Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Where the Hell Have I Been?

When I started the blog I was hoping it could be "Ryan off the record". While I have employers and government regulations telling me what I can and can't say on the radio (which I have no problem with) I was hoping the blog could be a creative outlet for me to expand my thoughts on things. I was hoping for an off the record, uncensored kind of thing.

It didn't work out that way.

When you write something and put your name to it, nothing is off the record. People who could have a positive influence on my life started reading the blog...and weren't impressed. These are people I really look up to and their opinion is important to me.

I'm surprised this blog attracted as many readers as it did. I figured it would just be me, my wife and my circle of radio friends who read this.

When I'm on the radio I can put inflections on my voice to indicate jokes and sarcasm. I haven't figured out how to do that in writing yet. Somethings that I wrote were taken the wrong way. My fault, I wrote them.

Plus, I'm also going to abstain from blogging as I would surely need to register an opinion in the war of words between Jon Keen and Rod Pedersen. The Broncos and Pats respective play by play guys seem to be getting into it a little. Things like that I can't help but throw my two cents into. Not my fight, I'm just a common color guy. Check out both their blogs in the next few days for the brewing media feud between those two. Read the comments section on Roddy's.



Monday, March 12, 2007

It's Regina

I was the Bronco stick boy in 1993 when the Broncos won the WHL championship. The happest moment of my stick boy career didn't happen when they beat Portland to win the WHL title. It was when the Broncos swept Regina to win the East Conference. It was Trent McCleary's OT goal. I watched the highlights over and over again (back then CTV could actually pronounce the names of Bronco players.) Trent in the slot area spinning and firing home the series winning goal in Regina.

The Pats have always been my least favorite team. Medicine Hat fans may have perfected being rude in other team's rinks but Regina pioneered it. The original WHL drunks picking fights in the stands (maybe not the originals but the 1st ones I ever saw).

On the ice Mark Jansenns, Frank Kovacs, Scott Daniels, Brad Miller, Kary Biette, Derek Eberle, Chad Silver all of them skilled but the kinds of players you love to hate. I think my dislike of the pro-Regina media came when I had to see Doug Sauter's ridiculous mustache on the cover of the Leader Post once a week.

In this day and age of internet streaming and out of town fans watching web-casts I'll do my best to be impartial and give the Regina fans tuned in as little homerism as possible. Know that in my heart I'm looking forward to re-living the joy I felt in 93 as Trent McCleary skated to center ice after clinching the series.



Sunday, March 11, 2007


I have spent the day OUTSIDE!!!

The weather here is gorgeous. I love watching spring run-off and enjoying beautiful and mosquito free weather. My spring fever is getting the best of me. Heather best be getting her rest while she can.

I enjoy reading whlfans.ca. Dean Chynoweth has had his share of critics and over the last week he has silenced many of them. Without Deano to target the crew at whlfans.ca has chosen to fixate the replacement bug on:

The public address!!! New Public Address announcer! I like the idea some posters have of two PA guys. Have Kenny do the paid annoucing stuff and let Gordie do the goal calls. Three words to poo-poo that idea.


The Broncos aren't rolling in dough to be able to pay two guys.

I also enjoy the latest thread on whlfans.ca. FIRE THE CAMERA MAN!!! Thanks to "dubfan" for the positive shout out in that thread.

It's nice to see the camera man and public address announcer taking the heat off of Chynoweth.

To clarify my stance on whlfans.ca. I love the site and respect the opinions of the posters. I know "Scout", "oninthecreek" "Flathead" and more. They are all good people. I just sometimes get concerned that it's too easy to publicly criticize someone and not be held accountable. If I were the camera man I'd probably start crying.

Having said that, about 90% of the posters on that site could do color commentary as good as I do. Bronco fans are the most knowledgeable in the league. Sadly, we are the hardest to please too.

I'm just rambling now. GO OUTSIDE IT'S BEAUTIFUL!!!



Saturday, March 10, 2007

Saturday Update

What a game lastnight at the Civic Center. I'm getting a hard time from fans who say after every Bronco goal they look at me in the broadcast booth to see my reaction. After each goal I always throw out a fist pump or something of the like.

I was a fan long before I was a broadcaster. That's gonna happen. My son is really getting into the Broncos. He went to Charlie's birthday and was hooked. I look forward to taking him to games and having him be part of the Civic Center atmosphere. He'll be complaining that we should fire the coach in no time!

Last night during the 2nd intermission I had a chance to interview Derek Dorsett. For non-hockey fans reading this, Dorsett is a former Swift Current Legionnaire who moved on to the Medicien Hat Tigers and has been a thorn in the side of the Broncos for the last three years. Right now the WHL has lots of talented players who will play pro. Does it have alot of memorable players? Are there many players we see at the Civic Center we'll remember 10 years from now? Sure Peter Mueller and Carey Price gave memorable performances on Civic Center ice this year but we only see them once.

We'll be talking about Dorsett for years to come. Great at his role. His broken hand should heal by the end of the 1st round or beginning of the 2nd.

The Broncos won last night, but the Tigers are stacked! They'll do just fine in the playoffs.


I want to clarify something I wrote a few weeks ago about Ken Audette (public address stud for the Broncos). I think he does a great job at public address announcing. I wrote something about how his voice doesn't always sound good with the Civic Center sound system. I would have no trouble saying that to his face. Some people took that as me "slamming" Kenny. I wouldn't slam the big lug! Kenny and I have an honest friendship that goes back to the beginning of my radio career in 1994. You won't meet a nicer guy than "Southwest Kenny".

Best Concerts

Yes, a big perk of being a disc jedi on the radio is the concerts and free tickets. I often get asked about the best shows I've seen. Here are the memorable ones.

Rolling Stones, Regina. BEST SHOW EVER. Nuff said.

Aerosmith, Saskatoon. Aerosmith's Get a Grip album was the soundtrack of my life. Released at the same time I got my driver's licence, Cryin', Amazing, Crazy and Eat The Rick was the crusin' music of choice. After getting hooked on Get a Grip, I had to buy every other Aerosmith album. To see them live and to see 54 year old Steven Tyler run around the stage like a guy 1/3 his age for two hours was surreal.

David Bowie, Calgary. We had REALLY good seats. Seventh row on the floor, Bowie had a big stage and was right in our face for a few songs. I'm not a huge fan of his songs, but MAN could he perform on stage. He has a way of making you listen to every lyric he sings.

Elton John, Sasktoon and Calgary. Yes, I've seen Sir Elton twice. The Saskatoon show was amazing as it was just Elton and his Piano. Anemotional show that literally had people in the audience weeping tears of joy. Hearing a packed house sing the chorus of Crocodile Rock was an amazing thing to be a part of. The Calgary show was more of a big production with the full band. Our seats were right beside the stage. I've got cool pics on my phone.

Tom Jones, Saskatoon. LEGEND. Every woman in the audience would have slept with Tom Jones after this show and their husbands would have been cool with it. Tom Jones is a charasmatic love machine who seems like a nice guy. Very genuine. Time has stood still for him.

Kiss, Saskatoon. Full makeup, a huge list of songs what were made to sing along to in concert and my best friend Shane and I in Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons makeup respectively. Awesome show, wish we had pictures. Shane now holds down a six figure job working with computers. Kiss albums suck. Kiss in concert...AMAZING!!!

Those are the ones off the top of my head. Jann Arden in Brandon was pretty good. Heather enjoyed that one waaaaay more than I did.



Monday, March 05, 2007


A couple people have told me that when trying to find my blog theyhave visited ryanswitzer.com. Sadly that is not me. Should have registered my name for a domain when I had the chance!!! Damn you OTHER RYAN SWITZER AND YOUR MUSICAL TALENT AND SIX PACK!!!

Thanks to Golden West Radio gunslinger Colin Powers for pointing out that Brad Johner pronounced my name wrong at Telemiracle. For people who have never met me or heard me on the radio my last name is not pronounced Switzer, like in Switzerland. The 'I' sound in my last name is said like 'white'. I would think Switzer like the european country would be spelled like Swittzer, but what do I know?

Anyway, Brad Johner's bad name pronouncing karma caught up with him when Bob McGrath called him "Joiner" so I will forgive his insolence this time. Should he butcher my name again I will find his long lost "Johner Brother" whom Brad jettisoned for solo fame in the Canadian country scene. The 'other brother' and I will record an album of all Brad's songs and sell it for half the price and under cut him for personal appearance fees! SAY MY NAME WRONG AGAIN AND IT WILL BE THE END OF YOU BRAD JOHNER!!!!!

I've never met Brad Johner but I've heard he's a great guy. He's very talented and I hope he continues his success. His live version of the Auction Song is something to hear!

How about Telemiracle raising 5.6 mil!!?!?!?! You damn right the 306 is most giving/kind/generous place in the world!!!

The Life of a Junior Hockey Player.

Cody Thoring. WHL d-man for the Moose Jaw Warriors from Swift Current. Never met the kid personally but I always see his Dad at the Coop gas station, and he dates a family friend. Everything I hear about Cody is good. He was an original member of the Everett Silvertips and had the character to wear the "C" for a team coached by the task master Kevin Constantine. His hard work was about to be rewarded by playing for a team that would be a legitimate threat in the WHL and even Memorial Cup playoffs while playing for the most passionate and loud fans in the league...

Then he got traded to Moose Jaw.

Nothing against the Warrior organization but in two weeks they will be heading back to their respective home towns and buying their golf memberships.

Thoring could have mailed it in for the final few weeks of his career. Floated at the blue line, not battled in the corners, gone through the motions and get the token standing ovation his final home game with a few fans and family from Swift making the trip.

He kept playing hard though.

This past weekend with the Tri City Americans (and 6'3 245 pugilist Aaron Boogaard) were in Moose Jaw. Thoring pinched off the blueline to battle for a loose puck. Cody has several hundred WHL games under his belt, and as a former US division player with good vision of the ice he knew he was going to crunched by Boogaard if he went for the same puck. Thoring commited, got hammered into the boards and ended his WHL career.

Broken pelvis. Back injury to boot. Check out Keen's blog (www.jonkeen.blogspot.com) for the details.

As most of my readers are from the Swift Current area, when you see Cody this summer, wish him a speedy recovery and congratulate him on the WHL career he should have finished in a better way than being taken off the Moose Jaw ice on a stretcher.

Why does it always happen to the good kids?



Sunday, March 04, 2007

I'm Back

The blogging took a backseat last week to radio duties. Credit has to go the Jon Keens, the Regan Bartels and the Rod Pedersens of the world for the daily updates on their blogs. How they find time to keep us hockey fans in the know daily is beyond me. I don't even travel with the team!

I truly enjoy all of the people I work with. A busy week was not a bad week. Very productive.

Darwin Gooding (Country Music Radio Program Director and all around good guy) and I made whatis turning into an annual appearance at Telemiracle. The main show was in Saskatoon and the off centre was in Regina. Dar and I hosted the TV protion from the off centre from 9pm to midnite last nite. We had lots of fun with the Regina Kinsmen/Kinettes who had a five star spread of food ranging from pizza to fresh fruit to ice cream cake.

Note to anyone doing a speech/presentation/something on radio or TV. Everything needs a beginning, a middle and an end. Darwin and I always know that I'll introduce us, he'll say the important stuff and at the end, I close it out. It was fun watching some "big league" radio people who didn't take the 30 seconds to plan like we did. Just staring blakly at each other until the camera cuts out is never the right way to end a segment.

Big City no longer means better radio. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that Magic/The Eagle are the greatest radio stations in the world and Jerry Forbes in Calgary should listen to my morning show if he wants to learn a thing or two.... I'm just saying that most personalities in Swift Current are every bit as good as some of the voices you hear when you visit larger centers. Moreso than ever.

Sorry for the lack of updates. How about the Broncos winning 3 of their last four? They beat Kootenay!!! When was the last time that happened? Sadly, now GM of the ice Jeff Chynoweth is TOTALLY inferior to his brother in Swift.