Monday, March 30, 2009


Even on the strong economic island known as Saskatchewan, there are casualties.

Or maybe it was just time to retire...

end of an era...

Family Great Tymes, shuttin 'er down

To the untrained eye, you see a store where you can rent movies, soft tubs, buy snacks and book a DJ for a wedding dance.

What you don't see is...The Back Room.

Many people in Swift Current have an extra key on their key chains that they don't speak of...The key that grants access to the hidden adult wonderland behind the wall of video game rentals. Novelty gifts, "movies" and things we won't speak of on this blog will no longer be available in Swift Current. Here's to the good times and Great Tymes. A business that was there for us in ways...well, lets just leave it at that.

Life Making Sense.

Game 7 Suggestion

The Swift Current Broncos are facing off against Medicine Hat in game 7 tomorrow night at the Credit Union i-Plex. The Broncos are sporting mullets like the 1989 team did when they won the Mem Cup.

I remember in 1989 when the Broncos left the dressing room to hit the ice, they skated out to a very recognizable piece of music.

I say bring it back for game 7.

"led by Goaltender #30 Trevor Kruger, your SWIFT CURRENT BRONCOOOOOOS!!!!"


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday, Bloggy Sunday

Some say the knock on my blog is it's just for 'friends and family'.

Sure. This little section of the web could be called worse.

With that, time for me to annoy you with more pics of my kid!

In April of 2007, a prominent Swift Current Landmark was destroyed. "Billy Buffalo" could be seen from the number one highway. A crude play structure built in a time before safety standards and whiny parents who call "timeouts", Billy was a large Buffalo built with a 25 foot slide coming from his head. Kids would play on him during the day, teenagers would drink beer in him at night. Sadly, the world wide web seems to be void of pictures of Billy Buffalo. The City of Swift Current took the Bobcat to him before adequate pics could be taken.

Only this pic of Billy's carcass from Southwest TV News could be found.

Anyway, this blog likes to keep people who haven't been in Swift Current updated with what's happening now. Here is what stands where Billy once proudly did.

An expensive "sense making" sign welcomes you to Billy Buffalo Park

Kids can run, climb, slide and the funnest activity of them all...learn sign language!!! Stats show that sign language usage in Swift Current for children aged 5-12 is up 75% since the opening of the new park!

Ethan gives some sign language to show what he thinks of the new Billy Buffalo compared to the old 25 foot slide.

We did have fun at the park. The playground was everything you would want in a 2009 play structure for hyper active kids looked after by neglectful parents. No one could easily get hurt on this carbon copy of every other play structure in town.


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fabulous Friday

Pictured below; leftover "ak special" the five star pizza served at the Akropol...The BEST you will eat in Swift Current...and all that remains of a great Friday night in Swifty

The Swift Current Broncos and Medicine Hat Tigers continue to treat fans in their respective cities to some great playoff hockey. The Broncos won 5-3 last night at the i-Plex to take a 3-2 series lead back to the Hat tomorrow (Sunday). I'll leave it to other blogs to give the nuts and bolts of the game. I may be on the road to take in the crucial game 6. I'll decide tomorrow morning...not like Med Hat will sell out.

It was good to see former Kelowna Rocket and Saskatoon Blade Craig Cuthbert after the game. Any meeting with anyone from the Cuthbert clan is always a good one. Mom and Dad Cuthbert raised those boys right.

Sunday Bloggy Sunday a day early with my boy!

I usually take the digicam out on Sunday and snap some Swift Current pics. I did that today instead. A special guest in the son Ethan.

Ethan with the "Rec Center Tank". This big brute was used in the Korean war and has been a fixture outside Swift Current's Recreation Center for as long as I've been around. Maybe a local historian can answer me this; does the Bronco logo on the tank have anything to do with the name of our junior hockey franchise? E-mail me or hit my comments section.

The sign at Warren's Funeral Home tells us we have a nice spring type day. Is this pic cute, a good picture of a well known Swift Current landmark or is it just kind of morbid? Discuss.

If it's been a few years since you've had a detailed tour of Swift Current, know that Ethan is standing in the vacant crater that used to be The Swift Current Hospital. All that remains is the boiler room behind him to the right and the hope of beautiful expensive condos in that spot someday.

That's all the excitement I can muster for today. Later on, a trip to sarcan is in the forecast. With my money from empties will come a KFC CHICKEN DINNER for me and my offspring.

Father of the Year!


Friday, March 27, 2009

Mailin' it in.

See you at the rink tonite. I'll be chillin' in section E for game 5 Broncos and Tigers.

Too much on the go for any blogging of substance today. I'll have something for you tomorrow...because everyone reads blogs on Saturday night.

In the meantime, I defer to Jonny for blogworthy content.

...and because I want to keep the male readers I have...ANNA KOURNIKOVA playing beer pong with...well who cares, it's Anna Kournikova.

(inside comment) Don't get on my case about posting Anna Kournikova! If you had a blog then that studly mysterious vampire from Twilight would be all over it!)

Have a Good Weekend!


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Oh boy!

I'm going to get a few extra hits today cause I made Rod's comments section.

Scroll down for the latest post to offend someone from Regina. Form your own opinion. I wasn't trying to take a shot at anyone, I was merely pointing out that the complexion of the playoffs this year is different without the off ice hype.

For the record, Rod Pedersen is the best best blogger in the country, a very good play by play guy, and a credit to the Vince McMahon school of marketing. I respect him as a human being and as a professional.

I can see how my words could be misunderstood though. Sorry.

Carry on with your search for controversy.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Faces Behind The Voices pt. II

Meet the Champ (pictured with Free Girl Guide Cookies!)

Nevan Champion is one of the voices you'll hear on The Eagle 94-1 night shift. Bronco fans will recognize his name as the studio operator for all Bronco games home and away too. "The Champ" as he's called is the league's premier op. One of the reason's our Bronco Broadcast is as solid as it is, is because of The Champ gunslingin' in Eagle control.

Nevan is an avid reader who is crushing page after page of books in the Star Wars series right now. Nevan is also a blue belt in he can op a hockey game, clearly tell you he's playing a Van Halen song and KICK YO' ASS!!!

Random Switzervations

-I changed up the template again. I had complaints about the white on black, and on certain monitors the other template was tougher to read. Enjoy the new look with bigger letters, I know your Grandma will.

-Why am I not on the fan bus to the Hat tonite? Poor planning on my part. For my first year out of the booth and as a fan, I give myself an F.

-I know I had some other things going on...but I hold myself to a higher standard. F!

-Tell me what you think of my shirt and tie today. Is it a good look? Too many stripes going too many different ways? I'd prefer your comment if you're female. No offense, I've just seen the way many of my male readers dress...and you're opinion on this subject is not a credible one. Hit the comments section at the end of the post.

-My MC Schedule for next week; Asad Mecci Master Hypnotist at the Living Sky Casino April 1st. Oil Wives Fashion and Fun night, Saturday Apirl 4th. I have no idea what I'm wearing to either one.

-My semi detailed Watchmen review is below. LOVED IT!

-Alex Ovechkin's goal celebrations are awesome. I'm onside with Don Cherry 99% of the time, and in sports one has to be careful not to show disrespect to an opponent...but the game needs a guy like Ovechkin. He says Ovechkin acts too much like a soccer player when he scores. At the end of the day, hockey is a business, and how many people worldwide watch soccer? I'll take it one step further and suggest goal celebrations should be encouraged in the rules. If a team successfully pulls off a choreographed goal celly that gets a reaction from the crowd, the ensuing faceoff should be in the opposition end of the ice and the team scored on should be denied a line change.

-How much have TV ratings and revenues gone up in the NHL since the last round of rule changes? Can an assessment be made as to how much the trapezoid behind the net and the 'delay of game' rule has made the product better?

-Other sports should adopt a delay of game rule. How come in the CFL/NFL when a quarterback misses a receiver and throws the ball out of bounds it isn't a five yard penalty?

-(Caution, semi inside joke ahead)I'm amazed that we are a week deep in the playoffs and there is no online beaking. No banjo jokes? No inbred jokes? How have we managed to have a playoff series without the broadcasters being involved? Does the voice of the Tigers Bob Ridley have a blog? Some vaseline? What a boring series. All anyone wants to talk about is what's happening on the ice!

-I like living on the South side of Swift Current for the most part. The one exception is the slow moving traffic on 2nd SE. It is a given I will get stuck behind someone en route to church/bingo/the Coop doing 40 every time I use the road! Check out the picture I was able to snap today while going EXTREMELY SLOW!

Switzer's dashboard. The speedometer reads under 40 kph as your Grandpa slowly makes his way to the Wheatland Mall Food Court.

-I saw my name come up on Some people where calling for me to make a prank call to Medicine Hat in response to former Swift Current/current Med Hat on air dude Kim Johnston pulling a fast one on Dean Chynoweth. To be honest, EVERYTIME I've done that in a playoff series, the Broncos have LOST. I remember the time when I called the Med Hat golf course and said I was Tiger's captain Ryan Hollweg booking a tee time for "whenever the first round is over".

That backfired. Tigers in five. As the Broncos were skating off, a tiger fan threw plastic golf clubs on the ice.

I'm THE MOST SUPERSTITIOUS man on the planet. How I am dressed, the route I use to drive to work, what I eat, everything is dictated by my bizarre rituals. I would trade a few yucks on the radio for the Broncos winning this round. Besides I'm management scum now. Chance, Martens, Redekop, consider the torch passed...I have paperwork to do.

Stuck in the Middle Wednesday

As promised, a review of The Watchmen. I will say Watchmen is a very good movie, but not a "superhero" flick to take your kids to. Sex, violence and much full frontal male nudity are seen on screen throughout the movie. A bizarre movie that does a good job of catering to males despite the "boob to peen" ratio being out of whack from what a testosterone fest should be. A glowing blue member is on screen every 20 minutes...which doesn't really distract from the film oddly enough.

Also, this movie will make this man a star:

Picture above is actor Jackie Earle Haley, who gave a career defining performance as the masked vigilante Rorschach.

A vigilante with a messed up past. In terms of acting performances, Jackie Earle Haley was to The Watchmen what Heath Ledger was to The Dark Knight.

The film was not a "super hero" flick as it was more of a murder mystery featuring masked vigilantes. Watchmen has two main plots, who killed the former vigilante known as "The Comedian"...and the USA and USSR inching their way towards nuclear devastation of one another. The setting is New York in an alternate 1985. Richard Nixon is on his fourth term as president and the US won the Vietnam conflict thanks to a government contracted super hero named Dr. Manhattan.

I won't get too deep into all the little details of the story. Dr. Manhattan is the only real "super hero" as he was once a scientist who, in an experiment gone wrong, basically became a god. With his new found powers and intelligence he becomes detached from the human race to the point where he doesn't feel its necessary to even wear clothes anymore.

The other characters have been talked about on this blog before. They are all very faithful to the original graphic novel. Billy Crudup is exactly what he needs to be as Dr. Manhattan. A scene where he replicates two versions of himself for intimate relations with his girlfriend so he can work on a science project gets some chuckles, but really shows how far he's grown from the human race. Patrick Wilson (the guy from Lakeview Terrace) was good as Dan Drieberg/Nite Owl. He's a middle aged man with sexual issues and a beer gut, who becomes a super stud in every way once he transforms into the Batman like Nite Owl. Jackie Earle Haley is amazing as the sociopath Rorschach. You'll leave the theater talking about his performance. After the character Rorschach is framed up and put in jail, Haley shines. Put into jail with dozens he help incarcerateh, He is confronted by a man he put in jail. After he convincingly (and quite graphically) wins the prison fight, the line of the movie "When are you going to realize I'm not locked in here with you, you're locked in here with me" is an iconic moment in movies.

If you read the source material, you'll love this movie. You may be outraged at the ending...but that's all I'll say about that.

If you've never read a page of The Watchmen, you'll enjoy it. Had Batman Begins and The Dark Knight not been released before The Watchmen, this movie would seem much more profound in terms of hero/vigilante movies. The Watchmen and Dark Knight both have controversial endings about serving a greater good and really get into the blood and guts of the people behind the masks.

Two thumbs up. 4 out of 5 stars, recommend to see.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Blog from the Barack-Berry

Obama...the most beloved political figure in the world...until tonight.

"The Biggest Loser" has been pre-empted for Barack's speech. HOW DARE HE!?!?!

There goes the female voters.

Rough week for Barack.


A Post About Warm You

A trip to the Cinema Twin to see the Watchmen is the plan tonight. With my work/parent schedule being what it is, this is the only night I can be a geek and go see the hero movie.

Would it be bad form to take a radio into the Cinema Twin to keep up with the Broncos/Tigers game three?

The Broncos are in Medicine Hat for game three tonight. Jon is on the road with the team and blogging it up! I've heard there are plenty of tickets still left for games three and four. Check here for more info.

In Southwest Saskatchewan, we are into round three of winter with more snow and more cold. As a reminder that it will get warmer, here is a post about Swift Current Indians baseball.

If you follow the WMBL, there is a really solid blog in my links section, including league news, links to all the team's websites and Google Earth images of all the ball parks in the league...

like this one of our Mitchell Field:

The home of the Swift Current Indians...and the Doc's pool (over the right field wall)

I've heard the league is changing the schedule this year. Swift will go from a 36 game schedule to a 42 game schedule...which means three more home games and three more road games.

This will also mean more imports. Six more games means more wear and tear on pitchers. The cost of bringing in more US players along with the added expense of more road games means more of an expense to the team. If you enjoy the Indians baseball, go to more games and drink more beer.

Who's coming back for imports?

It was a close call, but Joe Carnahan will be back running the dugout. The dynamic Dominican short stop Wandy Rosario is rumored to be back this summer. Last year's most valuable pitcher John Snyder is likely to return as well as the best pure athlete I've seen play for the tribe, lead off guy Shawn Lee. Of course with real life and unforeseen issues, the lineup is always subject to change. There's a good core of returnees, what should be some promising new imports and some key returning local guys. Coach Joe will have the team ready to go. If there is one thing I've learned as a blogger, it's not to make outrageous predictions of championship banners.

But the most important question of all...Will the Swift Current Indians/Boston Pizza bachelor auction return? I can't answer that one right now...I'll keep you posted.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Bloggy/Foggy Sunday

A thick pea soup like fog has eveloped most of southern Saskatchewan today. More on that shortly.

At what point did I get old? To anyone who attended my friend Shane's 30th in Saskatoon, I must apologize for jamming on the party at 10:30. I can't go like I used to. When did that happen?

Crude Black Berry PHOTOS!

Today's lunch was at Montana's on 8th Street in Saskatoon. The restaurant has it's own rustic, cookhouse/camping type charm.

my one complaint is the "outhouse". When it came time to use the men's room, it was TOO LUXURIOUS for a primitive camping setting!!!

One of the perks of Montana's is the freedom to draw on the table with crayons. BE IN AWE OF MY ARTISTIC ABILITY!!!

Matt Groening meets Picasso

A Big Sky Burger later, it was time to hit the road. That's where the fog came in. Check out this picture/non picture of Elrose from the #4 Highway.

Fog so thick, one couldn't see the dozens of oilfield F 350's and Duramax Diesels that now inhabit Elrose.

I've never been to Saudi Arabia, but I imagine the valley just south of Elrose resembles it. They are pumping some serious oil in there.

A Buckin' Bronco Post

Is this a picture of the Swift Current Broncos' secret weapon?

Pictured above, new Swift Current Bronco assistant GM, Sheldon Ferguson

15 and 6 since we hired this guy. 14-5 regular season, 1 and 1 in the playoffs.

Sadly I was too busy feeling sick and bloated and jamming on a birthday party in Saskatoon to attend game 2 of the Broncos/Tigers. Sounds like a picked a good game to miss. Medicine Hat has some skill, but I'm still sticking with Broncos in five.

Having said that, if a strong playoff run doesn't happen this year, Mike Brown, Taylor Vause and Dillon Wagner are getting so awesome seasoning for the next few years. As a Bronco fan it is easy to be pumped for next year's team.

Justin Dowling, A fixed up Matt Tassone, Cody Eakin, Geordie Wudrick, Jan Dalecky, Taylor Vause, Mike Brown, Dillon Wagner, Michael Stickland as a 20...How about that for a group of forwards?

Uncool Things about Deano

Today this blog deviates from it's regular "Cool Things about Deano" tribute to Dean Chynoweth, to bring you something uncool about our local coach and GM.

Dean Chynoweth, who in the last five years has re-stocked the cupboards for talent, gone above and beyond in his GM duties while operating in the smallest market in Canada (and don't tell me that isn't a recruiting liability), boosted attendance under his regime and brought passion back to Bronco hockey is (to the best of my knowledge) still without a contract for next year.

'scuse me?

Uncool things about Deano...starring Dean Chynoweth, a winner and one of the league's top executives and a guy we're going to lose if we're not careful...written and produced by Ryan Switzer.


Friday, March 20, 2009

Over and out for the Weekend

So the Bronco playoff slogan is "more cowbell" and all the players are growing post season mullets?

Don't you DARE call us a hick town! Haha! Small town, big skill. Broncos in five.

Random quote:

"I just want to tell you...I'm the one who was supposed to take care of everything. I'm the one who was supposed to make everything okay for everybody.

It just didn't work out like that.

And I left. I left you.

You never did anything wrong. I used to try to forget about you. I used to try to pretend that you didn't exist...but I can't. You're my girl. You're my little girl.

and now...

I'm an old broken down piece of meat...and I'm alone. And I deserve to be all alone.

I just don't want you to hate me."

I've been updating this blog twice a day this week, but it's time for a weekend break. My friend Shane Lowenberger is turning 30, and I would walk THROUGH HELL FIRE AND BRIMSTONE to drink european beer with him in Saskatoon this weekend.

So the blog gets a two day break for a two day roadie. Back next week. Anything you want to see on the blog, hit my comments section!

See you at the rink tonite. GO BRONCOS! MORE COWBELL!!!

Faces Behind the Voices

Part of this blog will now highlight other Swift Current radio personalities. I could type all about myself and shamelessly plug how awesome I am...but why not shine the spotlight on someone else for a change?

Meet Donovan Fehr

Donovan is the afternoon news guy for all three Swift Current radio stations. Like Marc Habscheid, he is from Rosenhof...or is it Blumenort? One of those places. We do know that he is a good Mennonite boy and the play by play voice of the Home Hardware Midget AAA Legionnaires and the Diamond Energy Wildcats on top of his full time news job.

Although he could probably get into most Swift Current Bronco games for free, Dono is a season ticket holder and sits behind the Bronco bench.

Dono recently vacationed in the Dominican, where he gained a very dark tan. He now looks like the lowly, under appreciated Colombian servant who is having an affair with the Drug Czar's wife.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Saskatchewan to be Thunderstruck?

I won't say who I heard this from other than to say...semi credible.

AC/DC...Mosaic Stadium this August. The date would be during that two week break the Riders seem to have each year leading up to Labor Day.

AC/DC is touring right now to pump up their latest album. The last confirmed date they have is when they end their European tour at the end of June in Scotland.

Saskatchewan has the strongest economy in North America, and music is a for profit business. The Eagles just did three sold out shows in Saskatoon, The Stone's Mosaic shows were both successes in every way and AC/DC would make a FORTUNE off a sold out venue and merchandise.

Take it for what it's worth...but I'm going to go ahead and be pumped about it.

R$ Request

A year ago my knowledge of cooking began and ended at microwaving Pizza Pops...Now I blog recipes. True irony to anyone who knows me.

What a difference a year makes.

JT left a comment asking about a BBQ Steak recipe. This is a good one I discovered by accident last summer.

The secret weapon...

I had no seasoning for a steak, so I swiped some chicken seasoning from a pack of raman noodles. I drizzled that over a steak and it was great.

I've found the best cuts of meat in town come from the Southside Coop. They have someone cutting meat seven days a week, so if you need a good cut of meat on Sunday morning...they'll have it.

But be warned! 2nd South East is one of the busiest streets in town, is a two way street and always has OLD PEOPLE driving on it. Don't be in a hurry.

The Steak is easy enough to make with the make it shine here's some sauteed mushrooms you can put on on the steak to bring it all home...

You need...

1/4 cup butter
1 lb mushrooms
2 tablespoons of Raman noodle chicken seasoning/Chicken bouillon
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup wine (this is great of you have a bottle of wine that is almost but not quite used up. Any wine will do)

Sauteed Mushrooms Method:

1. Saute the mushrooms in the butter until they're slightly brown. You don't want to hear any sizzling, just warm them up.

2. Add the water and wine and bring to a boil. Add the chicken flava' and cook the Sauteed Mushrooms until thickened.

3. Put a few mushrooms on the steaks you prepared.

4. Feed your guests delicious steak and mushrooms...and laugh to yourself about how you just made a steak meal that would rival The Keg and all you used was a leftover bottle of wine and some seasoning packets.

Youtube Cop Out in Lieu of a Real Post

Thanks to CKSW morning dude Trent Redekop for pointing this McBeauty out to me.


I think these guys live under me in my apartment building.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009


When people break up they seem to go one of two ways when it comes to their next relationship. In most cases, people go for the opposite of their ex (Heather Locklear breaking up with Richie Sambora, then dating David Spade). In some cases they end up with people who are almost clones of the person they broke up with (people who always date hockey players, strippers, musicians, etc).

Hulk Hogan and his wife Linda separated a few months ago. While Hulk hasn't moved on to a Linda look-a-like, is it disturbing that his new girl is a dead ringer for his semi famous DAUGHTER BROOKE?

One of the above is Hulk's daughter Brooke and the other, his new GF Jennifer McDaniel

Hulk's new squeeze...The meat in a Hogan sandwich.

Hulk turns 56 this August.

Easy Recipe for Those Who Are Inept in the Kitchen

So your friend went on a luxurious Mexican vacation while you were stuck back in the Saskatchewan cold. While in Mexico...they took a break from making facebook albums to buy you a bottle of tequila. Now it sits there...waiting for that house party where everyone does shots...that house party that will never happen. Here is a chance to turn that bottle from a lame conversation piece into DYNAMITE in the kitchen...

Tequila Lime Chicken!

Let me preface this by saying, if you're looking for a last minute meal idea, this won't save you. You need to let this mutha MARINADE! For something to whip up in an hour, scroll down to my salmon recipe from last week.

What you need:

2 shot glasses of orange juice
1 Table spoon of lime rind (a table spoon is the bigger one)Lime rind is essentially chopped up lime
A shot glass and a half of lime juice
2 shots of tequila
1 tablespoon chili powder
1 jalapeno pepper chopped into tiny pieces (minced...if you will)
1 clove of minced garlic (a clove is about 1/2 a tablespoon)
1/2 teaspoon of salt (teaspoon is the small one)
1/4 teaspoon of pepper
4 chicken breasts (get boxes of 'em on sale at Safeways this week...caution if you shop at's seniors day on Wednesday)

Put everything but the chicken breasts in a large bowl and whisk it all together. (note on jalapeno...if you're cooking this for someone who doesn't like things too spicy...use a girly tasting pimento pepper instead of a jalapeno. Pimentos have a cherry taste instead of the nuclear jalapeno)

By the way...whisking, is taking a tool that looks like this and is used for stirring. Obvious to most? Yes...but I answer the questions that I had to ask...

After you've whisked it all together, take your chicken breasts, poke holes in them and put them in your awesome marinade and let them chill out in the fridge. They need to sit for at least 4 hours, turning occasionally. If cooking this for a date, use this downtime to download these "mood setting" songs to use as sexy background dinner music.

No Diggity by Blackstreet
Pony by Ginuwine
Wicked Game by Chris Issak
Doin' It by LL Cool J
I Can Do That by Montell Jordan

Those five are a good start. I will say this...with the exception of Chris Issak there are no really good songs by white people to "get down" to.

But I digress...

Now that your chicken has sat in the fridge and soaked up your rockin' marinade, throw them on the BBQ until golden brown...or bake in the oven if a BBQ is not available. Preheat to 400 degrees. 25 minutes will do.

Don't use the George Forman Grill for this. George is great for a lot of meals on the go...but you've put effort into making the marinade, time into letting it sit and you have sweet music ready to go to set the mood. Not the time and place for the lean, mean fat grilling machine.

For a healthy side dish, go with long grain rice. Easy to make and rice tastes good seasoned with damn near anything.

If you're looking for a good affordable wine to drink with this, go with the Wayne Gretzky white wine. For the cost it's really good...there's nothing more Canadian than drinking alcohol named after a hockey star. I believe proceeds go to help out minor sports. They have it at the liquor store.


Monday, March 16, 2009


Make no mistake, the WHL is filled with plenty of amazing broadcasters who could likely advance in their careers if they chose to...but there are also people with a credibility in the league that leaves me scratching my head. I read a blog posting today where someone in the comments section referred to one of the leagues best as "a fan with a microphone"

It's too bad that some legit media guys get hammered from fans while those who don't deserve it somehow get credibility. Because NO ONE asked, here is a guide on how to spot a real broadcaster from someone who lucked into a gig, or has a blog that actually gets hits when it shouldn't.

In no order:

1. Appearance. At the rink, has the broadcaster set a higher standard for appearance than fans would? Are they in a suit with tie or other dress clothes, or are they in sweat pants and a sweat shirt. Do they look like they just got home from the gym, but didn't actually do anything beyond staring at lulu lemon bums?

2. Knowledge of the team. The team they cover, do they recognize each players role? Do they know which guy should take a faceoff in the last minute of a close game? Do they understand the team's powerplay...or yell "shoot" like everyone else? Do they only give ink/airtime to players on scoring streaks?

3. Knowledge of the game. When they see something on the ice, do they analyze line matchups? Formations? Do they know the players code? Can they spot a high hit? When they see something that they don't agree with do they think about why it happened and replay the event on video or in their mind before speaking or typing...or just dismiss it as "crap or garbage"?

4. Pronouns. Do they always say "he", "They" or in some homer cases "we" instead of player's names?

5. Have you ever gotten anything from them? A piece of knowledge you didn't know and couldn't find out by visiting the league website stats section? Did you laugh at something that was said or typed? Did anything ever make you think? Is their article/broadcast/blog just filled with stats that you could probably find on your own with five free minutes on the internet?

6. Imagination. While it isn't as important for TV people, do radio guys/writers paint a picture that gets you visualizing in your minds eye? Do you know where the puck is even though you're miles away and can't see the game? When you read an article the next morning online or in the paper, did you get a feel for how the game went? Is there any substance beyond a silly metaphor in the first sentence?

7. Homers. Yes, every play by play guy and most color guys are total homers, but does it compromise the content? Are they like Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, blaming officials and always claiming their team got screwed? Do they give credit to players on the opposing team for playing well? Do they know anything about any other team beyond the one they watch all year?

I write this not to take shots, but so that the good media guys in sports get...well maybe even just a little more respect. If you ever get anything from a blog/paper or broadcast remember who it came from and speak well of them. They probably aren't getting paid real well, so at least give them some props.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sign of Spring?

I spotted this massive beaver along the chinook pathway. Insert joke here.


Sunday, Bloggy Sunday

Today's post is brought to you by Effen Vodka. Not because they compensated me to endorse it, because it's THAT GOOD! I drink mine with Sunny Delight. It's more expensive than most other vodkas...and WORTH IT!

Sunday in pictures...

I take my laundry here every weekend. I drop off a big bag of garments, come back a few hours later and it's washed and folded. 1.25 a pound...just as much as I'd pay in loonies and quarters in my building. Joyce runs the place and is dynamite. I don't trust just anyone to handle my expensive european gotch.

If it's been awhile since you've been to Swift Current, rest easy knowing The Golden Garden still stands as a prominent landmark on the Southside. I actually haven't been in there since Mother's Day 1995. A good son would've made a reservation Wong's Kitchen.

A view of The Chinook Golf Course from a top the hill on Swift Current's Southside. There is a road just south of the back nine which provides a great spot at night for some Paradise by the Dashboard I've heard


Saturday, March 14, 2009

A high of +8 in Swift today. Picture taken from my Penthouse Suite on Swift Current's Southside

Beautiful Day

A beautiful day in Swift Current that gets one thinking about spring time. Check out this Lonely Island jam. I'm bringing this to the Landing this summer.


Have a sweet weekend!


Wrestling Death

Former WWE/TNA star Andrew "Test" Martin was found dead in his Tampa, Florida Condo yesteday. The suspected cause of death is WHATEVER IT IS THAT ROUTINELY SEEMS TO KILL WRESTLERS in their 30's and 40's.

He was 33.

If you have a boy in your family that wants to become a pro wrestler someday, steer him clear of that career path.


Friday, March 13, 2009

Rockin' the Blog Berry

This update comes to you live from McDonalds Playland...where kids are having a ball with a mixture of tears of pain, sugar induced happiness and much laughter.

I do not regret the all.

Tonight my son and I are hitting the Broncos/Pats. BOYS NIGHT OUT!

Friday the 13th Movie Review

As promised a review of Friday the 13th.

It was what it was. 90 minutes of nudity and gruesome death exactly what a Friday the 13th movie should be. Very little back story, very little acting, this movie gets right into what it is...a slasher flick. We get the tale of Jason's Mom going on a murderous rampage after her "special" boy Jason drowns at summer camp. Jason's Mom eliminates every camp supervisor, save one who ends up decapitating her with a machete. This happens in front of a resurrected young Jason. How does he get resurrected? Who cares? The writers and producers don't.

Now that the movie has come and gone in Swift Current and you can't see it, here we go with the essentials:

New Line Cinema and Paramount Pictures logos in a scary shade of red, decapitation, a group of cool kids in the woods looking for pot and drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer, a gratuitous sex scene, a glow stick, a guy singing Sister Christian, Jason wearing a burlap sack for a mask, a severed ear, a bear trap, a sleeping bag fire death, a disembodied and decomposed head, machete through the floor, machete to the leg, machete to the hand, machete to the head then kicking the head so the machete will come out, a new and different cool group of kids, farting, the token black guy who thinks everyone is a racist, a token chinese genius type, more weed, a dog, an old lady, a "F**k Christmas" T-shirt, a hillbilly with a wood chipper who licks a porn magazine centerfold, massive throat slitting, Jason having his burlap sack ripped so finds a hockey mask (YES!!!), gratuitous topless water skiing featuring Mrs. Mike Modano (actress Willa Ford), beer pong, drinking from a shoe, arrow to the head, speed boat to the head, machete to the head, a scary toy with no eyes, a hot chick dancing, expensive chair breaking, a chinese guy drinking scotch, attempted self gratification to a Sears catalogue, a screwdriver through the neck, Jason watching people do it and somehow they don't notice, ax throwing, log through the chest, antlers through the back, arrow through the eye, tow truck death, machete through the chest, another machete through the chest, a chain noose, wood chipper to the top of the head...and a set up to a sequel...or 15.

If you can look past the fact that a 6'5 guy in a hockey mask who hasn't bathed in decades and lugs around a HUGE machete can sneak up on people at will...this is at best a decent slasher film.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Seeing Friday the 13th on THURSDAY THE 12TH

I'm hittin' the world famous Cinema Twin for the new re-booted Friday the 13th. I'll do a review tomorrow. I'd love to be going to see The Watchmen...but I live in Swift Current, so I'll see it in theatre probably a week before it comes out on video if I don't see it in Saskatoon next weekend.

At least we have playoff hockey in Swift...but I digress.

I find it funny that tonight is the final showing of Friday the 13th...when TOMORROW IS FRIDAY the 13TH!!!

Life Making Sense in Swift Current...

See ya tomorrow...

Easy Recipe for People Who are Inept In the Kitchen

I'm doing a lot of cooking these days. I like to eat six meals a day if I can. There is much trial and error in my kitchen and I've fed myself a lot of meals gone wrong.

But when one goes right, YOU BET I'LL POST IT HERE.

How to Make Your Salmon Awesome;

What you need:

-Aquastar Boneless Ocean Salmon Fillets are my salmon of choice. Safeways (in Swift Current we don't say Safeway, but Safeways) has them on sale this week. Northwest end of the store in a white package.

-Extra Virgin Olive Oil

-Minced Garlic

-A Lemon

-Dill Weed


If you have a date or someone you want to impress, call them and tell them to bring over a bottle of Pinot Noir. It goes well with what you're making. Make this request in a manly yet gentle George Clooney.

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

Place salmon fillet on a sheet of tin foil skin side down.

About a Table spoon and a half of your EV Olive Oil should be dispersed over the salmon.

A table spoon of the minced garlic too.

Season it all with the dill.

Chop the lemon into three slices. Put them onto the salmon at the front, middle and back.

Wrap the tin foil up and throw it in your pre-heated oven. If you're cooking the salmon from frozen, you'll need to give it about an hour. If you actually took the time to defrost it (don't defrost it in your microwave!), go about 25 to 30 minutes.

This went good with steamed vegetables. If you don't have a steamer, get one. It's a quick and awesome way to prepare frozen veggies in a hurry. It looks like this and fits into any pot.

I used some of the olive oil on the veggies with a little steak seasoning salt...but you can season them how you like. With the salmon and veggies you'll get a tasty supper that also does your body some good (of course if you drown the veggies in ranch, that takes away the healthiness of it all).

If you just finished blasting your quads at the gym or running the entire chinook bike can feel good eating this.



Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday Switzervations

-The Regina Pats are about to be mathematically eliminated from the WHL playoffs. While Regina is the team that Bronco fans love to hate, I would encourage some class when they're here Friday. Junior hockey is cyclical, and there will be a day in the not too distant future when our team is down and out and their organization has figured out how to win again. I know Regina Pat fans...and they won't shut up when they get their turn to gloat. Swift Current is home to the classiest and most respectable hockey fans in the league. Lets keep it that way.

-The Watchmen is burning up the box office. For those of you not familiar with the story behind the is set in an alternate reality 1985. The US won the Vietnam conflict thanks to the supernatural powers of the god-like Dr. Manhattan. The US and Russia are moving closer and closer to nuclear war, and costumed vigilante super heroes are considered outlaws for taking the law into their own hands and are hated by the public.

The main characters are;

Rorschach (ROAR-shack.) A masked right wing vigilante who wears an ever changing mask with an ink blot on it. He believes good and evil are clearly defined and evil must be punished.

Dr. Manhattan. A scientist who accidentally gained super natural powers in an experiment gone wrong. The only character with any actual supernatural abilities. He is often naked, and movie goers will be treated to seeing his glowing blue junk.

The Nite Owl. Very similar to Batman, only instead of the arrogant Bruce Wayne as a secret identity, Dan Drieberg is more of a Clark Kent wimp type. He has cool gadgets and a flying owl that transports him and other heroes.

The Comedian. Described as "ruthless, cynical, and nihilistic, and yet capable of deeper insights than the others into the role of the costumed hero". He dies early in the story which sets the film's plot in motion. He is played by Denny from Grey's Anatomy.

Ozymandias. A retired super hero. Many think he is the smartest man on the planet. He left the vigilante world and is now the head of a business empire. His inspiration is Alexander the Great. He believes everyone is beneath him and in a sense in the villain in the movie. Hollywood has been trying to get this movie off the ground for years. When the movie has been close to getting the green light in the past, Tom Cruis and Jude Law had been rumored to play Ozymandias.

The Silk Spectre II. A female super hero and daughter of the original Silk Spectre and The Comedian. Eye candy in a rubber suit.

Watchmen is breaking Hollywood records. It will probably hit Swift in two weeks after it's relevant. That basic info should help you look smart to your friends and maybe make them think you actually read the novel.

-Feel free to disagree but from the outside looking in, there is no classier and better run business in town than the Living Sky Casino. I have never spent a cent on gambling in my life, I just see an organized group of people who all seem to get along with MANY different departments who are all on the same page.

-Some people in Swift Current need to change their attitude towards the place. I ran into a prominent Swift Current business man playing the slots. When I said 'hi' to him after he spent all of his ten dollar voucher, he looked at me like I just busted him in an adult video store with a girl he picked up at the York. Don't worry, I won't tell the congregation :). It's part of our community, they're giving away money like crazy...which is going back into the community, not to mention the hundreds of decent paying jobs. Yes, there are arguments, but the casino is a good thing that responsible people should be proud to patronize.

I didn't just type all that because the manager picked up the tab on the lunch buffet either.

-I'm never leaving Swift Current. Someday, I'll run for city council...but not this year. This is an election year. I've heard Mayor Larson is going to go for another term. Rumor has it Alderman Stacy Ellertson is going to take a stab at the mayor chair, and Henry Banman, who went down in defeat in the mayor race last election, is pondering another run.

-I've heard Alderman Jerrod Schaefer is packing it in after this term. You can disagree with his politics, but this is someone who had a big part in making Swift Current what it is today. He helped pull our city out of the same unchanging snowbank of sameness and got things moving. If the rumors are true, and Jerrod Schaefer is done, thank you Alderman Schaefer. Moose Jaw city council could use a man of your talent and convictions. Bunch a cowards.

-I love creating memories, and having life experiences that will make good stories five or ten years down the road. Last week, I had a doozy of a memorable moment that will stand the test of time. It would be unprofessional to post it here, so ask me about it when I see you at the rink on Friday. Wow! I've carried myself with a bit of a swagger bordering on arrogance in the last few months. I've been cured of that and take NOTHING for granted. NOTHING!

-I was aksed in the comments section to blog about "great wrestling feuds". Randy Savage/Ricky Steamboat, Randy Savage/Jake Roberts, Randy Savage/Hulk Hogan all stand out to me. Macho Man Savage must have REALLY done something to piss off Vince McMahon to a) Not be in the WWE Hall of Fame. b) Never get those appearances that other retired legends get. I've heard Savage once had an "intimate encounter" with a young Stephanie McMahon (Vince's daughter) which is why he is blackballed from the WWE, but I digress.

Greatest feud? Easily, EASILY The Hart Foundation vs. America in the late 90's. The Harts, flying the Canada flag unified a nation of wrestling fans. I remember being in the Agridome in Regina, August 30th 1997 to see Bret Hart, Owen Hart and company wipe out the American contingent led my The Patriot and Ken Shamrock.

I don't watch wrestling anymore. I catch it once in awhile, but have no idea who to cheer for. Please tell me in my comments section who is decent.


Monday, March 09, 2009

How to MC a Wedding

I MC a lot of stuff. I don't think I'm amazing at it, but enough people ask me to do it and some people are willing to pay me for it, so I can't be that bad. We are entering into wedding season, a time where I do have people ask me my advice on how to MC the damn thing. I think everyone's approach is different, but I can throw out some generic advice that will help you through the evening...and make you attractive to love starved guests of the opposite gender looking for that wedding hook up.

The big thing about doing a wedding is not the embarrassing stories about the bride and groom, it's keeping the reception moving. While it's not as cool as telling stories about the groom getting drunk and throwing up all over the bride on their first date in high school, it will make the reception fun and smooth for all involved. Plan the evening first, then worry about the stories.

Meet with the bride, groom and whoever is paying for the thing. Bring a notepad. This is some stuff to go over that they likely won't even think of.

-Introductions of the head table.

-Special guests at the reception who may have traveled from far away places

-Who do they want to thank? Caterers, Decorators, guest book volunteers, Ushers...and should you thank them, or do the bride and groom want to?

-Who says Grace before the meal...if anyone?

-Will the meal be served? If it's buffet, what order do the tables go? (banquet staff can help you here, meet with the caterer)

-Who's toasting the Bride and Groom? Responses to Toasts? What is the relationship of the toaster to the toastee?

-Cake Cutting Instructions.

-Your involvement in anything else? Do the Bride and Groom kiss for clinking glasses, or is there another plan?

-Talk to the caterer about the meal and keep everyone on schedule. Caterers want to serve the meal at the perfect temperature. They get fussy. Get on the same page with Gus, Louie or whatever greek restaurant is feeding people (if it's a Swift Current wedding). Run the show and keep the evening light and moving.

-MAKE SURE IF THERE IS A SLIDE SHOW OR POWER POINT THAT THE DAMN THING WORKS! 99 times out of a hundred, it doesn't! Even if someone else is supposed to handle it, YOU MAKE SURE IT WORKS! The reception is your show, don't let it be ruined by a half hour of downtime while the bride's drunk uncle battles with Windows on a laptop! I have yet to see a slide show or power point run smoothly.

If the happy couple and family can't agree on how to handle any of the above, YOU suggest what works best for YOU.

If you hammer out those details and have all that in order, you are further ahead than 99% of most MCs and are well on your way to making the evening awesome. If the Bride and Groom don't want to plan with you, tell them to find someone else or prepare to be embarrassed.

If you want to be funny, make sure you open with a joke or humorous story. Be funny, or at least try to be funny. Even if they aren't rolling in the aisles, your setting a precedent for a fun evening and setting up the expectation of a good time.

Have a funny story for the people you are introducing. Find out what they do and craft a story, joke or punchline for their intro. If you've been asked to MC, you are obviously a funny person who people see as a good speaker. This may require some heavy thinking, but you'll come up with some good material...after all, you're awesome! If you weren't, they would have asked someone else.

Humor; When in doubt, leave out. If you have a story to tell, but you're unsure about offending people, scrap it. You'll look uncomfortable when you tell it and everyone will just feel awkward. Just because the Best Man dared you to tell the story about the private dance at Showgirls doesn't mean you have to go there.

Remember your notepad. When you step away from the podium take it with you so the person doing toasts or speeches has a clean podium to work with. If you leave your notes on the podium, the speaker may mistakenly take off with them and you'll be there looking dumb with no Harv Martinez did to me at the Targerson/Steele wedding :) (my fault Harv)

That's MCing 101. If you want to get fancy, the internet has all sorts of jokes and games you can play. What I typed above will get you through. You'll have people from both sides of the family buying you drinks and saying "good job" once your duties are done for the night.

Be confident.

Power Breakfast!

Excellent morning as I had the privilege of MCing the Special Olympics Power Breakfast and sharing the head table with Dean Chynoweth, Jason Clermont and TRUDY FROM SASK POWER!!!

Pictured above an extremely clear pic of myself and Jason Clermont. Clermont giving me me rabbit ears and me giving the thumbs up was sadly cropped from the photo.


Sunday, March 08, 2009

Winter Just Won't P*SS Off

A photo from my penthouse suite at Manor Estates in Swift Current Sunday morning. Out like a lamb hopefully.


Thursday, March 05, 2009

Random CFL Switzervation

Rule changes in the CFL. The fan friendly commish Mark Cohon is pushing for new rules as voted on by the fans.


Do not bastardize a great league that is a part of our national fabric to kiss ass to the fans. The CFL is great. Any rule changes at best will maintain a fan base and at worse have unintended consequences that will hurt the game or it's players.

There once was a football league that listened to the fans and made it's rules accordingly. The XFL. Nuff said.

NHL Rule changes? Yeah, they really helped the league and boosted attendance. Sweet TV deal too!

As Commish Cohon said, the CFL has survived two world wars and the great depression. Why fart around with something that works? I believe in evolution, but if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

One more thing...I was going to blog about the NHL trade deadline...but I don't have to as boy genius Shane summed up my thoughts nicely.

That's all. Don't let the past few days fool you...THIS IS NOT A SPORTS BLOG!!!


Photo from

Game Recap, Broncos and Warriors!

Because no one asked:

Broncos vs. Warriors, March 4th Credit Union i-Plex Swift Current...THE RECAP!

Your referees are Trevor Hrycuik and Sheldon Dean. They left their whistles in their gym bag for the first two periods. Your linesmen obviously want to get out of this game as quick as possible so they ignore icing and offside a few times in this one.

Ryan Molle gets the nod as the Prairie Post Volunteer of the Month. He is a scratch tonite so he does the suit shot. His dad, Bob won the 50/50 at parents weekend. Bob's motivational tactics are WORKING!

Emily Mirau sings the anthem. I like how she hurries through the last line of 'O Canada' as soon as crowd starts cheering. Kind of like the anthem in Slap Shot. Let's play the game!!!

Travis Yonkman in goal for Swift. He looks fired up!

Jeff Bosch in goal for Moose Jaw. His style reminds me of Blake Grenier. Remember him? Worst trade ever! Where is Aaron Rome these days? Derek Krestanovich?

The puck drops and Moose Jaw is preventing the Broncos from getting a shot on goal by any means necessary. Travis Hamonic hardly gets to the bench. Broncos are firing, Warriors are blocking and getting sticks in the way. At the other end, Moose Jaw throws everything from every angle at Yonkman for the first ten minutes. Yonks is on!

Moose Jaw gets a powerplay, they never set it up as Wudrick and Eakin play like it's even strength and create a chance.

Radio time out. Shots on goal are 9-1 Moose Jaw.

Wudrick, Eakin, Dalecky on the ice. 5 on 5. Dalecky in the slot scores his 16th on a tape to tape pass from Eakin. 1-0 Swift at 12:56 (Dalecky from Eakin and Claffey).

37 seconds later...

Cody Eakin scores his 22nd of the year on the rush. Same shift! 2-0 Swift at 13:33 (Eakin from Dalecky and Wudrick)

The Moose Jaw defence says "What the hell?"

Dave Hunchak says "I hate this rink"

James Gallo in the Moose Jaw press box puts in a dip and says "here we go again"

Chad Lang shops for office furniture for his new digs at the Multiplex. Doesn't even have the game on.

Dean Chynoweth says nothing. He's a coach and GM not a cheerleader! Positive reinforcement is for people who like Sean Penn movies!

Later in the period Jeff Bosch STONES Jan Dalecky. A great pass from Cody Eakin and Bosch goes from one end of the crease to the other and makes a paddle save. Best stop in the i-Plex since Yonkman on Jordan Eberle last year in the playoffs.

How about the Pats this year??? The fire that burns the Pats warms Bronco fans.

2-0 Swift after 1. Shots on goal are 10-3 Moose Jaw. BLOGGER PREDICTION: Travis Yonkman WILL steal the Broncos a series in the playoffs.

Shopping cart races highlight the 1st intermission. It's always bratty kids doing this promotion. Get some old ladies out there for some real entertainment. Just make them sign a waiver first.

2nd Period

The two teams start to mail it at this point, I will too.

1:53 in Mike Brown SCORES!!! Off the rush! Mike Brown deep in the slot goes shelf as he was trailing. He could have went to the bench and got Wudrick on the ice, but he stayed OUT THERE. Goal scorer's intuition! 3-0 Swift, Brown from Eakin and Dalecky at 1:53.

The passion in the game runs out a little bit until Jesse Paradis of the Warriors throws a centering pass towards the next and it banked in off Yonkman. Weak goal, but 3-1 is the score. Paradis from Atkinson at 16:56.

The stripes realize that the fans are on to them for wanting to end the game in a hurry and hit they call Brad Hoban for hooking. Not much to report on the powerplay.

End of 2nd, 3-1 Swift

Intermission sees an accuracy shooting competition with fans. The first guy is lights out! Sign him up for whatever senior team Jesse Dudas is playing for.

3rd Period

Broncos looking to pad the lead. They shoot a lot. HUGE save on Keegan Dansereau!

Moose Jaw takes PENALTIES! Bronco powerplay is looking to get on the same page.

Back to 5 on 5.

Mike Stickland is battling behind the net...he gets the puck to Dansereau beside the net, he centers to Taylor Vause who wiffs, but Spencer McAvoy steps up from the blueline and wires one shelf! 4-1 Broncos. McAvoy from Vause and Dansereau...and Stickland. No points for him, but he earned one. 10:28

We then go through the motions until Mike Brown scores his 2nd goal of the night. Brown off the rush, again! Mike Brown = Zack Smith 2K9! Doyle and Claffey get the apples at 16:23.

This game is over, Mike Stickland and Brenden Rowkinski have a face punching contest with 30 seconds left to send the fans home happy. Dave Hunchak sure doesn't have Frazer McLaren or Riley Grantham to throw out there with a minute left. Jon Keen and I reminisce of the good old days of Warrior hockey...a 20 year old Terrance Dellaronde fighting a 16 year old to a draw and celebrating like he just KO'd Georges Laraque.

5-1 Final

Three stars:

1. Jan Dalecky 28 SC 1g 2a
2. Mike Brown 12 SC 2g
3. Travis Yonkman 1 SC 32 saves

Honorable Mention, Cody Eakin 21 SC, Travis Hamonic 3 MJ.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


-I'm back riding shotgun on The Bronco Big Show tomorrow night. Swift vs. Moose Jaw at the Credit Union i-Plex. Full time color guy Tim Tisdale is away on vacation. Cody Eakin is certainly the poster boy for the future of Bronco hockey, and he should be...but if he wasn't around, Taylor Vause would get the love. I really like the way he plays.

-Once upon a time in what was then the Civic Centre lobby after a Bronco game, Jon and I were approached by a players parent for a post game chat. We had a good conversation about how plus/minus is not an accurate stat, and how lots of hockey people put waaaay too much stock in it. This was one parent who felt his boy got shafted because of plus/minus stats and how they aren't a good indicator of someone's play.

I won't say who the dad was, but his son is the WHL plus/minus leader as I type this.

-MC season is in full swing. I was honored to be a part of the opening of the Sky Center and the Wayne Newton show in Swift Current, not to mention introduce Darryl Sittler and Chris Szarka at the Field of Dreams Dinner. Throw in a wedding New Years Eve and I've been spending ample time public speaking.

-Speaking of MC gigs, my next one is this Monday morning for the Special Olympics Power Breakfast. 7am at the i-Plex with Rider Jason Clermont as the guest speaker. A wedding in Oakdale, California for former Swift Current Indians pitcher Jon deVisser highlights my August. I'm looking forward to throwing my Saskatchewan money around the economically ravaged California.

The Bachelor party for that wedding is in Vegas.

-I had a good discussion about 'must do' things in Swift Current. Feel free to add to this list in my comments section:

Kinsmen Street Dance in August
Frontier Days Saloon End of June/beginning of July
McCleary/Marleau/Moen BP's Tent Party
Long Day's Night Music Festival
'Weirdo Wednesday' at the Shack

-For people in Swift who have yet to hit the Miso House Japanese restaurant, the Teriyaki Bento Box is dynamite.


Monday, March 02, 2009

Mickey Rourke Wins!

I was looking forward to having that be the headline of this blog the morning after the Oscars. It didn't happen, but Mickey did win the "Independent Spirit Award" for his work in "The Wrestler".

Imagine if he had won the Oscar and gave this speech. CAUTION, LANGUAGE! You may want to think twice about watching this at work or around your parroting children.

Mickey's too good for The Academy. Let them have Sean Penn and his equal rights ranting.

That's My Girl!!!

Pictured above: Me, my mustache and Jennifer Jones, who just won her 3rd Canadian Curling Title this past weekend