Monday, March 31, 2008

It's not the size...

From the blog of Mitchell Blair, who works in Regina radio:

Broncos play by play man Jon Keen is one of the top play by play guys in this league. People in the S dot C dot should be fortunate he is doing their games because he won't be around much longer. He is that good in my mind

It's great to see Keener's efforts appreciated. Jon is one of the best, and if he chooses to move on, I'm sure he can and will. Playing Calgary will showcase Jon's talents. He is that good.

What ticks me off is the mentality that 'if you're good at broadcasting you have to leave Swift Current'. Yes, in the 80's and 90's it was fashionable for radio people to give u-haul as much business as possible. In this day and age a good living can be made in a market like Swift Current. I can understand the lure of a larger market. Maybe if you get the right gig you can have your own billboard, or be on the side of a bus. The money would probably be a bit better. I do know a few "big market" people who have milk crates for furniture and sit on lawn chairs in their appartment.

It will be a cold day in hell the day I leave Swift because another place is "bigger".

Cool Things About Deano

No internet at the Switzer manor near Swift Current's Elmwood park. Sask Tel is sending tech support tomorrow. Til then the updates will be small and few.

My head still hurts from Saturday Night. Thanks Steve.

Vassy Kapelos knows how to make a chocolate chip cookie. Almost killed Keen, but I loved em.

Cool things about Deano. Posts I would make on this blog to counter point the masses when they were calling for Dean Chynoweth to be fired. Not that Dean needed or wanted the defence from me.

Dean Chynoweth is a lesson in perseverance. Deano had a plan when he came to Swift Current. It was a five year plan. Critics where quick to question his motives, his roster choices, some of his trades and his laid back coaching style. In Swift Current it is tough to fly under the radar. I'm sure Dean had to hear the whispers of nay-sayers. Do you think it wasn't tough on his young family? A new baby, a job where the a good portion of the hockey community and fans don't believe in your vision. How many posts on WHLFANS called for a coaching change over the last five years? Most human beings would've packed it in and put the FOR SALE on the front yard.

Not our boy.

Dean stayed the course. He never complained. He had his vision, he (and his players) executed it, and now us fans (and the Bronco bean counters) are reaping the rewards.

Look at the teams that have been eliminated from the playoffs.

Regina: Loaded up all year for a run. Dealt promising prospects, high draft picks and impact players to put their team together.

Moose Jaw: Dealt a first round bantam player and next year's 1st pick to PG for Ty Wishart.

...And now look what Dean did:

While other teams where battling for the shiny toys at the deadline...the Wisharts and the Watts of the world, Dean addressed the team's needs. Dean quite easily won the Bretton Stamler sweepstakes by sending a mid round draft pick to Edmonton. The cost of Jesse Dudas? Our backup goalie. Then we made an upgrade in goal by getting the sure handed Mark Guggenberger...For a mid round bantam pick. We gained much and lost little.

There is getting the best players, and there is getting the right players. Herb Brooks. Not every GM is savvy enough to recognize the right players. Ours is.

Exec of the year? Sure, Kelly Kisio in the bright lights of Calgary is a good choice. Hard to argue with 1st place in a tough conference.

Best executive over the last five years? That's a no brainer.

In Deano we trust


Saturday, March 29, 2008

Great Road Trip

I'm making this post from the SC Library. My internet is down and I'm not a big enough deal to have a blackberry. Plus I like the atmosphere in the library. After last night in Regina and what should be craziness tonight at the CU i-Plex, some quiet time regulates the insanity.

Thanks to Lee Jones for having me on the CTV sports. It was a priveledge to be part of the same cast as Manfred, Lee and Hodges who all do a great job. It looks like married life is agreeing with Angel Blair too. We talked about Mike Wilson's return...which certainly factored into the outcome.

To anyone who wonders why I would possibly want to work in a "small market" like Swift Current...last night said it all. Our fans are great! This is my home. To share the moments from last night's game with the people I went to high school with, the people you see was amazing. I love this city. I love it's people. What is bigger and better things? I could be a nobody in Calgary...In Swift Current everyone is a somebody.

That's all I'm going to say. Last night was just that...last night. Big task at hand.


Friday, March 28, 2008

I'm Off

Time to go to Regina. Not going with the green shirt as I stated earlier. All about black and white tonite.

As I arrive at the Brandt Center I'm going to throw elbows at as many members of the Regina media as I can...I won't get called either.

It's how Swift Current people roll...


I'm NOT encouraging drug use. All I'm saying is that if you enjoy the occasional reefer...crack open some doritos and enjoy this gem of a video. Thanks JW for introducing me to Fred and Sharon.

See you in Regina later. If anyone wants a ride to the game, shoot me an e-mail ( If I don't reply, don't be offended. 1st come 1st served. I did the morning show at the station and I need someone to keep me awake. Starbucks in Caronport on me. Keener gets shotgun on the drive home. Room for 2.

I'm leaving at 2pm. If I don't get back to you by 1pm today (Friday, March 28th)you're on your own.

Yes, I trust people in Swift Current that much.


Thursday, March 27, 2008

"Of All The Things I've Lost, I Miss my Mind the Most

I was in Regina and missed game 3 of the playoffs...and an exciting day of blogging. I got home yesterday and read some e-mails, published some comments and rejected some too.

Pat fans love to debate. I've debated back. Leffler, Eberle, Byblow/Yonkman, Zack Smith and his knee, goals getting waved off, vaseline...the subjects have been plentiful...But it has taken it's toll on me.

I woke up this morning and something was different. I was happy with the Bronco win...but something was wrong with me mentally. I forgot simple things...Where to find my toothpaste, how to tie a tie, my daughters name...that kind of stuff. I burnt my toast to a crisp, backed into the neighbours truck and forgot how to speak english.

I checked out my facebook account and loaded up the IQ test application. Sure worst fears were confirmed.

Debating with Pats fans has made me dumber.

There are two things I could do;

1. Because my job requires mental alertness, creativity and a healthy mind, I could cease all pointless debate and concentrate on my job and career. While I really can't brag up my blog hits...For a guy with no post secondary I'm doin' okay in the career department.

2. I could quit my job...get a government/union job and sit around on the net all day and wear out the refresh button on blogs and forums.

Option 1 all the way.

In order to maintain a strong mind I can no longer entertain the notion that Jesse Dudas "fell into the boards that way on purpose to draw a penalty". I cannot donate what little vacany there is in my brain to the thought that "it was Travis Yonkman's fault Mike Wilson was concussed".

Adam Byblow calling off a Pats goal because Travis Yonkman is his cousin? If I'm going to blog about conspiracy theories, I really should pick more credible ones...Like shape shifting reptiles controlling the world or the light bulb that runs forever that General Electric won't allow to be produced.

And wouldn't you know I put the fisnishing touches on this post, I see Rob Vanstone has (much more professionally) covered the same subhject in the Leader Post.

This is the WHL's best series. The best story is on the ice. I may update this blog, I may not...but my energies are going into describing what is happening on the ice over the airwaves. Kudos to Roddy and Keener for being able to juggle on air/online so well. I can't. Don't be offended if I don't reply to a comment or return an e-mail...or offer a counter point to "The Pats are getting screwed".

I have more listeners than readers.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Conflict of Interest/Family Values???

Give Regina Pats fans credit. They LOVE to complain...Just LOVE IT.

Among the latest issues...Bronco goalie Travis Yonkman and WHL referee Adam Byblow are FIRST COUSINS!!! CONFLICT OF INTEREST!!! Byblow reffed game 2 as part of the two man crew.

I did some research today. How do the Broncos and Yonkman do when Byblow is calling games? Is this "conflict of interest" worth looking into?

This season the Broncos were 3-0-0-1 when Byblow had the arm bands on. Victories include a 5-1 win over Prince Albert, and overtime win over Moose Jaw and an OT win in Saskatoon. The Broncos lost in a shootout to Edmonton as well with Byblow in the stripes...


But wait...

What were the powerplays in those games?

It seems Byblow actually may have it in for his cousin's team. In the PA game powerplays where 4-3 Raiders. Versus Moose Jaw? 7-5 Warriors. Saskatoon? 6-3 Blades. The shootout loss to Edmonton? 8-3 OIL KINGS!!!

The Broncos did win with Byblow this year...but the combined powerplays with Byblow involved where 25-14 against the Broncos. Now there was one game where Byblow was part of the two man crew.

Conflict of interest maybe? Perhaps the conflict is Byblow resents his cousin's success.

And Kevin Muench...The Broncos never won a game this year with Saad Al-Jadr officiating. WHAT THE HELL!?!?!?


Monday, March 24, 2008

The Ballad of the "Deuce Deuce" and a Night off

Feel free to keep the hockey talk coming. I'm taking a break from The Pats/Broncos series.

I'm off tomorrow night. No game three for me. I'm attending a function with my wife. She spends so much time being, for all intents and purposes, a single parent during hockey season, the least I can do is spare one night.

As fate would have it...I'll be in Regina tomorrow night. I won't be wearing my orange shirt though.

Deuce Deuces are Wild

The weather sucks and everyone is very emotional about how about a post about Swift Current Indians Baseball!?!?!

This post will serve dual purposes. For some, it will give you an update on a fun piece of "Tribe" history. For others it will answer the question about this distinctive car you may have seen around Swift Current...

I know a lot of former players and people associated with the ball club read this blog. I am TICKLED to update you on a storied piece of SC Indians folklore.

The Deuce Deuce...Those pics where snapped earlier today (Thanks Trent Zoo)

It was Summer of '06 and the Swift Current Indians where preparing to defend the WMBL title. All of the imports where arriving in Swift. There was the solid cast of outfielder Dustin Jones from Sioux City Iowa, catcher Marc Centofante from Nebraska, my close friend Johnny deVisser from Cali, "Handsome" Rob Flanigan from Louisiana and of course Kelly "Horse" Horaska, Joe Carnahan and more.

There was also a right handed pitcher from Texas named Tommy Rafferty. The kid could throw 93 mph if memory serves me right.

Rafferty arrived in Swift Current with about $300 in his wallet. Most players who play in Swift Current promptly blow what ever money they arrive with at BP's lounge. Not Rafferty. Fresh off the plane and eager for his own set of wheels he purchased a red K-Car.

Legend has it for $250. The remaining $50 probably went to gas and schooners.

Rafferty, who was assigned sweater #22 bought decals for his new ride. As you can see, "Deuce Deuce" remains in the back window. The baseball on the shifter also remains as does the black fuzzy dice (look closely at the middle pic) and dog on the dashboard.

Good times and memories where created in the Deuce Deuce that summer. Rafferty had the leave the Tribe just before the playoffs so the catcher Marc Centofante inherited the car. After the season was over, Harv Martinez adopted the Deuce Deuce.

I know Chris Henry from Oakdale, California used it last summer. A Right handed pitcher who also wore #22. Since then, I believe Mel the ticket taker from Bronco games bought it.

Now it sits at a garage in downtown Swift Current. Not sure who owns it or if it's just waiting for the last ride to the scrap yard. I'm not sure if the Deuce Deuce is ready to fold...but the memories are mostly aces.


Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Biggest WHL Story of The Year and Back Where Life Makes Sense

Where Life Makes Sense...I've always hated that slogan for Swift Current. After a weekend in Regina, it seems to have meaning. Hopefully you don't take that as a Regina bashing statement, cause I don't mean it that way.

But First....

Because NO one asked for it...My opinion on the first round series between Swift and Regina thus far.

Games one and two saw a couple so called "intent to injure" situations by the Regina Pats towards the Swift Current Broncos. Keen has chronicled it quite well at If you feel Keen has too much of a Bronco bias (which I don't think he does, but Pats fans like to complain)...check out

The WHL league office has a BIG decision to make and I'm sure disciplinarian Richard Doerksen will do what is right. There is something at play bigger than the WHL and the Broncos vs. the Pats. 'Intent to Injure' and 'punish' are the key words to this series. If the Pats win the series (big IF) and Jordan Eberle and Brett Leffler get points while not having to compete against Mike Wilson and Jesse Dudas...what does that say about the WHL? About the game?

Richard Doerksen...Do you lay down the law...or do you set a new "win at all costs" precedent? It's not often you can make a decision that could set a precedent and effect the future of the game... The game is supposed to feature skill and speed. Rule changes were brought in to see to that. Can a team simply print shirts that say "punish" on them and knock off the opposition when they are in a vulnerable position?

This isn't a Broncos vs. Pats debate. Classify me as a "whining Bronco fan" all you want. The injuries to Dudas and Wilson where bad...They could've been waaaay worse.

Or maybe I watch too much Law and Order and I'm over reacting.

This series is reminding me of the 1987 Arnie classic, The Running Man.

This series has been fun to watch. I'm sure it will continue to be fun for spectators...except Wilson and Dudas.

New Friends

To the guys in Regina heckling Jon and I...Why did you leave so early? I was on my way down to shake hands. I enjoy meeting fans in other cities. I am a Bronco homer and love to talk to other fans. While we may disagree on Broncos/Pats we're all avid pedersenmedia readers. Stick around next time. Admire my A&W uniform up close :)

I was pissed at the "Miss Switzer" comments you made on Rod's blog. It rubbed me the wrong way because my late mother was "Miss Switzer"'s a name I'm not worthy of. I see Rod took them off.

Thanks Roddy.

Rod and I had a private e-mail discussion about fans and heckling. Rod, no doubt will have his "supporters" show up in Swift on Tuesday and I don't mind hearing the occasional "you suck" from people in Regina. We're part of the league and if people want to pay admission and give me and Jon the gears...I'm actually flattered. I can't speak for Jon, but I enjoy it.

I heard a story today about a friend of mine who is an RCMP constable.

It put some things in perspective for me.

Routine traffic stop. The guy being pulled over runs out of the car and flees on foot. The officer chases him into a 7-11. Fun and games ensue as he tries to cuff the angry motorist. My RCMP friend takes a spill into the coffee stand...they knock over the doritos...the store owner is yelling in a foreign language while an oblivious old lady keeps's kind of a funny scenario....until the perp reaches for the mountie's gun...



Thankfully the Mountie managed to subdue the guy. My friend was really shaken after the tussle though.

Moral of the can beak me, tell me I suck, call me a lousy human being and insult least no one tried to hurt/kill me today. Anything short of have to laugh off.

The Pomme Doesn't Fall Far From l'arbre

Patrick Roy was never the most mentally stable player to ever play the game. How about his kid?

Patrick Roy coaches les Quebec Remparts. His son is the goalie (no Sutter jokes, Brandon is legit).

Quebec was getting wasted 7-1 by Chicoutimi. A line brawl gets going...this happens

Who do you think will get more games? Johnny Roy or Jordan Eberle?

I'd love to see Roy try that with Guggenberger.


I don't hate Regina. I'm just not used to big city situations. Keen and I ran into a boyfriend/girlfriend dispute on Victoria avenue in Regina (I won't say "domestic dispute" because they weren't rings anyways). Jon already wrote about it on his blog. Girl is freaking out, guy shoves girl, girl cries, Jon and I use our deepest voice and puff out our chests as big as we can and ask "is there a problem?".

Dude freaked out at us and told us to leave. We didn't. Never be afraid of a guy who pushes girls around. We stayed until he was cleaning up his girlfriend's belongings that fell out of her purse on the shove.

Made me feel somewhat good about myself. Hopefully she dumped him after that.


Thursday, March 20, 2008

State of the Switzer

So I thought this blogging thing was done forever...

It still is on hold for now. The thing is I never thought people would care if I left this. Did I get an inbox full of hundreds of e-mails from distraught people? No. Did I get a few e-mails? Yes. Did I get stopped on the street by people wondering why I quit the blog? Actually, quite a few. Am I convinced that I have a steady audience of maybe 50 to 100 people? I am. Small potatoes in the grand scheme, but if even one person actually wants my thoughts on life, love and Dean Chynoweth, I'll still share them.

Plus, while I may not be the best writer, I do have good observational skills and a decent sense of humour. People tell me I'm "quick witted". This is a great outlet for me. While this blog may not take me anywhere in life or make me any money, these are skills I want to maintain.

No blog entries during the WHL playoffs. I get too wound up over things other bloggers say and over things I read on forums. At the end of the day I respect fellow broadcasters and I don't want to get drawn into the inevitable pissing contests (and they will happen online, I GUARANTEE IT!). Broadcasting is a small world. I don't want to piss anyone off. To anyone in the industry I ever upset, I'll buy you a beer, look you in the eye and say "Sorry". I still enjoy a good online tussle, but all things considered I'm focusing my efforts on doing the best job I can ON THE RADIO in the playoffs. That's what pays the bills and Eagle listeners deserve the best...And when Keen and I are on our game...they get it.

Check back here after the Bronco playoff run. Hopefully in May sometime :)