seems to guarantee some alone time. This spot is at the base of a hill that has part of the Chinook pathway on it. Once the sun goes down, there always seems to be some headlights and parked cars down there. People that don't have the kind of cash needed to check into the Rainbow Motel seem to head here.

Is this Swift Current's "Blueberry Hill"? If not here...where? Discuss...

Manic Monday

Greetings from Golden West Radio Swift Current. I write this blog entry in between music scheduling and performing the midday radio show for Drum FM in Drumheller. I'm on that station Monday to Friday from 11-4. I go by the name Ethan Switzer, because there is already an established jock named Ryan on that station.

I've also been lending my voice to Mix 103 in Moose Jaw from time to time. Amazing the way technology is changing the way radio is done. If any Golden West Radio program director types are reading this...I'll cover some shifts for ya! If you think I sound good make sure and spread the word.

Radio Rules

This weekend I watched half the Rider game on TSN and caught half on the radio. I'll give the play by play guy for the Riders credit. Listeners knew what was going on the field and the formation of every play before it happened. I honestly think radio has the best broadcasters of any medium. Any radio play by play guy worth his salt could do a great TV broadcast...but if you put a TV personality on radio...they would be lost without the visual aspect.

The second the aforementioned play by play guy starts taking shots at Swift Current on his blog though...I will retract the last paragraph. Without my support WATCH HIS BLOG HITS DWINDLE. :)


Anyone who is thinking about running for city council at the end of October should consider doing so. As I type this, there are 8 people running for 6 spots. While I don't know for sure, I would guess the average age of candidates to be around the upper 30's. Times...they are a changin'.

Seafood Returns to Swift

Last night, morning radio personalities in Swift Current were treated to a preview of the re-opening Joey's Only in Swift Current. The Mate's plates are as good as ever!

Joey's re-opens for lunch today. For readers on the coast seafood in Saskatchewan is better than you'd think.

That's all for now...I'm off to swab the poop deck.


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Photo Randoms

My son, Ethan collecting empties for the scout's bottle drive on Saturday. I always get a kick out of boy scouts running around all over Swift Current with cases of beer in hand.

Apparently these are called "bumper nuts". Is someone getting rich off these? Someone somewhere decided there is enough people who would want reproductive organs on their vehicle to market these. Genius. Explaining what they were to my 7 year old daughter was fun too!

It's like a pride of lions. The Alpha Male just watches the females do all the work.

Easy Like Sunday Morning

A special blog shout out to Dean Chynoweth, former Bronco coach and GM, Current New York Islander assistant coach and lifelong man among boys.

Jon Keen did an interview with Deano at the Islanders game in Saskatoon last weekend. Dean gave this blog a plug during the exchange with Keener.

Bonus Cool things about Deano

When he worked out at the Training Zone in Swift Current, it was plain to see that Chynoweth had more muscles in his face than the rest of the dudes in the gym combined.

Cool things about Deano, starring New York Islanders assistant coach Dean Chynoweth, writtin and produced by Ryan Switzer.

PA announcing a WHL game is fun. Last night I was the in rink voice of the Broncos. I couldn't help but notice that one of the pre-recorded announcements during the game was a plug for I guarantee you something similar will be heard in other rinks within a month or two. Everyone with a WHL blog will be trying to get that over their rinks PA system now.

Enjoyed a few post game Alexander Keith's at the Akropol Lounge. The "Ak" is a great lounge and a classy joint, but last night must've been someone's 19th birthday. NOTE TO DUDES TRYING TO PICK UP DAMES: Making primal screams and yelling after drinking sour puss shotters isn't going to win you style points or make you look hardcore.

Act like you've been in a lounge before.

Anyway, it's time for some Sunday brunch. More later. I'm really into the Twitter if you miss regular updates on the blog...check the tweets on the right.


Friday, September 25, 2009

The Dream is Over

The Calgary Flames cut Theo Fleury.

I was hoping he'd make the team. Joe Sakic retired, with Joe went a player who I had watched from junior all the way to the show. I grew up with Sakic and Fleury. The hero in the white hat from Swift Current and the weasel villian from Moose Jaw.

End of an area for any WHL fan that remembers Cooper-alls.

It's almost like their career being over means the end of a chapter in life...

Or maybe I read too much into that. We all have to grow up and move on.

Thanks Theo. For five goals in a night against Swift Current in 1988, for crashing into the boards after an OT winner...for giving underdogs someone to believe in...for giving hope to those battling addictions and other demons. You gave it your best.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

I Know, I Know!

I realize I talked two days ago about not being able to get into Twitter and now I have it linked to the right. Yes, I am a hidious breed of hypocrite. I hope we can still be friends.

Make Your Mark on October 28th!

You'll see many posts on this blog about the forthcoming civic election. This blog is my own personal take on things, but I hope you inform yourself of the issues and do mark your X.

Who cares about the growth of Swift Current?!?!? Affordable houses, raising taxes, safety of citizens, economic prosperity, parks and recreation. None of that MATTERS!

On October 28th, vote for whoever has the most FACEBOOK fans! Isn't that what elections are coming to?

Big ups to Denis Perreault. He is an Alderman hopeful who actually did some campaigning in person at the Bronco home opener. OLD SCHOOL! Maybe politcians and hopefuls in 2009 are afraid of H1N1 and don't want to press the flesh.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Holy Cow, A POST!

Yeah, TWO posts a week. Some sort of record for me. Truth is I'm rockin' some stuff on my BBQ right now and the laptop is calling me.

Given the mechanics of a BBQ, and the fact I am very accident prone, it's amazing I haven't had to stop, drop and roll on the deck of my 2nd story apartment.

I do post recipes on this blog from time to time...but if YOU know any BBQ tricks and ingredients to make a supper rock, post that stuff in my comments.

So I had a couple comments I want to address. The classic "why are you still in Swift Current?" question came up. Jon Keen and I get that a lot. I can't speak for Keener, but I like it here, my kids are here, Swift Current has been good to me and I think I can still accomplish more in this community. No reason to move on. I do get chances to show the big markets what I have, but I usually don't bother. Maybe part of me is a little scared to see if I'd actually cut it in a competitive market too.


Did someone actually send me a comment asking "where a good place for singles" is in Swift Current? While the city is growing, one thing our "sense making" metropolis is missing is a good ole fashioned meat market.

I would say to any single peeps lookin' for love (or lovin') just get out. Go to shows at the lyric, Bronco games, join a club, play a rec ANYTHING but wait at home and be a facebook jockey.

Being single in Swift Current is tough from what I hear. There is no magic place where mantastic men roam...and if some Keith Urban looking dude just shows up at your apartment wanting to borrow sugar while you watch The Biggest Loser...never buy a lottery ticket for the rest of your life, cause your luck is used up!

...and if you are going to look for love through facebook, remember to at least make that profile pic interesting. If your profile pic is a shot of your dog, or a close up picture of your eye, don't expect much traffic to your profile page. Even if you don't have confidence in your appearance to post a bikini pic from last winter's vacay...a picture of you DOING SOMETHING FUN will go a long way. If you don't have any pictures of yourself having your life.

That's all I have for now. Steaks are done!


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday Night...and a Two Horse Race for Mayor?

Saturdays have turned into my night with the kids. As they watch some sort of movie about elephants, you get an update!

I update my facebook status maybe once a day. Twice if something interesting happens. I can't get into Twitter. It seems to only exist as a way for celebrities and people who want to be celebrities to market themselves. Any celeb who twitters is probably too lazy or doesn't have the talent to blog.

I'm almost facebooked out. Even good ole, time wasting f-book only seems to be a place for people to grow fake farms and have fake mob wars. Plus...I'm tired of radio people promoting their shows on it. I used to think facebook was a cutting edge way to promote a morning show. Now I'm removing everyone who needs to tell me they are interviewing a D-list singer on their morning show through my news feed.

...And no...that's not a shot at any one person, its a comment on something that is all too common.

...And yes, once upon a time I facebooked that Magic 97 was streaming. Just letting friends and family know they could hear me online.

ELECTION...Not just something a chinese guy gets when he's aroused!

Perhaps by the time you read this, Jerrod Schafer (pictured above, left) will have announced his is running for mayor. He is holding a news conference on Monday afternoon. He'll likely announce he is running for the center chair and the chain of office. That will make it a two horse race between Stacey Ellertson (dude on the above right) and Schafer. Both are young as politicians go. Schafer is only 32. I know that because we were both class of 95 in Swift Current. I'm assuming Ellertson is south of 40, woth makes this virtually a kids scrap in politics.

Jerrod has been front and center on some tough calls made by city council, but he has been accountable over the years. Stacey has almost taken an opposition approach in council chambers. Stacey has already taken some veiled shots in his interviews. Quotes like "council needs to govern from the bottom up, not the top down" and something like "council shouldn't feel like they are above the citizens".

If I'm breaking the mayor's race down into a hockey analogy, Ellertson is going to come out fired up hitting hard, getting the gloves up after the whistle, crashing the net and trying to goad Schafer into penalties. Basically, he'll play a tough road game. It will be key for Schafer to stick to his style and not get rattled or sidetracked.

...By the way, should there be an all candidates forum that needs a moderator...I'm officially putting it out there that I'll do it. My track record is pretty good with a microphone. It'll be fun...and really these forums have always been just attended by candidates, media and Grandparents. I'll do my homework, play be the rules and make it good, I promise.

Patrick Swayze passed away. Johnny Castle in Dirty Dancing, Sam Wheat in Ghost and the reason anyone watched more than 15 minutes of Roadhouse. Had Swayze not been cast as the man known only as "Dalton" that movie would have been written off as a hackneyed low budget piece of garbage that would sit forever on a video store wall collecting dust beside every Steven Seagal did past 1997. No "action star" would've been able to act well enough and no "actor" would've been able to look the part.

I'm not saying Roadhouse was Oscar worthy, it was half gong show and half awesome. If you aren't sure how to be a that movie and study Swayze.

Patrick Swayze...forever 57...probably died with a Jack Daniels in his hand.

Alright, enough of this for now...the pop corn doesn't pop itself.

See you at BP's lounge for the Rider/Eskies game tomorrow.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday Brain Dump

Random thoughts:

That radiothon I was a part of yesterday raised around 188,000 for a digital mammography unit for the Cypress Regional Hospital. It was a cool thing to be a part of. For 28 hours the broadcast was filled with stories from cancer survivors, medical professionals and people who's lives have been affected by cancer.

Some longtime Swift Current residents remarked to me that "this broadcast must have been hard on you because of what your family went through" and "you should go on the air and tell your cancer story."

The truth wasn't hard on me at all, and I'm not going to tell any "cancer stories".

For those of you who don't know me, my mother passed away in 1998 after a battle with cancer. Yes, that period of my life was dark. It was so hard watching someone I cared for suffer. Maybe in some ways I haven't fully reconciled losing her.

But in 2009, I don't think of her battle with the illness. To me, Bev Switzer wasn't someone who lost a battle with cancer, she is someone who won so many battles in life. The sum of her life includes teaching thousands of students music, math, english and any other subject she had to tackle over her 29 year career. She loved her family, her Progressive Conservatives, her co-workers and her job.

Its not in my programming to tell sad stories about the last several months of her life. She wouldn't want that. The 50 years before that are what defined her.

People deal with things in many ways. If you lost someone close to you and want to talk about the dark side of losing them, I don't think that's a bad thing. My thoughts are...if you have to cry, do it by yourself and be quick about it.

Sorry, that last thought was a little long for a "brain dump".

How are the Broncos going to look this year? Not as good as the Wheat Kings, but not as bad as Regina:) I honestly have paid no attention to the WHL. Everyone has a WHL blog these days, making the need for hockey content on this blog ZERO. If you keep coming back here looking for Bronco insight and WHL stuff...I think this is where I suggest we part ways. Thanks for visiting though. It's been fun over the last few years.

The following is intended for a few other bloggers who make it a habit to check here for updates.

I'm not interested in starting any feuds. I'm not interested in "taking shots" at anyone. This is a blog that has a few dozen loyal readers that I put effort into maybe once a month. If you read something on here you perceive as a "shot" against you...then take a look in the mirror and try to find out why you're really offended. These days all I want to do is sit back and shoot the $#!t.

What are you doing for the Banjo Bowl tomorrow? Send me an e-mail. I'll bring the B-Lime.

In a month and a half, Swift Current will go to the polls. It was announced yesterday that Stacey Ellertson will be seeking the mayor chair. I've gotten to know Stacey over the last three years. He certainly comes across as a 'left of center' idealist who puts family first.

I was invited to join his facebook group yesterday. I found the quote "just because we can, doesn't mean we should" intriguing. I won't say why I found it intriguing though.

It seems all but certain that Sandy Larson will NOT seek another term. If she was she would be greeting every person she could at every event possible. I haven't seen her in weeks. When it comes to politics, there never seems to be a right answer or an absolute truth, so rather than say "she was a great mayor" I will state "I, personally thought she was a terrific mayor, but you are entitled to disagree".

I don't care about the rat issue and how the Sandy handled it. People who voted for Sandy got what they voted for. I didn't put an X beside her name for rodent control.

What happened to the rat issue anyway? It's gone. Jerrod Schafer held a news conference...announced $300,000 in funding to fix it, and now the issue is over? No national news? No rats in Calgary? No more rat related facebook status updates? Nobody being bitten in their sleep? I haven't even seen one, alive or dead, since the news conference. Where the rats watching Southwest TV News and have now decided to keep a low profile and get the **** outta dodge? Where is all the media making "Pied Piper" jokes now? No stories about the progress of the extermination? The same people that called every media agency in Canada to alert them of the problem should keep their new friends posted on the City funded battle. What of the plague threatening menace now?

Keep your words soft and sweet...cause someday you may have to eat 'em.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Almost Friday

This post comes to you between jobs at the radio station and some time I'm donating to the Your "Family's Health Radioton" on CKSW. I'm making a brief return to the AM band on 570 to help out with their fundraising efforts today (Thursday, Sept. 10) and tomorrow.

CKSW and the Dr. Irwin Healthcare Foundation are looking to raise $240,000 for a digital mammography unit for our hospital. While I'm not doing the full 28.5 hours on air, I'm happy to help out and play Bob McGrath for the broadcast.

I gotta bounce...More soon.


Friday, September 04, 2009


Blogging is hard when you have nothing to say. I haven't updated much because:

All that can be said about the WMBL has been said.

I'm not going to turn this into the Swift Current "rat blog". I will say this...until the rats start assaulting people, breaking into houses, robbing convenience stores at gunpoint and whining about Andy Fantuz in forums and blog comment sections...there is still nowhere else I'd rather live than Swift Current.

For three nights a week, I have my kids...and they get my undivided attention. No making blogs notes on the crackberry when I could be parenting.

Unlike other hardcore bloggers who give you daily updates...I have a girlfriend. (not a shot at Jon Keen who juggles both...when is our next double date at the Akropol Keener?)

Work has been busy. Golden West Radio has certainly made my eight hour workday a full one. Between Magic 97's morning show and some other on air work, my voice can be heard almost anywhere across the prairies. Character voices in commercials, station imaging and even some radio shows in other markets. If you live around Moose Jaw, listen to Mix 103.9 this afternoon (Friday, Sept. 4) from noon to 6pm. The regular afternoon guy, Nick Myers has the day Moose Javians get ME!

Interesting local conspiracy theory. DON ROBINSON PLANTED A RAT ON A PROPERTY OWNED BY RYAN SWITZER BECAUSE HE KNEW IT WOULD GENERATE LOCAL MEDIA ATTENTION. I laughed that one off...then thought about the timing of it...and the fact that I have not seen one live rodent since then. I heard that one at the Comp Colts Football team's home opener. Before any feathers get ruffled over me posting that...IT'S A JOKE. Don't take that seriously. Mr. Robinson is a very well respected local business man. Whether you agree with his ideals or not, he does love Swift Current and will fight for what he believes in.

Back to work. People NEED to know the name of the Kelly Clarkson song that's playing right now!