Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Stanley Cup Parade Route?

BRING HOME THE CUP!!! Plus other NHL Randoms

I enjoyed listening to Calgary Flames radio on The Eagle 94-1 last week. We picked up the feed of The Fan 960 in Calgary and listened to the legendary voice of the Flames, Peter Maher.

Something that surprised me was the amazing number of sponsor plugs that a legend like Peter Maher was forced to read during the broadcast. Radio in 2009 is all about the money. Product over profit is becoming a thing of the past in broadcasting. This isn't me complaining about the state of media, it's fact. If you want to be the most valuable announcer at the station you work at, be the one who generates the most ideas for features that can be sponsored and generate cash.

A few playoff Switzervations:

-I liked the Carolina/New Jersey series. Last second drama, two good teams, and a cameo by Ric Flair. WOOOOOO! Ric Flair is suddenly going bald at an alarming rate! WOOOOOOO!

-Which team will win the cup? The one that wants to the most. Which team has the most players who don't have their mind on the off-season? The beautiful golf courses, the nights at the cabin, the extra time with family and water skiing? The team with the most players who are willing to spend their May battling on the corners and blocking shots is going to win. Everyone is as skilled as everyone else. Anaheim wanted round 1... San Jose wanted it too, they just didn't want to try that hard to do it.

-You know who won't win? Detroit. No they won't! Have you heard the kind of shape Detroit is in? In the last year, more than 1 million people have left the city and surrounding area. I saw a news story about a guy supplements his pension by hunting wild animals in downtown Detroit and selling the meat. People in the Motor City are living off RACCOON MEAT! Gangs and crime run the streets. Detroit has become a real life Mad Max movie.

You're telling me a team full of vets who have already won a couple Stanley Cups and have nothing left to prove are gonna hang around that town for another month? They're going to put off relaxation at the lake with friends and family to drive through the set of 'I am Legend' to get to the rink?

Ducks in six...and the coaches and players on the Wings won't mind that at all.

My lunch break is over...back to the radio grind!


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Be a Facebook Hot Commodity ***UPDATED WITH PHOTO***

I use my lunch break to blog. Only free time I have. Trying to get to all the subjects I said I would write about last week.

Today is all about crackbook!

Everyone is on Facebook...everyone who matters really. In Saskatchewan more than 250,000 people routinely update their status, upload photos, creep, poke, find out what Muppet they are most like and waste hours upon hours on the site.

250,000! One in four people in the 306! The only people who aren't are small children and most of our grandparents.

I study people, I surf the sight and I see many single people using Facebook in futility to try and hook up with people or start a relationship.

I'm not going from my own experiences, I'm not claiming to be an expert, but I think I have the formula figured out to 'how to make yourself look attractive' on Facebook'.

This is more for guys, but there may be something the lasses could use as well.

1. Profile Picture.

When selecting a profile pic, go with one of three options.

a) The 'I'm popular with cool people pic'. A shot of you and your buddies having fun. Not you and your Guitar Hero champ with a mustard stain on the shirt friend. If you have good looking male friends, post a pic with them. Even if you aren't the best looking cowboy at the rodeo, this shows girls that you associate yourself with good company and aren't boring.

***UPDATE*** By request, my version of the I'm Popular with Cool People Pic...

b) The 'other girls like me' pic. A picture with you and other females. One of the world's most unfortunate double standards is that a girl surrounded by guys is wrong, but a guy surrounded by girls is a stud. I don't like it but it's society, so as a guy, use it. A picture with you and a group of girls illustrates that you aren't a creep and that women are into you. No one needs to know they are really the staff at the Redcliff Strip Club. Don't post a pic of you and only one female, then people will think she's your girlfriend.

c)The 'I've been to cool places' pic. A picture of you in front of the Statue of Liberty, at the foot of a beautiful waterfall, in front of the Eiffel get the idea. Somewhere that would lead people to believe you are worldly. Something that may lead people to leave a comment and start a conversation.

If you're trying to use Facebook to hook up with someone...NEVER just take a picture of your eye, or use a pic of your cat or your car as a profile pic. People will wonder what you're hiding and assume insecurity. A chubby confident person is almost always sexier than a skinny person with self esteem issues. YES THEY ARE!

Update your profile pic often.

2. ______ has tagged you in a photo.

Get a decent digital camera, take it with you where you go and take pics of people (while not looking like a creep). Tag them. This will get traffic to your page as people cannot resist the urge to look at themselves and their friends.

3. Interests

Fill 'em out and be honest. Don't leave out anything. If people don't like you for who you really are, they're not good enough for you.

4. Relationship Status

Some people think it's sexy and mysterious to have their relationship status as "It's Complicated".

It's not. If you want to use Facebook to get some lovin' or find a relationship you're status should be single or nothing. Don't even bother to fill out the "looking for..." option.

5. Phone Number

Don't put your number on Facebook! You might as well write it in a gas station bathroom stall. It looks desperate. People can write on your wall, message you, poke you, throw sheep at you...the point is if they want to contact you, they can through Facebook. Exchanging phone numbers can happen later.

Go alter your page accordingly. Let me know how it works for you.

...and write on someone's wall too...then they will write on yours. A full wall = popular person and people are attracted to popular people.


Monday, April 27, 2009

The Update You Haven't Been Waiting For...

As a proud Canadian there is NOTHING I LOVE MORE than tuning into American TV shows and hearing US broadcasters slamming all of Canada for the acts of drunken Montrealers. That was the case on the show 'Pardon the Interruption'. They were all over "Canada" for booing the US anthem. The dreaded "if they ever get in trouble we'll be the first country they turn to for help" line was brought up. I'm not sure what other ESPN type show I was watching at the gym this weekend, but some US broadcasters are still talking about "classless Canadians" even though Montreal has been dispatched to the golf course by Boston.

It happened in Quebec. Canada has different attitudes across the country. Look at the States. You have party central in New England, crazy cajuns in Louisiana, the old folks home known as Florida...and Texans.

Saying all of Canada is disrespectful is like saying all of the US are ***holes like Texans.

Just going by stereotypes...I'm sure there are many nice people from the Lone Star state. From what I've seen people from New York will say "I Love New York", people from Texas say, "I'm from Texas...eff you!" Don't paint everyone from sea to shining sea with the same brush.

...and I'm sure the US would have our back if push came to shove, but honestly, what kind of international trouble does Canada get in? Americans forget Canada's role in both world wars and Afghanistan too. Nothing flashy, no "shock and awe"...but like a solid wingman, always there to help out however we can.

If this sounds like a US bashing blog, that isn't my intent. In past few years they have suffered a huge terrorist attack against them, gone to a war most of the country doesn't believe in and have lost more than a thousand soldiers. Plus their economy bottomed out.

The US has been kicked in the guts for the last decade...and like a good wingman we as Canadians should be there for them however we can...Let's start by not booing their anthem...EVER!

..and Quebec...Canada's rebellious middle child. Always crying for attention and wanting to run away from home. If Quebec was a person, it would be the young adult that is in it's 7th year of university on Mom and Dad's dollar that parties every night and brings home a different, easy girl at closing time. The rest of the family is solid, but Quebec always shows up drunk at family get-togethers and embarrasses everyone.

In fact at a family reunion, everyone would look like this.

BC. The intellectual hippee type that plants trees every summer and wants marijuana legalized...and has solid arguments why it should be. She's done their research. BC is female, but doesn't shave her legs. She has tattoos.

Alberta, the loud uncle that drives an F-150 that doesn't make it to a lot of reunions cause he's always on call or in Vegas. Thinks Ontario is a stuck up bitch.

Saskatchewan, the quiet, glasses wearing guy in his early 30's that makes decent cash working for a farm chemical company. No one understands what he does for a living.

Manitoba, The unemployed out of shape cousin that just got laid off. Shows up with a six pack of beer and claims to be writing a book or starting a band.

Ontario, the yuppie in a BMW who is ignoring everyone cause her black berry keeps going off. Doesn't really want to be there cause her neighbor, the US, is having a party that night. Ontario has a crush on the US, but the US doesn't return her calls.

The Maritimes. The single mom family consisting of a hard working mother who cuts loose and gets drunk at family reunions and two kids who generally behave well.

Newfoundland. Couldn't make it to the reunion cause it's too expensive to get there. No one knows much about what's happening with Newfoundland. He never calls and don't have a facebook page.

That's all I have for now. I promised other's on the way. Regardless of the weather...BBQ'd Hot Dogs at my apartment tonight!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009


There will be an actual update on the way. One where I will sit and type a few paragraphs. Subjects will include, but are not limited to:

-America vs. Canada, why we're better...but why they are not bad.

-Quebec...Canada's middle child.

-How to use your Facebook page to make you more attractive.

-(for radio people)Things I've learned from listening to Calgary Flames games on the radio/how to succeed at your station.

-(for people who are inept in the kitchen) Spaghetti...easier than it looks.

-Movie Reviews...and even though you've sworn off movie reviews RP, you'll read every word of 'em. Yes you will. You can't help it, I'm just that intriguing!

-Speaking of said blogger, I want my name in his comments section about as much as I want it on a bottle of gonorrhea medication. As a reader of my blog and his, you owe me nothing, but please do me a solid and keep me away from that corner of the web. It's what we both want.

...and don't leave any gonorrhea jokes in the comments section. Never had it, never plan on getting it. I did have mono and it was the best week of rest in my life.


Monday, April 20, 2009

To My US Readers

I'm just watching the beginning of Montreal/Boston game three of the NHL playoffs in Montreal. Pretty loud booing during the US anthem. For my American visitors, please know that most of Canada and Montreal seem to have a different set of values. That would not happen in most Canadian cities.


Saturday, April 18, 2009

This Blog...

I have no idea who reads this blog. It used to be an extension of my Bronco color commentary duties with lots of WHL talk. I had a pretty good idea who was reading then. Sports on this blog shows up now and then, but for the most part not anymore.

So who is reading this?

I ask this because I got some heated e-mails about my Roger Millions post below and my posting of profanity. I thought this blog was being read mostly by my friends and people my age and gender, but the demographs that this blog reaches surprises me.

I'm sorry for the posting of profanity. I figured this blogs readership ended at a few of my drinking buddies. I never plug this thing on the radio and don't market it.

So do me a favor. Hit the comment section and tell me your age and gender. Post your name or stay anonynous, but let me know. Just as simple as "male 32" or "female 55". I'm still going to write what I want, but if the majority of my readers are female aged 25-65, that will change some of my language and such...and maybe some of the content.

Fill the comments!


Friday, April 17, 2009

Blooper ***UPDATED***

As you'll see by attempting to watch this video, it was yanked by the Powers That Be.

I was Roger Millions being the victim of a lazy editor and broadcasting a naughty curse word. I'm mot going to bother re-posting. I do agree with some people that the language is not appropriate for this blog. There is pushing the envelope and there is filth. I'll try to stay away from the latter.

The funny thing is every broadcaster has a story where something like this has happened. Once upon a time, this blogger was accidentally put over Eagle 94.1 airwaves singing an expletive laden version of the Oak Ridge Boys 'Elvira'. When something like this happens, it is very seldom the fault of the on air talent. Don't haterize on Roger Millions...we all use cuss words. His only mistake was having enough trust in the people who produced this segment to swear around them.

Separated at Birth?

Kelowna Rockets enforcer Ryley Grantham (photo from

and Edgar from the movie Men In Black

It's uncanny...


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

NHL Draft Night

Playoff poolsters are getting their teams in order tonite. The radio station is having its playoff draft. We pick;

9 forwards
4 d-men
1 goalie
1 Series MVP (a player who earns bonus points. Awarded for someone who injures the other team's star player)

Is Ulf Samuelsson available? Regan Bartel, who should I pick? Haha!

No disrespect intended towards Regan...just as he meant no disrepect here.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Creeps at Office Hurt Morale

I yanked this from CTV's website. It's an interesting story, but way too lengthy a read. If you don't want to sit through the entire story, scroll down and I'll sum it up for you.

Sexual jokes at work fun for some, but hurt morale
Updated Sat. Apr. 11 2009 7:07 AM ET

Andrea Janus, News

Flirting or telling a lewd joke around the water cooler may win you popularity points with some of your co-workers, but such behaviour actually lowers overall workplace morale, Canadian researchers say.

A study that included nearly 300 subjects found that 60 per cent of respondents experienced some form of sexual behaviour -- such as flirting, sexual jokes or sexual innuendo -- in the workplace.

About one quarter of those employees said they viewed such behaviour positively.

However, regardless of whether employees enjoyed a little sexually-charged banter, workers were more likely to withdraw from work, feel depressed or feel less valued simply by being exposed to sexual behaviour.

The findings were largely replicated in a second survey of more than 1,000 subjects.

The results surprised the researchers, according to study co-author Jennifer Berdahl, who expected to find negative psychological effects only among those who did not enjoy such behaviour.

"We were expecting that people who enjoyed this behaviour at work and experienced it frequently would show some kind of a bounce," Berdahl told "You would think that something that is enjoyed and experienced frequently would also help improve things, like your commitment to your job, feeling valued at work or social bonding with your co-workers."

Berdahl, an associate professor of organizational behaviour at the University of Toronto's Rotman School of Management, conducted the research alongside Karl Aquino of the University of British Columbia's Sauder School of Business.

According to Berdahl, even if some co-workers enjoy sexual behaviour, the attitudes of their less-receptive colleagues could bring down overall workplace morale.

Moreover, sexual behaviour could act almost as a "stealth poison," whereby it negatively impacts workers indirectly or on a subconscious level.

"We thought that if this is just inappropriate behaviour, even if it's fun or flattering, it could serve as a sort of stealth poison. That is, directly but at a subconscious or implicit level, negatively affecting people by bringing up themes of dominance and submission or vulnerability and shame," Berdahl said.

"Sexuality is a very private matter. You don't know what people's histories are or what it's evoking for them when a sexual joke is told in the workplace."

Indeed, the themes of dominance or shame are supported when the statistics are divided along gender lines.

The researchers found that about half of men reported enjoying such behaviour, compared to only 10 per cent of women.

That was of little surprise to the researchers, who wrote in their paper that men are still more likely to be in positions of power within the workplace, including being in more senior jobs, being held in higher esteem by co-workers and earning more money.

"So basically, the less powerful you feel and the less you feel like you can retaliate or respond without incurring more harm, the more negative the experience is going to be," Berdahl said. "And so I think that's why we find those differences between men's and women's appraisals of the events."

On the flip side, the findings also flouted the male stereotype that men like to engage in so-called locker-room talk -- tales of their sexual exploits.

The study found that men did not like it when other men engaged in sexual behaviour around them.

"I think a lot of people assume that, 'well, if it's just us guys, anything goes,'" Berdahl said.

Despite the fact that only a minority of employees surveyed enjoyed sexual behaviour at work and that such behaviour led to overall low morale, the findings do not suggest that management should be policing conversation in the workplace, Berdahl said.

"I think it's just more sage advice for all employees in the workplace that unless you know the person really well and are absolutely certain that this is not going to offend or trigger anything negative in them, why bring it up in the workplace?" she said. "What place does it have there?"

To sum up; If you're the guy at work who punctuates sentences with "that's what she said" and chuckle when people try to use words like 'penetrate' in a serious manner, you are killing morale in your office. Only half of the guys in the office get a chuckle out of it and only one out of ten women go for that kind of humour.

So if you're a guy who is anxious to get flirtacious with your awesome Austin Powers impression...perhaps you should grow a set and just propose a get together outside of work with your target instead of annoying people who are trying to get their job done.

Take it to the Big I Romeo!


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Blogging

As my kids watch Beverly Hills Chihuahua and fade off to sleep, I hammer out a few paragraphs on the blog.

Tomorrow the kids will wake up and commence an 800 square foot Easter Egg Hunt. The Easter Bunny will need his A-game to find good hiding places in this apartment!

I went to see "Knowing" starring Nicolas Cage at the Cinema Twin last night. As Nic Cage movies go, this one is near the top of the list for good. I don't think any other actor in Hollywood has such a roller coaster for quality of movies like Nicolas Cage. Nobody has gone from awesome to 'pure crap' back to great as effortlessly as Nicolas Cage. The problem with some of his movies is he says 'yes' to horrible scripts and good ones pass him by.

Did you know Nicolas Cage was supposed to be Randy "the Ram" Robinson in The Wrestler? The director realized just before shooting that Mickey Rourke would be a better choice, so he asked Cage to step aside. Instead of good superhero scripts like The Dark Knight and Iron Man, he ends up with Ghost Rider. Once upon a time he was supposed to be Superman, but time passed by and a younger Christopher Reeve look-a-like named Brandon Routh got the gig and killed that franchise.

The clock is ticking on Cage's career as a leading man. Clive Owen, Dwayne (don't call me 'The Rock') Johnson, and Christian Bale are getting all the gigs Cage would get if he wasn't starting to show his age more and more with each film. Nic Cage is from the Coppola family, and no matter how bad the script or character he became that character. Heath Ledger was praised for literally becoming The Joker. Nicolas Cage has done that for more than 70 movies in his career. Early in his career he even had his front teeth knocked out for a role.

He kept his body in amazing shape, he probably did his share of partying, but he stayed out of rehab, stayed out of prison and controversy, gave his soul for every role and at least at one point...has entertained you. Yes he has. For every craptastic Wicker Man, we got the awesomeness of Face Off.

Go see Knowing. It's not his best...its not that great a movie, but it's well worth the admission. There are some VERY powerful scenes and its going to be one of the last chances to see a true Hollywood great before he is brushed aside for younger, harder bodied emerging actors making twice as much as Nicolas Cage ever did for half the effort.

Thumbs up for 'Knowing'. Thumbs up to Nic Cage's career. Thumbs up to the best hair piece since Ted Danson on 'Cheers'.

This is also the first movie I've ever seen in a theatre that I literally NEVER saw a trailer or a commercial for. That really added to the experience. Not having cable TV has been a wonderful thing. I could easily afford it now...but my brain has never felt better and sharper.

NHL Draft

I'm loading up on Canucks. They'll ride Luongo past at least the first round and I should probably be able to get most of their top six forwards. No one else will want them.


Friday, April 10, 2009

Isn't Every Friday a 'Good Friday'?

Lovin' the day off. I'll be at the station to do some "voice tracking" later today. For people outside the radio biz, "voice tracking" is what allows radio stations to run on fewer disc jockeys...

Cause radio executives HATE paying jocks. We're all hippie slackers who take airtime away from commercials.

The movie Watchmen has come and gone in theatres, but the foundation for a solid film career was built. Pictured above is the character "Rorschach" played by Jackie Earle Haley, who is pictured without the mask below.

He stole the show in Watchmen and as predicted has another huge acting job lined up. Someone must have thought he looked good in a fedora, because his next role has been confirmed.

He'll be Freddy Krueger in the new Nightmare On Elm Street series. This is good for him as he'll get a steady stream of paycheques for being Freddy and royalties from merchandise to keep him going forever. Sadly, because of the comfort and financial spinoffs from the Freddy gig, he won't need to do any other movies anymore. Good news/bad news for fans of his work.


Thursday, April 09, 2009

Bronco Hall of Fame

I was just asked to host the 2009 Bronco Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Details are still being ironed out and more info will be released soon. I'm not sure who is going lets speculate!

Trevor/Darren Kruger: The Kruger twins were both big parts of the 1989 Memorial Cup win. Darren had 87 assists that year (2nd only to Terry Ruskowski in the Bronco record book) and he set up the Memorial Cup winning goal. Trevor was the starting goaltender that year, and while his 4+ goals against average certainly isn't Hall of Fame material the game was different then, and he did make the big saves when the game was on the line.

Tim Tisdale: 139 points including 82 assists in 1989. Scored the memorial cup winning goal. Years later would replace jack-ass Ryan Switzer as Eagle 94-1 color analyst for Bronco hockey.

Trent McCleary: Team Captain of the 1993 WHL Championship winning team. 278 games as a Bronco

Geoff Sanderson: 198 games played as a Bronco. 111 goals, 122 assists, 233 points. A rookie on the 1989 Mem Cup team.

Kimbi Daniels: 206 games, 127 goals, 146 assists, 273 points as a Bronco. Scored tieing goal in the 1989 Memorial Cup Final to force overtime. A Rookie on the mem cup team.

Sheldon Kennedy: All off ice history aside, played on 1989 Mem Cup team scoring 58 goals that year. 160 games as a Bronco, 134 goals, 153 assists, 287 points! I'm pretty sure I'm correct in saying Sheldon is also the all team leader in Bronco points per game for players playing more than three seasons. 1.79 points per game as a Bronco over three years (Joe Sakic had 2.15ppg and Jason Krywulak was 1.83ppg, but they only played two seasons).

Joe Sakic: No brainer he'll go in someday. Depends on his schedule...maybe this summer?

Jason Krywulak: Played on the 1993 WHL championship team. Single season points record for the Bronco franchise with 162 and also holds the club record for goals with 81 that season.

Peter Kasowski: 170 games, 110 goals, 138 assists, 248 points. Second in team scoring on the 1989 Memorial Cup team, tied for team lead in goals with 58 that year too. Very high trade value was used to get Andy Schneider to the Broncos in in a roundabout way he had a hand in both the 89 Mem Cup win and the 1993 WHL title.

Lorne Frey: Assistant coach and GM from 1986 to 1991. Had a big hand in building the 1989 team. Short stature provided comedy material for all Bronco banquets in that time period.

Who did I miss?


Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The 306 to be THUNDERSTRUCK!!!

August 24th, Mosaic Stadium... It's happening!


Tuesday, April 07, 2009

One for the Rasslin' Fans

You won't find too many guys aged 30 and over in Western Canada that don't have a favorite memory of Stampede Wrestling.

Most of mine involved the Zodiac and his mindless disciple, Jason The Terrible. The Zodiac had this cult leader type gimmick were he and his followers acted in the name of "Luke".

Every time the Zodiac and Jason did a promo, they used a different setting on the camcorder they filmed it on. Re-live the Brilliance Below.

Fun Facts about The Zodiac and Jason:

The Zodiac was portrayed by Barry Orton. His nephew Randy would go on to headline Wrestlemania 25.

Jason was played by Karl Moffat. In the late 80's, Moffat's "Jason" gimmick caught the eye of Vince McMahon. Vince loved the idea of an agile big man doing a horror movie type gimmick. Moffat was offered a job by Vince and was ready to be called up to the WWF. Sadly, Moffat's wrestling career was cut short from an injury in a car accident shortly before he could make his debut. Legend says Davey Boy Smith was driving.

So Vince went and hired plan B...with the agile, unstoppable monster gimmick in mind.

Karl Moffat even invented the top rope walk that has been an Undertaker staple for the last couple decades.


ET Case Put on Hold...AGAIN!!!

Taken from a credible Regina news source. No plea entered in the Eric Tillman case...the case has been adjourned until April 21st.

Why? The reason is something like 'the defense requested the adjournment to better build their case' or some legal BS.

OK. What does that mean?

Have you ever used the services of a lawyer before? They charge hundreds of dollars to answer questions. They'll bill you fifty to a hundred bucks just to send a fax. Two hundred bucks to make a thirty second phone call on your behalf. The crown prosecutor has no case and Tillman's lawyer, this Aaron Fox, knows it. He's making sure this case takes as looooong as possible. This way he gets another few weeks of free advertising with his name on the news AND he gets to keep racking up Tillman's legal bill. Those big houses in Regina are expensive!

Of course the judge will grant an adjournment. I'm not sure how a judge is financially compensated, but I can't imagine they get paid bonuses for a speedy trial. The meter is running for all involved.

Here is my prediction of how this case will end,

The Losers;

The Saskatchewan Roughriders, the "victim" (many claim the family didn't even want to press charges), Eric Tillman's reputation and Regina city police's reputation for trying to snag a big fish and coming up with this useless case.

The Winners;

Any lawyer involved with these kangaroo court proceedings.

If I'm way off base please e-mail me or leave a comment, but I don't think I'm saying anything too outrageous or untrue.


Monday, April 06, 2009

It Sure is Monday...

Blog Poll...

What prominent Swift Current Vehicle would you rather see your daughter in?

The Sin Wagon (check the top of the windshield)?

Or the Trucker Warrior Princess?

a closer look reveals the AWESOMENESS!!!

I love spring time in Swift Current.



No, I did not watch Wrestlemania, but I will link you to someone who did.
I heard the highlights included John Cena picking up two men on is shoulders (one of which was the 500 pound Big Show) and the legendary Undertaker's match with Shawn Michaels.

I don't watch wrestling much anymore for two main reasons;

1. The performers aren't as good. The Rock, Stone Cold, Mankind were all unique personalities. Bret Hart didn't have the charisma of the three I just mentioned, but his in ring work told the story and was all the character he needed. Triple H did some good work around the turn of the century, but he's been mailing it in and collecting big paycheques ever since he married into the McMahon family. Today after the fact I don't know or care who won between Triple H and Randy Orton. I'm guessing it was the main event (main eventers get more $$$) and Vince's son in law won.

2. Wrestling needs steroids. When wrestling was jacked up athletes performing amazing feats of athleticism, it was fun to watch. With the death/suicide of Chris Benoit came the WWE taking their drug testing policy seriously. What used to be a show of gods among men is now two guys in semi good shape play fighting.

John Cena is totally on roids though. When you're the big shot in the company, the suits turn the other way when it comes to substance abuse.


Looking like that is a full time job of nutrition and a couple of visits to the gym per day. This guy is on the road for 300 days a year wrestling, doing talk shows, making movies and all that other PR work.

Don't you dare pollute the comments section to say he has "good genes" either.

Studies Prove what Old Schoolers Already Know

An Ontario wide study shows that as kids enter adulthood they lack maturity and feel entitled to good grades and rewards.

No kidding!

Lets give everyone a ribbon and take the ability to discipline away from teachers.

It's a good eye opening read.

Check it here

And for what I believe is a prophetic look at where we as a society are going...check this.


Saturday, April 04, 2009

Saturday Stuff, Negrin and the Dome

Very cool that John Negrin saw NHL action last night after playing what was likely his last WHL game in Swift on Tuesday. His Calgary Flames sadly lost 4-0 to the Minnesota Wild. Negrin got just over 4 mins in the game. He got his first NHL shot on goal on Nicklas Backstrom on his first shift after taking his first hit from NHL hit leader Cal Clutterbuck. It was Calgary's 2nd shot on goal. Way to get the puck on goal Negs! He took his first big league holding penalty on James Sheppard in the second period which did not result in a power play goal. He was not on the ice for any Wild goals. He wore #61.

I found it interesting that Negrin got the call from Quad City instead of former Kootenay/Saskatoon stand out Brad Cole, former Kelowna Rocket Brett Palin and former Tiger Gord Baldwin who have been waiting for that opportunity all year in the AHL. Next year's Flames training camp could be interesting for Negrin.

Regina citizens and bloggers REALLY want a new domed stadium now that Winnipeg got the greenlight for a new home for the Bombers. I'm sure it WILL happen in Regina. Aside from it being a really good idea for Regina and the province, lets look at the cast involved; (none of which will wimp out and hold a referendumb like Moose Jaw city council)

Pat Fiacco. Outspoken Mayor through Regina's major growth of the last decade. Charasmatic, sports fan, right wing kind of guy. Strong convictions. He wants this the same way Vespasian wanted the Colosseum. A monument to his awesomeness and love of Regina that will stand the test of time.

Brad Wall. Premier of Saskatchewan which has the strongest ecomony on the continent. Seemingly a little more analytical than Pat Fiacco but probably wants this stadium just as bad. His first acts as Premier were a Grey Cup wager with the Premier of Manitoba and encouraging the province to wear green. He has waited his whole life to be premier, he is calculating and making sure all the ducks are in a row. Like Fiacco this is his dynasty too. Alberta never built a major domed stadium in their boom, so Brad would love to one-up them. YES YOU WOULD BRAD! :)

The Saskatchewan Economy. The timing is right. People in Saskatchewan don't just dive head first into big endeavors like this though. All the people involved want to make sure we're not left with a big white Manitoba will be in ten years with their new stadium.

...and they will be. People in Manitoba are lazy. They are just a few miles away from moving into the hottest economy and job market in North America...but why do that when they have the welfare cheque coming in and a case of Standard Lager in the fridge?

I'm generalizing. I don't think everyone in Manitoba is lazy like that...Hard working people in Manitoba are plentiful...but outnumbered. YES YOU ARE! Take a look around you and think about joining your own kind here in Sask. We'll let you keep your Bomber jersey...we'll just politely riducule on labor day and playoff time.

I'm off to take the kids to the park today, and then it is PREP time for the Oil Wives Spring Fling Fashion show that I'm hosting later. I'll be sure to keep the crowd updated on the NHL scores.


Thursday, April 02, 2009

Today I visited The Swift Current Hutterite Colony.

The kids are over tonight, so you get this half assed update. Back tomorrow with something of substance.


Wednesday, April 01, 2009


I'm scrambling to put this together. This seems unreal, but a large and unidentified creature was photographed in the Swift Current Creek. Southside residents claimed to have seen a 15 foot animal in the creek.

I snapped this pic of divers looking for the beast just moments ago just off Riverside park.

All I can say is wow. Local hoteliers are already claiming to be getting calls from Scotland and the Okanagan. People studying the Ogopogo and Nessie are on flights as we speak.

I don't know what to make of this. Life making sense? Keep your eyes on the creek!