Friday, April 29, 2011

Finally Friday!

Nice to see the mighty blog gaining back some readers. I abandoned ship from the blogosphere a few months ago, but I'm happy to get back at it on a semi regular basis.

...and I'm sure your life was empty without my musings.

It's an exciting weekend around my house. The history making Cody Snyder Professional Bull Riding Invitational PBR event is stomping into Swift Current at the end of May. It was just confirmed today that I'll be hosting the pre-show at the sold out Credit Union i-Plex.

I'm in talks to host the local Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence ceremony at the end of May as well. I'll need wranglers and a new suit.

...and once again I'll be hosting the Swift Current Bronco Hall of Fame Ceremony. Discuss amongst yourselves the potential inductees. An announcement should be made next week on who will be going into the hall. Today, Bronco play by play guy Shawn Mullin and I got the 411 as to who is going in.

I think the event will be well attended.

It hailed today in Swift Current. About 2 minutes of pea-sized action.

Great job by the local EMS crew to save a local man. If the creek water doesn't recede, a jet propelled boat may be needed to save locals.

There was some great discussion on the above video on my facebook page. Click the link on the right to friend me and check it out.

I have to run. My kids are spending their first full weekend at my house since I separated from my wife two and a half years ago. We're trying to get trampolining in between hail storms.

Have a good weekend!


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Some Randomness

A blog update? Why not?

We are only a few weeks away from the start of Swift Current Indians baseball at Mitchell Field. The WMBL season throws it's first pitch the last week in May. I know the Tribe is looking for billet families for the upcoming season. If you can house an Indian, call Laurie at 741-6773.

Have you heard the WMBL is altering it's player eligibility rules after this season? I'm not fully informed as to what exactly the rules are, but on the surface it appears the WMBL will switch to strictly a summer collegiate league and only allow players actively playing college or university ball.

This is from ballparkbiz It describes the rules.

"Members of the Canada-based Western Major Baseball League have voted to raise their game in the competitive world of summer collegiate baseball by adopting roster rules more in line with the premier leagues in the states. While not quite as strict, beginning in 2012, WMBL team rosters will be limited to players who have remaining college eligibility, college seniors who just completed their fourth and final college season, and a maximum of three Canadian players who are one year removed from college."

I like the idea of having strict rules for eligibility and making a more uniform league, but this marks the end of an era for the Swift Current Indians. Gone will be the days of mainstays like Conrad Funk and Kelly Horaska having 15 year careers. This rules affects the Swift Current Indians more than any other team...but I have little doubt Swift Current Indians bench boss, and WMBL coach of the year, Joe Carnahan will adapt.

I do find it an odd coincidence that these rules came into play right after the Swift Current Indians won another league title. I'm sure those happenings aren't related.

I'm sure I'll get a text or e-mail about those last two sentences. I'll post it here when it happens.

In 2013 the league will also expand to Cranbrook, BC. The drive to Cranbrook will be very taxing on small market teams, but the trip will be worth it. They'll have a first class ball park. Cranbrook is one of my favorite western Canadian cities. I hope I get to broadcast games from there.

The Eagle 94.1 is working on bringing Swift Current Indians baseball back to the FM airwaves. New Bronco voice Shawn Mullin and I both interested in calling the action. If everything falls into place, we'll take turns calling Tribe games this season. As of right now, I call dibs on all broadcasts against arch rivals Regina and Okotoks. Mullin can have the 9am Sunday bus rides to Melville.

I will close this portion of the blog by saying that new recruitment rules, and expanded schedule and travel costs are making it VERY tough for a team to make a "go" of it. Let's hope the ball park is packed this season.

Former NHLer Trent McCleary and current NHLer Travis Moen have lent their charity golf tournament to the Swift Current Indians. I'll blog more about this as I get information on it.

The Chilliwack Bruins are on the move to Victoria. The options for names of the new franchise include the Dragons, the Royals and the Capitals.

I tried to e-mail Swift Current homeboy and coach and GM of the Bruins, Marc Habscheid. Check out what happens when you visit

It's like they never happened...

While I haven't updated this blog much, I have been spending lots of time on facebook. As any blogger will tell you, anonymous comments can be demoralizing. On facebook and twitter, no one can take nameless potshots. Personally, I love getting comments negative and positive. I'll tell you why.

I read a great quote. "people say it's not what you know, it's who you know but that isn't the case's who knows you".

For any bloggers getting slammed with negative comments...don't worry. It's better to be read and hated than not read at all.

My twitter and facebook links are on the right side of the page. Friend and follow if you dare...

This weekend, I'm off to Billings. I won't spend too much $$$ because I believe in shopping local.

Last night I made a trip to Abbey School. I spoke on the subject of reading and writing. The local retired english teacher said she liked my speech. That's as good a compliment a speaker can get. I love visiting small town schools. I know change is inevitable, but hopefully not too many more are forced to close.

Do radio people sign autographs? I don't get asked often, but I signed a few last night.

If anyone got any pics of the event, can you e-mail them to

Have a good long weekend! Off to Billings I go!


Thursday, April 07, 2011