Friday, December 07, 2012


-I haven't blogged in around a year.  The domain name just became available, so I had the wizards at Intricate networks nab it for me.  Not sure what I'll do with it, but for now, some RANDOM BLOGGING will suffice.

-One has to admire the job Mark Lamb is doing recruiting and building the future of the Swift Current Broncos.  I take exception to people claiming his predecessor, Dean Chynoweth, didn't do a good job when he had the top hockey job in Swift Current.  Dean was eviscerated in this week's Prairie Post by Brad Brown.  Brown puts the blame for the Broncos rebuilding woes squarely on Chynoweth's shoulders.   Much has happened in Chynoweth's life since his stay in Swift Current.  When he thinks back on his time in Swift, likely all he remembers is playoff teams and making money!  Chynoweth's Broncos missed the playoffs in 04'-05, but under today's conference based rules the Broncos would have made it to the post season that year.  That would have made Dean 5 for 5 in playoff appearances.

-The Broncos did have a $200,000 season in the black under Dean.   

-Dean left Mark some assets too. Two of them are Adam Lowry and Reece Scarlett. With the Broncos a few games below .500 as I type this, does Mark Lamb shop those two at the WHL trade deadline? 

-I have yet to have a Starbucks coffee purchased in Swift Current.  What am I missing?

-The place once billed as Swift Current top make out spot has been fenced off.  'Welcome Hill' is off limits.  Where do the kids go now? A father needs to know this.

-Only in Regina.  To get in the festive spirit, the crew at Mosaic Stadium decided to throw a Yule Log video on the Max Tron.  Within a week there were several calls to Regina 9-1-1 claiming the venerable stadium was burning down.    

-Swift Current's embattled Midget AAA team had a good start to the season, but The Home Hardware Legionnaires are now winless in 10.  Is there a curse on the Legionnaires?  The Boston Red Sox had the curse of the Bambino. Does Tim Tisdale haunt the Legion in similar fashion?  You'll recall Tisdale was mysteriously gassed as the local midget AAA coach despite despite churning out playoff teams and dozens of future WHLers.

-Have I ever told you the story about the time I was forced to apologize to the local Home Hardware owner for NOT calling the local Midget AAA team the 'Home Hardware' Legionnaires on air?    There was one sentence during a Bronco broadcast where I simply said "The Legionnaires" without the Home Hardware name drop.  That owner has since retired. Someday I'll write a book about the trials and tribulations and ups and downs of a small market radio host.  That absurd story will be a part of it.

-The local  Home Hardware is very well run now.  

-One of my dreams has always been running a home based business.  That dream is a reality.  Snowstreaker is now taking off after almost two years of laying the foundation.  I will always been thankful to a handful of local business owners for taking a chance on me and helping me to get this thing going.  If you are looking for a dentist, Dr. Stock is the man, and if you're looking for a place to workout, Bodyfit is the best.  ;)

-Tracey Moen is the best local celebrity in Swift Current.  The Swift Current Online Swifty awards announced their 20 award winners.  If you don't know who Tracey is you're not an official Swift Current resident yet.  In parts of Newfoundland, you get "Screeched in".  In Swift Current, you're nobody until Tracey has told you, 'You're Outta Here'.  

-Should the Broncos begin the practice of retiring the numbers of their all time greats?  For years, fans have suggested Joe Sakic's number 19 should be in the i-Plex rafters.  I think the only numbers the team should ever retire are the 8,9,11 and 22 to honor the  Four Broncos who died in 1986...but if the club did start retiring all time greats former numbers, Sakic's 19, Tisdale and Holt's 13, Lambert's 3, Kennedy's 12 and Schneider's 17 would be were I'd start.

That was fun.  Let's do it again next week!





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