Friday, November 28, 2008

Blogging by Request...

It was nice to get your thoughts on what I could blog about...lets get to it!

Who are you again? Or who do you think you are might be the better question.

Just a guy with a handful of people who read his blog...that's all.

Remember the post about attracting female attention when walking into a bar? How about a sequel, except direct it to us married guys, and make it about keeping our wife happy!

Thanks for the love KJ. Glad to see you're keeping the Hat airwaves safe. My suggestion for married dudes who want to keep things spicy for the missus is DO SOMETHING UNPREDICTABLE. Have you never done the dishes??? DO THE DISHES. Do you never go out...TAKE HER OUT...and find the sitter. Wives work hard to keep the household running, so take some of her duties off her plate. They say the ultimate fantasy for a women is to be with two guys at the same is cooking and one is cleaning...HA!

Now don't go doing everything and turning into an emasculated wimp. Manly men are attractive...just help out and take care of some of her duties. Don't brag about it after and look for approval. It's all about the little things.

Blog about Swift Current.

Right now Swift Current is growing...and it's going through puberty. It's awkward and hasn't grown into it's body yet. It has acne, and is clumsy.

The casino opening up has everyone worried about losing employees and has cost people human resources, we have a labor shortage, our traffic can't keep up with the growth (although I hear plans are FINALLY being made for the 1 and 4 intersection) and the Broncos and the city are pissed at each other about March of 2010. I love this city, but right now it is a 14 year old boy trying to find itself.

But we still have the best hockey fans in the world. We did an AWESOME job if hosting the ADT game. I boo'd Colten Teubert. So did all the "classless" people sitting around me. See you all in hell! Haha!


How about the Broncos getting the boot from the iplex

Your favorite wrestlers / finishing moves of all-time.

Best places to eat in Swift (didn't you do a survey once with best burger etc.

Broncos getting the boot: The Broncos are getting screwed. Plain and simple. Anyone who thinks that a week of curling even equals a sliver of the economics the Broncos bring to the city needs their head examined. I'm not sure what the procedure should have been, but right now someone from the city needs to hold a press conference and just say "sorry, we messed up. How can we help now?"

Don't get me wrong, the World Women's Curling Championships are great for our city and I'm proud to reside here because of it. We have a facility to be proud of that should host events like that...but not at the expense of the reason we have the nice facility.

Favorite Wrestlers/Finishers: Undertaker, the Tombstone Piledriver. The Taker is a true phenom. 6'10, blessed with the athleticism of a guy half his size and still going in his late 40's. The Tombstone was great in that it ALWAYS meant the end for his opponent, yet the Taker made it look real and, to my knowledge, never legitimately injured anyone. He needs to quit wearing mascara though...scary enough without it.

Sid Vicious, the Powerbomb. Another guy who stood 6'10. Getting lifted 6'10 in the air and being thrown hard on your back. Devastating. In his prime, who didn't love Sid? He went dumb late in his career though.

Razor Ramon, the Razor's Edge. Scott Hall, like Sid Vicious went batty and battled addictions late in his career, but in his prime he was a 6'7, 290 pound fake Mexican with gold and machismo. The Razor's Edge was innovative and devastating. I say Razor was one of the greatest wrestlers to never hold a World Heavyweight Title.

Bret Hart, the Sharpshooter. How many times did Bret Hart have a match where he was getting his ass kicked and he pulled it off in the end by subtly and quickly twisting his opponents legs together and making them tap out. When The Hart Foundation with Bret, Owen Hart, Brian Pillman, Davey Boy Smith and Jim the Anvil was representing Canada that was the best time to be a Canadian wrestling fan. As sad proof that the pro wrestling world is a brutal one, of the five men in the picture below (taken in 1997) only two men, Bret Hart (center) and Jim Neidhart (2nd from right), are still alive.

The British Bulldog made a fanny pack look bad ass!

Brian Pillman. Didn't really have a finisher, but he revolutionized wrestling in the late 90's before his untimely death. A guy who swore, spoke his mind and lived on the edge paved the way for the Stone Cold's and The Rock's and the John Cena's. What Pillman was became the norm in the industry. I remember watching him in Stampede Wrestling in Swift Current. Amazing athlete. Was injured in a motorcycle accident and fell into an abyss of painkillers that he never got out of.

Brian Pillman inside joke to Shane... ME TOO!!!! Haha!

Best places to eat? I did do a survey and people loved Extreme Pita. I didn't get a tonne of responses though on that one. Personally, I'm all about the food at the Brew Pub. Big Dave knows how to feed a hungry dude.

How do the Indians look next year? Is your wingman Joe Carnahan back to lead the Tribe to the title?

Joe should be back. Wouldn't surprise me if they did go all the way. Tough to say in November though. If they get some key imports to commit to one more year then look out!

You better bring back "cool things about Deano"

Even though he has NOTHING left to prove athletically, he works out like he is in his 20's and in the prime of his playing career. Show me another WHL GM who does that. YOU CAN'T!!!

Cool things about Deano, starring the leagues toughest GM, dean Chynoweth, written and produced by Ryan Switzer. did u enjoy doin color at the bronco games this weekend. Do you miss it?

I miss it, but I believe the broadcast is in a better place where it is right now. I remember being in the scout and media room before games with former NHL players, current GMs from around the league, guys who have paid their dues in the hockey world and travel with teams and asking myself "what the hell am I doing here?"

I love the gig, and most of the best memories of my radio career involve road stories with Jonny, but all in all I'm cool with being the fill in guy.

That's all I got. Make sure and get your copies of "Green Magic" by any means necessary!


Tuesday, November 18, 2008


We are approaching the Christmas season, and as the Program Director of three radio stations, life gets crazy with work and other things over the next few weeks.

So the blog suffers. To the people on the street who ask me for updates (not a tonne of them, but enough)...I ask you a favor...

The big thing stopping me from updating is taking the time to come up with things to blog about. The river of creative juices is dammed up by the demands of my 40 hour week.

So, you tell me what to blog about and I will. TV? Married life? Media? Why I don't make prank calls on the radio anymore? Movies? Politics? Sex? Relationships? Questions? Swift Current? Rumors?

Nothing is off limits. Hide behind the veil of anonymity if you choose.



Saturday, November 08, 2008

This Blog is "Very Good"...and Cake!

My blog is "very good"! Don't take my word for it:

Dear Switzer,

Our editors recently reviewed your blog and have given it a 7.9 score out of (10) in the Personal Blogs category of

This is quite an achievement!

We evaluated your blog based on the following criteria: Frequency of Updates, Relevance of Content, Site Design, and Writing Style.

After carefully reviewing each of these criteria, your site was given its 7.9 score.

Please accept my congratulations on a blog well-done!!


Amy Liu

Marketing Department

A 7.9 out of 10 today...The World Tomorrow!!!

Master Baker

My wife makes awesome cakes. Check out a Charlie Horse cake she baked for a local youngster

If she had more time, she would've put a drum in.

Rider Priders

By the time you read this, the Riders/Lions will likely be over. GO RIDERS anyway!