Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It's Been Emotional...

I loved the gig, but the timing is right...and let's be honest...IT'S TIM TISDALE!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Rider Pride

I'm pumped about the Riders this year. I don't know much about the ins and outs of CFL football. I am a casual fan at best who cheers somewhat passionately for the Riders. I may be talking out my @$$ in the next few lines so feel free to reel me in if I'm way off....

Yes, it's only four weeks into an 18 week season and then playoffs, but how can you not love this team?

They lost their MVP and head coach in the off season. Including last game they are 4 and 0 without key components like...

-a proven starting quarterback. Crandell got hurt.

-two of their top receivers. Flick and last week's hero Dressler on the shelf.

-a defensive line. They finished the game yesterday without Scott Schultz and John Chick.

-a coach that was born in the 1900's...But Ken Miller has done some of the best work in Mosaic Stadium by a senior citizen since Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.

This team finds ways to win. You can have all the talent in the world, but unless you have a team that can get a clutch play from someone who isn't in the headlines everyday, you will not win consistently. No matter what the sport, some great teams find ways to lose and some average teams find ways to win. It's the average teams that get resourceful that hoist trophies.

The Riders have that this year.

It's great to live in the 306 these days.


Friday, July 18, 2008

A Blog Instead of a Sandwich

This is my lunch break today. Swift Current Indians utility guy Brian Strawn and pitcher Matt Braumberger live in my basement where my computer is not a lot of time on the CPU.

-My summertime fun for the last five years is going on road trips with the Indians and doing play by play. It's been great fun. It's funny how the road trip has evolved though. There has been years where an overnight trip has meant a trip to night clubs, gentleman's clubs, casinos and lounges. This last road trip had everyone early to bed so they could waterslide in the morning.

A few randoms:

-I saw Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of The Crystal Skull at the Clearwater Drive In last night. This was nothing more than Harrison Ford, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg realizing there is HUUUUUGE dollars in nostalgia. It was the three of them mailing it in to put the wraps on a legacy and make a nice sum of cash while doing it. Harrison Ford has done better work, George Lucas has done better, and Steven Spielberg has done waaaaaaay better. Spielberg needs to remember the days where he had NO budget, three decent actors, a boat, a mechanical fish and some scary music.

-Tonite I will be hosting the annual Bachelor Auction at BP's Lounge in Swift Current. Single Swift Current Indians ball players will be up for bid. Winning bids will get dates with the players. This will get interesting...If you have a friend on the rebound, BUY HER AN INDIAN!!!

(By the way, the Swift Current Indians sit atop the WMBL with a league best 21-6 record. Not a bad start for Joe Carnahan's coaching career. Swift Current Indians legend Kelly Horaska is in town for the week. I'm looking forward to a few schooners and life lessons from "The Man They Call Horse" tonite.)

-Monday night is Zack Smith Night in Maple Creek. A night to celebrate the accomplishments of Zack's minor/junior hockey career in Southwest Sask and his 3rd round selection in the NHL entry draft. I'll be making the trip to MC the events and enjoy what I'm sure will be some good home cookin'.

-Next Friday is the Nancy Harvey/Marc Habscheid Battle of the Sports Golf Classic at the Elmwood. I'll be hosting the awards presentation...provided Marc hasn't done anything foolish like accept a job with the Regina Pats by then ;)

...and sometime through all this I'll try to squeeze in some spousal relations and parenting. My wife is the most understanding woman on the planet. I married the right woman...even though I don't act like it sometimes.

That's all I have time for. Back to the grind!


Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Oilers Getting Screwed in 08/09 Forecast

I love how in Canada when the weather is 30 degrees celcius, HOCKEY can still dominate the headlines.

Stuff like this is great...

If you aren't aware of why these two NHL GM's are bickering, do some google homework. Since this video was made, commish Bettman has ordered a CEASEFIRE between the two execs.


Because of what Kevin Lowe said at the 1:12 mark of that video. If anyone dare question the validity of NHL hockey in Anaheim or Florida, Gary Bettman will SILENCE you!!! Bettman is short, has a nasty case of little man syndrome and takes stuff like this personal. Brian Burke is allowed to pop off for a year on Kevin Lowe, and as soon as Lowe says one word about Anaheim being a "pathetic hockey market" the muzzle is on.

I predict at some point in the 08/09 season Edmonton will get royally screwed in some way. Kevin Lowe crossed the boss. I cheer for the Oil. Rooting for Boston has got me nowhere and the Oilers are second in my heart. Fellow Oiler fans, beware, it's coming.

Check out this video at the :30 mark for the commish's thoughts on hockey in Cali. The commish's entire Stanley Cup presentation of '06 was a promo for hockey in California.

That's all for now...When Edmonton gets the long hard shaft of the league this year, don't say I didn't warn you.


Tuesday, July 08, 2008


This blog is still alive and well.'s alive anyway.

Work has been crazy, billeting TWO Swift Current Indians players has had its challenges not to mention the whole 'husband and father of two' thing that keeps a guy occupied.

I still try to get the gym 5-6 times a week and make it a priority to READ an hour for every hour I work out.

A healthy body is $#!t if you don't have a healthy mind.

This has all REALLY cut in to my drinkin' time.

So...short story shorter, I will eventually give you, the loyal blog reader, a healthy update filled with content that will dazzle and enlighten you the way this blog always tries to.

But for now...back to work.