Saturday, August 25, 2007

Bronco Training Camp

These are far from comprehensive thoughts about Bronco training camp. If you want real insight into training camp go to Jon Keen's blog. Jonny, unlike other WHL guys with blogs has not "big leagued" a second of camp (including rookie camp). Even it it's a scrimmage where 99% of the players have NO SHOT of ever playing for the Broncos, Keen has been there.

I am learning all I need from and Keen's blog. Kris Foucault looks good, Dale Weise is unstoppable. Codey Eakin can fly, Brad Hoban and Mike Brown, etc.

What I find interesting is to go back one year ago to and see who people where pumped about. some quotes from a calendar year ago...

"looking forward to seeing Kyle Severson drop the mits. He's a big tough kid" (that one is my favorite)

"Matt Tassone will be a gem for you guys"

"really want to see Kyle Ireland"

"I think Brady Leavold should be cut for some younger players"

"Moir looked good, but so did Yonkman and Kryschuk"

"Do you think Phil Gervais and Matt Tassone will make the team?"

"Pauls (Postma) definitely better - Derek's (Claffey) good as well - Paul has more upside on offense - they will both be great for the Broncos this year, thats if the coach allows them to!"

"If David Stieler plays for us this season, I hope he can be as pleasant a surprise as our last Czech, Daniel Rakos."

"With guys like Benke, RJ, Rumsey (if he's around), Crowley, Claffey, Postma, and Wilson makes for a strong set of defensemen"

I'll likely post something tomorrow...If I don't get tied up in Elder Scrolls Oblivion on Xbox 360. Never played it before and I hear it's the bomb.


I read an article about boozing, and I want to try it out. I've spent the better part of this summer with a cold alcoholic beverage in hand. Many brain cells have june/july/august 2007 on their tombstones.

This article states, and I want you to read this closely, that people who drink heavily and give it up are likely to GROW in brain mass over seven weeks. Basically, your brain works hard to build back lost cells from alcohol. The kicker is, once the brain has made a full recovery it KEEPS BUILDING!!! I like the idea of getting smarter more than I like drinkin'. I'll let you know how it works.


Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Countdown is on....

Most of you will read this on August 24th. That means the countdown is down to 49 days til the Broncos home opener. So many questions: Will some of the young rookies step up and lead offensively? Will the Bronco blue line live up to the hype? Will the Civic Center have a wall on the east side?

Construction looks like it's moving along...but 49 days? Get the crew from Extreme Home Makeover in for this one.

Love in an elevator...

There are not many places in Swift Current to meet people outside of work. People meet through work, have flings with co-workers and sometimes (in my case) end up marrying co-workers. From someone who has been there, here are some tips should you find yourself in an intimate situation with someone in your workplace.

1. Keep it professional. People will know about your relationship no matter how secret you try to keep it. Reality TV has high ratings and people have no lives. When you cross your new flame in the hallway keep the visiting to a minimum. You have a job to do and so do they. Don't feed the gossip humanoids.

2. Up your work ethic. When Heather and I hooked up, everytime I messed up on the job people would say (under their breath) "maybe he should spend less time fooling around with staff and more time on his job!". You are now being judged on a whole new level. If you make a mistake, even if it has nothing to do with your relationship, it will get blamed.

3. Don't page the object of your affection on the office intercom. Even if it is work related, people will think otherwise. Everytime I said "Heather, call 234" the staff interpreted that as some sort of booty call. If you need your flame for something work related, page someone else in their department. If you're making dinner plans send them a discreet text.

4. Have fun together at staff functions. Yes, the same people who gossip and whisper about your seedy inter-office love affair will also be happy for you if you're happy together. Time and place for everything. If you're openly affectionate in public co-workers won't chatter about you anymore unless it's to say how great you are together.

5. If it ends, keep it real. No drama at the office. Keep it professional, don't trash talk anyone.

The bizarre crushes of a five year old...

My daughter turns 5 on Sept. 11 (nice birthday, I know). It has been such an eye opening about women watching her grow up. She has feminine wiles which she wields on me, and they work. If a five year old can play me, I now realize I'ev spent my life getting worked over by women.

I also find if funny to see the objects of her crushes. Buddy Klovstad was a Swift Current Indians pitcher who lived with us in the summer of 05. Eliza was three, but she would light up whenever the quiet boy from Orange County walked into the room. That was the first time I noticed her check out a boy.

Then there was my friend Dan. She sat beside him with a grin from ear to ear and said "hi" and just giggled.

Johnny DeVisser would come to play ball in the summer of 06. Eliza painted a picture of him with water colors. Not a Cyndi Tasche by any means, but she sure seemed taken by him too.

The latest one though...If anyone has seen the Spongebob Squarepants movie, there is a scene with David Hasselhoff. The Hoff parodies himself in the movie playing an overly pretentious and tanned version of himself. To a parent it was funny, but to a five year old who didn't get the joke, he was a heroic heart-throb trying to help Spongebob and Patrick get home to Bikini Bottom. I lost it with laughter when she re-named her Ken doll "David Hasselhoff". Barbie and David Hasselhoff driving around in the pink barbie car was the highlight of my night last night.

Kanye West words of wisdom

I find Kanye West to best the best thing going in music. I don't think I've liked music from anyone else with the consistency of Kanye West. I love every jam he puts out. Everytime the media talks to him, he also drops quotes worth re-quoting:

I'd rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I'm not

Anyone can say that, few can actually live it.

Take us home Deano...

1st edition of Cool Things About Deano...

He was the best looking guy at Street Dance! Yes HE Was!!!

Cool things about Deano, starring Dean Chynoweth, written and produced by Ryan Switzer.


Monday, August 20, 2007

Lets get rolling...

Lots of WHL radio news in the off season. For the three of you that care who the new voice of the Winter Hawks/Edmonton Ice and the mystery answered as to who Jon Keen's color man will be, check out Keen's blog on the link to the right.

It's nice having the Riders at 6-2. Sadly, I washed my hands of being a fan a few years ago. I was tired of coutr cases and hearing stories of players that I idolized as a kid being criminals off the field. It sounds like they have cleaned up alot. I DESPISE bandwagon jumpers. Enjoy the ride 306. You're in it without me...I'm sure you'll manage. Kent Austin, meh, I was always more of a fan of Tom Burgess anyway.

300 is a sweet movie. Seeing that was motivation to hit the gym. 300 jacked dudes killing everything with the odd little bit of female nudity. This movie knew who it wanted to target and it HAMMERED the demograph. I think there was a plot line.

Do you like listening to songs from the 80's and laughing at how cheesy they are? Do you like looking at old photo albums and chuckling at your mullet/large desparation hair? If so, you MUST watch the movie Road House. Patrick Swayze is the meanest motor scooter to ever have beautifully conditioned wavy hair. So much many cliches...the most fun I had watching a movie since Transformers (just for a different reason).

Kanye West is the best musical entertainer today. Lyrics from this latest hit "Stronger".

this is louis vuitton dime night
so we gon' do everything that kan like
heard they'd do anything for a klondike
well i'd do anything for a blonde-dike
and she'll do anything for the limelight
and we'll do anything when the time's right
ugh, baby you're makin' it (harder, better, faster, stronger)

The dude rhymed "klondike" with "blonde-dike"!!! Genius.

So the Swift Current Indians didn't win it all this year. Why not? The answer is simple. Can't win every year. Seriously, in the last 16 years, Swift has been in the league final 14 times! Won the title for 9 of them! Last two years in a row. Wasn't meant to be this year. My prediciton for next year? Swift Current Okotoks in the league final with a Swift Current sweep. Harv Martinez and his right hand guy Joe Carnahan? Nothing pisses those two off like not winning the title. They'll be good next year.

In the next ten years, Swift Current/Okotoks will account for at least six league titles. If you're a fan of baseball, do what you can to make the trip to Okotoks when Swift is there. It's only about ten minutes south of Calgary so their is LOTS to do.

Bronco training camp starts this week. In talking to some of the boys on the team, they seemed pumped this year. To anyone who is saying BS like "why ar they building extra seats because they don't fill the ones they have now" I say STFU! (the 'S' stands for 'shut' and the 'u' stands for 'up' figure the rest out) People will want to see the new facility and the team will be good this year. Look what Sask Place did for the Blades. Swift's marketing people have raised the bar before they left and made games fun. We have booze in the stands and the local economy is as strong now as it's been in the last 15 years. Everything is pointing to some pretty full houses at the Civic Centre.

Today at the station there was a meeting about Rememberance Day and how we should handle it. I didn't know this, but it is NOT a national holiday. It's only recognized in western Canada? Damn disgrace. Don't let it happen out west. My family has never lost a relative at war..but to be sent over seas... just watch Saving Private Ryan.


Sunday, August 19, 2007

Back to the Blog

I've pretty much taken the summer off from blogging. There are fun things to do outside, and my computer access was limited with a Swift Current Indians 3rd baseman living in my basement. I will be updating in the next few days. Check back. Lots to talk about including movies that rock and suck, rider pride, the season that was for the Swift Current Indians, and Bronco hockey...

Stay tuned...