Saturday, February 28, 2009


Myself, and other dynamic Swift Current radio personalities made a roadie to Shauavon today for the annual Kinette Radiothon for Telemiracle. This is a great event to be a part of as the community of 2,000 usually raises around $13,000.

The event in PICTURES

Ryan Switzer talks to this case, a three legged sheep. That one's for you Trina! Say 'hi' to ya motha for me

"Heartly" the 'I Love Shaunavon' mascot. Guess who was inside the costume? It was hot in there!

I snapped this pic between Shaunavon and Gull Lake. As myself, Sean Finell from The Eagle 94.1, Kris Bryant from Magic 97 and Kyla Olson from CKSW made our way home, Chance Duperreault from The Eagle, Chris Martens from Magic, and Trent Redekop from CKSW made their way to Shaunavon. I don't recommend taking Blackberry pics while driving. Swift Current could've been down seven radio personalities!


Thursday, February 26, 2009


I've been combing youtube the last few days looking for famous first goals. Here is some great moments in hockey history, and the beginning of some solid careers. Watch, and find out who scored on their first NHL shot on goal, and see the Great One make history AGAINST the Edmonton Oilers.

Mario Lemieux

Wayne Gretzky.

His first as a professional goal was AGAINST The Edmonton Oilers. Gretzky played for the Indianapolis Racers of the now defunct WHA. Gretzky scored twice in the 4-3 loss at Market Square Arena in Indianapolis. The cash-strapped Racers sold Gretzky to Edmonton after just eight games and the rest is hockey history.

Sidney Crosby

Alex Ovechkin

Ron Hextall. First ever goal scored by a goaltender.

Three of those where against my beloved Boston Bruins. They make the highlight reel for all the wrong reasons!



Cool Things about Deano! BONUS EDITION!

Dean Chynoweth, coach, general manager, man's man and former NHL journeyman defenceman. For the last five years, whenever the Broncos have had any sort of losing skid, inevitably "FIRE THE COACH" is all over Never from this blog. Dean has seen and lived more hockey in his 40 years than most of the i-Plex combined on a sell out.

In Deano we trust. Cool things about Deano has been a constant since the birth of this blog. Go back in the archives for more episodes.


Cool Things About Deano...

Dean Chynoweth is so respected throughout the league that division rivals GIVE him free fourth round draft picks!

Cool Things About Deano...Starring a guy who's had 47 concussions and is still the smartest guy in the dub, Dean Chynoweth...written and produced by Ryan Switzer.

It's Still Winter

I'm not saying it snowed a lot in Swift Current yesterday, but...


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

An Evening with Mr. Las Vegas...and Who is REALLY Canada's Toughest Mayor?

My plan was to do my MC business for the Wayne Newton show and discreetly sneak out to catch the Pats/Broncos in progress.

I noted that the SIGA folks saved a front row seat for myself and the many FSIN and SIGA delegates in attendance, so I stuck around...

Wow! What a show.

I will say that more than 40 years in show business has ravaged Wayne Newton's voice. Imagine playing pro football for 40 years and think about what kind of shape your body would be in. That's the condition of Wayne Newton's voice. He can still hold a note with the best of them...but Danke Schoen doesn't sound like it did in 1979.

He belted of some impressive tunes and gave the show his all. This man is pure entertainment. From his opening number, which was a medley of CC Rider and Viva Las Vegas he had the crowd pumped and in the palm of his hand. When he punctuated the end of Viva Las Vegas by yelling into the mic "We don't need to play Gull Lake!" I lost it. He ended the show with "My Way" and ended to a standing ovation. Nearly 600 people left entertained.

The Sky Center really came together too. There are going to be some great shows there. It's a facility you can feel good about wearing a fancy dress or a suit and tie to.

Post Show

It was a late night for this guy. After the show I hit BP's and had a good chat with Swift Current Mayor Sandy Larson. I know the title of "Canada's Toughest Mayor" is already taken, but Sandy keeps her schedule full of appearances, attends all the meetings a mayor should, is running a city that is growing each day, has her full time job and beginning mid March will be pulling calves on the farm. Not everyone agrees with her all the time, but she always does what she feels is best for Swift Current and makes the decision. Something Moose Jaw city council could learn a thing or two about.

Upon entering BP's lounge last night I knew right away the Broncos beat the Pats. Joel Siemens and the Kinsmen Crew where there, and they just had that glow about them.

Bring it to the Rink

Great recap of last night's Bronco game over at Jonny's blog. You really get a feel for how the game went, and some solid post-game quotes too. I'll have the color commentary headset on this Friday for the Broncos/Oil Kings game. Saturday morning it's a trip to Shaunavon for the CJSN Radiothon. Myself and some of Swift Current's finest radio disc jedis are making the trip to help raise money for Telemiracle...

Shaunavon is the home of Hayley Wickenheiser and Shaun Van Allen you know...


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Question for our MP/anyone in our Government?

I'm already paying $640 a month to one of the big three automakers. Instead of paying more through my taxes, can I get a tax credit instead? Isn't paying $40,000 over the next 6 years enough for one person?


Ask any guy who watched the Oscars their thoughts of Hugh Jackman as host and they'll say "meh". Ask any gal and they'll say he was greater than eating chocolate while watching a shirtless Brad Pitt vacuuming their living room as George Clooney rubs their feet while reading them a romance novel.

Mickey Rourke was robbed. I knew it would happen. The Academy LOVES dramatic gay movies and the stars of them. Not a slam...just the truth. How many Oscars did Brokeback Mountain win and get nominated for? Let's be wasn't that good. Mickey Rourke put his soul on the line...Sean Penn acted like a Kids in the Hall sketch and kissed a dude.

Maybe it's just cause I spent my childhood worshipping Hulk Hogan and my teen years Bret Hart, but I thought The Wrestler should have got more love.

Can you tell me this song didn't deserve a nomination. Does this make less of an emotional connection than the best original song winner? (jai ho from Slumdog Millionaire)

Bruce Springsteen doing to a song what Mickey Rourke did to a movie.


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Saskatchewan Roughrider Full Back Chris Szarka's Grey Cup ring on my masculine hand! Szarka, and Darryl Sittler were great guest speakers at the Field of Dreams Sports Dinner fundraiser for the Swift Current Indians ...BOTH got standing ovations.


I went out driving with my digital camera today. Snapped some random Swift Current pics.

A view of the north side of Swift Current...from my new 'hood on the Southside.

Last night was the Field of Dreams fundraising sports dinner at the Legion...Pictured above the "Field of Dreams". Mitchell Field is fabled to have the best playing surface in the WMBL. The secret...having six months of snow moisturizing it! That pic is for the readers of this blog in Cali who only see the field at it's finest.

If it has been awhile since you've been to Swift Current, FEAR NOT! Water is still 1.99 at the Civic Shopping Centre. Wow!

The Oscars are tonight. By the time you likely read this, Heath Ledger will have won best supporting actor and Hugh Jackman will have not really done anything spectacular as the host...but he looked good doing it. I'm always amazed that the Oscars, a show which is targeted towards the female audience, has hired hosts that rate well only with male viewers. Jon Stewart, David Letterman and Chris Rock all have a large male following while women could really take them or leave them. Make now mistake, Hugh Jackman's job tonite will not be to be funny, but to look handsome in a tux androck his charming foreign accent.

...and Heath Ledger will win his oscar. Not because he's dead, but because he was amazing in The Dark Knight. He will beat Robert Downey Jr...but despite Robert Downey Jr's battles with drugs and alcohol...he's still alive...So who's the real winner...and who's the real loser?

I'm a big fan of Heath Ledger's work as an actor. As a human being...not so much.

I can tell the economic recession has hit the potatoe chip industry. What is with those potatoe farmer ads for Lays? I guess they can't afford Mark Messier anymore.

I've reduced the price on my SUV. Scroll down for more info...

and from the comments section on my last post:

Just read Rod Pedersen's comment section, why does he always have to hate on Swifty? Maybe Mayor Sandy should give him a key to the city or something to shut his yap.

I would guess because Swift fans pound his booth, start "you suck" chants at him and crashed his on ice post game show in game 5 last year in Regina. Not saying he didn't have some of that coming...but can you honestly blame him for the stuff he says about us?

Send me more comments. FEED MY FRAGILE EGO!!!


Friday, February 20, 2009

I'm Feelin' Bloggy...Time to Jump!

Wassup Facebookers!?!?!

My life is taking shape after everything changed in January and my wife and I separated. I don't write that to look for attention or to get sympathy...only because people ask and wonder. I went out for my birthday last Saturday with my highly intelligent friend Shane. We hit the Brew Pub, then the Big I. It was good to get out again. I've kept a pretty low profile in the last month. I maintained my low profile as not a tonne of people go to the Big I on Valentine's Day.

We ate ice cream cake after that. Nothing washed down shots and Stella Artois quite like Skor Ice Cream cake from the DQ.

Oh and Swift Current loves it rumors. I'm good. The voice over biz is coming together and should be up and running in the next month. I see my kids often and they are doing very well. Tonight they'll stay at my place and we will eat McDONALDS!!!

If anyone is unsure about having children, go spend an hour at McDonalds Playland on a Friday night around supper time. If you can handle a half hour in there...throw out the birth control and get busy!

Happy Birthday this week to former Saskatoon Blades/U of R Cougars goalie/former Swift Current Indians outfielder Adam Ward. Also through the miracle of facebook I can tell you Saskatoon Blades play by play guy Les Lazurak had a b-day this week. "Wardo" played for the Swift Current Indians the first year I did play by play for the team and was part of a very memorable summer. Les Lazurak has been one of my favorite play by play guys in sports after he gave Keen and I a plug during Blades radio a few years ago. It was for coining the term "the yogurt division". (a reference to the very soft WHL East a few years ago).

My SUV is still for sale. Just so you know.

My laptop arrived yesterday. I also got my digital camera too. I'm hoping that translates into more blogging. I like to blog. This is a skill I want to keep honed. My problem is finding stuff to write about. The WHL is maybe the most well blogged non pro sports league out there...I can't add anything to that.

Send me more blog requests...The last time we did that it was fun. Nothing is off limits.


Friday, February 13, 2009

Without Shame!/SUV For Sale!!!

Please forgive me as I deviate from the usual format of the blog to SHAMELESSLY ADVERTISE my vehicle which I am trying to sell. Check back next week for a real update with the stuff you've come to love/hate this blog for. Now excuse me as I use my spot on the web to whore my wheels.

Why am I selling this magnificent beast? Life has dealt me a hand that is best played without the monthly payments on this vehicle.

2008 Ford Edge Limited AWD (Automatic)

9200 kms
Retractable sun roof
Leather Seats
Heated Seats
Rear park aid (when you're about to back into the @$$hole who parked inches behind you, this thing BEEPS loudly, saving your bumper!)
EVERYTHING ELSE YOU WOULD WANT IN A VEHICLE...EVERYTHING! I bought it in August, still lots of warranty left on this bad boy!

Basically it has all the cool things you'd want in an SUV. I DON'T WANT TO SELL IT...but I have to...I need too. This ride is the best of both worlds...You want a durable family ride to take to hockey tourneys with your kids, this guy costs 40 bucks to fill (today's gas prices) and goes 530 kms on the highway til you need to fill it again. Leather seats, so when your son's nerdy friend spills slurpee all over the backseat, it wipes away with ease! Comfortable ride. I took one road trip to 7 hours I've ever spent driving in a vehicle. Lotsa room for groceries too.

Not looking for a family ride? No need for a family car? I'll hit you with this...chicks like this vehicle. This is the alpha male on the highway. If this vehicle was to take human form it would be Chuck Liddel (too much meat and attitude on this baby for me to say Georges St. Pierre). Leather heated seats, dark grey interior, sunroof that retracts automatically. This machine has room for you and four dames from the Shack at closing time. Blast tunes on the satellite radio, listen to Keen do play by play of Broncos action or throw in the CD full of the Rob Zombie and Offspring tunes you just burned, the sound system will make sure they hear you coming! I'm entering a new chapter in my life that involves being single and I'm losing a HUGE asset in impressing dames. I will now have to rely on my PERSONALITY. (oh sh*t, I am doomed to a life of loneliness!)

It has that Ford Sync system where you can set up your cell phone and mp3 player for voice commands within the car...I haven't even begun to figure out how to work it yet, but I got the manual for you.

All wheel will KICK ASS against any snowbank! Handles great, smooth I type this, I actually don't want to sell it.

Forget it! I'm keeping it! You had your chance to make me an offer and you blew it!

Sh*t, wanna start a business and do the right thing for the family...I can't.

OK, enough, make me an offer...My hopes are in the $33,000 range, but we can arm wrestle over that stuff. (and I suck at arm wrestling). As a limited time offer, you can have an all expense paid Sunday Brunch at the K-Motel with the World Famous* Ryan Switzer as well. I'm MCing Wayne Newton, so I'm kind of a big deal!

Wanna take over the payments? We can do that too.

E-mail me. Have a good Family Day Long One!


*Not actually world famous, but most people who listen to the radio in Southwest Saskatchewan are vaguely aware of who I am.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Half-assed Update

Been a busy few weeks!

The last month has been an education. It's amazing how people I hardly know have given me very thoughtful advice during this time of transition.

I have had e-mails from people, some I barely know, which have been very heartfelt and exactly what I needed. People have checked up on me to ask how I've been. You know who you are, please know that if you ever need anything from me, I'll be there for you as you've been for ways you don't realize.

...and some people have avoided me like the plague. I'm not complaining...the heart warming stuff far outweighs the negative.

Stuff I have on the go:

I'll be MCing the Wayne Newton show at the casino on Feb. 24th. Am I pumped? Yes I am!

I'll be MCing the Field of Dreams Sports Dinner for the Swift Current Indians on Feb. 21st. Darryl Sittler and Chris Szarka will be the guest speakers and dining at my table. Jokes about Chris keeping his fingers out of my food may be made!

I'm going to be going into business for myself in the next few weeks. The voice over business I've thought about but never launched will be launching. I already have one job lined I better get gear and a computer pretty quick! Any voice needs, I'm your man. I'm lining up a nice job doing 'on hold' messages for a chain in Saskatchewan. My business website is nowhere near ready, but will be found at I just secured that domain moments ago. The comment I have received the most over the years is "you have a good radio voice" if you've ever said that me, thanks for helping me think of a website name!

I don't know who the Broncos will be playing in the first round of the playoffs, but I'm predicting Swift in 6. I like this team, and think it has the horses for a good playoff run. Thanks Keener for allowing me to ride shotgun on the Bronco broadcast last weekend against PA. I'm there when you need me...and often when you don't.

and while I'm feeling somewhat creative...

Cool Things About Deano!

Dean Chynoweth has NEVER caved to media pressure or pressure from fans. While other coaches have made a point to scream at their players DURING interviews (Dale Derkatch to Greg Harder) to put on show and be accountable, Chynoweth knows who he is, knows his style, and will not be a cheerleader on the bench no matter how often we complain about it! He has his vision, his mandate and he WILL NOT BE DETERRED! He'll say that he's "pissed off" in the coaches show and the players will respond!

Bold Prediction: Dean Chynoweth will be the NEXT WHL head coach to be coaching in the pros. Dean's taking the step before anyone else does. I'm not really in the loop with Bronco news, I'm just guessing.

Cool Things about Deano, starring a guy who doesn't care what you think of him, Dean Chynoweth, written and produced by Ryan Switzer.


Monday, February 02, 2009


I should be getting a shiny new laptop in the mail in the next few days. When that happens expect the BIGGEST BLOG POST EVER!

...or at least something with a little more substance than these half assed updates as of late.

In the meantime, know that I'm livin' the dream...broke as hell...but livin' the dream.