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Thursday, February 21, 2008

We've had some fun, haven't we? Some "cool things about Deano", a little tussle with Gare Joyce not to mention a few laughs too.

No, I'm not going to launch another blog under an alias either.

It's been emotional.


Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday, Blogging Sunday

As the riders loped on by him he heard one call his name
If you want to save your soul from Hell a-riding on our range
Then cowboy change your ways today or with us you will ride
Trying to catch the Devil's herd, across these endless skies

Yippie yi Ohhhhh
Yippie yi Yaaaaay

I've heard that sing hundreds of times, but today was the first day I "GOT" it. That cool moment when you get the real feel of a song and get goosebumps. Johnny Cash...Legend.

The Broncos lost 7-3 to PA last night. They gave up five goals in the third. Remember that every loss is a learning experience as we get closer to the playoffs. They are a better team than the 7-3 loss and everyone knows it. It would've been nice to gain some ground in the conference though.

Plugs...for Those Who Earn Them

Gregg Drinnan is THE MAN when it comes to WHL blogs. He did a Top 25 Most Powerful People in the Dub article. You've probably already read it and know the names on there (Elden?!?!?! Hell yeah!). Lets take a look at some of the names not there...

Anyone with a WHL blog.

Coaches, GM's, broadcasters and people around the league who take what is said on blogs so seriously...STEP OFF and let us have fun!!!

Alan Caldwell...I still don't know who the guy is or what he does. I remember a few months ago I was ticked at him for making some sort of joke about Swift Current. I slammed him with all the uninformed opinion I had! Caldwell is now cool in my eyes after his "Statsapalooza" posts at Best WHL post this year of any blogger.

Back in Black

I was watching SNL last night. With the Amercian folks deciding who should run for President in '09, I can clearly tell you who Lorne Michaels and the producers of SNL DON'T want to win...

Barack Obama.

A staple in SNL has been political satire and impressions of Presidents. Dana Carvey doing George Bush the Senior...Phil Hartman's Bill Clinton...Darrell Hammond's Bill Clinton and the few actors who have taken on George W. in the last few years.

SNL right now has the WHITEST cast ever. 1 black guy. Keenan Thompson, who's work outside of SNL includes Fat Albert...lets just say he doesn't have the dimensions to pull off Obama. If Hilary wins...they have Amy Poehler good to go in full pantsuit get up. If Obama wins...Bring back Tim Meadows?

I want Obama to win. I don't know much about American politics, but I do know he talks like The Rock...making him cool.

Take your Rider Pride to Saskatoon?

Blog and print media was all over the story of anonymous rich people in Saskatoon building a new 32,000 seat stadium to attract either The Riders or a new CFL team. Why bother? Yeah, I'd rather go see the Riders play in Saskatoon. Saskatoon has better shopping, better bars and 8th street would make a better Green Mile. Yes, the Riders would lose fans coming to games form Moose Jaw and Weyburn and maybe Yorkton, but gain Prince Albert, The Battlefords and that whole Kinderlsey area. The riders are really only a cash cow in championship years, so financially it's... whatever. Can't see it happening. How would it really better the franchise?

Don't even think of an expansion team to Saskatoon. Yes, if it happened the team would have a cooler logo, nicer building, nicer jerseys, a better mascot costume, more fun with gameday promotions and hotter cheerleaders.

But are you telling me even with all that, people are going to cheer against the Riders?

People have to make so many changes in life. Growing up, ditching your drinking buddies for a career, buying a house, getting a mortgage, ditching your cool car for a minivan, upgrading your computer, upgrading your cell phone, keeping up with the Jones's, keeping up with fashion, getting promoted and leaving your fun job behind...the list goes on.

People change enough. People will want to cheer for the new Saskatoon team, but at the end of the day Rider pride cannot be jetisoned for the new kid on the block. Ask anyone involved with the Ottawa Senators how much fun it was to break into Leaf country?

Yes, we should cheer for the new team, but we won't. Here is exhibit A: The Rock vs. Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania 18. Hulk Hogan at this point was the "bad guy". The Rock, younger, better looking, faster, stronger, more charisma... and the "good guy". Fans where supposed to cheer for the Rock. Watch what happens and listen to how the crowd reacts when you put nostalgia vs. the shiny new toy.

The annoncers had no idea how to handle it..."Mixed Reaction" my ass.


Sunday, February 10, 2008


-How to look like a Rockstar and draw people to you tip: When entering a crowded room, NEVER enter in a group. Let your friends walk in before you, say you forgot your wallet in the car or something. When you enter the room, stop just a few steps past the door way and just look around (make sure no one is right behind you, or they'll bump into you costing you style points). Just take a half second to survey the room. You'll notice people checking you out as you check them out...that's cool, work some eye contact. Once your buddies see you, they'll wave you over. This gives people a chance to just see you, and not have you blend in as one of the group. It also makes you look cool as your buddies will wave you over, showing you are socially accepted and not some wierd loner staring at the room.

-Don't get self conscious at the gym. If you're working out next to some big beefy dude who is lifting a hundred more pounds than you, don't sweat it. People at the gym only pay attention to themselves. So many mirrors.

-The Bronco goaltending duo got two shutouts over the weekend. Has it ever happened in the league when a team got back to back shoutouts from two different goalies on the road? I'm going to coin a nickname and see if it sticks: The Bronco goaltending tandem known as "Yonkenberger". Not exactly the 'Brocket Rocket' in terms of nicknames...but it may catch.

-The Regina Pats swept the weekend against the Warriors winning both WHL games and the alumni game. That's gotta be a kick in the seeds for Warrior fans.

-I wouldn't brand the entire Pats defence as slow and lumbering. After watching a couple webcast games, I can tell you that Vic Bartley is Regina's best deadline pick up. He'll play a ton in the playoffs.

-Ty Wishart is quietly good. He goes in and takes the puck away from the opposition and turns it the other way. Plays a smart safe game without much flash. For longtime Bronco fans, he is like Brent Bilodeau.

-Dave Hunchak got tossed for doing the Roger Nielson with the towel. His goons caused a post game brawl in his absence. Credit to Hunch, he's turned Riley Grantham into a hockey player. He needs to take time and do the same thing to Frazer McLaren after the weekend.

-I thought Theo Fleury would've dominated that alumni game like he did with the Horselake Thunder. 1 assist for the weasel.

-I was waiting for the apocalypse. Broncos in Calgary, and the Hitmen get SCREWED by officiating. I am not downplaying the Bronco 2-0 shutout win, but it looked like Calgary had a goal early that got waved off. Calgary also took 6 straight minor penalties. The calls where pretty even by the end of the night though. Swift had five regulars out of the lineup. FIVE.

-Swift deserves props for this win. Calgary had the night before off. Home game, one of the top ten in Canada and Swift comes in and shut them out. Calgary had ample powerplays and chances to tie.

-Our battle to "just concentrate on making the playoffs" is going well.

-One month ago: Back to back losses. 4-1 to Brandon and 4-2 to Regina. Last loss was Jan. 19 vs. Vancouver. The 7-4 win the following Tuesday in Moose Jaw got the ball rolling.

-Non hockey related note: I'm coming back to Moose Jaw on Tuesday! Inside Joke: We're going for coffee and picking up where we left off!



I don't want to sound over confident...but I think the Broncos are for real.


Saturday, February 09, 2008


9 in a row too!

Beasts of The East

My wife is BAKING. She's whipping up a batch of chocolate chip cookies. I got ZERO to do today. No Bronco hockey, no banquets to MC and it's too damn cold to take the kids outside. Don't get me wrong, Swift Current is the best place on the prairies to spend a winter. Farmers everywhere else call us the banana belt for good reason. Right now...not so much.

Point is all I can do today is play hide and seek with the kids and get FAT off my wumpty's baking. I'll be POUNDING the treadmill at the Training Zone tonite while listening to Keener in RD.

Anyway, let's roll some hockey talk. Here comes the Homer.

The Swift Current Broncos are the best team in the East Division. There, I said it. Conference, I still like Lethbridge and Calgary, but Swift can hang with them.

I watched a good chunk of the Pat/Warriors on the WHL web cast last night. I didn't watch it all because once again the Warriors organization did NOT HAVE THEIR SHIT TOGETHER and had video troubles. Moose Jaw has two strikes against them as they play in a city that doesn't have a council that supports them and they live in the shack of a rink. They need to have all thier ducks in a row and not make stupid mistakes like this.

James Gallo is a good play by play man. He had some Warrior alums on the show hyping the trans Canada Clash. Good stuff.

Anyway, thoughts on the game. This game seemed to be won and lost on goaltending. Rowat was good, Perricone was not at his best. Moose Jaw outshot Regina 45-23 in regulation and lost in a shootout. Regina fans will tell you they got jobbed on some bad calls. I can't comment cause when Regina took all their penalites the VIDEO FEED WASN'T WORKING!!! I do know that Regina took two penlaties in the second and third periods while Moose Jaw took one.

Moose Jaw was skating cirles around the Pats. Yes they where. I'm not on the anti Regina bandwagon, that's just the way it shook down. The Pats won because Rowat was hot. Rowat is also inconsistent. If Regina can stay consistent and have everyone contribute, I like their chances.

Can they get everyone on the same page? Right now it looks like that page has something written on it about how they are getting screwed over by the league, the shot clock operators, the PA announcers and the in-stand announcer. Sometimes their is no shooter on the grassy knoll and you just lose to a better team that night.

As for Moose Jaw...

Come playoff time Ty Wishart will have to log about 40 minutes a game and Perricone will have to be at his career best (which right now looks like about two years ago). Frazer McLaren and Riley Grantham will need to see a regular shift and stay out of the box. Knackstedt and Bast will have to step up under pressure and Riley Holzapfel will have to show why he made Team Canada. For all that to go right it would require some stars aligning.

Brandon is always a dark horse. They are going to slip in to the playoffs under the radar. I think alot of their success is the surprisingly good play of 16 year olds Brayden Schenn and Scott Glennie. The league is on to these two now, and they won't be able to run show the way they did earlier. Still two great 16 year olds that any would want though.

Swift Current seems to have success on the basis of "the simpler they play...the better". The Broncos have the most talent up front (YES THEY DO!) and a good solid core of d-men. Special teams are better now. the Bronco PP has some bite and our PK has been one of the best in the league lately.

And yes Pat fans, we can relate to the officiating thing. Anyone else notice that after Dean and Balaberda had their bruised ego/water bottle tossing issue that Swift would get at least one 5 on 3 against them per game? the Broncos didn't complain...they just practised the PK that much more...


Thursday, February 07, 2008

Sign Up For This....

Copy and pasted from

Pizza Hut Fan Bus Heads West

The Swift Current Broncos announced that the Pizza Hut Fan Bus will be heading west to catch games in Lethbridge on March 7th and Kootenay on March 8th.

The cost of the Pizza Hut Fan Bus will be $200 and will include transportation, pizza courtesy of Pizza Hut, accommodations at the Sandman Inn in Lethbridge on Friday night (based on double occupancy), and game tickets for both games.

The bus will depart from Swift Current at 2:30 pm on Friday afternoon and return immediately following the game on Saturday. The bus is estimated to arrive back in Swift Current at 5:00 am on Sunday morning.

Full payment is due at the time of sign-up. The full weekend itinerary is available upon request.

To secure your spot, please contact the Broncos office today at 773-1509 or email us at

For more information contact:

Brenda Wall, Director of Ticketing/Merchandise/Fundraising Projects 773-1509, Ext. 1
Jordan Wall, Director of Marketing and Sales 773-1509, Ext. 3
Tracy Lemon, Public/Media Relations Director, Swift Current Broncos 773-1509, Ext. 9

If you've been on a fan bus, you know that whether the Broncos win/lose or lose in shootout these are a blast. Lethbridge and Kootenay are great rinks to see a game. They have nice fans that don't swear or spit on you. I remember the time of my life in 03 when we hit Red Deer, Lethbridge and Cranbrook on a fan bus. Broncos went 0-3 and the bus broke down in the Hat. Still an AMAZING trip.

We drank a weekend's worth of beer...BY TOMPKINS!!!

Beer, beer, beer, bubba, ba, beer beer beer!

Ask Keen how much fun he had doing color with me for those games?


Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Miller Time...A LOOOOONG Time in the Making

The Saskacthewan Roughriders announced today that they've hired ancient man, Ken Miller to he the teams head coach. He was the team's offensive coordinator. He is 66. I'm not saying that's old but...

He has liver spots in the shotgun formation

His idea of a "hurry up offence" is fast acting prune juice

He was around when it was called "New Miss"

The last time he made a quarterback scramble was when Ron Lancaster was on his lawn

He had season tickets to the Pats the last time they won a championship

Black socks and sandals are now accepted in the team dress code

He listens to Willy Cole

His career options were either Rider coach or Wal Mart greeter

He rides his lawn mower to the stadium

New rocking chair on the Rider bench

Dave Hunchak throws his gum at referees...Miller throws his teeth

Agreed to the job cause he couldn't see the fine print on the contract

He pays players that live in Regina in the off season 5 bucks to shovel his drive way

Just remember kids, a fine piece of music can still be played on an old guitar.



Sunday, February 03, 2008

One More for the Road

Weekend blog post that is...

Tom Brady pisses ice water and is cool under pressure, but too much pressure form the Giants halted the perfect season. 18-1 is still pretty good, don't be too sad Bill Belichick.

I watch NFL football once a year, and this was it. Because you didn't ask...thoughts about things around the game (cause I'm not fit to analyze the game itself):

Tom Petty and The Heart Breakers! Did Lee Friesen book the half time show? I realize about 99% of you don't get that joke. For very few out there, it's a beauty of a punchline isn't it?

This goes to show that EVERY musician will eventually sell out. The last time we heard from Tom Petty he was doing songs about the crappy state of commercialized music, and how every DJ in the world is just a purveyor of pop drivel. He even started his own (failed) XM radio show where he played his non commercialized favorites thinking EVERYONE would want to hear it.

Leave the radio shows to the pros Tom.

Now, Tom Petty gets to perform on the biggest stage in the world and he performs his FOUR MOST RECOGNIZABLE SONGS!!! What about the 'B side" that strikes a personal chord you'd like to share with the world???

Once a hippee, now a sellout. Way to go Tom Petty...Don't expect Bob Dylan to return your calls for a loooooong time.

Best Superbowl commercial? Bud Light always has some beauties, but the AMP'd Energy drink ad with the tow truck driver boosting cars with his nipples was CLASSIC. I didn't want to laugh, it was low brow humour at it's worst...but it worked. The music of Salt N' Pepa has never been put to better use. Made me think of Flathead. has the collection.

As per usual the super hero movie trailers were solid. Nerds everywhere are now ready to see Iron Man this summer. The trailers are cool, but this movie will likely be right up there with Ghost Rider and Superman Returns for quality. The new Batman is the comic book movie to see this year.

Let's just hope the film makers killed off The Joker.

'Wanted' looks cool. There is no better looking woman in Hollywood than Angelina. Methinks Brad Pitt has his hands full with that one...In some ways good, in other ways not so much.

It's time for Will Ferrell to re-evaluate the movie roles he takes on. We've seen all the tricks Will. Time to pull an Adam Sandler/Jim Carrey and do something with substance. Even if it flops it will do better than that Jackie Moon piece of shit adveritsed in the Superbowl.

Why does Fox Sports have a sideline reporter? The only purpose must be eye candy. The only contribution she made all game was that it was humid and players were eating bananas. Weak!

Talking animals and talking babies will never fail. Was that Ashton Kutcher voicing the baby in the etrade ads?

Don't bother visiting to see Danica Patrick take her clothes off. They pulled a big budget bait and switch. Who's Danica Patrick anyway?

Back to the grind tomorrow. See you at the rink on Tuesday. 7 straight!



More points for Eakin and Wudrick too. 6th in the conference and rising!

Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY!!!

No plans for the all. What are people doing? Prediction: Patriots 56 Giants 3. I love the Eli Manning underdog hype, but honestly, Tom Brady is the coolest under pressure of any human being on the planet.

I'm hungover. The SC Indians Field of Dreams Dinner was the best ever in the event's four year history. Guest speakers where Matt Dominguez and Dennis Hull. Hull was hilarious. As funny as any stand up comic or speaker I've ever heard. Dominguez could've had any woman in the building. Tall, dark, handsome and just a smooth dude. I didn't ask him any questions llooking for inside info. Everyone was having a good time and I didn't want to be the nerd with the blog.

From the comments section:

Rod has good reasons to censor what he wants, especially if people are threatening bodily harm to him as " paper bag over the head" bloggers. These cowards need an ass kicking, not behind the pc, but in face to face situations. Im betting these bloggers are 5 ' 4 and a buck 50 soaking wet, and this is their only release because real life situations would eat them alive. Have you ever been threatened by a blogger Ry? and did you post it? Just curious?

A few posts down, in the comments section you can get the back story. Have I ever been threatened? You bet, Kirk Fraser was ready to KICK MY ASS!!!. All joking aside, no I haven't...not through the blog anyway. I pissed off a listener in Brandon a few years ago. He was ready to drop the mitts over a bit I was doing. I knew who he was though and he was up front with this identity, so that scary element of the unknown wasn't there. If I did get a threat, would I post it? Maybe...depends. Every situation is unique and there isn't a "blogger protocol" handbook out there to consult.

I don't think I will get threatened. I know my life, my kharma (there's that word again) and am conscious of the decisions I've made. Ultimately I control everything that happens around me (as everyone does), so if I get a threat there is good reason and I need to learn from it. I truly give mankind the benefit of the doubt and don't think anyone out there wants to harm a small market radio guy "just because".

Ointhecreek would like to whack me so Tim Tisdale could do color, but other than that I feel safe ;)

I do hope Rod isn't losing any sleep over anonymous threats. I get the sense that this all may be something blown out of propotion. I hope I'm not being used as a pawn to put some extra ticks on someone's hit counter.


Saturday, February 02, 2008

A 'Roy' of Light

Last week Globe and Mail columnist Roy Macgregor was in town. Roy is based out of Ottawa and was writing about the tradgedy in Bathhurst and what it has in common with what we in Swift dealt with in 1986. Great read (and I don't say that just because I'm in it). Joe Sakic breaks his silence on the subject and Trent McCleary tells a few things like they are. This is what Gare Joyce should've done:

Kharmic Switzervations

The song Saturday in the Park by Chicago is on my brain. It's not -53 with windchill today. Last week I was think of Johnny D and Dougie in California and the vacation I should be taking to see them.

Johnny Gannitsos at the Akropol is a good guy. The AK Lounge is becoming the new post game hangout. Can't get a damn table at BP's anymore!

Keen and I owned the room in the Akropol. Yes we did!

Time for new glasses. I've had these black ones for three years. Kids, the last thing you want to be in life is predictable.

The Broncos won 4-3 in the shootout. Moose Jaw looked like the Broncos circa 2005. Not alot of scoring chances and a strong defensive game. Relying on the goalie big time.

Joey Perricone, the Moose jaw goalie, will leave the WHL with a plethora of memories, and not too many good ones involving Swift Current. No matter how good he plays through 60 minutes against Swift, for the last 4 years he has never been able to make "the save" against Swift Current to win it. He was off his game in the 7-4 Bronco win and was pulled. Eariler this year he was great until the now infamous "1.3 seconds" goal, and last night the winning goal took a homer bounce off the glass, off his back and in. Life doesn't make sense for Perricone when he plays Swifty.

Shootouts are only good when your team wins them.

How about the game in Regina last night. Line brawls, goalie fighting and at the final buzzer only five players on the benches? Sounds like a 70's gem. Regina media and fans are ALL OVER the officials for their biased calls against the Pats.


Let's take a look at how the Regina organization has conducted themselves towards referees. Their GM has a history of saying less than favorable things about officials in the media. he recently hurled invective at a member of the WHL referee heirarchy in the presence of media in Saskatoon. A predominant 20 year old on the team has also made it a habit to yell things about "kharma" to referees everytime he scores a goal.

Why are so many calls going against the Pats? "That's Kharma".

Perhaps the Pats organization should do some studying about "paying kharmic debts" cause it looks like the whole kharma thing ain't working too well for them.

By the way, any true believer in kharma doesn't point out when it is on their side and use it against people. Just be happy when it goes your way.

Alright Regina fans...FILL THE COMMENTS! I prefer you leave a name, but still accept anonymous comments.


Friday, February 01, 2008

A Blog Entry for Those Who Need it.

Why don’t you update your blog more often? You're funny. Are you still married


Why thank you. I have a full time job and family so no time for blogging. This is nothing but fun. I have no reputation or pride in this blog, which is what makes it entertaining. I don’t care and am not up for any awards. Shits and giggles.

Plus January and February are all about MC gigs. Robbie Burns Night last weekend. Tomorrow is the Field of Dreams Sports dinner. I’ll be sharing the head table with Matt Dominguez and Dennis Hull. I’ll ask Dominguez about all the Rider stuff that is making news these days.

Yes, I'm still married. Eight years this April. The family stays away from the radio and the blog. My family is made up of three amazing individuals who do great things in the world...and me. They get thier notoriety away from me and my small town fame.

Bad Career Move

Jessica Simpson, pop princess and ex wife to the guy from 98 Degrees, does not leave the house to buy groceries without consulting her Dad/manager Joe Simpson on how it may better her career. You know that Joe was behind his oldest daughter showing up a Dallas Cowboy games in a bright pink Tony Romo jersey. All a carefully crafted PR appearance for Jess Simpson. Really, who puts that much time into styling their hair for a football game?

What’s funny is how it totally backfired. Jessica Simpson gets publicly dumped by Tony Roma and now her home state of Texas hates her for her part in the distraction/Cowboys losing.

Remember when there were three ‘Pop Divas’ that were all over the charts/video channels/radio/posters on walls of lonely men and teenage girls.

Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson. Where are they now?

Britney: Amazed she has outlived Heath Ledger. Train wreck. A great entertainer in there somewhere, but maybe lost forver.

Jessica Simpson: Failed reality show, failed marriage, looking for attention by trolling around paparazos and wearing bright pink jerseys at NFL games. Still looks hot…Will likely sleep with Timbaland in the next year in hopes of becoming relevant again.

Xtina: Who would’ve thought that the biggest partier/nastiest of the three would be happily married, expecting a healthy baby and still in good shape financially? Christina wins the battle easily!

Down with the sickness

As I blog this there is much sneezing, wheezing and wiping of snot on sleeves around me. TAKE A SICK DAY. Stay at home, eat chicken soup or just sleep it off. Don't take drugs, don't see a doctor (doctors are for whimps, you're body will heal itself!) just rest and get over it before evacuating your molasses filled nostrils all over your co-workers!

Hope to be back soon. It’s been emotional.