Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Halloween is tomorrow, I will be taking my children TRICK OR TREATING!!!.

To answer a question about my Randmon Quotes, some are from songs, some are form movies some are from my life. Try and figure out where they come from. There have been a few to ponder over the last few weeks.

Blogger Fun Facts

Full name: Richard Ryan Switzer

Birthdate: Valentine's Day

Age: 30

Height: 5'10

Weight: 172lbs

Car: 97 Mustang Cobra

Most played song on my iPod: What I've Done by Linkin Park

Last movie watched: Mr. Brooks (Kevin Costner at his finest, William Hurt equally awesome!)

Last Movie watched at a Theatre or Drive in: Pirates 3

Date of last intercourse: Oct. 19, 2007 (could've been Oct. 26 if I was more of a cheating dirtbag)

Wrestling with Life

I used to be a BIG TIME WWE/WWF fan. I would drop money for pay per views, go to events in Regina and Calgary, own several wrestling t-shirts, buy all the video games...I was a wrestling trivia machine! There are plenty of fans out there, and good fo ryou if you are one. There are a couple reasons I don't watch anymore.

1. Being a wrestling fan NEVER got me laid.

2. I contributed to the death of Chris Benoit and his family.

I saw Benoit wrestle one of his first matches at the Palliser Pavillion in Swift Current. He was 19 years old and was taking on The Evil Cuban Assassin. Benoit was the good guy...his tights where brighter...we smiled at the crowd and wasn't foreign...that's how you told the good guy from the bad guy back then. In that match...one of his first...Chris Benoit climbed to the top rope and performed a diving head-butt on the Assassin. The crowd of 300 at the Palliser went NUTS!!! It was a rush for Benoit...The diving head butt would become one of his trademark moves. Over the next 20 years he would perform that head butt on average of 5x a week, year round.

Chris Benoit's autopsy found he had the mind of an 80 year old alzheimer patient.

As a wrestler, when you make the crowd excited...you get the high profile matches...you make the money in the wrestling world. Whether it was Swift Current, Regina, Saskatoon or Calgary I cheered for Chris Benoit's head-butt every chance I got.

Plus, wrestling just isn't as cool. I caught a glumpse of The Undertaker losing to a wrestler named "The Animal". The only wrestler that should be called 'The Animal' is the guy from the 80's with a hairy back who ate turnbuckles and had a crush on Miss Elizabeth.

Vince McMahon got rich off me...time to move on.

What Happened to Willis?

A reader asked about the possibility of 'Willis on the Welfare' returning for a Bronco game recap. Maybe after tonite's game...Maybe not. We'll see.



Sunday, October 28, 2007

His name is Dean Chynoweth and BY GOD HE IS THE MAN!!!

I enjoy looking at the paper, the internet and hearing on the radio about how well the Broncos are doing. Having names amongst the league's elite scorers, visiting whl.ca and seeing TWO Bronco goals in the Top 5 league plays of the week. It's a treat. I'm happy for the club, happy for the fans, but most of all I'm happy for Dean Chynoweth.

Since his arrival in Swift Current, Dean has had to weather the storm of the smallest market with the most critical fans. Visit whlfans.ca. Look at the stats on the right side of the page. More than 6,900 posts have been made in regards to the Broncos. Only Vancouver, the WHL's largest market has had more talk from it's fans. 6,900 posts in a market of 16,000. That represents around 6,900 opinions. That's more opinions per capita than anywhere.

Dean hasn't just sat in his office either. Show me one other Major Junior GM who has opened himself up to public forums the way Dean has. When other coaches and GMs were pouring over video in their post game, Deano sat in front of the Canadian room and often opened himself up to a firing squad of opinions ranging from special teams to 'how much ice time your favorite player was getting'. No moderators or planned questions either (I know, I hosted the things) Dean sat there and in no holds barred fashion took all your complaints. No other GM in the league would dare do that.

Swift Current is a small town. Even though Dean is the kind of guy who doesn't need it, when you see him around town, tell him the team looks good. Give him some props...He's earned it.

Random Quote

I followed all of the rules, man's and God's. And you, you followed none of them. And they all loved you more.

Inferiority Complexes

Surfed across this @ ctv.ca:


People naturally seem to get inferiority complexes when it comes to having a bigger more successful neighbour. They resent that neighbour. Moose Jaw has it with Regina, Morse has it with Herbert, the Simpson's have it with the Flanders' and for the longest time Canada has had it with the US.

Some Canadians are up in arms because the US used a brief shot of CANADA'S side of Niagara Falls in promoting US tourism.

Big deal! Laugh about it. It's time for the inferiority complex to be put to bed...at least for now. Why? Because Canada is not inferior to the US.

Right now, we're better. I'm not saying that out of blind patriotism or to get a rise out of American readers (and I know you're there). It's fact. Right now Canada is better than the US. It may not be for long though.

-Our dollar is worth more.

-Border to border, we have a strong economy across the nation. No capable people are out of work.

-Our crime rate is WAAAAAAAY lower.

-Health care is better. John Q is a true story movie that won't get made in Canada anytime soon.

-Environment is in better shape.

-People are nicer.

-Women are prettier.

-Beer is better.

-Thanks to Global Warming, the weather is just as nice here. Winter in Saskatchewan this year won't be much worse than what they get in northern California.

So the US used a shot of Niagara Falls in their little tourism video? Let them use it. Don't kick 'em while their down.

I'm sure some economist will send me stats on gross domestic product importing and such...whatever.

The US is having a rough time now. They'll be back. There will come a day when they have everyone at work, people won't be shooting each other as much, young men won't be fighting a war for oil and the loonie is back around 65 cents US. For now, let's enjoy the ride of being the best country in North America and not nit pick over a five second clip in a tourism video.


Sunday, Blogging Sunday

Sunday turns into play date day at my house more often than not. Like I've said before, it's like a party with drunk midgets.

I'll fire up an update later on. BE AFRAID!!!

Peace, love, harmony



Thursday, October 25, 2007

Day Off Jibber-Jabber

I get 15 days off a year. What a joke. Everyday is a day off in radio! My kids are at school. A good husband and father would do chores...I am UPDATING THE BLOG!!!

Random thoughts today...Switzer-vations if you will.

-Unless it's on your arms, DON'T SHOW PEOPLE YOUR TATTOOES! If a person can see your tattoo in anything other than a t-shirt, you just look like a show off trying to get people to pay attention to you. DON'T PUT THEM ON YOUR FACEBOOK EITHER!

A tattoo should be a perk that people get for seeing you without clothes on. Don't brag about them. 2/3 of the world seems to have them.

-This blog will not have much Bronco analysis anymore. If you really want to hear my thoughts on Bronco hockey, there are around 40 occasions a year for three hours at a time to get it on the Mighty Eagle 94.1.

My only Bronco thoughts are: I like our top line, I like our d-men joining the rush, I want Weise and Nelson back and Travis Yonkman is a good goalie.

Veterans stepping up, young guys playing better than old guys, how much the coach talks to his players...that's all stuff I just don't care about anymore. At the end of the day, I enjoy watching this team...that's all.

-Country fans: Billy Currington is gay. Just so you know. Have you seen the "Party For Two" video with Billy and Shania? It looks like a housewife that gets out of the house once a year partying with a gay guy who she doesn't know is gay. Don't believe me? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MdCy8xOVy3k Check out the lack of chemistry at 2:00 in til the end.

I love how Billy "checks out" the girls that walk past him (:36). He's admiring her jean skirt and that's all!

-If he ain't gay, he should tell the directors of his music videos that they make him carry himself in a very gay way. Maybe their trying to appeal to the massive "gay country music fan" demograph.

More later...maybe.



Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Short Post After Some Long Days

You come here on a daily basis looking for my take on Bronco hockey and life. Sorry I haven't graced you with my online presence. Work has been busy and I have a new cat.

Lots to do at work. I'm not the glamourous "Rod Pedersen" type of busy. I wish I could say I've been busy emceeing elaborate banquets and calling play by play for the two top teams in their league. That would require living in Regina...Not in this life for any amount of money. Nice city to visit though. I KICKED THE $#!T OUT OF KARAOKE NIGHT AT THE PLAINS! Best performance they've ever seen.

No, I've been busy at work with mundane stuff you would not find the least bit interesting. That, and speaking appearances at two of Swift Current's middle schools (St. Joe's and Irwin).

If you are reading this in Calgary, you will soon be able to hear my voice on a daily basis. Can't say why yet, but it's one reason I've been busy.

No, I'm not moving to Alberta. That is SOOOOOOOO passe. Swift Current is stuck with me.

I'd put a Brad Wall sign on my lawn, but I'm worried drug addicts would mistake my house for the "crack house" former NDP candidate Jeff Potts referred to. I don't need no crack-heads comin to my crib lookin' fo a fix!

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, check this out:



I'm light on Bronco thoughts. No deep thoughts or opinions really. I go to the games, I'm entertained, I enjoy the commentary, I like working with Keener, BSing with other media before the game, hearing Earl Monkman's laugh and BSing with players after the game. Other than that I don't have much to say on the subject of Bronco hockey. There are so many opinions and recaps out there, you don't need to clutter your brain by reading another one.

I have some days off. I'll post again when the inspiration hits me. Sorry for mailing this one in.



Sunday, October 21, 2007

Meet Link

Meet the newest member of the Switzer household. "Link" is short for his full name: Lincoln Douglas De visser.

While I was reluctant at first, he has fit right in to the family and is already litter trained.


Broncos Get a Point

Swift blew a 4-1 lead last night and lost 5-4 in a shoot out to Prince George. What happened has been covered on Keen's Blog.

This loss in this fashion is a good thing. A 72 game schedule prepares a team for the playoffs. A team needs to experience all the highs and lows in that season to get ready for the post season. This is a lesson learned early in the year. Do you think the Broncos will take their foot off the gas against a cellar dwelling team again this year? If they're in round 1 of the playoffs against a team that finished below them in the standings, will they take their foot off the throat of a team they have down? Not likely after last night. This is two games they have let teams outwork them in the 3rd period to force extra time. They got lucky against Red Deer, luck was on PG's side last night.

The more close games you're in...the better prepared for playoffs you are.

Plus, special teams win games. It's not always the powerplay. PG owes that win to their penalty killers. The Gardner kid showed why he's wearing the C. PG's goalie, Real Cyr will steal some games too.

PG scrapped through 60 minutes, and where rewarded with some...less than highlight reel goals.

I hate picking three stars. Just so you know.

The hockey portion of this blog ends now.

Britney Spears

Copy and paste this stuff in your address bar: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UlkzgI_jNUg

It's a video of Britney Spears eating take out in a messy apartment. Sad really. Not that she's obviously wasted or high...She's 25 and people do that (much less than her, yes) but that she's regretting what's been happening in her life. It's not as easy as 'walking away from it all and just being a mom'. Contracts have been signed, commitments have been made, and frankly when Britney was too young to know better, some slimy executive types with $$$ signs in their eyes did NOT take care of her they way they should have.

Anyway, the point of this post is that Britney can still get it done as a performer. Yes, her 'performance' at the VMA's was a joke. She was out of shape for opening gameday. She broke a heel on her boot, she wasn't ready for a full blown performance, the choreography was too tough...whatever.

Check out the video for her current hit, Gimme More: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3ceCMpPJgc

The song is standard pop drivel, as a vocalist Britney will NEVER be on a level with Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Cher, Sarah McLachlan and the great female vocalists (they are great vocalists!) but she can ENTERTAIN. After watching that, after seeing the way she can look at the camera and move around that stripper pole, tell me she isn't the most well rounded entertainer out there. Seriously, if Rihanna tried to make that video and do what Britney did, her 19 year old head would explode. Guys watch that video and drool, girls watch it and say "that's hot". Rihanna has ONE facial expression (watch any video of hers, ONE expression...and she can't dance). Britney knows when to look sexy, knows when to smile, knows when and how to make her smile sexy. Christina Aguilera is quagmired in the unmoving sea of married life, Avril Lavigne is good for jumping up and down and flipping everyone off, and the never ending list of "singer, songwriters' will give you a show of great music that makes you think, but nothing on that level.

She has spent her life going into talent shows and making pop music since she was 5. She can still entertain, even if the rest of her life is a train wreck. She is not happy right now, and may never be again. Parents, don't rush your kids into fame.

She is still the queen of pop.



Saturday, October 20, 2007

A Special Q and A with Drunk Gerald

A fan known as "SectionNDeserter" on whlfans.ca asked about the presence of "Drunk Gerald"

Drunk Gerald is a friend of mine, who was BANNED from whlfans.ca. He deserved it. No ill will towards the mods of whlfans. Gerald has A LOT on his mind.

There is a 55 post thread on Bronco players who are rumoured to be asking for trades.

Drunk Gerald's thoughts:

Someone in the dressing room needs to stand up and say, HEY SHENOWTH! TRADE ME FOR SOMEONE WHO CAN FISTFIGHT! We need someone on our team who can score goals and win battles who can srop the gloves. Someone who will score 30 goals and get 250 pims! Actually when I was at Boston Pizza I saw chynwht on his hand held blueberry working out a trade. Here's the deal. Levi Nelson and a secodn round bantamn pick to Moose Jaw for Riley Granthman.

We shouldn't have traded that Gervias kid either! He was our next Chris Szszqkghszky

On the Credit Union i-Pex:

I dont know why the city of swift current spent asomcuh time and money on the curling rink and still don't have the hockey rink done. The only fun thing about curling is the drinking and i can do that at the york or the big eye. Broncos can't play hockey at the york or the big eye. Can they!

On trade rumours:

We have so mnay defencemand bron in 1988! we meed more players bron in 1989. 1989 was a good year. Riders, flames and broncos wehere all champs. Broncos had a tough guy. Chris LArkin! That's why they won the mem cup. What was the question?

On The Broncos three game home winning streak:

I like it. Erik Felde is like skating like a NHLer. I'm enjoying the team. BUT TRent Zoolander sitll hasn't given me a free ****ing pizza has he? He always gives the prizes to the same section. that game when Angel Suzuki from the TV was in. She was good with the prizes.

The above thoughts and opinions are that of Drunk Gerald and do not reflect those of anyone else.


A Problem With The Stripes

From Regan Bartel's blog (reganbartel.blogspot.com)

How bad was the officiating last night? I haven't seen that many missed calls in one game in a long time. Kevin Muench, the Director of Officiating for the WHL was in attendance last night, and couldn't have liked what he saw.

He's talking about the Kelwona/Everett game from a few nights ago. I've noticed a pattern in WHL officiating. Kevin Muench in the house = Gong show. I don't know if these young officials are nervous with their boss watching and evaluating and it gets in their head, but Whenever Mr. Muench is watching a gamem offciating seems to factor in the outcome. He was there for the Broncos/Red Deer game with two questionable goals, a first period with no penalties and the rest of the game making up for lost time in the first. Now this.

I know as a radio guy, one can get thrown off thier game when corporate program directors or consultants are listening. Must be the same thing for officials.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not ripping on Kevin Muench. Always pleasant to talk to and a genuine fellow, I thin do believe the quality of officiating is improving.

Still, whenever someone mentions Kevin Muench, I'm taken back to a cold winter night in 1992. A game officiated by Muench, and Graham James upset by the game Muench had called, took off his shirt to protest things.

If you still have a copy of that video, I'm the kid in the grey and red jacket right behind the bench. Really funny at the time...the actions of a disturbed individual in retrospect.



Thursday, October 18, 2007

If They made a Movie...

The more I see Brad Wall the more I think he looks like Kiefer Sutherland. After watching X-Men last night, I noticed a similarity in looks between Sir Ian McKellen and Uncle Lorne Calvert too. Am I crazy?

Comments, Oh I get em:

Hey Ryan,

I really enjoy reading your blog(s), as I find yours to be one of the most entertaining out there. It also gives me an opportunity to keep tabs on the old hood.

Keep it up my friend.

A former GWB Newshound

From "Steve S"

I'm going to guess that "Steve S" is the legendary Steve Shaheen. Coolest guy ever in radio! Funny, handsome, could've been in TV, but certainly had the respect of people in every medium. What I wouldn't give to go back in time and work in Moose Jaw during the good ole days of CHAB. I bet Steve Shaheen and Rob Carnie where like Champ Kind and Ron Burgundy.

Steve had a SWEET mustache. Every radio guy's girlfriend secretly wanted Stevie Shaheen.

My man Joel:

Dont let ANONYMOUS posts get you down buddy. If someone cant put their real name to their post they have no credibility what so ever.

I don't let them get me down! I LOVE THEM. One time Keen and I got into this debate about getting slammed on fan forums. He hates it! To show him he shouldn't care, I started a thread about "how awful Ryan Switzer is at color for the Broncos". People defended me...more people slammed me. Whatever.

In any sport or entertainment, if you don't have critics, you're not doing a good job...or you just flat out suck. This blog doesn't pay my bills, I don't care if I do.

That brings me to Roddy Pedersen. If you read his blog or know him, send him an e-card. He feels overworked:

You won't be hearing from me for another 24 hours. At least. I'm completely worn out and need to spend a day recharging for a BIG weekend which will include MC'ing the Plaza Dinner tomorrow night, broadcasting the Pats and Raiders in P.A. Saturday, and calling the Riders/Ticats on Sunday.

Talk to you tomorrow.

From rodpedersen.com

Then, the Passion of the Rod continued in his comments section:

Get some rest Rod, you spoil us with all of this information. If anyone pays attention to all the work you do between the Riders and Pats I'm sure you are working 100 hours per week. I'd be very courious to find out if there is another Broadcaster in a similar sized market that has to provide the coverage you do for two high profile sports teams along with the other stuff at the radio station.

From Anonymous...

Radio people do work hard...but at the end of the day, it ain't the rigs, it ain't construction and we aren't curing cancer. Don't feel too sorry for us. Morning radio people have the longest days. You can feel sorry for them in the dead of winter when it's -40 at 4:30am when they go to work.

Hey Rod, if your schedule is too much, LET ME DO THE RIDER GAMES! I won't be as good as you (not right away anyway) but can call the play, leave the insight for Carm and shoot cool vignettes at Kerry Joseph's place. Take a load off Roddy...Call me. I'll drive to Regina on gamedays. While I'm there, I'll stop by CTV and give the best weather forecast this province has seen since Johnny ****ing Sandison!

Big League en' Regan

Brady Leavold is now a member of the Kelowna Rockets. I'm happy the kid went to Kelowna because he is a good interview. Most broadcasters in the league wouldn't know what to do with someone as open as "Leo". Thankfully he got dealt to the Rockets where Regan Bartel and David Michaud know how to handle him. Suck down the audio here:


Do the copy and paste thing. They acutally asked questions UNRELATED TO HOCKEY!!! Giving the interveiw LEGIT ENTERTAINMENT VALUE!!!

Regan is a gem. Jury is still out on Michaud.


My wife makes GREAT lasagna. She also has an "onion booty". What's an "onion booty"? AN ASS SO FINE IT BRINGS A TEAR TO YOUR EYE!!!



Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Back to the Blog

Your grammar sucks! you'll never be taken seriously in the WHL blog world...Anonymous

Yes...I know...I I don't spell check...to insinuate a pause I use three periods which isn't proper typing etiquette...and I also use too many "unnecessary" quotation marks.

I don't care if I'm taken seriously. I write about skinny dipping. Most bloggers travel with the team and act like they're friends with the coaches and GMs. Teh one's that aren't play by play guys who are on the bus have more time to do this. Gregg Drinnan WRITES FOR A LIVING.

And Alan Caldwell, Sh*t,I don't know if he even has a job. I honestly think he lives with his parents and blogs from his mom's basement. I picture that he looks like a cross between Comic Book guy and Greg Harder.

Harder, by the way, is way better now. Ever since he cut his hair. Total Regina homer, but good enough to keep a Swift Current homer hooked for all his paragraphs.

Speaking of Regina, Roddy P is took a few minutes to mention the Pats between Rider posts. Colten Teubert took a two game suspension for a hit on Riley Hozapfel of the Moose jaw Warriors. Roddy then typed a gem : Perhaps I missed it, but I haven't heard yet what Warrior goalie Joey Perricone got for spearing the Pats' Kirt Hill in the nuts.

He changed "nuts" to "groin" a few hours later. I caught it. I would've left it...my audience is much smaller...like my..."groin"

By the way, I know Rod reads this blog...You should know I was talking to "Hillbilly Jim". He hasn't forgotten the vaseline thing from the playoffs. Circle October 30th on your calender.

No that's not a threat. That night will be a big deal. Two first place contenders duking it out. For the Broncos, I don't think it will be the piece of cake their pre-season meeting in Kindersley was in regards to the Pats.

And that game will be played at the Credit Union i-Plex. Not just the i-Plex. SAY IT RIGHT!!!

How about those INDIANS!?!?!

People bitch about baseball salaries being too high, and the teams that win just buy their way to pennants and world series titles. Not the case. The Yankees haven't come within a sniff of the World Series in years, and the Boston Red Sox are about to be bounced by a team in the bottom 1/3 for MLB salaries.

In fact, look at the payrolls for the final four teams in the majors this year:

(No. 2) Red Sox: $143 million.

(No. 23) Indians: $62 million.

(No. 25) Colorado Rockies: $54 million.

(No. 26) Arizona Diamondbacks: $52 million.

Out of 30 teams, 3 of the four in the final four are in the bottom 1/3 for payroll. "I'm not looking for the best players, I'm looking for the right players". Words of a hockey coach that apply to all sports. An American hockey coach at that!!! Kurt Russell as Herb Brooks! You need a stone faced bad ass to star in a movie, YOU GET KURT RUSSELL. YOU TELL EM' I'M COMING, I'M BRINGIN' HELL WITH ME!!!

Words of Wisdom from Sly Stallone

One of the best Hollywood urban legends happened on the set of 'Cliffhanger', A mountian climbling movie starring Sly Stallone, John Lithgow and the guy from Days of Thunder. On the set of the movie, Stallone, who had to wear a wireless headse,t took a young studio employee back to his trailer. Keeping his headset on and not realizing the microphone was live, the sound people in the audio truck could hear Stallone giving specific instrcutions to the young lady to "cup the bal...groin" (gotta say groin in a WHL related blog).

Sly Stallone should be remembered for two speeches. That one on the set of Cliffhanger and his father/son moment from Rocky Balboa.

Let me tell you something you already know. The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows. It is a very mean and nasty place and it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain't how hard you hit; it's about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward. How much you can take, and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done. Now, if you know what you're worth, then go out and get what you're worth. But you gotta be willing to take the hit, and not pointing fingers saying you ain't where you are because of him, or her, or anybody. Cowards do that and that ain't you. You're better than that!”

If you want to see it on the youtube, copy and paste this :



The Swifty's

As voted on by YOU...

Best Pizza in town. Houston...Runner up Akropol

Best Place to Take Someone for Intimate Relations (a place to "park the car" if you will...could also be a cheap motel...your call). No votes on this subject....Is that why everyone is so angry these days? My vote...RAINBOW MOTEL!!!

Best Lounge. BP's...Runner up Akropol

Best Small Town Bar within 45 minutes of Swift Current. Cabri...Runner up Rangeline in Cadillac

Best Annual attraction within an hour of Swift Current (annual rodeos, Frontier Days Saloon, Annual Slo-pitch tourneys...) Kinsmen Street Dance...Runner up Frontier Days Saloon.

Best Sports Coach (any level...any team) Harv Martinez (come back Harv! the readers of this blog DEMAND IT!.) Runner up Deano...also mentioned frequently Tim Tisdale and Marc Habscheid

Best Hamburger (non fast food) Houston Pizza Bronco Burger...Runner up Husky Chili Burger

Best fast food joint Burger King Runner up: EXTREME PITA! (atta boy Joel!)

Best Looking Male and female a few people I've never heard of and don't want to post their names for fear of a joke of sorts. More votes for these please.

and finally...

One thing about Swift Current you would change... More affordable housing!!!. Runner up... Intersection of hi-way 1 and 4.

Not my opinions...unscientific...for all I know this was one person using different aliases who created ALOT of hotmail, gmail and Sasktel accounts. Don't take it seriously and have fun with it.



Monday, October 15, 2007

Insomnia/Inner Geek/Swifty Awards

You keep pushing away people who want to love you. You say you're alone and no one cares, and yes, you did lose so much, but you are surrounded by people who want to help you. You do have family, they want to be close to you, people who love you despite the fact you avoid them...Why can't you let us in?

Tomorrow night "Heroes" is on. The NBC hit that I'm sure you've heard about even if you've never watched it. Heather loves it, co-workers love it...I can't get into it. It will have big ratings for awhile, then the numbers will drop...writers will introduce new characters and kill of old ones to being back some hype...When that doesn't work they'll bring back characters they killed off because the little Japanese guy can time travel or something...then they'll pull the plug on the thing with an ending everyone will hate. It's a show I'm surprised I'm not into. It has good actors/actresses, neat characters with cool powers, it seems to be written well and has Ali Larter (celebrity freebee #3).

I feel guilty when a co-worker of mine (Darwin Gooding) goes through the trouble of putting the series on DVD for me, asks me often if I watch it and I always say "No". I think that now in my 30th year, the impossible has happened.

I've lost my inner geek. Strange things have happened over the last eight months or so (ever since I turned 30):

-I don't watch Heroes

-I don't care about Halo 3

-I don't own NHL 08 yet

-When a Star Wars or Matrix film is on the movie channel, I keep channel surfing

-I can't name even 1 WWE title holder

-Haven't watched a City TV Saturday night spanker in months

-Only current UFC fighter I can name is Tito Ortiz...only because he feuded with Ken Shamrock.

Does there come a point when one's inner geek just dies?

After this I may not make a blog entry for a while. Busy week ahead at work. To tide you over, I want you to read this section and e-mail me (or leave a note in the comments section) your thoughts. I want your votes on the subjects below. We'll call it the "Swifty" awards. I don't care if you vote anonymously, multiple times or get your friends to vote. I'll do this every now and then and with different categories. Vote on the Swifties for:

Best Pizza in town.

Best Place to Take Someone for Intimate Relations (a place to "park the car" if you will...could also be a cheap motel...your call).

Best Lounge.

Best Small Town Bar within 45 minutes of Swift Current.

Best Annual attraction within an hour of Swift Current (annual rodeos, Frontier Days Saloon, Annual Slo-pitch tourneys...)

Best Sports Coach (any level...any team)

Best Hamburger (non fast food)

Best fast food joint

Best Looking Male

Best Looking Female

and finally...

One thing about Swift Current you would change...

I'll make you a deal...Once I have 100 different voters leave a comment or e-mail me, I'll drop what I'm doing to post the results.



Sunday, October 14, 2007

Hot Team...and Hot Tubbin'

The Broncos beat Red Deer 4-3 in over time. Geordie Wudrick scored the winning goal. If he hasn't already, Jon Keen will have an update on his blog I'm sure, and the diehards at whlfans.ca will have an accurate recap of the game too.

I have more important blog issues to write about...

Other bloggers ask why I don't do site meter? I think if I knew who was reading this and how often they were, I'd change how I write and this wouldn't be as honest. I'm happy people like this space on the web..but I don't do it to please anyone, or because I think it's a service. It's my therapy.

As I mentioned...more important stuff to write about:


For some reason, whenever I find myself hot-tubbing the conversation of skinny-dipping always comes up. It amazes me that the majority of people (by my guess three out of four) have NEVER skinny dipped with others despite every one's desire to do so. If you are one of the three out of four that hasn't...and you want to change that...read on:

1. The hardest part about getting the group to shed their gear is the numbers. If you have five dudes and one dame in the tub...it ain't happening (if, by chance, the one girl is game...you don't want to with that one!). The ratio CANNOT BE MORE MEN THAN WOMEN. At least 50/50 with three dames for every two dudes is ideal.

Women will be scared to strip down...because no matter how much they like and trust the guys, they won't feel comfortable (or safe) at a sausage party.

2. Set it up. After a drink or two...test the waters by joking about going skinny dipping. If no one seems disgusted, after some drinking, wait until a natural point in the conversation, and then bring it up again.

If people get on board, you may have to take the lead. You may have to be the first to strip down. Worse case scenario: No one joins you and you look like the only cool, confident one...which is not a bad thing (inside joke, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2005!).

3. Lighting...or lack thereof. An underwater pool light is OK. Other than that...leave it up to the moon. If the area you're in is well lit, kill some lights. People will be cool with their friends seeing them nude...They won't want your neighbours (or the RCMP) to get a view of their bits and junk.

4. Act like you've done this before. Keep eye contact...you will catch glances but DON'T STARE AT THEIR BUSINESS.

-Hands to yourself. Just because people get nude doesn't mean it's time for an orgy.

The winter hot tub season is upon us...happy hunting. Lemme know if this works, or if I missed anything key.

Take us Home Deano

Cool things about Deano:

Certain spell check programs flag "Chynoweth" and suggest "unworthy" which is what we are!

Bonus cool thing:

His team has only played two home games and has a record of 7-2-0-1

and how about this one:

After the October 13th overtime win vs. Red Deer, Deano is unbeaten when coaching against former NHL coach of the year winners! (Brian Sutter won the Jack Adams in 1991).

Cool things about Deano, starring the straightest shooting, most honest to God WHL executive in the league Dean Chynoweth...written and produced by Ryan Switzer.



Saturday, October 13, 2007

Broncos Defy the Odds

Swift Current is nine games into the season and looking good. While I'm not ready to look to the iPlex rafters and wonder where all the banners will go, there is reason to be optimistic.

How about the Prairie Post's thoughts on the Broncos this year? Ryan Dahlman, who I think is a fine writer, says "The Broncos finally look to be building for the future" in regards to Cody Eakin, Brad Hoban and the young crew. "Finally look to be building for the future?!?!?!" Did Levi Nelson, Zack Smith and Dale Weise just show at training camp a couple weeks ago? We were able to trade products of our system for high end guys like Keegan Dansereau and Erik Felde buy a stroke of luck? Did we get players like that by Dean Chynoweth asking Bob Tory and Kelly Kisio nicely and saying "I'll owe you a favor"?

I hope all the WHL writers who only pay attention to their home team keep predicting a middle to bottom conference finish for the Broncos. To all the critics, keep saying they're peaking too early. Ryan Dahlman, stick with your thoughts that if Zack Smith, RJ Larochelle and Dale Weise play well the "road won't be as bumpy". Writers, keep going with the safe predictions. It makes every 10-1 win that much sweeter.



Friday, October 12, 2007

Today is the Day!

Home opener at the iPlex in just a few hours. It will be like a housewarming party in a house that is not finished. It will be an adventure, it will be history.

For the first time we get to see the Edmonton Oil Kings. Swift saw them in Edmonton this past monday in a 3-2 shoot-out loss. The Oil Kings are VERY far away from Rexall Place tonite. I would expect a low scoring affair with an ice surface laced with sawdust and other construction related grime.

Jon Keen made a comment about a potential three goal game for any Bronco member tonite. A "hard hat trick"?

Out Like a Lyon

With the 20 year old deadline yesterday, the son of Mark Messier was a casualty. Lyon Messier was let go by the Kelowna Rockets. No takers for the 6'1 175 pound d-man. I was hoping he'd stick with the Rockets for no other reason as a chance to see the Moose himself at the iPlex when the Rockets are in town. The thought of having Mark Messier on the Big Show for an intermission was something to look forward to. Mark Messier once appeared on my hero, Howard Stern's, radio show. To be separated one degree from Howard would've been something I'd brag about.



Thursday, October 11, 2007


My first visit to the iPlex was today. The above picture was taken at around 4pm. At the time I was wondering what a WHL game 27 hours away would be like. There is A LOT to get done. Keen and I snapped some pictures that I feel will someday be historical. Visit his blog (link on the right) Jonny interviewing players after their first practice in the facility. Jonny forced to wear a hard hat. Today it's just another image in a blog, decades from now maybe an iconic image of our city's growth and heritage.

I encourage anyone reading this to go to the game tomorrow. The season opener! It will be played in a rink that is somewhere between 1/2 and 3/5 renovated. It will be cold. You will see unpainted plywood. You will see a game played on 'outdoor rink' quality ice. Players will be easily fatigued on slow ice and from inhaling dust.

You will be a part of history. Our city's history. I remember my first Bronco game. Exhibition game 1986 vs. the Tigers. 1st WHL game for the Broncos back in Swifty! Broncos lost 8-5. It was memorable as Swift was down 5-0 at one point...roared back to tie it, only to lose 8-5. I was entertained...I was hooked. The excitement...the birth of something new. A game that has stayed with me for 21 years. Friday night/tomorrow night/tonite could be one of those nights. One for the ages.

Plus...the Broncos have earned your support. This is a very good team.


State of Service pt. 2

Scroll down for part 1. People love to comment on the state of customer service being piss poor and teenagers having no work ethic and so on. I've spoken at the Comp School twice in the last few months. I've met many kids. I eat lots of fast food (on my Lyris approved cheat days). I just don't see a problem with today's kids. Granted there will always be a stoned out meat ball working the counter somewhere, but that is hardly a problem unique to 2007 and today's teens.

My argument is; if one is pleasant to the person serving them, they will be treated pleasantly in return. Some people think "I am spending money, this entitles me to be rude". Not true. People don't have to be extra courteous to you just because you have some dollars to spend. They should be. People should rise above the rude and be courteous anyway. I've found for the most part, be nice to those serving you and you will be treated nice in return. This is not 100% effective, but certainly improves things. Other bloggers and some people I know disagree. I find it humorous that some folks will say "even when I am nice I am treated rudely and given a 'scowl'".

I'm not going to criticize, but if someone you've never met is scowling at you, there may be a problem with how you present yourself...

Be kind to people...they will be kind to you in return. Keep in mind acting kind and being kind are two totally different things. People can subconsciously spot a fake. We're all the same. No one in this world is better or worse than anyone else (yes hockey fans, this contradicts the old "David Schulz is better than you" rants).



Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Gordie Howe Hat Trick For Leo

Brady Leavold must realize the 20 year old deadline is looming. The former Bronco had a Gordie Howe hat trick by the time the first period was done against Calgary in Kelowna. A goal, an assist and a scrap with Devon Kalinski all in the 1st period.

Just thought you'd find that interesting.


Why Trade Phil?

People who like watching hard hits and mucking in the corner are questioning the Phil Gervais trade. Kid played with heart, gave it his all every shift, wasn't afraid to drop the gloves, why trade him...and "only" for a 3rd round pick?

I don't talk to Dean Chynoweth except the odd "how's it goin'?" in the media room before games. I don't know why he does what he does, but MY GOD I WILL SPECULATE!.

Why trade Phil Gervais?

Because he played hard last year, did his job and should get ice time. However with Cody Eakin, Brad Hoban, Justin Dowling, Geordie Wudrick, Jan Dalecky and Mike Brown all stepping up, that puts Phil working the clipboard a lot. He deserves to play.

Why only a 3rd round pick?

A 3rd round pick is fair market value for Gervais. I'm also going to speculate it was the best offer. 3rd round pick...or reassignment to the AJHL. Deano cares about these kids and wants them to succeed in the league.


Philly the Kid off to Vancouver

The press release on another Bronco trade reads like this:

The Swift Current Broncos have announced Wednesday afternoon that they have traded 17-year-old forward Phil Gervais to the Vancouver Giants for a 3rd Round pick in the 2008 Bantam Draft.

Gervais was originally drafted by the Broncos in the 3rd round, 52nd overall in the 2005 Bantam Draft and is in his 2nd season in the Western Hockey League.



Tuesday, October 09, 2007

State of Service

It has become a popular topic of conversation these days to complain about the state of service in our area. Blame to big box stores for the fact that we have more people than jobs which forces lazy people who wouldn't be employed 15 years ago to the front lines of restaurants. Lots of folks talk about it. People blog about it. People leave comments on blogs agreeing with the thought that today's youth is lazy, spoiled and have no respect. (the same things people said about us when we where in high school)

I, Ryan Switzer, radio superstar and mediocre blogger have the answer to the poor customer service so many people complain about. The solution is not an easy one. It requires some hard work. It requires doing things that some people are simply not capable of. In some cases it requires more spending of your disposable income (assuming you're not in radio and have some.)

This is not a 100% cure for poor service. There will ALWAYS be the odd cretin working somewhere (and really, there always has been. This is nothing new and not a reflection of today's youth)

The solution is...You.

Once again, I will drop my favorite Steven Tyler quote and say "The Light at the End of The Tunnel is YOU!"

Am I suggesting you leave your profession and personally become the best waitress you can be? Should you trade in your suit and tie to make blizzards at the DQ?

If you want. I may be an eye opener...but no.

I suggest you be patient with trainees. If your meal at a restaurant is a few minutes later and a little bit colder than usual, I suggest you DON'T demand a free meal and lose your brain over it demanding to see the manager. At fast food restaurants, order with a smile. Call the person at the counter by their name (they probably have a nametag. If they don't, I'm sure it's a good conversation).

Lets face it. Today's youth have options that they didn't back in the day. They can quit McDonald's and work at Burger King 15 minutes later. You win them over with honey, not vinegar.

I eat at Boston Pizza a lot. While small mistakes have happened with my meals, more often than not my family gets GREAT service. Why? I'm guessing two reasons.

I'm nice to the staff.

I tip well.

By saying I tip well, I'm not saying I throw around a big wad of cash. A little bit more than the standard 15% each time I go there has them trained.

Some people are of the mentality that treating themselves to a restaurant meal or frozen treat gives them the chance to "talk down" to the lowly servers.

Remember, the world around you is a reflection of yourself. While being pleasant to people and tipping an extra buck won't totally save you from a well done steak that you wanted medium well, I PROMISE YOU it will give you more good than bad experiences spending your hard earned dough.



Monday, October 08, 2007

Fraser the Blazer

So people actually read this blog. Scroll down to see my referee post. I singled out the voice of the Kamloops Blazers for his 'end of game call' vs. The Broncos a few nights ago. To refresh your memory, I said his call of "the Broncos win 2-1 on a powerplay goal by Dale Weise on a phantom penalty to Alex Rodgers proves to be the difference" ws not fair to the officials or the Broncos. He disagreed:


I was entertained and even amused by your comments on your blog concerning the lack of professionalism on the part of some play-by-play men in the WHL.

Being the subject of one of your criticisms, I wish to point out – and if you talk to Jon when he gets back, he’ll back me up on this – that the call on Rodgers was indeed one of many which qualified as bizarre on this night. It just so happened that the deciding goal in a fairly well played game came as a result of a very strange call. In fact, I was quite complimentary of the Broncos through the course of the broadcast and they were certainly deserving of the victory. I feel I would be more deserving of the criticism if I had failed to mention that Blazers were 0-for-8 on the PP and managed only 3 shots on goal in the third period. It’s also worth noting that I didn’t disparage the official directly, dress him down, nor call HIS professionalism into question. I’ll admit I did something REALLY bush league in naming referee Derek Zalaski first star in a 7-0 Blazer loss in Medicine Hat a few years back…when the powerplays were 13-2 in favour of the Tigers. THAT is something I’m certainly not proud of…but it’s out there and it’s on the record. (Boy did he have it in for us that night!) Also, I will take all the abuse that goes along with something as boneheaded as that. (Hey, if I give it…I certainly have to take it, right?) But, I have trouble with your opinions on what was said on Friday night.

The facts are: it was a 2-1 game decided on a powerplay goal in the second period. The powerplay came about on a soft call which, according to about 5,000 people who saw it – minus one referee (ask Keener), was expected to go against Swift Current. That said, it would have even been a bad call against the Broncos. That’s how bad it was.

When you have been calling games for as long as I have (11 years in the WHL – plus 9 more here and there), you come to appreciate the efforts of the young men who are actually playing the game. Not that I’m undervaluing the work of the officials – because it is a tough job and I wouldn’t want it for all the tea in China – but most of us in the WHL PBP fraternity have actually tempered our comments towards what is becoming less and less acceptable standards of officiating. When poor calls start deciding hockey games…that’s when they simply HAVE to be mentioned. There HAVE to have been nights when Keener’s said similar things…and I’d be shocked if a similar comment hasn’t fallen from your mouth during your days as a colour commentator with the Broncos or even as a baseball PBP guy. You can’t tell me umpires haven’t had a larger-than-desired impact on games in the WMBL. And when they do…it’s worth a mention, no? If you guys haven’t, then I apologize and you’re far greater men than I.

In closing…to quote your blog: “I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm not in favor of internet bashing…”

Thanks for listening to my rant. I’ve said my piece and tried to explain myself. However, feel free to further this conversation. You have my email and I can give you my phone numbers if you’d like.

I look forward to our meeting in Swifty in February.


Dude did his homework. He even quoted...me!

my reply:


Thanks for the note. I didn't think I had any readers outside of friends, co-workers and family.

I will be the first to admit homerism on my part, and yes, negative comments about officials have escaped my lips. "The linesman needs to get his head out of his ass and break up this beating" is the one I'm not really proud of.

We watch games from a home team perspective. When I saw the Broncos skate out of Kamloops with a 2-1 win and a great defensive effort and heard it summed up as a "phantom call" I disagreed. We can disagree, that's why there's chocolate and vanilla. Yes, a poor call that factors into the outcome does HAVE to be mentioned. Yes, if we were picking "TSN turning points", the powerplay goal from the call in question would be it.

Having said that, if the Blazers put together a solid road effort rebounding from a 7-2 loss the game before, and you heard home team announcer credit the win to a "phantom call" I think you'd disagree too.

My point is, too many WHL announcers and color people are becoming like Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan on commentary. They say calls against the home teams are soft. More broadcasters are blaming refs in post game shows. I think more often than not it is not warranted. Are you, Kirk Fraser, guilty of this? Probably not. I should have picked a better target.

Yes, you guys are in town this Feb. You're the second broadcaster who says they are "looking forward to meeting me". Most people in your fraternity have never given a $#!T about meeting the Swift Current color guy, now I'm Mr. Popular;)

With this blog, I will often shoot first and ask questions later. I will apologise now and help you load your gear up the 'Swift Current ladder' to make amends.


To which he replied:

Hey, Ryan...thanks for the reply.

Each one of us HAS to be a homer to a certain degree - no doubt. That's our audience...I call games from the Blazer perspective and you offer opinions based on what Bronco fans want to hear. I'm sure your take on Friday's game would have been a lot different from another - less biased - perspective. This sport NEEDS to have differing opinions to remain relevant and remotely interesting. If everyone thought the same thing...well...that would be kinda boring.

In response to your question, I'm quite sure I have never out-and-out blamed officials for a loss. Sure there are nights when they play a far larger role in the outcome than they should and on those nights that is worth noting... but I'd like to think I'm a little more level-headed than that. (The Zalaski debacle notwithstanding...but the fact was we were getting dominated in every facet of the game that night and he was making it far worse than it needed to be with an awful lot of unnecessary penalties...it made a very long night even less tolerable. I digress...that's another LONG story for another day.)

All that said, there are nights when refs in this league do an excellent job - and I mention that...and there are nights where the other team gets screwed on a call and I make DAMN sure I mention that as well. It just so happened that the Blazers got the wrong end of a bad call...a call which indirectly led to the winning goal. There will be nights where it will go the other way.

I take great pride in taking the opponent's perspective into consideration...and now with the webcasting...that's something we will all have to be even more aware of, for sure. To blow my own horn for a second, and for what it's worth, I have received numerous compliments from listeners who thank me for actually talking about the opposition and knowing who the other teams' players are.

You bring up a good point on the perspective thing. If we were to trade places...yes...I probably would have disagreed with the "phantom call" opinion. Point made...point taken. But, personally, I try not to worry too much about what other broadcasters say about a certain game or events therein. I've got way too much to think about on my end...and it saves me a lot of grief in the long run.

My only issue here is because of a difference of opinion - one's professionalism gets called into question...especially on a public forum. Plus, you know what they say about opinions. By the way...someone who "shoots first and asks questions later" will tend to get a little extra attention.

Finally, for the record, the Broncos played very well in here...and should have a good season based on what I've seen from them in pre-season and on Friday.

Thanks for the discussion...these kinds of conversations are always enlightening...and I DO - sincerely - look forward to our meeting in Swifty! ;)


To which I said:

Hey Kirk,

First and foremost I agree with everything you say.

I'm not sure how much WHL radio you listen to (I'm guessing a lot). Listen to some of these guys around the league. It's like watching wrestling in the 80's and listening to Bobby the Brain or Jesse Ventura. There are officials that blow calls that affect the outcome of the game. That's always been a part of sports. There are also officials that call a good game, but are chastised on WHL radio stations for making a good call against the team the broadcaster is cheering for. Again, I will state for all to read that you are one of the LEAST guilty of this.

I don't think your professionalism in question. As you say, you have been a voice in the league for 11 years. A respected voice at that. Chances are Kirk our peers will read my blog and give you the benefit of the doubt while dismissing me as some hack looking for attention. In all seriousness, you are a credible pillar of broadcasting in junior hockey. I'm the guy who coined the phrase "He's skating smooth as a bikini wax".


And being the sport that I am, he can have the last word.

I'm chuckling quietly to myself...if only for your very flattering compliments and the distance you are willing to go to smooth this whole thing over. But, don't blow too much smoke up my ass...I'm too cynical for that. ;)

Don't worry...I'm not what you would call "pissed off". I was just puzzled by what some might perceive to be an attack. It's all good here as far as I'm concerned...now that we've had a chance to "talk" it out. There are no hard feelings at all. It just goes to show that being in the public eye, so to speak, everything we say and do comes under the microscope. No different than the players and officials.

There you have it. At the end of the day, two things:

-I'm shocked that people take what I have to say seriously. Credibility is a responsibility I don't want.

-I smooth things over as I don't want industry people lumping my crappy blog with no spell checking and uneducated opinions in with Jon Keen. He respects the league, he respects his colleagues. Not saying I don't...just in a different way. When visiting the Swift Current area of the blogosphere please keep that in mind.



Sunday, October 07, 2007

1.3 Seconds

Two teams in the WHL East division, The Swift Current Broncos and the Moose Jaw Warriors find themselves separated by eight points and four teams. In Saskatchewan we like to measure distance by using time.

'How far away is Regina?'

We don't say 230 kms. We say '2 and a half hours, 2 hours the way some people drive.'

So how far behind the Swift Current Broncos are the Moose Jaw Warriors?

1.3 seconds.

Remember the season opener? Moose Jaw clinging to a 1 goal lead LATE in the game when Zack Smith scored with...1.3 seconds left in the 3rd period. Game goes to overtime, Swift wins.

The moral of this post isn't so much about hockey...it's a life thing. Dave Hunchak was 1.3 seconds away from his 1st WHL win in Moose Jaw. He still hasn't found it. Momentum is so important. Had that 1.3 seconds gone the other way, would Moose Jaw and Swift find themselves reversed today in the standings? Had Zack Smith not scored would Swift have the confidence they do today? Would Moose Jaw have had that momentum? Would Hunchak be praised for his turnaround of the Warrior franchise while Chynoweth's critics picked up where they left off last year lighting up the forums?

You get the moral of the story. It's not just a hockey thing.



We Want a REF!!!

The Broncos have jumped out to a record of 5-2. Keen was in Prince George and has a detailed recap of things (jonkeen.blogspot.com). I've watched many games via the WHL web service. It's been cool to see the new look Broncos. They are going to be VERY fun to watch this year. They are fast, they can score the defence is quick and can move the puck up ice very well. Our powerplay has some bite to it. This year will be worth the wait.

Something else I've enjoyed/not enjoyed is the play by play/color commentary around the league. I will start this rant by saying 'I don't think I'm better than anyone else'. I'm shocked at the lack of professionalism and class when it comes to grown men with the responsibility of calling an honest game who are certainly stretching the truth. And what pisses me off about this is WHL referees are taking a beating in the public eye.

Just from this Bronco roadtrip I give you these two examples. I could do more, but I want turkey today:

10:07 into the 1st period Saturday night vs. Prince George, Kalvin Sagert hammers Zack Smith face first into the boards. Checking from behind is the EASY call. described on air as: "a bit of a soft call, Kalvin Sagert was touching his man into the boards and the arm of Mr. Herman went up...". If you subscribe to the WHL video service, see and hear it for yourself. 12:44 into the video feed.

As previously mentioned at the end of the Broncos vs. Kamloops. "A powerplay goal by Dale Weise in the 2nd period on a phantom penalty to Alex Rogers proves to be the difference..". "PROVES TO BE THE DIFFERENCE!" The fact that Kamloops had 1 goal in 60 minutes and was 0/8 on the powerplay had nothing to do with it, eh? It's all the stripes fault? Come on. 2:20:17 into the video feed if you think I'm embellishing or taking out of context. He sums up the game in one sentence and he uses it to question the officiating?

Referees will make mistakes, and yes, there are some officials that tend to want to play God out there, but FOR THE MOST PART these are young men who have a decision to make and a tenth of a second to do it. To try and understand what it must be like for a referee, spend an ENTIRE DAY making decisions in a tenth of a second. You have no time to weigh options, no time to replay things in your mind. When someone asks you a question or for guidance you have to answer without thought, RIGHT NOW! Either the arm goes up...or it doesn't. Your wife asks you what you want for supper, without thought, you have to answer! Your kids ask if they can play computer, answer without thinking INSTANTLY.

Do that for an hour, a day, a week, a month...and see if you make the right call every time.



Saturday, October 06, 2007

This Blogs for You

There is only one performer I've ever seen in concert...twice.

That performer is Elton John. Please go ahead and question my sexuality, I know it's the prairie thing to do...

My favorite part of those two shows was when he performed his first ever hit, "Your Song". The way he performs it, he makes it seem like he's singing it just for you. When he gets to the line "My gift is my song and this one's for you" every man woman and child in the crowd gets the feeling Elton is singing it just for them.

Well, my gift is my blog and this one's for.

Granted that probably doesn't give the same feeling as Elton singing for a sold out Saddledome, but this blog entry is for...you.

Alot of Bloggers have adopted the "Nice guys who deserve a plug" theme. I'm not going to name drop because everyone else does that. If you aren't mentioned in a blog does that mean you don't deserve some props? This entry is for anyone who...

-has smiled at someone they don't know for no reason other than to...smile

-someone who has been patient with a worker who is new to thier job

-anyone who has tipped their waitress very well despite the fact that the restaurant was busy and their meal was a little later than usual

-anyone who will shovel more than just the sidewalk in front of their house this winter

-anyone who will help push a stranger's Chevy Sprint out of a snowbank this winter

-the person who takes a bottle of wine to someone's house this thanksgiving

-the potential boyfriend/girlfriend meeting thier potential inlaws for the first time this long weekend and wants to make a good impression

-The potential inlaws who forgive thier potenial son/daughetr in laws nervous shortcomings

-the person who would like more white/dark meat but recognizes others at the table may want it and passes

-anyone who has given a compliment on someone's new hairstyle

-the co-worker who buys timbits for the office staff...and doesn't have one

-the person who is having a rough time in their personal life...but doesn't complain about it

-that person that did the right thing..even if it cost them money in the long run

-anyone who is great with their kids

-anyone who is great with other people's kids

-that special someone who will help with the dishes at someone else's house this weekend

-The rider fan that shakes hands with the stamps fan he's never met before

-The stamps fan that shakes hands with the rider fan he's never met before

-The boss who recognizes their employees efforts

-The employee that keeps doing their best when their boss doesn't recognize their efforts

-people who visit hospitals to see folks they don't really know that well, but wish them the best.

And finally someone who has done anything without asking or thinking "what's in it for me?"

Happy Thanksgiving. If any point on the above list has ever applied to you, I'm thankful we're in this world together.


Broncos in Kamloops

Caught a bit of the game on the WHL webcast...some thoughts.

-Powerplay was 1/8. They looked better than those numbers. Erik Felde and Eric Doyle work well together.

-RJ Larochelle got the left going against Sasha Golin. RJ gets the unanimous win.

-How about Deano? Last three minutes of a 2-1 lead on the road and who is on the ice? Hoban, Eakin, Rogers and Dowling! Rookies! On the same shift! We're playing for now and still developing the future. BD11?

-I know I give Jon Keen lots of props on this blog. He earns it. Listening to the Kamloops play by play guy without a color guy is tough. Keener can carry a game on his own. Few can. I guess I just made a point that I'm not necessary.

-Homerism? Kamloops play by play guy at the buzzer: "The Broncos win on the strength of a Dale Weise powerplay goal on a phantom penalty to Alex Rogers". Nice call. Kamloops did only score one goal, don't blame the stripes.

-Justin Dowling being sent head first into the boards on Kamloops radio is "Shattock caught Dowling with his head down!". Jon is certainly one of the more unbiased guys in the league.

-Some Calgary Hitmen fans are warning us that Keegan Dansereau is a defensive liability. He was on this ice in the last minute. We held on to our lead. Just so you know.

-The worst the Broncos can be after the eight road games to start the year is .500.

-Broncos win...Levi Nelson had 2 penalty minutes. We'll call it a 'phantom call'. Smart Levi=win

-2 goals for Dale Weise. Mike Wilson had another assist. 6 game point streak. Have we had one of those in the last few years?



Thursday, October 04, 2007

Blogging About Jogging

For a good workout in Swift Current I suggest 'The Rocky Balboa Run'.

Originally invented by either myself, Mike Bartusek or Shane Lowenberger (or a combination of the three of us), the Swift Current Rocky Balboa run is a fantastic cardiovascular exercise that will give you confidence, make you more attractive to the opposite sex and will make people near you smile. It can be accomplished in these easy steps.

1. Visit itunes (or wherever you buy/steal your music). Download any instrumental Rocky soundtrack music to your mp3 player. I would suggest 'Training Montage' from Rocky 4, 'War' from Rocky 4 or the original 'Gonna Fly Now' theme. If you don't think 'Eye of the Tiger' is too cliche go with that too.

2. Put on a grey sweater with mathcing pants. You will also need a headband. Tape your hands up for no good reason as well.

3. Jog from your house all the way to the court house on Lorne Street. Go at a pace comfortable, but that is making you sweat a little. Wave at EVERYONE you see...encourage small children to run behind you. Periodically shadow box along the way.

4. Jump over any bench along the way. if it is out of your way, alter your course. Do at least three benches.

5. Eventually go too fast for the small children to keep up.

6. Upon arriving at the Courthouse, jog up the stairs. DO NOT SKIP ANY STAIRS! There are two sets of stairs that both go to the top. TAKE THE LEFT. Instinct will tell you to turn right...go left. We are also exercising your brain.

7. Upon arriving at the top...celebrate. Jump up and down with fists in the air.

If you are unclear on any of the steps, I have attached the web addy to a training video. Because I love the language, it is in Spanish.


Yes, I realize if you live across the street from the Courthouse this does nothing. Have someone drop you off on the other side of town smart-@$$


Look in the Mirror, IF YOU CAN!!!

Sometimes I write to inform. Sometimes I have an opinion that I wish to share. Most of the time I talk about hockey or sports. Sometimes this blog is therapy for me to type out my thoughts. This is one of those posts.

Have you ever seen the Negotiator? Kevin Spacey plays a police negotiator who is the best in his field...yet can't settle an argument between his wife and daughter. I relate. I have a radio show, yet few people to actually..."talk" to. Sure I can tell thousands of people they just heard the new single from Avril Lavigne and remind them that the Chokecherry festival is this weekend in Lancer...but on the subjects that really matter...life, love, the pursuit of happiness, my audience dwindles to near nothingness. When I want to talk about how my day went or how I'm developing as a professional the family I spend the most time with usually humours me, but thats only because I've promised they can watch Dora or play their Nintendo DS if they listen. My wife works alot...can't fault her for that...she did marry a radio guy. My shoulder, my therapy is you...I may never meet you, but if you've read this far...Thank you.

Today I came home with a feeling I haven't felt in a very long time.

I've become an @$$hole. I have done some dumb things in my 30 years, but for the first time I looked in the mirror and saw the refelction of an @$$hole. I didn't want to become one...I'm not sure how I became one. Five years ago I really liked who I was...Don't get me wrong, I don't hate myself now...but I've gotten really far off track.

Last night was family swim night at the aquatic center. A friend of mine was wading through the teach pool with his two year old daughter. He had fun with his daughter...I had fun with my kids, yet I kept an eye on the clock the whole time. Seeing how he interacted with his daughetr and the other parents made me realize something.

I've achieved alot in my career. I've hit some big goals in the last few years...I'm also in the best shape of my life...but as a person, a friend, a father, a human being I am nowhere near as good as this fellow swimmer/teach pool dad. I used to be...but have gotten lost.

But the only way to find something new and great is to get lost right? Worked for Columbus...and Barbosa.

In closing...if I know you and you haven't seen me in awhile..you haven't missed much. If you have to put up with me on a daily basis...I'll figure it out one of these days.

In tme meantime, I find myself relating to Bruce McCullogh form the Kids in the Hall. Relive the comedic genius by copy and pasteing this address:



7-2 Loss/Don't Haterize on Leo/How to Appear to be a work-a-holic.

The Broncos lost 7-2 to Calgary lastnight at the Saddledome. Our record drops to 3 and 2.


I kid. The Saskatchewan sports fan does tend to get on and off the bandwagon rather quickly.

I said at the beginning of the year that Travis Yonkman would be the key to success. While "Yonks" does play a key role in the blue paint, I'm changing my mind on the key to Bronco winning. It seems to be Levi Nelson. While hockey shouldn't be reduced to algebra, it seems almost mathematical. Levi playing smart=Victory.

Onward and upward.

Don't Haterize on Leo

The above line has been a blog subject of mine three times now. Former Bronco and current Kelowna Rocket Brady Leavold is the hot talk on the whlfans forum. Because nobody asked, here's my thoughts on Brady Leavold. Any dealings I had with him were very pleasant. He conducted himself VERY well in interviews. When I saw him in public we was always cool to talk to. What he said on his 'facebook' account should be off the record. Having said that, Brady just seems to get caught up in $#!T. He was singled out in Gare Joyce's work of fiction, he was hammered for going home and being soft a few years back...and now this.

The world around someone is often a reflection of themselves. Through the laws of cause and effect, people are responsible for their own actions. I think Brady needs to better learn that his actions have consequences and a few words can cause much disturbance. Life is like a game of chess...you have to think a few moves ahead.

Leo, if you succeed in learning this...tell me how. I still do some pretty dumb stuff.

How to appear like you're busting your butt!

Have one of those days when you're tired, lazy and un-motivated? We all do. Many of the successful people in this world have the ability to bluff their way through those days. The unsuccessful people just appear more lazy. Over the years I've seen careers blossom and wilt due to how those days are handled.

1. Put hours in at the right time. Working late, and so is the boss? Drop by the big office for some face time. You'll get props for the extra effort and less flack for a 2 hour lunch break.

2. Working late? Send an e-mail. When someone higher up on the corporate food chain sees an e-mail sent at 11pm from work...it looks like you're putting in some serious hours...even if you mailed in the day and just came in for ten minutes before bed.

3. Don't appear lazy to co-workers...Go the extra mile to help them. If you have co-workers saying great things about you that makes you look real good! If you fraternize with fellow employees and tie up everyone's time...you will be branded accordingly.

4. Be there in a crunch. When a crisis comes up, be the person to solve it. Don't list off reasons a plan won't work or make excuses. Kill a crisis yourself. After that, go back and spend the rest of your day updating your facebook status.

Have I just posted my sluffing off secrets for the world and my boss to see? Perhaps. That's how much I care about you, the blog reader.



Tuesday, October 02, 2007

No Gloating Here

From whlfans.ca poster "Scout":

The Edmonton Oil Kings have reassigned former Swift Current Bronco Karl Benke to the AJHL Grand Prairie Storm. The move was made to make room for the Oil Kings newest aquisition Adrian Van de Mosselaer from the Medicine Hat Tigers. Tough luck for Karl who was given a second chance to play in the W.H.L.

A reply from "ointhecreek":

Switzer should be happy now. Time to gloat some more?

Just to clarify my stance on Big Karl: I was never against him playing in the league. I was against the 50+ posts of Chynoweth bashing for letting him go.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm not in favor of internet bashing or criticizing of 18 year olds. In that debate, I became was I oppose. I'm not proud of that.

People thought Dean was wrong to let him go. People at public forums told Dean to give him a chance. I felt he had plenty of chances. End of story. I referenced Karl being a healthy scratch in an eariler blog post to reaffirm that Dean made the right move. That's what I do...Defend Deano...not that he needs or wants me too. That's all. Nothing personal against the kid. I hope he destroys some people in the AJ.



(Ryan Switzer pictured)

Dateline NBC

Update from the last post...It's a conditional draft pick for Brady Leavold as he heads to Kelowna.

The following post is inside media stuff...and boring to people with real lives and jobs, exercise caution:

I ruffled a few feathers in the media by announcing the Leavold trade on this blog before I was supposed to. Oops. I don't try to be "Dateline NBC" with this blog. I don't make an effort to get info on the net before anyone else. Gregg Drinnan and Alan Caldwell don't read my blog...if they do...they shouldn't cause they're dumbing themselves down. I've said it before and I'll say it again...THIS BLOG IS NOT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY. A future post will include tips on how to get people to skinny dip at a hot tub party. I AM NOT ROD PEDERSEN!!!

I made the post about Leavold because I heard about the deal at the gym, at Safeway, on Facebook, at the Gas Station and in an e-mail from someone close to one of the involved parties. Keen didn't tell me (and he probably won't be telling me much after this...).

It's one of those things...If one person calls you a horse's ass, you punch them...if two people call you a horse's ass, you think about it...if three people call you a horse's ass then buy a saddle.

After hearing about this from 4 sources (again, one of which was not Keen), I ran with it. Sadly, I found out this morning that the info was "embargoed" til 11am this morning. If you're a non media person who stayed with this thrilling tale...that means NO OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT TIL 11AM.

I'll know better next time.

The only way three people in Swift Current can keep a secret is if two are dead.



Monday, October 01, 2007

(photo from scbroncos.com)

Leo a Rocket

A very credible source tells me Brady Leavold has been dealt to the Kelowna Rockets. Not sure what or who is coming our way. My guess is a bantam pick.

I always enjoyed chatting with Brady on and off the air. Sad to see him go. He always tried to provide a spark no matter what the score.

With Kelowna's other acquistion of Jamie Benn from the BC league, they could suddenly make waves in the BC division.

Good luck Leo.