Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I heard Nickelback's newest song today. I didn't mind it...Chance Duperreault from the Breakfast Boys will hate it though. It rocks like Matchbox Twenty!!!

What is the opposite of 'love'? Not 'hate'. Indifference.

I still follow the WHL and will hit the rink whenever. When you watch hockey for five years from press boxes away from the ice surface, you lose respect for how fast a sport is and the amazing athletes these kids are. Yes, it's getting expensive to go to a WHL game, but the cost is well worth it.

For Swift to be 4-0 after two home and home series regardless of the opposition is pretty good.

Regina Pats are off to a slow start. How long til they work a six player block buster with a team out west? The Pats are waiting for chemistry...if they don't have it in the next few weeks you know a big deal is coming. Not a shot at anyone...just looking at history to make a prediction.

Michael Bishop is the man! I don't know a tonne about football, but I know most QBs would not be throwing 300+ yards to the crew of rookies that are the Rider receivers. When you're the QB, what do you do when you make a pass right on the money that hits a receiver in the ass because he wasn't paying attention? It's easy to criticize but if Bishop was throwing to Fantuz, Flick and Dominguez as well as Weston Dressler our offence would be sick! Not having Wes Cates sucks too.

Am I talking out my @$$?

Humour me for the next few paragraphs. I've always loved politics. My mom was a hardcore Progressive Conservative who didn't really push me in the direction of any party, but more the process itself. I love to talk and write about the stuff. If you haven't really been following what is up with the US election and want to get caught up, please browse through my rambling below...

or skip it...this isn't the kind of stuff I usually write about.

Here we go...

The American election is waaaay more exciting that the Canadian one. A Vietnam Vet/Former POW and a hockey mom with a knocked up daughter against a charismatic young upstart (who you can't help but notice may be the 1st black President of the US) and an old man that doesn't know what he's saying half the time.

This whole thing looked like a runaway for Barack Obama/Joe Biden a few weeks ago. The US is reeling after eight years of the worst president in their history. The son of the second worst president in their history. All looked lost for the Republicans, until they pulled an ace out of the sleeve of their expensive jacket.

A self professed "Hockey Mom" from Alaska.

That Sarah Palin move totally backfired. The Republicans brought her in as the VP candidate for John McCain cause they wanted to attract people who supported Hillary Clinton IE: WOMEN who supported Hillary.

The way I see it, you can't just pluck out a random woman and play that card. Women could relate to Hillary. An empty nester with a husband who messed around on her with a younger woman for the world to see who said, "you know what, screw it, I am going to MAKE IT IN A MAN'S WORLD!"

...and she almost did. It's empowering. She didn't win, but she sure made it close.

Sarah Palin got hand picked to be a token. Palin plays the 'everyday hockey mom' card, but the reality is people know that she is dumping the kids for several months to go run for VP.

How can everyday people relate to that?

Furthermore, if John McCain gets elected...it WILL KILL HIM! He is a 72 year old in bad health trying to get hired for the most stressful job in the world!?!?!

And if he wins...and then dies, then the hockey mom is the president!?!?! The Hockey mom who right now is sequestered away from civilization to "cram for a debate" on Thursday with Joe Biden? If she knew what she was doing, why would she have to "cram" for the debate?

BTW that debate will be a gem. The hockey mom who's comment on foreign policy is "I can see Russia from Alaska" against the crazy old "loose cannon" who speaks first and think later. (Obama has had to do some damage control a few times from Biden contrdicting him in the media)

The Americans want a change. Their economy is in the toilet, the rest of the world doesn't like them, their health care system is fodder for documentaries on how bad it is. It is to the point where they are going to elect a black man with Muslim ties to run the show just seven years after 9/11. Obama, himself is a Christian, but his middle name is 'Hussein'.

To me that's pretty cool. To me that makes our neighbours south of the border the cool neighbours again. Hopefully the new President makes it easier to go visit them.

Okay, I'm done with blogging about politics. Thanks for humouring me. Hit the comments section and tell me I should stick to light hearted stuff.



Friday, September 26, 2008


Still planning on hittin' the Bronco game tonight...but not before I PUBLIC ADDRESS ANNOUNCE HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL!

Look out Big Ern, there is a new PA announcing sheriff in town!

Check back often. I'm in a bloggin' mood these days, not sure how long it will last. More later this weekend...for now ENJOY THIS TOPICAL PICTURE!



Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wednesday Release

I don't know why I'm feeling stressed, but I am...weird.

This is a lunchtime quickie...a nooner if you will. Something to expel the build up of creative juices. I've got a few readers back and have been updating semi frequently and would like to continue to do so.

Did you see me in Roddy's comments section? Anytime someone has anything negative to say about Swift Current I'm gonna get on 'em. It's what I do and I can't help it. He is the same way about Regina. I respect the guy and will buy his book. No one in Swift Current has never done anything worse to him than a few guys doing a tongue in cheek chant though. All part of the show.

I've heard that someone I used to be romantically involved with reads this blog frequently.

To you I say; I know it's been a few years. I'm in much better shape physically and I don't get angry over petty crap and head games anymore. I'm still work obsessed and not as friendly as I used to be. I have something to confess. Something I did while we were together you don't know about. I used to DJ at Sliders when it was a strip club. Never sampled the goods though. Let's be honest, you would've freaked...and radio wasn't the most solid pay cheque then. I did buy you some nice stuff with my dirty money :)

Glad to have that off my chest...

My favorite memory was breaking up a dispute between two dancers who both wanted to use "I Want You" by Savage Garden in the same night.

I have successfully mooched my way into my first luxury box at a Bronco game. This Friday I will be announcing the Comp Colts Football game and then hitting one of the new i-Plex luxury suites.

Yes Grandpa, people here are still combining.

Remember my neighbours who built a garage out of my home reno refuse? The garage still stands...but because the whole scene wasn't nasty enough they added a derelict K-Car


My wife is going to be heated at me for posting that. She is concerned they read the blog. I'd be surprised if they have a computer and can read. NO ONE READS THIS THING, it's all good! I can't stand my neighbours and need to vent to someone. If they have one more loud argument past midnight outside my kids bedroom window, I'm settling their little tif with a flurry of rights, lefts and Chuck Norris Roundhouse kicks!

That's all I got, but I'm in the blogging zone and will update soon...maybe



Saturday, September 20, 2008

Have Mic...Will Travel

Busy week as I have been all over the place talking into any microphone that is open.

Last Friday I announced the Football game between the Comp Colts and Medicine Hat McCoy. Speaking at the Comp grad a few years ago was such an honor and so much fun, whenever the local high school asks me for a favor...I'm in.

I also spoke to the students of the Comp's SADD chapter yesterday. Today I will be doing the MC thing at the Swift Current Multicultural Celebration. Between making announcements, I'll be chillin' wit my Filipino homeboys.

Potentially busy night with the Broncos home opener and the rumours of a beer pong tournament somewhere in town.

I'm 31 and married with two kids...I'll start acting like it someday, I promise. How many people can say they were a guest speaker for SADD and then played in a beer pong tournament the same weekend?

Don't call me a hypocrite...I won't be driving home after, nor will I let anyone else...It's all good.

Why does my wife stay married to me? I must make up for these things in other ways....BOOM!!!

Broncos Buck Warriors

Not too much in depth for Bronco stuff, other blogs and fan sites have all that, and really who the hell am I anymore to talk in depth about the team? I will say that Cody Eakin is a gem. As hockey fans we owe it to ourselves to get to the rink and see a special player like this, because they don't come along everyday. He has the makings of one of those players we will reminisce about on a fan bus ten years from now.

I will also say the Bronco Internet community needs to come to a consensus on how to spell "Weise"....or is it "Wiese"?

As long as Dale spells it right on his contract, I suppose it doesn't matter.



Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Busy time of year! I won't bore you with the details of my scintillating office job, but I will say there is much to do these days and not much time for blogging. Maybe I'll update, maybe not. I wish I had more time for this though.

Enjoy the randomness...

Stop Kissing!!!

I'm tired of that "I Kissed a Girl Song". I'm tired of girls kissing girls too. It used to be hot, now it's just a ploy for attention.

I am Sirius

Add me to the list of bloggers who gush about satellite radio. I get six months of sirius with my new vehicle. Personal highlights for me include Hits 1, Stern and a hip-hop show hosted by LL Cool J SUCKA!

...and you ask, "Ryan, you're a disc jedi for regular plain Jane old school radio, isn't that like endorsing the enemy?"

...and I say, no.

Color THIS!!!

The WHL regular season starts this weekend. The Eagle did it's first broadcast this past weekend. I didn't catch it live but I'm able to dig in the station's archives to hear it.

One thing that will really add to the game experience is Tim Tisdale. I think moreso than anywhere else, it is beneficial to take your radio to the rink in Swift. Sure, you may lose style points for wearing headphones, but Tim's style really adds to the whole game experience.

Things I will miss about being the Bronco color guy include:

-media room food

-chatting with other media/play by play dudes from around the league

-making it back from Medicine Hat/Regina/Moose Jaw for last call

-media room food

-Tim Kehler...assistant coaches in general, but more recently Tim Kehler

Things I look forward to this year include:

-mooching my way into luxury boxes

-really getting to know the people who sell beer at the rink. I do live within walking distance of the i-Plex.

If I Had a Hammer...

I'm watching "Handy Manny" with my kids. It's a US based show about a hispanic carpenter/repair man with a tool box full of talking tools. They fix things. My kids see a show about a friendly carpenter with talking tools who fixes things. I see a ploy to get more hispanic kids thinking about being a tradesperson when they get older.

Maybe I'm reading too much into it.

Once you go Black (Berry) You Never go Back

I am now a pretentious a-hole with a Black Berry. However, if I am ever talking to you in person and I hault the conversation to reply to a facebook message on the thing, kindly smother me with a pillow and tell my wife "it's what he would've wanted". Use this blog as evidence to be set free.

Hang out with your...

Worst guy at the gym to be caught in the locker room alone with? The guy who is waaaay to comfortable with his own nudity! The dude who gets out of the shower and will go start a regular conversation with you with his bird right in your visage.

So what do you think of the weather we're having?

Well it's sure cold in here...HI YO!!!

A very prominent Swift Current citizen falls into this category. I won't say who it is here. It's not who you'd guess.

When I start blogging about naked dudes, it's a sure sign to wrap this post up. Be back with more soon.