Monday, December 10, 2012


-Do you ever find yourself spending a Sunday watching "Marathons" of TV shows?  Yesterday it was several hours of Spike TV's 'The Deadliest Warrior' at this Blogger's house.  During a particular episode the weapons and tactics of the American SWAT team were pitted against the German GSG 9's.  I would suggest an episode with a Swift Current theme.  The local Parking Enforcement Officer vs. Ghost Security.

-The most common names for newborn children in 2012 were Aiden and Sophia.  Sophia was #2 last year, bumping Emma out of the top spot.  Aiden makes the jump to #1 from 8 dethroning Liam.

It would be interesting to see region specific data.  In Saskatchewan would names like Weston and Darian make the top 100?  Ron or Roger?  We know people want to be buried in their Rider gear, but is the passion for green involved in bringing people into the world?   

-This time of year can be extremely stressful.  More relationships end in December than any other time.  With that in mind, don't make any life changing decisions until January.  Let this time of year pass.

-Last night The official Twitter account of The Swift Current Centennial tweeted that the Swift Current Broncos first western road trip was the 1987-88 season.  The team went 4-2.  I remember staying up to listen to every game.  My bed time was pushed back so I could hear John Enns do play by play on Magic 94.

-Swift Current celebrates it's Centennial in 2014.  What would you suggest the biggest Swift Current news story/event in 100 years is?  Rats?  The 1986 Bronco Bus Crash?  The Memorial Cup win?  You would be hard pressed to convince me the top news story in 100 year shouldn't involve our Broncos in some way.

-The top story in 2012 has to be strained relations between the City and the RM of Swift Current.  Apparently these issues go back decades.  What started this bitter feud?  Does anyone care?

If you could bring back 1 thing that Swift Current has lost over 100 years, what would it be?  Billy Buffalo?  The old A&W with roller skates and delivery service right to your car?

-If I'm still on the radio in 2014, I will invite Swift Current radio people from yesteryear to co-host The Morning Show with me.  Kelly Evjen, Merv Caven, Kim Johnston, Jon Keen, Al Stevens, Debbie Metevier consider yourselves invited.





Anonymous said...

Great to see you blogging again Switz. The biggest news story in 100 years is unfortunately Graham James. It continues to be in the news.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Billy Buffalo got the bulldozer with so little fan fair.

Larry could kick ghost securities ass.