Sunday, September 30, 2007


This blog post is being written in a rather bizarre setting. My kids, Ethan and Eliza, are in the midst of a playdate with their friends Jayden and Isaiah. 4 kids between ages 7 and 3 surround me as I type this. It's like a party with a bunch of drunk midgets.

The Broncos went into Medicine Hat last night and won 7-2. I actually can recall a time when Swift Current went into Medicine Hat and won by that margin. Trent McCleary was our captain and Tyler Wright had a multiple point game. Some thoughts from the game;

-Eric Doyle dominated the game. To Medicine Hat fans he looked like Cam Barker...a motivated Cam Barker, not a lazy, just signed Cam Barker. Some people are still sour about the Doyle/Crowley deal...they shouldn't be if that's what Doyle is going to do. I like Dane, but he is not capable of doing what Doyle did lastnight on his best day.

-Levi Nelson had a three point night...and no penalty minutes. Elite point getter.

-Swift had seven goals, six of them were nicer than anything we've done in the last four years. We can finish this year!

-2 goals for Geordie Wudrick. He is using his size very well around the net.

-I read posts regularly. I'm amazed we could blow Medicne Hat out without the services of Frazer McLaren. Go figure.

-Bronco assistant coach Tim Kehler is a beauty. From the perpetual poker face of Dave Hunchak to Tim's smile and emotional reactions on the bench, it's a change. Tim called last nights effort a "piece of cake".

-Zack Smith is all over the ice this year. I've been watching Zack since he played for the Legionnaires. He is playing the best hockey of his career.

-Keegan Dansereau had some rust. He made some safe plays and looked alright on the powerplay. Evers since Dean McAmmond's injury playing his first period as a Bronco, I get nervous when players are rushed from the road to a game situation. Once he gets back in the swing of things and takes a few hits in practice he'll be a VERY welcome addition. Dansereau arrived via car about a half hour after the Broncos. In retro spect our "crunch of the game" should have went to him for his 1st period hit that set up Swift's first goal.

-Add Erik Felde to the mix...we're going to have some fun at the iPlex. Fear the Butterfly!

-Travis Yonkman made saves when he had to. A deserving third star last night. He certainly won the goaltending battle vs. Tomas Vosvrada. Good thing the tigers a still packing the rink. Plane tickets to and from the Czech republic are expensive.

-Jan Dalecky was the best Czech on the ice. The Broncos 7th goal was the work of him and Nelson. Best of the night.

-Med Hat's homer goal judge robbed Levi of a third goal. Keen and I could see it in from the booth. Referee Nathan Wieler called it a goal but then CHANGED HIS MIND!!! You can't change your mind!!! Even if you know you're wrong, stick with the call!!!

-How come some games have two referees and some just one. Pick a format and stick to it! Is the labour shortage affecting referees too?

-Memo to teams re: Anthem Singers. If your singer doesn't own a nice shirt...put them in a home team jersey.


Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Hardest Part of My Gig...And How Not to Blow a First Date

Most of you who read this blog do so because of my broadcast connection to the Broncos. Sure a few of you may be die hard fans of the Magic 97 afternoon show, but what I write on here is mostly about my gig as the Bronco color guy.

I don't aspire to some day work on Hockey Night in Canada. I could care less if people from TSN are listening online, I don't want to be anywhere other than Swift Current (not saying I'd hang up the phone right away if TSN called though). I do the games for fun, for weekend road trips and because Keen and I have become good friends while I've done it.

My favortie part of the job is meeting the families of the players. I value the role of being an online or on air connection between Bronco parents and players. I always enjoy meeting the families. To the parents who read this, please come visit us in the booth when you're in town. I love the compliments...and if I'm doing something on the air that ticks you off tell me! You listen to me for 40+ game a year, the least I can do is listen to you for a few minutes.

Anyway, I'm rambling. Paul Postma got traded. "Posty" is a great kid. I'm really going to miss the post game visits in the Civic Centre lobby with John and Janet Postma, Paul's parents. Hockey will take Paul places in life, but his good nature will get him where he needs to go should hockey not work out. He's a great kid, and his folks did a great job. I'll miss them.

The Blog that helps you find love...or lovin'

you'er on a first date...sometimes you can start a conversation that leads to a boring subject. Here a five things to NOT say on a first date. Read on to steer clear of trouble.

#1 "WHAT'S YOUR JOB LIKE?" Boring question that will lead to a boring answer. Try "What do you do for fun?" That will lead to a conversation that's more stimulating and give you better insight about the person across the table.

#2.) "GOOD TO SEE YOU." Blah. Upon meeting her throw out something like "You look fantastic." Don't blow it up in your delivery. A simple compliment that doesn't go overboard.

#3.) "WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO WITH YOUR LIFE?" It's a date, not a job interview. Stuff like that is too formal and you want to have fun. Ask if she has any winter getaways planned. A way more interesting way to talk about the future and get to know someone.

#4.) "DOING ANYTHING THIS WEEKEND? WANT TO MEET UP AGAIN SOON?" Yes, you are playing a game, but you don't want to come across that way. This statement lacks confidence. Instead, say, "How's next Friday?" That shows you're busy, butyou want to make time for a date.

#5.) "WHAT DO YOU THINK OF PARIS HILTON GOING TO RWANDA?" The first date shuld be about getting to know each other. Pop culture is something to discuss down the road. Ask her what her favortie song is, or what's on her ipod because that links entertainment to THEM.

I stole some of these from a Men's Health magazine...and from the experiences of firends and me.

Take us home Deano!

Do I really need to write a cool thing about Deano after that deal he made this morning? The WHL writers that picked Swifty for the basement are distancing themselves from their predictions as we speak!

Cool things about Deano, starring a guy who could sell parkas in Puerto Vallarta, Dean Chynoweth...Written and produced by Ryan Switzer

Something in the works...

Something is stirring around the Bronco office. Someone...or maybe some players have been dealt. I get the sense deals are being made. Keen seems to have an inside track...but is keeping me out of the loop (which he should). Check the blogs and listen to the radio. Something big could be announced today.


The Broncos have acquired some pretty big names. Keegan Dansereau and Erik Felde are coming to Swift from Calgary and Tri City respectively. We give up Kyle Bortis and Paul Postma. has more info.


Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Hockey Post...and yummy mummies!

Sorry for the delay blogaholics. Unlike many other WHL broadcasters, my full time job and family come before blogging. I have a here we go.

-A fellow WHL broadcaster (who will remain anonymous...and Italian) questioned my claim that Levi Nelson was an "elite point getter" in the WHL. Levi could be if he wasn't fighting. When Levi figures out what his game is and sticks to it, there are few better.

-There is a WHL blog by a guy named Alan Caldwell who was taking shots at the new name for our rink and the logo. The Broncos and the City of Swift Current have announced a sponsorship deal with Innovation Credit Union to rename the Centennial Civic Center to the "Credit Union i-plex". Yes, all lower-case on "i-plex". No idea why, but "i-plex" is so silly I bet nobody is still calling it that a month from now. The deal is worth $600,000 over ten years and the money will be invested into the facility.

Oh, and I love the very masculine, aggressive butterfly logo. Makes the Broncos horse look like a sissy.

-His blog is I'm not sure where the "small at large" comes from. I'm guessing it's a reference to his brain...or perhaps something else.

-I may take shots, but at least I'm easy to find and include an e-mail addy after every post. I'll be in the Hat Saturday night, taking my family to the Fall into Christmas show on sunday, heck my number and address is in the Swift Current phone book. Who is Alan Caldwell? He must be someone who has cred as many WHL bloggers link to him.

It bothers me how some so called credible writers have made jokes about a "pizza joint" and the butterfly logo They are missing the whole story. The rink re-naming is a feel good community story of a successful organization helping out the local team and, in effect, the community. $600,000 is alot for anyone, anywhere to pony up. Must be nice to sit at your keyboard in parts unknown (seriously, where does Alan Caldwell even write from, who is his hometeam?) and take shots at a rink you'll never visit. The Broncos will never have 15,000 fans in attendance and a jumbotron is still decades away. However, you can't touch the spirit per capita of Bronco hockey in Swift.

But why write about that when you could fire a zinger about 'The pizza joint' or take a potshot at a butterfly logo?

-And Gregg Drinnan from Kamloops! I expected better. All he wants to do on this story is criticize all involved for spelling "iPlex" it with a lower case "i".

Also, on Drinnan's blog he stated he is not posting until sunday because he needs to "recharge the batteries".

Yeah, writing paragraph long editorials on the spelling of i-Plex must really kick the crap out of a guy. Hey Gregg, you have readers working their 12th day straight at the mill...but why don't you take a break.

-Rule for aspiring broadcasters and writers. From your listeners/viewers/readers perspective, YOU DON'T WORK THAT HARD! Whenever I hear a morning show host talk about how early they have to wake and how hard they work, I think of a truck full of oilmen en route to their rig in -35 weather for the 14th day in a row. Yes, some people in the media do put in long hours, but our audience doesn't buy it...and frankly you should have better material to write and talk about.

-Fear the butterfly! Someone in Swift Current make t-shirts with the new i-Plex logo that say that! I won't even ask for royalties.

-Got my CHL media card. Time to start playing by the rules. Chad Suer is not a 'plug' but a "key 7th d-man". Riley Grantham is not a 'cement head', but a "Role Player".

-Dean Chynoweth is still friggin' genius though.

Honor thy mother...or someone else's

As my peers and I spin uot of control into our 30's, the number single people in our age bracket without kids dwindles. To the boys who read this blog who are seeking the affection of a female...who has kids here are tips on how to make it work..and how to not be a jack@$$. I type this from the experience of being raised by my mother alone, and from the perspective of friends who have failed and succeeded with moms.

1. Don't Show up Without Calling First! She is in charge of a family. Laundry, meals, homework and more laundry she will always have stuff on the go. A surprise drop in or a last minute trip to the Medicine Hat Lodge may have worked with other girls, but you'll seem obnoxiously insensitive..not charming and romantic. If you are going to show up on the spur of the moment, be ready to help with the day to day stuff of a household.

2. Don't try to be 'superdad' right off the bat. Ease your way into their life. A responsible mom won't want you around the kids much until she knows you're for real. Don't be upset if she doesn't include you in family things. You're just not there yet...Be good to her and you will be.

3. Don't lose your cool if the kids hate you. Kids will get territorial and may worry about losing their mom to you. Again, don't overwhelm anyone, don't expect her to break plans with the kids..handle things thoughtfully and over time the kids will accept you.

4. Use tact with your "sleepovers". Find out ahead of time if the kids tend to show up in mom's bed in the middle of the night. For example, in our house, little Eliza WILL show up in our room between 1 and 2am every night. If the kids have a habit like that, don't sleep over at her house. A young kid doesn't need to try and reconcile someone else in bed with mom. If the kids stick to their own room, but habitually wake mom up at 6:30 in the morning, be out of bed by 5am.

5. Dont mess with the Ex. Unless he's a total loser, he'll want to be a part of his kid's lives. He has his role and you have yours. Respect that. You're not competing with him.

6. If you get time alone with the kids, let them have a say. Let's say your going out gift shopping with the little ones for her birthday or Mother's day...let them pick the gifts. Moms love what their kids get them no matter what. Help them out if they need and DON'T PUSH YOUR OWN AGENDA!

Next time...More Bronco stuff, and Five tips to a successful first date. Keep reading this blog and you WILL GET ACTION!


Saturday, September 22, 2007

Broncos WIN!!! Levi loses

1.3 seconds. Tieing goal. Unreal. That's the most fun I've ever had in the city of Moose Jaw. While Swift was guilty of "not playing a full 60", the Broncos schooled the Warriors in the 2nd and 3rd periods to win 3-2 in overtime. What a team effort to rally back without their top scorer.

What a joke that we lost our top scorer.

I will say that I have never played in the league, and I am aware that things happen at ice level that we don't see in the booth. Having said that, Levi Nelson getting two for instigating, five for fighting and a game against a 17 year old nobody is joke. Chad Suer, a 17 year old plug for Moose Jaw was allowed to land three shots to Levi's face before Nelson even had his gloves off, and Levi gets the instigator? Nelson is among the league's elite point getters (oh yes he is!) Would Phil Gervais be allowed to beat on Riley Holzapfel without repercussions?

Furthermore, the linesman allowed this to go on for two rounds. They separated, no lineys in sight so Suer went him again!

I guess the linesmen would have broken it up sooner, but Kelly Balaberda saw his reflection in the plexi-glass and had to admire himself for a moment.

Balaberda is a handsome man.

Seriously though, I'm sure Levi was running his mouth, but does this set the precedent that a total nobody in the league can attack at teams top scorer? I hope Kevin Muench is aware of his crew's performance, or lack of last night.

Anyway, big win. Some noteworhty things.

-Did you notice Moose Jaw scoring ace Riley Holzapfel's contributions last night? Me neither.

-The injury to RJ could be bad. Keep in mind we did have a capable d-man in Spencer McAvoy in the stands last night. Swift will be okay.

-While Moose Jaw did score two quick goals, one can't fault Bronco goalie Travis Yonkman. Counting ovetime, he did play 59+ minutes and not allow a goal.

-Good for Derek Claffey for dropping the gloves with cement head Riley Grantham. Grantham threw a big hit on Geordie Wudrick and Claffey did the good teammate thing.

-Weise, Steiler and Wudrick's line will get points this year. They had chances a-plenty last night.

-Rookies Brad Hoban and Cody Eakin on a key penalty kill! The present and future both look bright in Swifty.

-I'm already making a prediction for the awards banquet. Most improved player this year: Matt Tassone. He played with Hoban and Eakin, won some big battles in the corners and set up the game winner.

-Moose Jaw looked like the Broncos circa 2004. Spinning their wheels on the power play, allowing the opposition short handed scoring chances. No killer instinct with a lead. Winning the battles in the gutter, but not on the scoreboard. Counting on their goaltending to preserve late game leads. It was almost like they had one of Swift's old coaches behind the bench.

-I kid. Moose Jaw has the tools to be good. Talent up front with Holzapfel. Terrance Delaronde was a good off-season find for the Warriors. Perricone will steal some games. Travis Hamonic and Giffen Nyren are good offensive d-men. Nyren, a converted forward was an offensive threat all night. When we were in Kindersley, people were still singing the praises of Dave Hunchak. His SJHL legend lives on and his WHL story is just beginning.

-Mike Wilson was great for the Broncos. He can start the rush, go deep into offensive territory, yet never get caught out of position.

Go Riders!


Friday, September 21, 2007

Invading the Jaw and, Sorry, it has to be said

I have not been this pumped for a season opener in a long time! Broncos in Moose Jaw! Two fan buses!!! We are going to be louder than the fans in Moose Jaw. I hope the boys come out flying. There is cause to be over confident the way the Broncs finished the pre-season. Let's hope they play at their prime. Swift Current fans heading to Moose're going to like our d-men. Call me crazy, but we have depth up front, strong d-men but Travis Yonkman is the key this year. When he is on his game he is great. In three star selections...after a Bronco win, expect to hear Travis Yonkman alot.

The Saga Continues...
For the most part I agree with the opinions of the Bronco fans I talk to. There have been two points that the average Bronco fan and I have disagreed on in the last few years.

1. Dean Chynoweth. I've always been a fan. Through the highs and extreme lows, I have always given Dean the benefit of the doubt.

2. Karl Benke. I was certainly in the minority when he was released and I said it was a good move for the club. Chynoweth was blasted from fans at forums in the Canadian room and at for "not giving Benke a chance". Big Karl would go to the BCHL to finish last year. Now he finds himself in Edmonton Oil Kings colors...sort of.

from Keen's blog:

- Former Broncos defenseman Karl Benke put his gear on long enough to be apart of the player introductions. The 19 year-old was a healthy scratch as the Oil Kings went with six defenseman.

I command everyone who called out Dean, and all those who even took shots at me in forums to crash the mailbox of Oil Kings coach Steve Pleau! How can this injustice continue!?!?! When will someone give him a chance!?!?!?!

In Deano we trust.


Thursday, September 20, 2007

Name That Rink

This Tuesday there will be press conference at Houston Pizza to unveil the new name of the Centennial Civic Center. We'll find out which compnay ponied up for the naming rights. Some out of town media that don't know any better are speculating that because the press conference is at Houston Pizza, the restaurant will be the new rights holder. Gregg Drinnan, on his blog, made an almost humourous comment saying our rink will be called "The Pizza Joint".

If we're making pizza jokes, personally, I like calling it...the Pizza Hutt.

All kidding aside, while Houston Pizza does have the best breakfast smorg in town and a lasagna that any pasta lover would devour with extreme pleasure...the only Houston Pizza involvement is providing their beautious meeting room. I'm not at liberty to say who the naming rights are going to...but the Broncos, The City and all involved deserve much credit for this revenue generating union.

A NON HOCKEY POST...Tips for surviving in a restaurant with Childen!

One of the reasons you will never see this blog on the list of WHL regulars is because I often make posts with NOTHING to do with hockey or sports. This is one of those posts. Every now and then I like to make my blog something to read to MAKE LIVES BETTER.

This post is for parents...with children...loud restless children.

My wife (Heather) and I don't get out much. When we do get out and away from kids, it is nice to enjoy a meal without SOMEONE ELSE'S KID SCREAMING AT THE NEXT TABLE. Don't get me wrong, we have had "those kids" in a restaurant. To save you the embarassment of this happening to make sure the gazes of pissed of diners aren't sent your way...


1. Location, location, location: Don't take kids to a fancy restaurant. If you're wanting to go to a restaurant that doesn't have crayons and placemats they can color on...and doesn't offer "worms n' dirt" as a dessert choice, just get a baby sitter.

2. Be prepared: If you do go to a place without anything to color on...bring some paper to draw on, some puzzles to figure out...or by them a Nintendo DS.

3. Have a reward. Go somewhere where you know there is something on the menu they like. A special drink, a cool dessert. If they sit still and eat everything...the get CHOCOLATE CAKE!!! or something of the like.

4. Keep them at the table: All kids are fidgety...but don't let them wander around the restaurant. Try your best to occupy them.

5. If they have a meltdown, DON'T ignore it! Take the kid for a walk until they cool down.

Also, as a pre-emptive strike, don't take them out when they are tired. If they just finished playing out in the sun for three hours, you know it's going to be gross at the restaurant. Postpone your dinner plans.

Oh, what the hell...a hockey thought

Corey Wolfe from the Saskatoon Star Kleenex and one of his ilk have predicted a Bronco basement finish this year in the east! Corey Wolfe is my favorite paper guy...truly creative and actually owns more than sweat pants. I look forward to the Broncos proving him wrong.


From Kelowna color stud David Michaud: can tell you have been in Radio longer than I have...the enourmous chip on your shoulder is a dead give a way!! HAHA! I know your not talking about my wardrobe, I'm the best dressed guy in the Wub!

If course you're the best dressed guy, I hear you're in radio sales too!

Like I said: "I'm not saying I'm the Fonz".

I never pre-judge anyone and don't form an opinion on anyone until I meet them (except paper people with drool hanging from their mouth). Frankly as far as quality color guys go, I'm probably lower half of the league. I just grow tired of WHL play by play guys who come to town and act like they are above Swift Current and above me. I've been doing this gig for five years and I've introduced myself to some people more than eight times.

Rod Pedersen, Cam Moon, Brad Curle I have shook hands with once, said "I'm Ryan Switzer" and they have remembered who I was ever since. When I see them they say "Hi Ryan" or "Switz! "Hows it goin?" Les Lazurak even mentioned me and Keen on one of his broadcasts!

Other guys I have to re-introduce myself to almost everytime they visit, and then they don't say two words to me.

Maybe I just have Swift Current "Little Man Syndrome".


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Broncos Name Captain

I don't usually break stuff like this on my blog. I don't try to be the "News Source". Having said that, Zack Smith has been named Bronco captain. If you want surprising news on the assistants, check out

Inside Joke Clarified, Oil Kings No Laughing Matter

In my last post I made a veiled inside joke when I posted: Hunch, come get drunk

Let me explain; Last year Dave Hunchak, as the Broncos assistant coach, would be on our coaches show. Some games ended up being stinkers and Hunch was less than thrilled about Swift's performance. As an attempt to console Hunch, Keen and I, minutes away from hitting BP's Lounge, would often say "Hunch, come get drunk!".

Hunch, the class act and true family man never did oblige.

The annual WHL writers poll is out. Broncos are pegged to finish 6th in the conference by the WHL knowitalls. Whatever. What surprises me is the Edmonton Oil Kings are forecasted to finish last in the conference! While I haven't taken an in depth look at their roster, I have to disagree. As an expansion team, they are granted FIVE 20 year olds, not the league maximum of three. Five guys with probably around 200 games under their belt who are hungry to stay in the league. Five guys pissed off that their team just let them go for free, all with something to prove. It's a good thing to build a team around. When was the last time an expansion team finished out of the playoffs? Edmonton could surprise alot of writers and WHL broadcasters and hockey nerds this year. They play the first game in the 'newly renovated yet not quite finished' Civic Centre on October 12th.

There is ALOT of nerds in the media around the league. I'm not saying I'm the Fonz, but Ogre and the Alpha Betas would hate most of the WHL media. As a color guy, I look forward to a season of being big leagued by play by play guys who feel they are above they wear clothes that don't match and suits from the sale rack.

Those are just my thoughts. Just because I work next to Keen 40+ games a year doesn't mean he agrees. He has a deep respect for everyone who calls games in the league. I like some of the guys...others I want to hang by the waistband of their gotch until it breaks...or they realize their $#!T DOES stink (along with their game calls).

It's not just radio guys...PAPER PEOPLE! They come to the games dressed in stuff I wouldn't wear to cut my grass! Represent yourself! When I see a creepy person in grease stained clothes lurking in the corner with a camera, I want to call the police! That's not a Swift Current specific's everywhere.

Oddly enough, all the TV people around the league I've enjoyed dealing with. Go figure.

Thanks Corey for the update on Gourlay...MOLSON REP!!!


Monday, September 17, 2007

Please Keep Hands and Feet Inside the Ride Until it Has Come to a Complete Stop

The title of this post is in reference to the Saskatchewan Roughrider bandwagon. DON'T GET OFF. A few weeks ago I was a Rider non-believer. My August 20th blog entry:

It's nice having the Riders at 6-2. Sadly, I washed my hands of being a fan a few years ago. I was tired of court cases and hearing stories of players that I idolized as a kid being criminals off the field. It sounds like they have cleaned up alot. I DESPISE bandwagon jumpers. Enjoy the ride 306. You're in it without me...I'm sure you'll manage. Kent Austin, meh, I was always more of a fan of Tom Burgess anyway.

A man can change his mind, right? This year the Labour Day Classic was the undisputed highlight of the summer...Actually of 2007! My daughter going into Kindergarten was a big deal, don't get me wrong...But the sheer emotion from the Rider's last minute win, the fans in the stands hugging people they've never met before...It's a feeling for me that I haven't felt since 1989 when Swift won the memorial cup in overtime. Kent Austin, the Riders, the fans...for that moment on Sunday Sept. 2nd, I pledge my loyalty. I believe. Our secondary will figure it out. Kerry Joseph will emerge as a superior QB in the league. Have faith.

Take us Home Deano

Cool thing about Deano for today: He knew before the game on Friday that Swift would $#!T pump Regina

Oh yes he did. Deano is more confident than I've ever seen him. This year will be good.

Inside Joke

This Friday the Broncos open the season against Moose Jaw in Moose Jaw. The inside joke: Hunch, come get drunk!

Can't wait to see Brad Gourlay! Is he still in Moose Jaw?

Tip for Meeting Women

I am married. I have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to ways to meet women. This knowledge is useless to me, and so I pass it on through this blog to you...the love-lorn. Today's tip: If your office has a casual attire day...WEAR YOUR BEST SUIT THAT DAY. Style your hair, put some gel in that mop too! A little dab of cologne won't hurt either!

When people ask you "why are you wearing a suit on casual day?" say "because".


Sunday, September 16, 2007


This post is kind of a dollar short and a day late.

What a performance by the Broncos in Kindersley! 5-0 win over Regina. I have never seen such a dominating Bronco performance...ever. While I refuse to get too jacked over a pre-season game, one has to be optimistic about Swift pummeling the Pat's who had their A list forwards dressed. Pat's fans will argue that the absence of goalie Linden Rowat, and d-men Nick Ross and Logan Pyett were a factor. One has to keep in mind Swift scored five goals without Brady Leovold, Kyle Bortis and Levi Nelson, not to mention d-men Ryan Molle and Derek Claffey weren't dressed either.

Random thoughts:

-Everytime I think 18 year old Grant Toulmin may be a casualty of the talent/youth numbers, he scores a NICE goal.

-I LIKE our blueline. So much mobility tempered with Molle and Larochelle.

-Travis Yonkman did not allow a goal in the preseason. In Kindersley they should have charged him admission as he was a spectator.

-I kept getting Mike Brown and Brad Hoban mixed up. One wore 33 one wore 36, same size, both good.

-Wudrick/Stieler/Weise looked great together. So did Dalecky/Zack Smith and Justin Dowling. Both those lines looked like top lines. Matt Tassone played well too. Tassone has an edge this year we didn't see much of before.

-I enjoyed broadcasting in Kindersley. Lots of WHL broadcasters think they've outgrown rinks like that and say "never again". I think some of these divas who have grown used to catered media rooms and comprehensive stat packages owe it to themselves to call a game in that type of atmosphere. Doing play by play seated between the other teams broadcaster and the PA announcer. Sweet!

-I liked the fact that no one in Kinderlsey had heard my material before. When I said the classic "smooth as a bikini wax" it got a big laugh in the booth. It was nice working for an audience that hasn't heard my stuff for the last five years.

-One more shameless radio plug: The BEST THING YOU WILL HEAR ON WHL RADIO THIS YEAR IS THE BRONCOS 1ST PERIOD INTRO. It will play every game just before puck drop. Keen produced a beauty with the help of players from the roster.

I gotta go. My son is itching to kick my @$$ at Mario Kart for the game cube.


Friday, September 14, 2007

Outwit, Outlast, Out of relevance!

Survivor China is set to go on the mighty CBS. People must still care about the show as the radio station is having an office pool. The last time Survivor caught my interest even a little bit was the whole Boston Rob/Amber romance.

Surprisingly those kids are still together.

Performance Enhanced Blog

I wanted to comment on this earlier this week, but Harv's resignation caught all my blogging attention.

Copied and pasted from Greg Drinnan's blog (

Rick Ankiel, the pitcher turned slugging outfielder, was the feel-good
story of the year, at least for a couple of weeks. But it seems that Ankiel,
of baseball’s St. Louis Cardinals, had help feeling good.
And it’s safe to say now that all athletes fall into the same category as something Grandma used to say: If it sounds too good to be true, if it looks too good to be true, it likely is.
Ankiel and Toronto Blue Jays third baseman Troy Glaus are the latest
athletes to have their names dragged into the performance-enhancing mud thanks to the Albany, N.Y., district attorney’s office digging into the
workings of an Internet pharmacy based in Orlando, Fla.
Ankiel, it turns out, received shipments of human growth hormone (HGH). He says he used it under medical supervision, and he used it before Major
League Baseball banned HGH so Bud Selig, the commissioner, will be
hard-pressed to do anything.
Glaus, meanwhile, has turned into Mr. No Comment, but reported that he received shipments of steroids. Through the no comments Glaus has yet to issue a denial.
Before the HGH stuff hit the fan, Ankiel was a terrific story, with nine homers and 29 RBI in 23 games since being recalled by the Cards . Now, however, he has become just another poster boy for all that’s wrong with sports.
Obviously the time has come to stop looking to sports for our heroes.

I have been involved with sports commentary for five years now. Be it summer baseball or WHL hockey, I have seen athletes who I know have used "performance enhancing drugs". NONE of them are playing pro sports (that I know of). It's not like any hack of an athlete can take a pile of steroids and become a superstar in the world of sports. You need to have attributes that a pharmacy can't offer. Mark McGwire didn't hit 70 homeruns just because he took some drugs that gave him Popeye like arms. He also was able to learn patience at the plate. He was able to guess correctly what pitch was coming his way. He was able to see the ball well out of the pitcher's hand. Sure Roger Maris didn't have the benefit of performance enhancing drugs...but sports is evolving in so many ways. Al Macinnis had a 100 mph slap shot with a wooden stick. Nowadays every d-man on the blueline has a one piece composite to fire it 100mph. Is it fair to say that players in 07 can shoot harder than Al Macinnis ever did?

Long story short, Rick Ankiel didn't get back to the majors because of drugs. He was willing to learn a new position, learn discipline at the plate, and earn his spot in the majors through hard work and the right attitude. Don't poo poo the best sports story of 2007 just because he took some pills to help him get a few extra reps in the weight room.


Thursday, September 13, 2007

No Cred...

Still reeling from the Harv Martinez news. On the eve of our first Bronco broadcast and road trip to exciting Kindersley, the Harv situation is all that has been on my sporting mind. The generally bland drive to Kinderlsey will allow me to get into "hockey mode". Please leave a comment or e-mail me the best way to get to Kindersley. Haven't been in years.

From the comments section:

Anonymous said...
Hey Switz I usually make the rounds checking out the blogs of you, Keene, Rod P, Regan and David M and all the other whl blogs. How come none of them ever link to you or mention you? You have more WHL insight than most of them.


No I don't.

Why don't they link me? I don't know. Probably because I only update in my free time and I don't just talk about WHL hockey. Many of the WHL blogaholics put more effort into their blog than their full time job. They update daily and report with credibility. While I occasionally have some good points on the dub, my blog is also cluttered with scenarios in which I would make sweet love to Britney Spears. Not exactly the journalism of Greg Drinnan.

Plus, I don't spell check.

I appreciate the fact that you include me in your blog rounds. Don't look for my name to pop up on any one's links anytime soon though. Except Jonny's. As embarrassing as it is for him to have me there, it's nice to see friendship runs deeper than blogging.

And "Keene's" name is spelled Keen. It's funny because no one can spell his name and no one can pronounce mine (rhymes with 'right sir' not 'spritzer')

More later...


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Harv OUT!

The announcement is official: Harv Martinez is stepping down as the Head Coach and Director of Baseball Operations with the Tribe. I'm shocked. No replacement has been named. The board will meet on Sept. 19 to discuss "the future direction of the club".

Jon Keen will have more info on his blog later.

For what it's worth, I roomed with Harv for the WMBL finals in Okotoks. There was no indication from Harv that this was coming. He behaved just as he did at the end of any other year. I guess a good coach in baseball always makes sure you can't read his signals.


(photo from

End of an Era?

The Swift Current Indians have called a press conference for today at 4pm at BP's lounge. The hot rumour is it has something to do with Harv Martinez and his future with the club. Harv has been with the tribe for 20+ years. In the last 16 years Harv has guided them to 9 league titles. Swifty has also played in 14 of the last 16 league finals. Harv has been "the man" in Swift Current sports.

With Kelly Horaska's future in question, locals like Cody Hovdestad and Derek McKiel hanging them up after this year, DK Targerson ending his playing days and Joe Carnahan's career in it's latter stages one could be calling Sept. 12 2007 the official end of the Tribe Dynasty. I hope I'm not accurate in saying that.

More as it happens.


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Buckin' Bronco Post

But first...I attended the Canadian Country Music Awards in Regina. Some Switzervations:

-The fact that the Canadian "Songwriters" song of the year was "Hold My Beer While I Kiss Your Girlfriend" proves we are the greatest nation in the world.

-Jessie Farrell needs to fire her stylist...or hire one. A tall gorgeous red-head in very unflattering pants straight from your grandma's collection.

-The video for "I Want You to Live" by George Canyon is powerful stuff.

-Dog the Bounty Hunter was there!!! His wife Beth looked gorgeous.

-There was ALOT of big hair there. A good portion of the ladies where trying for the Reba McEntire circa 1989 look. Actually, the building reeked of agriculture and hairspray.

-It was in the Brandt center. Paul Brandt was the host. That was his best material of the night. I expected more. At least Nelly Furtado dressed up like an old portugese woman and nailed Michael Buble at the Junos.

-The Brandt center looked UNREAL. Kudos to whoever decorated it. It looked like a concert hall not a hockey rink.

-If you ever get a chance to see Johnny Reid in concert, do it! He is a Scottish Canadian with a stage presence somewhere between Rod Stewart and Tom Jones. There was NOTHING country about the song he did, but it was still a crowd pleaser.

-No one sucked. Not a bad performance all night. Everyone was better than Britney at the MTV Awards. Here is a link that may or may not work by the time you use it:

The best part was when she grabbed the backup dancer's junk.

The dancing was awful...the lip syncing was gross...I will give Britney props for the outfit. Not alot of moms of pre-schoolers would wear that on an internationally televised broadcast. Alot of people are giving her heat for being "fat". Sure she's put on some candy coating since we last saw her in an outfit like that, bit I think "fat" is quite harsh. If I was unmarried and a dirty backup dancer...I'd hit that.

Oh yes I would!

31 days

As I type this entry here are some numbers.

4 days til the Eagle 94.1 does it's first broadcast (Broncos/Pats in Kindersley)

10 days til the regular season opener in Moose Jaw

31 days til the home opener against Edmonton.

That's right. 31 days til they need to close the rink on the east side. There is some talk at about this. From what I understand, the official deal is:

The wall will be closed by home opener

The new seats won't be available til December

The quality of the ice is going to SUCK. All that concrete dust and construction debris. No "fast ice" this year.

In this time when it is easy to be frustrated about the project we need to remember a couple things.

The new hospital was MONTHS behind schedule and hardly an angry peep from anyone. In the grand scheme of things, what's more important? A rink or a hospital? Simmer down everyone...the sun will still rise.

Look at the $#!T show in Moose Jaw with their rink. A city council full of fence sitters. A mayor and council in Moose Jaw trying to please everyone buy not doing anything, yet not ruling it out. Swift Current council will at least MAKE A DECISION. You may not agree with it, but like Bill Cosby says: "I don't know the secret to success, but the secret to failure is trying to please everyone".

Our rink and all the bells and whistles will happen...just not on schedule...which won't even matter six months from now.

Take us Home Deano...

I used to do "cool things about Deano" as a response to the negative press he'd get when the Broncos where losing. Everyone is pretty optimistic right now, and why not? The preseason is looking good...Tim Kehler looks like a good hire...Paul Ayotte is in the best shape of his life...

Cool things about Deano: We got him for three more years...and when that's up his next gig will be in the NHL.

Oh yes it will.

Cool Thing About Deano, starring Bronco GM and a guy who's last haircut was a beauty, Dean Chynoweth. Written and produced by Ryan Switzer.

Cool Things about Keener

Jon Keen thinks it's pretentious of me when I sign my e-mails with "RS".

Maybe it is...Sorry if that's the case.

Cool things about Keener, starring the producer of the WHL's BEST pre-game show, play by play guy extraordinaire and friend to Travis Moen, Jon Keen. Written and produced by Ryan Switzer

That's all



Tuesday, September 04, 2007

More pics rolling in from the weekend. Swift Current Rider fan Sheldon Paulhus, me and The Great Gazoo.


Monday, September 03, 2007

l to r: Jon Keen (, Rider QB Kerry Joseph and me

Back on the Bandwagon

What an experience as Keener and myself hit Regina for the Labour Day Classic. When Kerry Joseph scored the touchdown late in the game the energy and emotion of the fans around me rivalled Tim Tisdale's 1989 mem cup winner. People just randomly hugging strangers, couples kissing and people acting like british soccer fans. It was unreal. I'm waiting to get some sweet pics in my e-mail from the day. Watch for them.

Keen and I were fortunate enough to meet KJ on saturday. Our friends Trina and Chris got their game tickets from Kerry himself. He's a hero across the 306 today.