Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Copy and Paste Quickie

Copy and Pasted from the WHL's most credible blogger, Gregg Drinnan (

A tip of the cap to Steve Passmore, who doubles as the Kamloops Blazers’ goaltending coach and the assistant coach of the junior B Kamloops Storm. The former NHL goaltender also owns a piece of a downtown Kamloops restaurant, the Players Chophouse and Lounge, and that’s where he was Monday afternoon when Marijane Moses, who has moved to Kamloops from the Yukon in order to attend university, began screaming that someone had taken her purse. According to the Kamloops Daily News: Passmore “leapt over the patio railing and ran after the man, who turned into the parking lot of the Kamloops Inn with two women in pursuit. Moses said she ran west along Victoria Street, hoping to cut the robber off. Passmore said the culprit discarded the purse as he ran down an alley toward the CIBC. Moses said one of the women brought the purse back to her with all its contents accounted for. But the man wasn’t giving up — and neither was Passmore. The two men ran into the CIBC parking lot when Passmore closed the gap enough to tackle the culprit.” . . . “We hit the pavement,” Passmore told the newspaper. Passmore kept the guy in place until police showed up and arrested him. . . . By the way, the perp -- Stephen Keith Walsh, 35 -- was sentenced to four months in jail on Tuesday after he pleaded guilty to theft. . . . The RCMP decided not to charge Passmore with holding; after all, this just may have been the best save of Passmore’s career.

My two cents: As you will see in the video below, grabbing someone and hanging on to them is second nature to the former big league goalie.

No need to watch the whole vid...just a lot of hangin' on! Good for Steve though.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Olympic Image

So many cool images from the 2008 Olympics. With no disrespect to a VERY jacked Michael Phelps for his iconic celebration pose after winning one of his 8 medals or Leona Lewis and Robert Plant for their Zeppelin performance during the closing ceremonies or the fireworks the Chinese are so renound for, I do feel the best picture from the Beijing olympics is below:

Back to School This Week!

You keep clicking back looking for an update, like the prisoner awaiting a visit that never happens...

Nobody reads blogs in summer anyway. When the snow flies and the outside world isn't quite as seductive...this blog will be here for ya.

But for now there are BBQ'd things to eat and cold beers to drink!


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Dawg Days of WMBL

I just woke up and realized baseball in Swift Current was done for another year.

The Tribe lost game four 11-7 to Okotoks last night giving the Dawgs their 2nd consecutive league title. the Tribe hands out awards and put the wraps on another season tonight (Sunday August 17th) at 6pm at the Eagle's hall. Everyone is welcome to come eat BBQ and celebrate a good season.

It was a good season.

Some other bloggers are giving me a hard time about devoting this space to the Tribe as much as I have. The Swift Current Indians have a solid fan base in Swift. It may not be as big as WHL hockey, but the passion level is there.

...and I don't care about my number of hits. Try to find a site meter on this page.

If Rod Pedersen's site has taught me anything, if people haterize/criticize you as a bogger, you must be doing something right.


2008, it was a change for Indians baseball in Swift Current. The Tribe built a dynasty with key imports each year, but also had "the big four" throughout the late nineties and over the last few years.

Coach Harv Martinez, now inducted in the Saskatchewan Baseball Hall of Fame.

Multi-time league MVP Joe Carnahan.

Kelly Horaska, who won every award the league offers.

Conrad Funk, the league's top center fielder who consistently hit around .400 and hit BOMBS.

All that changed in 2008.

Harv stepped down as head coach. Joe Carnahan took the job...and took himself off the field.

Real life caught up to Kelly Horaska. With a wife and two small children in California, dropping everything to play ball in Swift Current wasn't viable.

Conrad Funk reinvented himself. Instead of being an F-18 in center field he put on around 30 lbs of muscle and turned into a tank at first base.

With the foundation of the on field product rocked, still the Tribe made it to the league final. The bar was set over the last 15 years and the new team cleared it. A WMBL pennant, best winning percentage in the league, 1st and second round sweeps over some tough ball teams.

New team, same result.

It was a fun summer.

It's been emotional


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Road Bloggin'

The tribe lost a hard fought game 5-2 in Okotoks last night. Once again guys like Shawn Lee and Wandy got themselves on base only to be left on after three outs.

And Okotoks is pretty good too.

Do or die tonite.

As I write this the team is en route to Calgary for an afternoon at the Chinook Center. The pressure is on me to find something nice for my wife who has been very understanding of my baseball travels this summer.

The team stayed in High River last night as Okotoks was stuffed for accomodations.

The schooners at the High River BP's are much bigger than in Swift.

They're also ten bucks...Something we didn't notice until we got the bill.

Go Tribe!!! BELIEVE!!!


Thursday, August 14, 2008

An Update...Cause I'm MOTIVATED

14 innings of WMBL baseball...14!!! More on that in a few paragraphs.

Yes "The Dark Knight" was awesome...but people have to stop saying "WHY SO SERIOUS" like the Joker. It was cool when Heath Ledger did it...honor his memory by LEAVING IT TO HIM!!!

I have a Black Berry. Now I can update my blog ANYTIME, ANYWHERE. I plan on doing so from Okotoks after games three and four in the WMBL final.

The Eagle is doing the Swift Current Indians playoff road games which means a trip to Seaman Stadium in Okotoks...hands down the finest baseball facility on the prairies.

Pre-game shows with Joe Carnahan of the Tribe and AJ Fystro of the Dawgs at 6:45.

As I write this, the Tribe leads the series 1-0. Best of five. I would've loved to call the play by play for the 14 inning marathon that was game one. Just playoff road games on the radio. Think of it as a regional black out type deal.

Playoff baseball means that the team that makes the fewest mistakes loses. Not a lot of mistakes in this one.

I got work to do and bills to pay. Keep checkin' back...


Friday, August 01, 2008

The Long One...

There is an ailment a few of us at the station have noticed and named over the last few years.


It stands for "Spotlight Deficiency Syndrome". People get it when they quit or are removed from high profile positions where they got lots of media attention. Symptoms of SDS include

-Hanging around your old co-workers like you are still part of the team

-Offering obsolete advice to your successors

-Trying to get attention in any way possible

-Still acting like an expert on the subject, even though no one really wants you to be anymore

I fully intend to not catch SDS in relation to the Bronco color gig. I'll close the book on that story in my life by saying it was fun and very cool to meet the people who I did. I have some GREAT stories to tell (and some great stories that'll stay off the record for a few more years). With the new radio team of Keen and Tisdale, The Eagle in Swift Current will have the BEST WHL game coverage in the league.

Keen calls a hell of a game. Tim Tisdale notices things that NO OTHER COLOR GUY IN THE LEAGUE WILL. The Swift Current/Calgary playoff series last year was a story. The line match ups, the things happening on the ice and in the benches was a real story. Most games are. Tim Tisdale can translate that story from the ice to the radio, to your ears, better than anyone I've heard in this league. This year you will hear insight, you will hear why goals happened, what the real turning point in a game was, etc... The Bronco hockey fan is getting an upgrade in their radio show.

I met a lot of people over the years in media rooms around the dub. Feel free to keep in touch...or don't, whatever.

Onward and Upward...

The WORLD FAMOUS STREET DANCE is next weekend in Swift. The Biggest party of the year, where life in Swift ceases to make sense for a few hours on a hot Saturday night in August...and I'll be MISSING IT! Actually, I'm making the bold prediction I'll be missing it. The Eagle is following the Swift Current Indians on the road for the WMBL playoffs. Looking at the calendar, the Street Dance falls the same night as round 2, game 3 or 4 in the playoffs, which I'm hoping puts me on the road with the Tribe. It's bad in sports to look past round one, and I'm not dumpin' on Yorkton. Joe Carnahan and the Trinbe respect what Yorkton can do and knows it'll be a battle. The Tribe has played in the league final every year since 2003. Street Dance is looking unlikely for me. I'm gettin' too old for that stuff anyway!

The Dark Knight.

It kicked ass. Believe the hype. For the first time ever, the Batman/Joker story was told right. The relationship between Batman and The Joker is a cool one. Two opposites doing the same kind of thing, but approaching it from different angles. The carefree colorful Joker against the intense Batman. They both mess with people in their own way. Psychological warriors with their own unique Dad/family issues doing battle.

Christian Bale did everything he could in the role of Batman/Bruce Wayne. Heath've heard it already...and it's true.

See the movie if you haven't. It's the shortest two hours and twenty minutes you'll ever spend in a theater.

Hope the long weekend is good to you. Baseball and brewskies tonight and tomorrow, roadie to Yorkton on Sunday and Monday.