Thursday, June 25, 2009

...Almost Friday

Welcome back to my little corner of the web.

As I type this, the Swift Current Indians have lost four of their last five. It's not that they are playing bad (although they aren't great) it's that the rest of the WMBL has caught up to them. Since 1995 the Tribe has DOMINATED the league. The fact that they haven't won a league title since 2006 is almost Swift Current baseball fan blasphemy.

The rest of the league, for the most part, has evolved to catch up to the tribe. Melville has SEVEN returning players on their team. For the WMBL that's great. Anytime you can get guys with league experience on your roster, it's huge.

The Swift Current Indians will be fine...but so will the rest of the league. Great competitive baseball.

On paper, I still like the tribe the best.

Frontier Days is in Swift Current this week. This means we can focus our attention on carnies instead of rats.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Indians On The Air

It's another Swift Current Indians WMBL Baseball broadcast for me tonight. Kyle Albright (pictured above), his league leading 5 homeruns and the Swift Current Indians take on Melville on The Mighty Eagle 94.1. Pre-game show at 6:50.

Send an e-mail directly to me on the air.

Listen online by clicking here.



Rat Sighting

I know this picture is very grainy and Bigfoot like. Swift Current is in the midst of what is becoming a rat problem. Many residents have a "rat story" from the past few weeks. This is mine. Big black thing in my BIRD FEEDER outside my SECOND STORY APARTMENT! Damn thing climbed a tree!

I snapped that pic on the run, and it scampered away before I could get a second clearer pic.



Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday Night

The Swift Current Indians are good again this year. Will it be a championship year? In the WMBL it's impossible to answer that question in June. Imports can leave, new imports can be signed, players could get homesick...but they do look good. My only worry is that players go through hot and cold streaks at some point in the season...and the tribe has A LOT of hot players in June. They need to be hot in August.

I can't get into Twitter. It seems to only exist as a marketing tool for celebrities to reach their audience on a more personal level. I don't see it lasting. Myspace is a TOTAL thing of the past. Facebook will stick around, but will slow down. 250,000 people in Saskatchewan are on it, but how many regularly? I have nearly 600 friends, but maybe 1/10th of them are updating on a regular basis. I think all this over communicated geekery will be another fad we joke about 10 years from now. I predict that in 2019 we'll laugh at the thought of going online to "update our status" and to "poke" people.

SIGA and the Living Sky Casino have invited me to take part in their Dinner in The Sky July 3rd. One media nerd from every SIGA center gets to do it. I'm EXTREMELY excited to try this. Of course the goal is to get a good facebook profile pic.

Do anyone else's brats read the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" series? My son is all over it. He has PUT DOWN the Nintendo DS to read!

I can almost look out my window and see Dean Chynoweth's garage sale from my apartment. Yes, Swift Current is that small. People ask me who I think the next coach of the Broncos will be. I have heard ZERO about it. I get all my Bronco related gossip from Keen, and I usually get it maybe two minutes before it hits his blog. Every now and then I'd see Dean at the Training Zone and he'd throw a news nugget my way, but I won't be getting those anymore. All I know is I will not be going on this blog and name dropping who I think SHOULDN'T get the job. I learned that lesson from a fellow blogger, current WHL play by play master and a guy who did his radio time in Swift Current too.

I also heard the Bronco's 12 person board of directors is now down to 8. Four stepped down recently...right around the same time Marc Habscheid signed with Chilliwack...but I'm sure the two events are not related.

Boy that Ryan Huska has done a great job coaching in Kelowna. Who would have thought? I know Regan Bartel, voice of the Rockets, had him pegged as a winner from day 1!

Thanks to Bronco PR/Media dude Keegan Goodrich for reminding me that I predicted Dean Chynoweth would be the next WHL coach who goes pro. Since 1986 the Broncos have had five coaches. Two have moved on to NHL gigs.

What ever happened to former head coach Randy Smith? Where is he now? To be honest, I always thought Randy Smith got a raw deal getting fired. The team is a reflection of the coach. Anyone who did their homework on Randy Smith should have realized his style and respected the fact the he gave us the league's TWO top scorers and A LOT of offense that year. If you don't want a high flying team that shys away from the corners...DON'T HIRE HIM IN THE first place! The goal of that team was to get Jeremy Williams 50 goals and win Tyler Redenbach the Bobby Clarke trophy, and THEY DID.

Hey Ryan, 2004 called, they want their local conversation topic back!

Slo Pitch really pisses me off somedays. It's a sport that I just can't get good at. Actually I can't stay consistently good at it. I have my games where I can't be stopped and hit hard line drives and deep shots every at bat...but today I had a game all about heading back to the dug out in shame after a foul ball/strike three call. I wish slo-pitch was like hockey in the sense that if I had a brutal game I could re-deem myself with a fight, a hard body check, blocking a shot or working hard but on a day when the bat and glove aren't working, you're pretty much a tool. I did destroy my leg sliding into a base today...and I'm typing this as a distraction from the sting of hydrogen peroxide on an open wound.

The best and most effective thing I've ever seen a player do to get out of a hitting slump was Antonio Aldridge with the 2007 Swift Current Indians team. Tony was a big dude who came up from Sacremento. When he arrived in Swift Current in June he was put in the lead off spot. From there he had some of the worst at bats the league has ever seen. A string of strikes outs and infield fly outs moved him to the bottom half of the order. Then Tony started treating his bats like a member of the team. Tony made sure they rode beside him on the bus...not under it with the rest of the gear. He took them home with him, hung out with them and eventually went on a hot streak and became the most dangerous hitter in the league. I don't get asked more about a former player more than I do Antonio Aldridge. I'd love to do a "where are they now" type feature on the guy in an upcoming Indians broadcast. There's a lot of kids who wear baggy clothes and sideways hats who think they are hardcore gangstas. Tony was straight outta the 'hood. Covered in tats and a scar on his stomach that I recall was from a shooting. I hope he is well. I won't get into it on this blog, but ask me sometime about a roadtrip to Lethbridge and some locals trying to get tough with Tony at closing time. Here is the only image I can find of Big T from google. It's his facebook profile pic.

I have good days and I have bad days, but I've learned that I've been able to control the outcomes through my actions. Treat people as you'd want to be treated. NEVER be reckless with other people's feelings. Think through everything you do and the potential consequences and you'll always do alright. Life is simple. Keep it simple and you'll do okay.


Saturday, June 13, 2009

West Ed Mall Blogging.

I'm on the road with the Swift Current Indians ball team doing play by play. Last night in Okotoks, tonite in Edmonton. Right now I'm chillin' at West Edmonton Mall. Taking a break from the madness of it all for a quick update.

The Tribe was denied victory by the baseball gods lastnight in Okotoks. The Dawgs hit some bleeders and the Tribe booted the ball around to the tune of a 6-3 Dawgs win. They try again tonight in Edmonton. Its on the Eagle and Swift Current Online at 6:50.

I have set up and e-mail account for you to e-mail the broadcast directly. I'm going interactive with the broadcast this year. Listen and e-mail your thoughts on the game, comments, questions...or just your name and where you're listening from. Its all good.

Off to the Roller Coaster.


Monday, June 08, 2009

Monday Afternoon Quickie

Just finished another round of Xbox 360 hockey vs. Joe Carnahan, coach of the Swift Current Indians. The best of 99 summer series is now tied at 1 after a 4-1 team Canada win. It was a good chance to chat about the Swift Current Indians. Lots of pop in the bats this year. I was kind of concerned about a red hot June sometimes translating into a very average August...but we didn't discuss that in too much depth.

He's in a tough spot. Winning is expected in Swift Current. Harv Martinez built the legacy and Joe looks to be maintaining it nicely.

I'm enjoying the comments section on Keen's blog. I've always been a supporter of Dean Chynoweth's, but I've never been to his cabin...or been treated to a round of golf with him...or even had him buy me a drink.

Wait a minute...


I've always respected both of them. I don't have a Team Deano or Team Habber shirt. I hope they both do well...but I'll still be cheering for Swift whenever they play Chilliwack.

David Carradine. Amazing life...embarassing death.

I'm amazed at how many weight loss/get fit fads their are out there. Personally I would recommend the Lyris Cappelle program, but I think the secret to getting fit is to find a decent plan and just stick to it. You will sweat, you will feel the burn, and it will be worth it.


Sunday, June 07, 2009

A Post by Request...

you are ripping someone for a laptop at a grocery store. why would that bother you to the point of actually writing about it and assuming that the person had some agenda of trying to be important. there are so many scenarios that you are not even considering. maybe he had a download going on and his mom needed something and he didn't say no. maybe he is watching a stock trade and couldn't be unavailable for even a second. perhaps he was doing market research for the company and the data had to go in the laptop instantly. who knows. my question is why does this bother you? lots of things seem to. maybe you need to turn that spotlight towards yourself and ask who is seeking attention? you blog almost every mundane detail of your life. take a picture of that.

Okay...Here is that picture.

and now, every detail of my mundane life...For Sunday June 7th 2009.

8:01 am: Wake up on my Futon. Lay there half awake, half asleep until...

8:10 am: My Son emerges from my bedroom to say good morning. He makes his way to my laptop and loads up Spongebob videos on youtube.

8:12 am: My Daughter wakes up. She asks for a bowl of corn pops.

8:14 am: I serve my son a bowl of mini wheats and my daughter some corn pops at my kitchen table.

8:17 am: I go to my room to get dressed. I opt for a black pair of boxers, my American Eagle Jeans and because of the forecasted high of 9 degrees, a long sleeved shirt.

8:23 am: I brush my teeth. I fed myself and the kids pizza the night before...and thus, have bad morning breath.

8:27 am: I gather my week's worth of laundry into a basket.

8:40 am: I check my facebook on my Blackberry. Wow! Five comments on my status update from last night! I add another comment...and realize I miss working with Amanda Purcell and Donovan Fehr.

8:45 am: MY PHONE RINGS! It's Joe Carnahan, coach of the Swift Current Indians (shameless name drop!!!). He informs me the game this afternoon vs. Regina has been rained out. No broadcast today on The Eagle. I relay the info to Colin Powers at the station.

9:00 am: I clean up after myself and my kids from last night. I gather the kid's things and prepare to taken them to the sitter.

9:15-10:40am: Hang out with the kids until I take them to the sitter.

10:40am: Take kids to the sitter...take my laundry to the Laundry Basket

11:00am: Get gas a the Southside Coop. Have old man jokingly ask me if the Swift Current Indians are corking their bats.

noon: Go pick up my date. We got to my place. She puts some of my clothes away ands helps me tidy the place. I live like a pig.

12:30: We eat cold leftover pizza for lunch.

1pm: We watch 'Rocky Balboa' on DVD. She cries in several parts. Parts of the show show still choke me up as well. First time seeing it for her, 37th for me.

3:15pm: I drop my date off at her place while I go do some work at the station.

4pm: I pick up my laundry and my date. We got get ice coffees from Tim's drive thru.

4:30 pm: Back at my place, she fills the bird feeder on my patio while I eat more cold pizza

5:15 pm: She gets a text message from Sure Fit Denture Clinic Chompers coach Curt Hill informing us our slo-pitch game has been rained out.

5:20 pm: We decide to go to early show of Terminator Salvation.

6:50 to 8:48 pm: We watch Terminator Salvation. Christian Bale was good enough, but Sam Worthington is going to be a huge Hollywood star. This was his movie. Sam Worthington is going to be Hugh Jackman, Mel Gibson, Russell Crowe big.

There were a few more things than that, but I just put the mundane stuff in there.


Thursday, June 04, 2009

Almost Friday

The picture below is fuzzy...and troubling. Are we really at a point where someone can't take time away from their laptop to FEED themselves? This pic was snapped at Nutter's. What project is SO important that you have to rig up a portable office on a shopping cart?

A glowing example of efficiency or 'just trying to look important'?

Master Dater

An anonymous poster asked for my thoughts on 'dating in Swift Current'.

I haven't done a tonne of "dating" per se. I do think I have a decent grasp of human nature, and I've actually been seeing someone for awhile now. The new few paragraphs have been formulated through my own experiences and those of my close friends.

If I was looking for a date...I would not complain about Swift Current's lack of options.

I would do stuff. Find a slo-pitch team to play on, get a gym membership join a club, find as many ways as possible to get out with other human beings. I would NOT be combing bars looking my soul mate...and as I said in an earlier post, I would not be a keyboard warrior on 'plenty of fish'.

For guys, I firmly believe in the power of 'self'. If you get out in a social setting and appear relaxed, confident, fun and even show a hint of arrogance, you will get dates. Women will approach you. Don't you dare say "there's no good available women in Swift Current". There are LOTS. You're not looking in the right place. Get out of your comfort zone. Try a different grocery store. There is selection. The only crappy thing about Swift Current dating is you ALWAYS run into someone's ex boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse or booty call. No way around it, so when it happens, acknowledge it, and move on.

Don't be someone you're not. If your date doesn't like you for who you are, she's not good enough for you. If you're not a fun, relaxed confident should be. You're awesome, and really, what's to be stressed about?

I would get a tan. You don't have to be orange like Hulk Hogan, but a little brown is good, and honestly, a little vitamin D from a tanning bed is healthy. Don't make yourself leather! Just add a little spice.

If you're a woman who is dating...or wanting to date, the same rules about getting out of the house apply to you. I would suggest that you play the field until you find a guy that excites you, stimulates you mentally and physically and who DOESN'T WORSHIP YOU. You will tire of a guy who puts you on a pedestal and gives you flowers once a week "just because". Be cautious of these types. Most guys who spoil women are doing so for a reason, be it guilt of affairs or to make up for feeling inadequate in some way. You don't want a guy who feels inadequate, you want a manastic caveman who will pull you away from your girls night to curl your toes.

I would encourage you not to settle and just fire up a serious relationship because you are expected to be married or because your "biological clock is ticking". I realize that's the advice of a small market radio blogger vs. nature...but I'm just going by what I've seen and learned.

As per usual, if you feel I'm out to lunch, feel free to leave a comment. Happy hunting.

Old School Rasslin'

I found this vid the other day. I know I have readers who:

a) Love wrestling

b) Are in broadcasting.

This vid is good for both. It features the legendary Dr. D David Schultz, who once upon a time wrestled in Swift Current, showing why wrestling was great in the 80's and boring nowadays by comparison. It also shows a sports broadcasting icon before his was famous losing it and unable to stay on task. Wrestling may be choreographed and scripted, but I love to see elements of realism like this bleed into the show.

I'm guessing this interview may have had a hand in the death of Dr. D's career in the big leagues. With the political pull Hulk Hogan earned in the wrestling world, I can't imagine he'd help out a guy who obviously went off the cuff with comments like that.


Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Pictured Above, World Women's Arm Wrestling Champion Lori Pow who is milliseconds away from defeating local DJ and lazy blogger, Ryan Switzer.

Blogger Foreshadowing

I'm back in the Magic 97 Morning show full time and solo. June is a very busy month around the station. Between my duties here, numerous on location radio station appearances, being the worlds greatest Dad and staying in as good as shape as my body will let me the blog has taken a backseat.

I always make time to work out in the afternoon...but my arm hasn't felt the same since I got destroyed by Lori Pow, the world women's arm wrestling I'm taking a few days away from the Training Zone. So I'll blog later.

Someone requested a blog post about "dating in Swift Current". An odd topic that I certainly don't consider myself an expert on...but you asked for it.

Check back for a post in the next day, and this blog will help you FIND LOVE...or at least someone to go see a movie with.