Friday, October 31, 2008

Me and the Champ

A blurry and hurried pic of me and World Curling Champion Jennifer Jones from this mornings Kidsport Breakfast. I was honored to be the MC of the event and enjoy a hearty breakfast with the Champ. She is a very good speaker and dazzling woman.

More blogging and Halloween stuff on the way...maybe.


Monday, October 27, 2008

My Motivation

I have that plaque in my office. It means a lot to me because the only plaque I've ever had has been on my teeth (rimshot!) In our company, we get plaques for every five years of service.

That plaque is my reminder that the world can be tough and not fair. If you look closely at the date you will see it is a five year company service award I got in December of 2005.

My radio career with the company started in December of 1994.

I won't bore you with my resume, but I left the company for awhile and returned in February of 2002.

To sum up, when I got that plaque in 2005, my total time with Golden West Radio was around 10 years. Because I left and then came back my records were difficult to track, but someone thought I should get SOMETHING so they hooked me up with a fiver, which I greatly appreciated.

But even though I put in a good ten years, I was still rewarded for only half of with no hard feelings, I took the five with the understanding that I should put in twice the effort to get the same props as everyone.

I don't even want my ten year plaque until I've worked for 20.

Movies, both Good and ROTTEN

If you want to rent a good Nicolas Cage movie, go with the one called "Next". Nic Cage plays a Vegas magician who has the unique ability to see two minutes into the future. The FBI takes notice and cool things go from there.

Now for a bad Nic Cage movie: The Wicker Man. I can honestly say it is the WORST movie I have ever seen. Worst plot, worst acting, worst reverse ending ever! I think Edmonton Eskimo fans were more entertained by this past Saturdays 55-9 Rider win, than anyone could be by The Wicker Man.

If you've seen it and you think I'm being too hard on it, do comment. I just never thought that professional actors, professional writers and pro film film makers could all team up to get such an awful product.


Today I READ to Grade five students at Central School in Swift Current...part of education week. I was assigned to read a Dr. Suess book...which has lots of crazy words and needs to be read in a rhythm to sound good. I NAILED IT!!! It was tough.

Expensive Clothes...

Check this out.

Game worn jerseys for sale from last year. Some gems that I'm surprised are still available.

Zack Smith, Geordie Wudrick, Cody Eakin just to name a few. Get them before DALE PERRY DOES!

More to follow...


Sunday, October 26, 2008


The Current is quite Swift these days thanks to INTENSE wind! Garbage dangles from trees and litters the streets!

I'm hoping for a big chunk of free time over the next few days to dedicate to the blog...and to you...the unfulfilled reader who keeps checking back.

Maybe it will be later today...maybe tomorrow after the kids go to bed and Heather is workin' at BP's...maybe later in the week...we'll see.

I also have 8 holiday days that I need to use before the end of the year. Any ideas on what I should do with them? Leave me a comment. If I don't plan anything, I don't take days off. Each year I find myself sitting at home in December burning up days off in boring and useless fashion.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Quick Thought for Sports Fans...

You know what's great about the NHL right now? Watch any hockey highlight show and name the player that gets the most face time in the league.

NHL poster boy Sidney Crosby?

The current NHL leading scorer? Can you even name who it is? It's Evgeni Malkin...I only know cause I just looked it up.

What about Nick Lidstrom closing in on 1000 career points? Surely that would get him some love with the NHL media.

Captain Roberto Luongo? He's gettin' some press, but not a tonne.

Watch any hockey highlight show...Sean Avery is getting more camera love than the rest of the league combined.

What does that say about the state of the league. A ten minute hockey highlight package seems to have at least 3 minutes of Avery content every time he plays.

And he hasn't scored a goal yet this year.

Oh yeah...The NHL is alive and well.

More later...


Monday, October 20, 2008

Last SNL Post for Awhile.

Going to be gettin' back to the local blogging soon...

This from the weekend

Say hi to ya motha for me...


Friday, October 17, 2008

More SNL Fallout

At risk of turning this into an SNL is the latest on the Mark Wahlberg talks to animals saga (scroll down for the original SNL skit).

Thanks T!

I'm thinking this is turning into a publicity stunt for SNL and Wahlberg as he has a new movie coming out.

Sarah Palin is supposed to be on SNL this weekend too.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Blue...A Fish...A Friend. May 2007-October 2008.

A pet fish dying...Something I was going to make a comedic blog post about...complete with long eulogy and cheesy "ode to a betta fish" poem. I even snapped the above picture for comedy purposes.

I knew that fish was near the end. A year and a half old, not swimming as strong as he once did. This was coming

Scoop him out, flush him...make a big phony tribute on the blog complete with mock funeral procession.

But I didn't think my son would be as upset as he was. He found Blue motionless in his aquarium...the once vibrant royal blue he was named a blueish green.

"Dad, why won't Blue move? blue dead?"

"I don't want Blue to die" the tears welling up.

He fed him everyday...what's the deal? A life lesson, hopefully one the boy learns from...hopefully one I learn from.

Blue is buried in the yard. Not the cliche flush down the toilet.

Blue, may you find unlimited clean waters and just the right amount of food wherever you are...

Whirlwind week of Traveling

OK...what I call a whirlwind week of traveling...For the WHL voices that still read average week for you.

Last Wednesday I was summoned to Estevan very last minute for some behind the scenes radio work. Estevan has many cool attractions, like a nightclub called "The Beef", people living in garden sheds due to a housing shortage, and a young population. Lots of well paying jobs in the energy sector, so in the middle of the city someone erected Saskatchewan's largest beer keg.

If you want a place to party, Estevan is it!!! Just don't expect to have a place to stay after the party...

Then on to Edmonton...

My wife's family was having a reunion. Luckily we were only a few blocks from West Edmonton Mall...and right in the middle of RONA AMBROSE COUNTRY!!!

Canadian politicians don't have the visibility of their US counterparts in this election season. Who the hell is Rona Ambrose you ask?

Some people like to compare Steve Harper to George W. If we're doing that game, then Rona Ambrose is Canada's Sarah Palin.

Not sure if her kids play hockey though...

West Ed Mall is awesome. The Waterpark, Galaxyland, the shopping, Bourbon Street, the attractions are still there and still awesome.

However, the labor shortage does affect us on many levels...

I wasn't that dirtbag that took the whole family to Hooter's under the guise of "but, honey, they have the best chicken wings..." Just snapped that pic as we walked eat at BP's.

Yes, I go all the way to Edmonton in a place with hundreds of meal choices and I choose the number 1 Bronco post game hangout.

As a side note, in the "over-communicated world" it was very nice to read up on how the Broncos did over the weekend while my wife browsed the girly clothing stores. The Crack Berry came in handy as did some timely blogging.

Thanks Keener...if you still read this. :)

Marky Mark is Pissy Pissed...

I find somethings funny that most people don't. In recent memory, one of my favorite SNL skits had nothing to do with Sarah Palin or Tina Fey, but really a two minute filler the producers obviously shoved in to make the show 90 minutes. Here it is..

I guess Mark Wahlberg saw the thing and didn't like it.

Someone showed it to me on YouTube. It wasn’t like Tina Fey doing Sarah Palin, that’s for sure. And "Saturday Night Live" hasn’t been funny for a long time. They’ve asked me to do the show a ton of times. I used to watch it when Eddie Murphy was there and Joe Piscopo and Bill Murray. I don’t even know who’s on the show now.

Found that interesting. That's all.

Rock the VOTE!

A big thanks to the plethora of people on facebook who took so much time in the last few weeks to inform me how evil Stephen Harper is. Much of facebook and myspace seems to be against a conservative majority and are encouraging people to "vote smart" which seems to be a movement to vote NDP. They're getting some publicity, mostly from the CBC. Check out the website.

The graphic of someone pooping on Stephen Harper really makes me take these people seriously...

...and is one of Jack Layton's platforms giving everyone at CBC a raise? Seems like it...

Tomorrow we also find out who the host city for the 2010 Mem Cup will be. I'm more excited about that result to be honest.


Monday, October 06, 2008


Monday night blog time.

Trust the Facebook 'compare people' application for an honest assessment of yourself. Some of my near 500 Facebook friends have voted. According to it my strengths are that I am a very good singer (???) very entertaining and quite confident.

My weaknesses are that I'm not a very hard worker (radio sure ain't working the rigs!) and apparently I'm not very nice either.

...So if I die tomorrow, I would be remembered as a rude, borderline arrogant but fun guy who could sing a good tune?

I'm, not sure how I want people to think of me...but that ain't it :)

I love US politics. There are five major players in their election. John McCain, Sarah Palin, Joe Biden, Barack Obama...and Tina Fey???

Amercians weren't quite sure what to think of Sarah Palin. She was like a movie you weren't sure if you liked or disliked until you read a review and agreed with the reviewer. The CNNs and the MSNBCs had no clue what to make of her. They loved her speech at the Republican Convention, but weren't sure about her on the issues.

Perception is reality...and Tina Fey has crushed Sarah Palin's reality. Palin did a good job of not embarrassing herself in the debate with Joe Biden. The US media gave her props for a strong showing.

That all went down the toilet at 9:30pm this past Saturday.

Yes, there are hundreds of millions of people who know the issues beyond SNL...but there are hundreds of millions who don't.

Sarah Palin's people need to get her on SNL.

When did SNL get good again? That whole show this past weekend was solid!

I guess the Canadian election is next Tuesday. Some good news for the slackers like me who are reading this. Check out this copy and paste from the Elections Canada Website.

All employees who are qualified electors, that is, those who are 18 years of age or older and Canadian citizens on polling day, are entitled to three consecutive hours on polling day for the purpose of casting their ballots. If an employee’s hours of work do not allow him or her three consecutive hours to vote, the employer must allow him or her sufficient time off to allow three consecutive hours for that purpose.

You know some people will be milking that. Let's be honest, for most of the work force that means three hours away from facebook. :)