Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Question...

It is the question I get asked once a day that I have no answer for. I know that when Jon or myself posts something spicy on our blog it usually gets attention from some big wigs. Sometimes good sometimes bad, but we do get answers. Here's hoping the most asked question in Swift Current can get officailly answered:

Will the Civic Centre renos be done by hockey season?

Actually there is a second question that usually follows:

What if they aren't?

The progress on the rink seems to be at a standstill. We've been looking at the gaping hole in the east wall for more than a month. We see dirt pile up each day but the renos don't seem to be moving. Maybe they are. Maybe inside is a whole new look not visbale from the number four highway and Chaplin street.

The one thing I find interesting is Graham Construction taking the "Graham" sign off the building. Remember seeing it posted proudly on the side of the new curling rink? Are they trying to distance themselves from the project? Posters on the WHLFANS are saying TWO MONTHS behind.

What's plan B? Medicine Hat Broncos? Moose Jaw Broncos? Fairview rink? Kindersley Broncos?

Other stuff.

I got some attention on Regan Bartel's blog about my James Gallo/Edmonton Oil King post. James has not to this day gotten a job offer but it was posted elsewhere that we was set to "step down" from his Moose Jaw gig and take the job in Edmonchuck. I talked to James and he told me he's heard nothing. My only thought on the issue is they should have called James before posting on the subject. I know that the play by play guys around the league are in constant contact with each other through e-mail. I only thought it responsible to ge the whole story before putting it online. Some blog have LOTS of cred. With that comes LOTS or responsibility before you hit PUBLISH POST.


Playoff time is here in the WMBL. Swift has Regina in round 1. Since Regina re-entered the leaguein the 05 season Swift is 10-0 against them in the regular season and 2-1 in the playoffs. Regina upset Swift last year in game one of their playoff series. I like the Tribe's chances. Baseball is a game of players getting hot at the right time and the guys Swift needs to play well are right now. However, round one vs. Scotty Douglas' Red Sox could give the Tribe issues. Game one saturday night at 7:05 on The Eagle.

I'm out


Monday, July 16, 2007

Back to the Blog...


-Transformers kicks @$$! One can complain about the stuff critic like to complain about like lack of character development or whatever but it was the most fun I've had at a movie possibly ever! When Optimus Prime made his entrance and he had the same voice as he did in the 1980's cartoons it was a total geek out factor on my part. Goosebumps.

-I do think that some bloggers are credible news people, but one story making the rounds has me puzzled. Two reputable WHL bloggers have both reported James Gallo to be leaving his play by play position in Moose Jaw for Edmonton. I talked to James tonite at the Swift Current Indains/MJ Miller Express game. James going to Edmonton may happen but seems far from a done deal. I'm surpised none of these super sleuth bloggers have actually contacted James to ask him about it.

-For what it's worth, Gallo and I are employed buy the same company and I'd hat eto see him go, but understand it would be a cool oppurtunity.

-Maybe it's just the heat and the Craven hangover but I'm surpised the "fire the coach" calls haven't been heard from Rider nation here in SW Sask. "Never getting too high after a win, or too low after a loss" does NOT apply to the SW Saskatchewan Sports fan.

-I don't know who the new Bronco assistant coach will be. People ask, but I couldn't even speculate.

-The Swift Current Indians have lots of momentum heading into the playoffs. It's a blessing and a curse for Harv's crew as anything less than a league title is almost viewed as a let down in Swift Current. Swift is getting hot at the right time and they're finding ways to win. They've clinched the central divison pennant. Joe Carnahan looks as good right now as he ever has at the plate.

I may actually update tomorrow. We'll see.